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Cordatta Avicii

"I was meant to be more. I was meant to be one of you." WIP

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a character in “Glamour: From Ashes to Wine”, originally authored by toajojo, as played by RolePlayGateway


Cordatta Avicii
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"So many I have loved. All of whom have left me for their own. Am I not pathetic?"

Cordatta Avicii. A name given to her by a little boy many, many years ago because she had none. (Core-dot-aw Ah-vi-see )

When Cordatta introduces herself, she always gives her full name. Cordatta Avicii. Years ago people used to call her by her first names. Times have changed. The people she meets, especially teens, nowadays shorten her name without permission. Confidence and informality run rampant. Of course she does not openly complain.
Now she is known by a majority of other names. Corda is common. The geekier folks call her Data. Small children love calling her Corey as well. It is very rare that someone still consistently calls her Cordatta.

The Human Wannabe

A few hundred years old. She is honestly unsure of her exact age, since she did not think to keep tract early on. If she had to guess though, she would say she is in her early 200s maybe. She has the appearance of someone in their late teens or early twenties.


German. Undines are mythological creatures originating from central Europe.

Romantic Interest(s):
Heh. Cordatta has had a whole lot of romantic interests in the past. Those were just people who managed to catch her attention for a day or two. But, she has been in love a total of three times in her 200 years. Ernst Avicii(1890s), Klaus Abelard (1960s), and most recently Lukas Fritz(2012).


"My hair. Ernst said when he was small, 'It looks like a waterfall of snow. I am surprised it did not freeze my fingers.' Klaus said my eyes were like, '...Dull suns. So I may be blessed to forever stare into them.' Lukas, 'What a liar. Your skin looked so much like caramel I thought when kissed you, you'd be sweeter.' That boy, such a jokester."

Cordatta is of average height. 5'6" or 168 centimeters.

She is definitely not overweight. Sometimes though, she borders of the edge of being underweight depending on the day. Usually she weighs about 122 pounds or 55 kilograms.

Cordatta rarely does anything special with her hair. It is already pretty as is. It is the color of fresh snow and falls in ocean-like waves to her waist. She often enjoys letting the younger girls play with it, braiding it and what not.

Her eyes are very unique. They can not be described as merely, yellow. No. They are so much more than that. Born without any pupils the only color in her eyes could be described as maybe being a, tanned honey color.

Cordatta is considered a mysterious beauty by many who come to cross paths with her. Exotic and other worldly due to her strange coloration. The way her skin was colored in like with a deep shade of caramel, the way her wide honey eyes gleam, contrasting equally from her skin and long snowy hair. She looks like she could be a model. With long, slender limbs and small but muscled physique. With soft, but obvious curves she easily attracts attention. Despite her killer body, she still seems to give off the an aura of innocence. Most likely due to her childlike face. Her hair frames her round face and her small pointy, elf-like ears always manage to poke through. Cordatta has large, doe eyes that reflect her emotions like a mirror along with a small button, but slightly upturned nose, and lips that seem to be in a permanent pout.
Cordatta wants people to see her for her, so she does not usually use glamour. Well, not a lot at least. She does change a few things about her appearance. Just the things that make her more. . . freaky. She rounds out her pointed ears, and gives herself pupils is all. Content to let the humans create as many theories as they wish as to why she looks the way she does.

Preferred Clothing:
Being alive for some 200 plus years, she has seen the popular fashion change throughout all the years. It's ups and downs. She paid particular attention to it. How the women dressed, what the men seemed to prefer on them. Over the decades she has observed all the fads. When excessively tight clothes were in. Then really large, loose clothes because tight was too immodest. To small skimpy outfits to show off skin because loose clothes were lame. And repeat.
So, she had a good amount of time to come up with her own style. And admittedly, she looks good in it. It could be considered a mixture of all of the big three fads over time. It varies a bit from day to day. Often she enjoys wearing a big sweaters. Ones that reach down to her thighs and past her fingertips. Ones that [i]accidentally
fall and reveal an innocently bare shoulder. She also likes wearing colorful tights.

"Humanity is going to thrive and become more than what even we can imagine. They always have since the first and will continue to well into the future. I want to be part of that. Something more than. . . This."

The way Cordatta acts around people is based purely on the decades she has spent observing human interactions. What seems to attract others, the type of things that generally make people uncomfortable, etc. . . Cordatta's personality is very malleable. Able to be easily bent depending on the people she is interacting with, but emotionally, she is quite unstable. Going from highs to lows in a matter of minutes. She tries to keep her less personable side under wraps from people she concerns herself with, but sometimes she can not help it.
Like most fae, she has a bad side. A side that is filled with malice, envy, and displaced anger. In her many decades of life, she has only had a few. . . “Bad episodes”. Usually only shown to other fae who dare to come into her territory, which is rare. They know she does not care for their presence so they tend not to bother her. Though, there are a select few humans who incite her wrath. Just having them in her presence manages to sicken her. In turn, Cordatta will become fairly cross towards them. They vex her deeply.
Being around them causes her generally friendly aura to dissolve and is quickly replaced with one of annoyance. Though, Cordatta will not openly say anything rude or disparaging. No. she is much too proper to do something like that. Though, she quickly resort to underhanded and sometimes cruel means to get back at whoever it is. Anything to serve as a reminder not to cross her. She can and will hold grudges.
Around the general populace, Cordatta is just a sweet and charming eccentric. The humans have just accepted her as an enigma. A kind, sociable soul, who manages to retain a mysterious aura about her. Just that nice girl who seems to always be found sitting by on the bench by the town lake.
Cordatta makes it a point to talk to everyone she meets at least once. A smile is considered a permanent feature on her face. She always manages to be the center of attention and thrives in it. Easy to talk to, and blithe, Cordatta easily attracts people. Male and female, young and old. She does everything in her power to draw people to her and keep them there. It makes her feel included. Makes her feel like she is one of them. Part of something more. Though, that is one of her flaws. She is desperate. Desperate for companionship. Not to be alone anymore. Once she finds someone that she really likes, Cordatta has the habit of becoming smothering. Clingy. If they begin to start focusing on somebody else, female especially, she begins to freak. It begins as an insistent pestering, then evolves into sobs, and then on occasion, violence.

✦ Her Speech || In such modern times, the way Cordatta speaks is considered very strange. She has a very polite and formal way of speaking. She is always sure to enunciate each of her words fully and rarely uses contractions. She has retained the common speech of the early 1920s, and is known to use some very outdated expressions. Some of which have lead her to some awkward situations.
✦ Temperature || Underwater, if someone were to touch Cordatta, she would feel room temperature. Slightly hot even. Once she leaves the water and steps foot on land, she immediately becomes cold. Her skin icy to the touch. She can not generate her own heat and may bask in the sun like a reptile.
✦Seafood || Cordatta under no circumstances will eat seafood of any sort. Nope. Nothing. It is not that it tastes bad or anything. In fact, the smell of grilled shrimp is very enticing she admits. To her, it just feels morally wrong. For her to eat another sea creature is practically cannibalism.

✦ Water ✦ Talking ✦ Receiving Gifts ✦ Animals ✦ Ducks ✦ Poetry ✦ Classical Music ✦ Dancing ✦ Swimming ✦ Ice Skating ✦ Summer ✦ Sitting in the Sun ✦ Small Children ✦ Donuts ✦ People Watching ✦ Day Dreaming ✦ Picnics ✦ Snicker-doodles ✦ Humans ✦ Elderly Couples ✦

✦ Being Alone ✦ Seafood ✦ Litter ✦ Bananas ✦ Pollution of Water ✦ Adulterers ✦ Thunder ✦ Lightning ✦ Rap ✦ Dubstep ✦ Impoliteness ✦ Snakes ✦ Spicy Food ✦ Many Other Fae ✦ Women She Deems Prettier

✦ Autophobia || An abnormal and persistent fear of loneliness, of being alone. A fear of solitude. Cordatta is by nature a social creature and needs interaction with others to keep sane. She terrified of the thought that nobody will love her and she will be left with no one. Left to continue on for hundreds of more years, soulless and yearning. Until finally her lake dries up and she fades to nothing.
✦ Athazagoraphobia || Fear of being forgotten, ignored or abandoned. Cordatta is scared of, when she finally finds that one person she truly loves and they say they love her back, they will grow tired of her. Forget about the once mutual feelings they had for each other. Which would consequently end up with her being ignored and later abandoned as they moved on and found someone new. Leaving her to die.
✦ Something Happening To Her Lake || It is a legitimate fear. The condition of her lake directly effects her physical self. Though she is immune to human illnesses and the like, polluting her lake will cause her to appear sickly. The worse its condition the harder it becomes for Cordatta to function. What scares her most is the though of her lake drying up in the future. It is sure to happen one day. Once it does, there will be nothing left of her because, they are bound.

"Water. I love it. Everything about it. The way it ripples beneath my feet. The way tendrils lash out feeling my distress. The way it caresses me and takes my tears without complaint. It would be my only company if I went under and never surfaced. My true lover."

✦ Dance || Sure, it is not extremely useful, but she is definitely good at it. She has had a lot of free time to practice as well. Though, she had a natural talent for the art as well. Being fluid and graceful like water.
✦ Swimming ||That was obvious I hope. Cordatta's entire life has been spent in the water or at it's edge. Of course she would be amazing at swimming. To be honest she is better at moving in the water than on dry land.
✦ Sweet Talking || Cordatta is a very social creature. Loving to make conversation with most anyone. When she speaks to people it is confidant and assured. She knows exactly what to say and always manages to tell people what they want to hear. Her speech is skilled enough that she can manipulate most anyone without them catching on for quite awhile.

✦ Strength || Cordatta is physically very weak. She could not overpower another even if her life depended on it. She is fit for sure, just not strong.
✦ Rash || She is also rather impulsive. Moving and reacting immediately based on her instincts. She does not usually think about what her action could cause in the long run and never is one to develop a strategy.
✦ Emotional || Cordatta is a very emotional person. At times her emotions will fluctuate wildly. People can easily goad her into doing what they want with a few choice words.
✦ Her Lake || As all Undines are, Cordatta is bound to her birth place. As long as the two have that bond, she is easily affected by the conditions of it’s water.


As an Undine the water is her domain. Cordatta has the ability to breathe underwater, as she lives in a lake. She can use camouflage and hide her body, but only underwater. Her body takes on the appearance of ripples. She can also manipulate water-- it’s liquid form --to her will. Lastly, she can speak to animals. Well, only animals that reside in the water or near it.

She does not really have a set weapon. Instead using whatever she can get her little hands on. Of course though, any source of water could be used as a potential weapon as long as it is pure.

Fighting Style:
Cordatta does not really get into fights, so she does not have a really definite style. It is really sort of scrappy and she fights dirty. When she is in a fight, all she cares about is coming out victorious. She will do anything she can even if it seems underhanded. She bites, scratches, punches, kicks, throws things, and even manipulates the water around her. Cordatta is very agile and flexible, and is sure to use that to her advantage.

"I was born to have the worst fate wasn't I? Born an Undine. Born to pine over what she could never attain."

Cordatta is part of a species of Fae known a Undines, or Ondines. Their myths are believed to originate from Central Europe. They are female water sprites whose power solely lies upon that element. Every body of water is a possible home to Undines, from ocean waves, to rocky pools, to marshlands, to rivers, to lakes and ponds. Even waterfalls and fountains could have an Undine living in their midst. They exist within the water itself and cannot be seen with normal human vision. Unless of course, the choose to emerge and take on a visible human form.
They are creatures without souls who are granted everlasting life and beauty, at least as long as their water source remains.
Though, there is a way around all of that. If one really wanted to. Some do not believe it is worth it. An Undine can fall in love with a human male. It has happened various times in the past. They must marry that man and have him recite the oath, "My every waking breath shall be my pledge of love and faithfulness to you.", and once she births him a child, she will gain a soul and loose her immortality. She will then become susceptible to illnesses and age to match her husband's. Dying years later like an ordinary human. But, if her husband were to ever be proved unfaithful to she would turn to foam and be lost to the sea, while he would be forever cursed to die the next time he fell asleep.

None. Cordatta is a sprite birthed from the formation of her lake.

Sometime in the late 1860s a lake was formed. Consequently, a water sprite was birthed from it's depths. Near the edge of a large wood, she was content. She was new to this physical world and knew nothing of it. She was fine with just the animals who came to drink from her waters. She was fine alone, swimming through the water and twirling on it's surface.
A couple of decades later people found her secluded area and took it over with no qualms. She hid herself beneath the rippling surface of her home for years and watched the humans. Morbid curiosity at first maybe. They built their small town at her side, opposite to the wood. They frightened her somewhat at first. Coming and invading her space. Slaughtering the animals and plowing through the forestry. She did not know what to do. Then, she realized she could not do anything and settled back to observe.
She watched them and formed opinions. They decimated the life that had been there previous, but created new life. They were not heartless as they first seemed. Humans just were more focused on those closest to them. All in all, they were not too different from the animals who resided there before them. They were just more advanced. That, was why they were the ones who survived and continued to thrive. She found herself admiring them from a distance soon enough. Still, she was hesitant to reveal herself.

1890 was when she first met Ernst Avicii. Such an innocent child. Twelve at the time. He was always quite the surprise. It was late, the middle of the night, when her appeared on the edge of her lake. To this day, she can still recall what he first said to her. "Pretty miss, why don't you ever come out of the water?" He was, and still is the first and only person she knows of to be able to see through her glamour and see her underneath the the surface of her lake. That night, she rose from the depths after years of hiding. It is highly likely that, that was when she fell in love with him.
Starting then, they spent all their time together. He made up the name Cordatta especially for her and gave her his last name, claiming, “When I’m old enough, I am going to marry you!”. Cordatta no longer hid from the humans. From then on she did her best to blend in with them. Years later Ernst was twenty-nine and the two’s feeling of love were mutual. He hand-built a small home on her lake’s edge to be near it once they were officially married. Then, he abruptly fell ill with a case of Poliomyelitis. There was no cure.
Cordatta was a wreck at his bedside. She begged him to still marry her. Not to leave her to waste away for centuries without him. Ernst wanted to comfort his love, but his limbs were already paralyzed. He knew he would die in a few days time so, he rejected her. He only had her best interests at heart. Cordatta was hurt, but understood to some extent. She crawled into his bed and snuggled under the crook of his stiff arm as she had done hundreds of times before. She stayed by his side until his death. There went her first and deepest love. His last words being, “ You’ll find another.” Cordatta had a few villagers burn the house down. They understood. Everyone knew of their love. She told them she was leaving the town. It was not a complete lie. She went into her lake and did not emerge for decades. Mourning her loss in solitude.

1947. Four decades later Cordatta finally pulled her mind and emotions together and decided to give it another chance. She finally "returned" to the town. By then it was a new generation, the old one now growing old and dying off. Cordatta would start fresh. At first her smile was just painted on. Seeing all these people made her ache for the one who truly understood her. Though the pain began to fade as she interacted with the populace more and more. Slowly she was changing. Becoming more and more extroverted as she watched the young people of the day converse with one another. Becoming quite the flirt. She caught the eye of everybody who glanced her way. She was on a mission. She would find the one for her if she had to lead on every male who crossed her sight, Ernst promised her she'd find another.
Klasu Abelard was in his prime, age 22, an aspiring artist ad poet. 1961, he finally found his muse. The beauty by the lake, Cordatta. The moment he saw her, he told himself, 'She's the one!'. He would sit off to the side and watch her all day, writing, drawing. He watched as she spoke to the various people she had crowded around her on a daily basis, but he never once conversed with her, always keeping distance between them. It was not until months later that the two confronted each other. He came to her one night. She was sitting on her bench alone, when he slid next to her. Before she could get a word in, he proclaimed his need to have her, and proceeded to serenade her poetry. To say Cordatta was caught off guard would be an understatement. She had never had someone who seemed that serious come after her. He was so romantic, she could not help but fall for him then.
The pair had a sweet relationship. For two whole years they seemed to be permanently in that "lovey-dovey" stage. They were content was what Cordatta believed. When stars lit the sky he would read her his poems as they both wiggled their toes in the cool water. She would dance on the water's surface just for him and he would paint her. Klaus was the second person she had ever revealed her true form to. Klaus' work was widely praised. Called innovative and beautifully mystical. He always told her he would never had made it without her.
Then a young woman, Aisling Daheera, made her appearance in the city. As much as Cordatta hated to admit it, she was beautiful. Tall, curvaceous. She had a fiery mane of hair that fell to her shoulder blades like coils. Her eyes were emeralds that seemed to shimmer even in darkness. Immediately she caught Klaus' attention. Cordatta pretended not to notice at first. Pretended not to see how he caught the girl's gaze in the town and held it, how he was late to see her in the evenings. He finally told her one day as she was posing for him in front of the lake. She had noticed his pencil hadn't moved for a full five minutes and asked what was wrong. He told her he could not do it anymore. She no longer inspired him, he had found someone new. Cordatta was silent, speechless. So, Klaus gave her one last kiss on her nose and left.
She did not see him again until a few evenings later. Lo and behold, he came with his new muse, Miss Aisling. Cordatta was confused, why was he back? He just broke it off with her. She approached the two, sure to stay polite. Klaus told her that he wanted to use this spot for the setting of another piece. Cordatta could feel her smile becoming strained. Now he was using her lake to paint this. . .woman. She swears she saw the girl's eyes mock her and she broke completely. It was like lighting. She lunged at the girl intent on strangling her. Wrapping her small hands around Aisling's neck, she could feel Klaus trying to pry her off. Aisling was clawing at her hands, and Cordatta only felt sick glee watching her face turn purple. Then she caught a glance of her own hands. Such an ugly brown color, it looked like a stain on this woman's ivory skin. She stopped, disgusted with herself, everything. That was why Klaus liked her better. She allowed Klaus to pull her off, but she was far from finished. Manipulating the water to her will, it grabbed the woman and pulled her under. She would die one way or another. If she was dead she could not bewitch her love with her beauty. . .Right? Inside of her, she could feel Aisling struggling against the water, the last of of her life force slipping away, when Klaus tackled her to the ground.
She had never seen him look at her so cruelly. Before she came along there was only adoration in those eyes for her. Now she could only see malice. He threatened her. He shook her body as if she were just an old rag-doll and demanded she release Aisling. He said he hated her, and if Aisling did not make it, he'd be sure to make her regret it. Cordatta with tears pouring out of her wide eyes, released her hold on Aisling and brought her back to shore. Klaus gathered her in his arms and left. She never saw either of them again.

Nope. Nothing.

So begins...

Cordatta Avicii's Story


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#, as written by toajojo
It was not too early, just some hours before noon. At least, from what she could tell. Cordatta looked up to the sky from the depths of her lake. It was hard to tell the time accurately as it was fairly cloudy out. The sun was almost completely obstructed from her view. With a slender finger she tapped the bottom of the surface. Watching the world seemingly ripple before her. Something did not feel right about today. It felt off. Well, to her at least. She rolled her shoulders. It faintly felt as if there were other fae in the area. Her lip curled, but she could be imagining it. Why would there be other fae in her city? Other than the more common fae like household Brownies, and on occasion the random fae that passed through. Those, she could deal with.

She looked up to the sky one last time and released an exasperated sigh. Honestly, she really was not feeling up to going out today at all. And she would not if she did not already have a previously planned engagement. After all, today was bound to be a slow day. It was a weekday so children were at school and adults were working, and it looked as if it were going to rain. If they did not have anything to do, a normal person would not even be tempted into leaving their home.

Alas, Cordatta had a date scheduled for today. Even if it were storming she would not miss it. She took a deep breath and small smile crawled onto her lips. This would be her first date since Lukas left. It had taken her quite sometime to get over him, but now she was officially back in the game. She would not admit it but Lukas managed to make her lose confidence in this whole endeavor she had been working towards. It had gotten so complicated. For a brief period she was not even sure if she wanted to keep trying. That was only temporary though.

Raising her hands Cordatta lifted them out of the water and rested them on the surface. With a huff she pulled herself up to the top. There was no one around at the moment so she did not have to worry about anyone seeing her in her natural state. Stretching her arms out over her head, she let out a loud yawn. Bringing her hands down, she twisted her long hair and brought it over her shoulder, pulling the water droplets out of it, she let them fall back into the lake along with the rest of moisture that clung to her body. Rolling her shoulders, she walked from the center of the lake to the shore. The water rippling beneath her with every graceful step. Shutting her eyes briefly Cordatta willed an aura of Glamour to cover her and hide her indecent state of undress. In the human world, public nudity was frowned upon. The idea took her quite sometime to wrap her head around at first, but now it was second nature.

She rather liked choosing out clothes to. . .'wear'. In fact, she had planned out her outfit for this date the previous night. As she set foot onto the surrounding land her eyes adjusted to see the Glamour cloaking her small figure. Allowing her to see herself as the humans would. Today she opted for something simple. A Fall outfit. Black skin tight jeans that showed off her athletic legs tucked into a pair of light brown ankle boots. The latter giving the illusion that she was a good two inches taller. Her baby blue button down shirt was only tucked partially. Right in front at her zipper of her jeans. It was one of the new trends she had noticed. Not tucking your shirt all the way was quite hipster it seemed. Cordatta was honestly unsure of what the word meant completely, but she was willing to go with it for the sake of fashion. To top it off, she had a yellow orange scarf wrapped loosely around her slender neck, it complemented her eyes. Walking to sit on the nearby bench, she waited for her date, braiding and re-braiding her hair all the while.

It was an hour and a half before he arrived at their designated meeting place. Checking his watch to make sure he was not running behind schedule or anything. In all honesty, he was five minutes early. He had wanted to get there before his date to make sure she would not be waiting for him. He wanted this to be perfect for her. “Uh, h-hey Datta. Y-you weren’t waiting long were you. . .?” He stuttered nervously, glancing at his watch again.

Cordatta smiled reassuringly up at him. He was so adorable. A few weeks ago she had decided that her type was now the awkward geeky type. “Of course not Bradley. I just got here too.” She lied easily. She had been sitting there for almost two hours, braiding her long hair over and over again. Though, she would not hold that against him. He was right on time. Pushing herself up from the bench she wiped the nonexistent dirt from the back of her pants and stepped in front him. He was even innocent enough to blush lightly at her sudden closeness. She smiled inwardly to herself. “So, what did you have planned for us?” She asked him sweetly. The boy adverted his eyes and stuttered something before taking a deep breath to recollect himself.
“I-I was thinking maybe a-a movie and brunch.” He told her. Deep down bracing himself for any snide remarks or sounds of dissatisfaction. He had not been on many dates and was definitely still a novice compared to his date. He just hoped she would not be disappointed with anything. He. . .Really liked her. “That okay?”

“Yes!” She assured him with a small laugh. Bradley let a small, sheepish smile escape his lips before quickly turning on his heel to lead the way deeper into the city. Cordatta easily fell into step with his strides. Walking on the only slightly busy sidewalks of the downtown area, Cordatta could feel their hands brush. She was not sure if it were an accident or not, well, knowing him it was most likely the former. She did not care. Without a moments hesitation, she grabbed his hand and entwined their fingers. Smiling to herself because she did not even have to look at him to see his fervent blush.

It was not long before they made it to the theatre hand in hand. The light dusting still adorning Bradley’s cheeks made Cordatta feel strangely prideful. The fact that he was attracted to her, and she was at the forefront of his mind was clearly obvious. Just the way she wanted-- needed.

Bradley glanced at his watch and was pleased that they were just in time for the film. Today was the first day it came out in the threatres so it was bound to be packed. He looked down at his shorter counterpart. “Data, our theatre is number four. I’ll get the snacks, you choose our seats?” He suggested. Cordatta pursed her lips in thought for a second. She never liked being separated. Too many things could happen in that period of time as life had shown her over, and over again. She painted on a placid smile, pushing down her undeniable unease.

“Sure!” She chirped. Reluctantly she detached herself from him and waltzed into where their film would be playing. Cordatta chose a pair of seats quickly near the middle of the room and sat down. She was realizing why he sent her in first. From what it looked like more and more we're piling into the room at an alarming rate. They would not have been able to find a seat together if not. She bit her lip and scooted back in her cushioned chair. Sitting on her hands, she tried to contain her shivering. Why was it always so cold in the theatres? She was always, naturally a very cold person whenever she was not in her element, but being in there was taking it to another level.

Bradley arrived soon after. Popcorn, soda, and junk food piled high in his arms. Cordatta could not help but smile at his own enthusiastic one, albeit shakily. He sat down beside her and watched the screen excitedly as the movie began, sipping his Coke. Glancing at Cordatta, he could notice her concealed quivering. Immediately he shrugged off his coat and passed it to her, which she accepted gratefully. Quickly she pulled it on and wrapped it tightly around her. Ah. It was so warm, and real. She snuggled into the young man’s side and trained her eyes on the big screen. He was such a gentleman. She loved it.

When the couple emerged from the theatre about an hour later with a horde of others, it was pouring. Cordatta had known it was going to rain, but had not expected it to with this intensity. And so suddenly too. She flinched as the boom of thunder cut through the air. The chattering around her silenced for a moment before returning full force. Bradley turned to her quickly and began to zip up the oversized jacket he was letting her wear. She watched him wide-eyed and curious as he pulled the zipper to the top of the trench coat’s collar, effectively covering half of her face. “Sorry, I did not even think to bring an umbrella. Ugh. Now it is storming and we’re going to be soaked. Wear my coat, it should keep you at least somewhat dry.” He told her and yanked the large hood over her head. “Sorry again Datta. My apartment is closer, um. . .do you mind waiting out the storm there?” He asked hesitantly. A blush coloring his cheeks. He hoped she would not take that request the wrong way.

Cordatta smiled softly at his hesitance, of course she did not mind. In fact, everything was going along smoothly. The storm was not such a bad thing it seemed. She shook her head, the action was largely hidden by the high collar and hood, but Bradley managed to catch a glimpse of it. He smiled awkwardly to himself, grasping her small hand, he took off in a sprint. Cordatta let out a carefree laugh that was swiftly swallowed up by the pounding rain. How romantic was this? The two of them running through the rain, him desperately trying to get her someplace dry. She laughed again. It was somewhat ironic as she was a water fae, but sweet all the same.

As they raced past block after block, Cordatta’s mirth began to fade. A feeling of tension returning. Though, this time at least four times worse. There were more fae in her city. That was for sure. A deep scowled etched itself on her dollish features. There were multiple it felt like. She tightened her grip on Bradley’s hand and he abruptly stopped, staring at something just ahead of them. Crowding the street and blocking their path was a mob of people. Civilians, policemen, and news crews. Bradley, seemingly over the surprise of the multitude of people in front of them began to slowly but steadily muscle a path through the crowd. Determined to get to the other side. Cordatta allowed herself to be pulled through the immensely large group. Though her senses were heightened to the extreme. She could feel their presence. She craned her neck to actually look at and register where they were. The school. Why were the fae gathered at the school? She did not know, but she figured the worse right away.

Feeling a wave of determination and anger well up inside of her, she wrenched her hand out of her date’s grasp. She was not going to let them harm her humans in anyway. Summoning her Glamour to cloak her entire presence, she became invisible to the average eye. Hopefully Bradley would just think they had gotten separated by the rowdy people surrounding them. She slipped through the people in her path and made it to the force field encircling the building. Frowning, she placed both of her palms on it and walked around feeling for any weaker areas.

After Cordatta felt around the perimeter for what felt like an eternity, she finally found what she was looking for. Focusing on that spot, she pushed through the barrier steadily. Upon entering, she stumbled due to the lack of resisting pressure. Looking up, she froze. Finally seeing who was trespassing on her self-claimed territory. And, it was a lot more fae than she ever expected. A trickle of fear seeped into her heart. 'W-why?'
She wondered apprehensively. There were so many of them.

She mentally tried to count them, but was quickly overloaded. It was like an army. Her eyes darted around taking in the different fae and frantically attempting to catalog them. These fae were not of the Seelie court, were they? She took a nervous step back seeing a group of Mares. Not willing to waste anymore time she hid behind a wall of the brick building. She hoped none of them saw her. Taking a deep breath, she attempted to collect her thoughts. Prior to this, she had caught wind of the apparent Unseelie rebellion, but never gave much thought to it. Unconcerned if it did not affect anyone inside of her Monkeyshpere.

She needed to stick to the shadows. She tucked her bright, snowy hair into the black trench coat she was wearing. How was she supposed to sneak inside inconspicuously? There were groups of fae guarding all of the major entrances and exits. She could break into a window, she supposed. Though, the action would attract more attention than she would like. She could not very well gather the children to safety with Mares and other various fae swarming them.

Cordatta bit her bottom lip anxiously, when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. A slightly ajar emergency exit and a shadow disappearing into it. She crept towards it and peeked inside, watching the figure creep down the almost empty staircase. She furrowed her brow and followed behind him silently, it did not seem as if he were a fae she figured to herself as he pulled out an mask and placed it over his face. She tensed as he pulled out what seemed to be an axe. Were students allowed to carry weaponry in their backpacks? Anyway, it was not safe for him to be there.

With hushed footsteps she inched towards the boy hunched on the staircase. Flexing her fingers, she shot her hand out. Seizing the boy’s wrist so he would not be able to lash out at her with his blade. Closing the distance between them effortlessly, she brought her lips to his ear and harshly whispered, “Huma--Child." She caught herself. "What are you doing? You must escape, it is unsafe here.”


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We are the nobodies...
wanna be somebodies.

Straining to hear anything from his vantage point proved difficult because of all of the commotion filtering in from outside. There were footsteps clomping up and down the hallways overhead and the steady, howling wail of police cars outside the perimeter of the school cast the entire area in a skin-prickling unease. And here he was, hunched down at the top of the stairs like a burglar, waiting for any sign that these schoolkids were exactly who he believed them to be. If they were anything else, he'd have no choice but to strike them down—monsters hardly deserved to breathe the same air as humans did. He had seen enough of those black things to know that they could take other forms.

Or else, make you believe that you were seeing something or someone familiar. How could you fight something that wore different faces? Things that could cast shadows across the world you believed was real, only to drop you into darkness. He stifled his shaking hands, gripping his wrist briefly before leaning forward.

So intent on the kids below that he hadn't realized someone had stalked behind him. Quiet as dormouse, or something equally silent. He might've been impressed if it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't afford being caught. A coolness shivered across his wrist. Slender fingers wound themselves as quick and strong as a snake—the analogy held up, because he only had time to react as soon as the person whispered in his ear, almost as if it had been the wind slipping in from the door he'd left ajar. Icarus flinched against the iron railings, eyes wild behind the mask. Who? Initially, he thought a cop might have come through, having seen him slink in while he had his back turned. But he was wrong. This was no cop. He exhaled in disbelief. Thin, feminine; female. Why couldn't he pull his arm away? He tried jerking his arm from her, but it proved ineffective. Child, she'd said. Who was she to call him a child? A teacher, maybe.


“Escape?” His voice lowered to keep from being discovered by anyone else, though his eyes narrowed to slits. The remnants of fear bubbled just below the surface of his voice; a fight-or-flight response he understood well enough. It kept him alive, and supplied him with enough energy to run when he needed to. Now, it only made him feel as if he were overflowing with paranoid, unspent energy; and since he couldn't move, his options were slim.

“I'm supposed to be here.” His fingers tightened around the handle of his weapon, growing white at the knuckles. Instead of trying to pull away from her, he leaned forward until his mask was inches from her face and grinned, even though she couldn't see it, even though he found nothing amusing. “Let go, lady. I'm trying to save people here.” Muffled, and ringing with intentions, untruths. He might've been there to keep people from suffering the same fate his parents had, but he would've been lying if he denied wanting to make himself feel better.

Icarus pursed his lips when he heard footsteps drawing closer, coming from below. In vain, he pulled again. Too many people now. People or monsters, he wasn't sure. And if he wasn't sure, he wasn't safe. From what he'd seen so far—none of those dark things were around, or else, not in this direct vicinity. He figured they were holing themselves up in the classrooms, or the gymnasium; whichever space was large enough to hold the most students. He supposed he could be wrong. He'd never considered them smart, just cruel. If he was right, then two directions were available, and he had to choose one; quickly.

His thoughts whirred like a broken record, aching on one desperate sentence: let go let go let go, and he tried to clench his teeth hard enough to keep them from chattering out of his mouth. Being stuck here felt as terrible as teetering on the edge of a windowsill, because they could be watching and waiting and slavering like hounds, ready and willing to tear them apart. Couldn't she understand that? Of course not. Of course, who else could see the things he'd seen? They had their eyes closed to an entire world he wished he'd never seen. Adults, teachers, random ladies who followed him through open doorways. Unnaturally strong ladies.

He tsked and dropped his axe, arching his eyebrows, as if to say fine you win, let go. And then, he saw them. From his peripherals, slinking on the ceiling like slimy denizens of the dark. Arching and crawling until the two students fell out of sight. It was enough for him to bristle like a kicked cat and recoil towards the lady, fingers twitching. It all but consumed him, threatening to steal away the nerve he'd built up after so long. After hunting them this far, and now, they were here. Just down the stairs: beasts, quiet as the dead. His voice dropped; acidic and ripe with fear. He had no time. No time left to play around—

“Let go, or I'll kill you.”


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#, as written by Raidose

The skies were at odds. Rays of sun fighting to break through the shadowy overcast, only to have those same darkening clouds encircle and strangle out the offending beams. Warning growls of thunder rolled through the heavens, like an animal crossed. Even those few areas touched by these golden havens were quickly consumed by fog. The haze grew thicker with unnatural speed, slowly engulfing the whole city. The anxious crowd which had gathered around the police barricade grew disconcertingly quiet, and the local PD were not much better. No demands were given, no orders issued, and still no idea what in the hell that barrier even was. Worse yet was a presence on the horizon. Some unknowable dread which seeped into the bone, making hairs stand on end.

Something wicked this way comes....

The smell of salt rang heavy in the air as the gulls cried in complaint. The plodding, sobriety-challenged footsteps of a local homeless man trekked down to lay his withered body by the docks. He groaned and murmured about the faults of his life, taking another deep swig of misery to cure what ailed him. A dry, cracked hand reached out for support, gripping tight on the old wood post separating him from a quick dip. His leaning turned to a slothful slide as he found himself laying against it, drinking deeper of his spirits only to find that his cup had run dry. Yet the bottom of another bottle searched, and still no answers.

With a disgruntled groan, he cast the offensively empty bottle at the waves and the wall of mist from whence rolled in. The dread shiver of cold came wafting from the waters, making him pull tight his coat. The old man was all but ready for another dreamless sleep, when he heard something splash in the waters. It was light, mind you. Like a fish, but.... not. It wasn't the noise, but the silence that followed which set him on alert. The gulls had fled, the winds had died, and the city went mute. He learned over, to peer into the abyss. Some part of him feared of something down there peering back, and it was....

The water was a bright crimson in color, like something biblical in nature. Slowly his hand dipped in, only to find this was not blood but... slimy. Algae. It was red algae, and from what he could make out through the fog, a whole sea of it. Splash. Another sound, made like thunder against the eerie silence. This.... was not natural. The old man couldn't explain why he feared it, only that he did. It was like he was born to fear this, like some form of predator was eyeing him down. His heart raced, his throat went dry, but nothing happened. And for the next several moments, that was all there was, a big nothing. Nothing except that feeling of dread.

It came in a crack of thunder, like a canon from the sea. An explosion of movement and sounds, as this hulking form leapt from below the waves. It's sound, a Godless mangle of calls, like the death cries of several drowning beasts. On four shattered, jagged hooves it tried to stand, staggering and waving about like a freshly birthed fawn before finding it's own strength. No skin, none save a thick layer of that bright red algae from the sea. Black mollusks pierced out of it's musculature. Stained bones grinning back at him from it's horse-like head. And atop it's back.... No, from it's back, a lifeless cadaver of horrible proportions. Limp, gangly arms dragged the ground, it's upper torso slumped against the horse-like head. This wretched thing looked like something you'd expect to see in a medical museum, pickled as a fetus in a glass jar.

But there it stood, and began to move. Like a corpse reacting to an electrical surge, it's massive limbs twitched before rising of their own free will. The body had gained life, grasping at it's face in pain and letting out a horrible screech. The hellish cry increased in volume steadily, higher and higher, louder and louder, till it threatened to deafen the old man. It'd peaked with a ear-piercing scream, grabbing at the kelp-like mane of it's steed with a strong yank, causing the beast it rode to rear back in pain. Finally it settled, the head of the rider lolling forward like it's neck lacked the strength to hold it. It rolled and twisted, till finally in heart-stopping swiftness, it was staring straight at him. It's eye.... That blood red, burning eye of this damned thing. It Hated the old man. He could feel it. Hell, he could see, taste, smell, and hear it. Every sense he had screamed at him that this thing only wanted him to End.

Pain shot through his left side, immobilizing him against the ground. With one of those ungodly arms, it reached out and point straight at him. His breath caught in his throat, his lungs hyperventilated. All he could do was stare back it it's canid-like head, as the edges of his sight darkened. He gasped and choked, till finally his body gave up. A mercifully blackness spirited him away from this place, from that thing. The Nucke.... That name echoed as the last thought he had. The Nuckelavee.... was free....

Orders came in for the choppers clogging the sky to RTB, the fog making it hazardous to negotiate through the city. Their air support gone and their snipers blinded by the wall of fog, all the police could do was hold the line and wait for orders. Brass was treating this as just an everyday hostage situation, but anyone with eyes could see this was far from normal. Just what in the Hell was that thing? A force field? Was this some kind of military technology? How did these psychos get their hands on it? And what did they want with these children?? People were getting restless, mostly parents wanting to know what's being done to save their children. But the quiet.... that was the worst. It was recent, too. Like things outside this city block just dropped dead. There was a frigid stillness in the air, thicker than any haze.

In the distance, it sounded like a horse's whinny. Everyone, and I mean everyone stopped to look around. The popular question quickly became "what the fuck was that?", as people just stood there scratching their heads. One cop, a rookie holding the back corner of the forward barricade.... he caught sight of it first. A large, looming figure which seemed to materialize out of the fog only a few yards from him. It galloped on horse-back, or so he thought, before it's arms rose up. What.... he thought, before he realized all too late that it was mere feet away. It's gigantic hand scythed straight through him, rendering him nothing but a grisly stain. It rode straight on, a headlong charge for it's objective. Before the masses could react, it's hand plunged into the hood of a squad car, gripping the metal mass by it's chassis and Frisbee-tossing it into the back lines of the police perimeter. Several were caught by the flying wreckage, either being trapped or crushed beneath it. Gunfire started, and the crowd went berserk.

The law enforcement didn't know who or what this new hostile was, only that it was large, and by God was it fast. The damned thing had completely disintegrated the entire rear or the police blockade and slain three news crews before any of them got a bead of it. And even then, something just off. Their guns kept jamming, and even the ones still operational just would not remain docile, jerking around erratically whenever the trigger was pulled. Hailstorms of lead flew everywhere, even into the scattering crowds of civilians. The remaining film crews too stubborn and idiotic to leave without their scoop struggled with malfunctioning equipment. Whatever this thing was, it just refused to show up on film. A few stray rounds punctured the gas tank of their van, and even though such things simply don't happen in the real world, the entire vehicle erupted into flames.

The creature made a bee-line for the force field, but was finally cut off by a police firing squad. Letting loose with automatic rifles and riot shotguns, the thing reared back screeching and covering it's face. A storm of bullets pelted it, tearing through it's flesh and splattering that red slime everywhere. It hissed and shrieked and barked, before finally going limp against the ground. Was it.... dead? There was a moment of unease, weapons trained on the corpse. The look of the thing was..... It couldn't be real. Nothing like this should exist. One officer stepped forward hesitantly to confirm the kill. He couldn't help but look at it's one, empty eye socket. The other, overtaken by some meaty mass. It got closer, step by step, till he was right up on it. The barrel of his shotgun inched forward, nudging the horse-like skull.

The fire came back to it's eye. It glared at him. It Hated him. The arms of the Nucke came alive again, clamping around his entire upper body like a sprung bear trap. It's claws pierced into his back, stabbing all the way through his chest cavity and out his sternum. It made him watch. He couldn't look away. With the most horrifying sound that no human being should ever hear, it pulled it's hands apart, tearing the man asunder. The gunfire resumed in force, but this time to no effect. High caliber rounds tore right through it's meat, and it didn't even flinched. It just trotted calmly up to the barrier, crushing a squad car under it's weight. It stopped just at the glowing field, bullets impacting against it and the barrier itself. The Nucke took a long, rasping breath, inhaling deeper than anything that size should.

There was a pulse in the air, like that sickly breath you get right before you start turning green. The veins which spider-webbed it's whole body swelled to disturbing lengths, ready to burst with it's thick, tarry blood. The foul ichor surged to it's system mass and up it's neck. Putrid black spittle dripped and oozed between rotting teeth. It reared, spinning around with new purpose. It howled, torrents of black fumes spewing from it's mouth like dragon's fire. The Reek, churning from the Nucke with an otherworldly sentience. It covered everything, chasing victims down like a plague of locusts zeroing in on a target. Anyone who could run, didn't make it far. Anyone who couldn't, well.....

What was once the busiest part of the city was now a ghost land. No live soul dared go back. The Nucke turned back to the barrier, it's burning eye meeting the witch on the other side in a chilling lock. She knew her Lord had sent the beast, but then why did it eye her so? What did this meeting of eyes fit that shared between a wolf, and a hare? It's claw dug deep into the barrier, surprising her. It's hand pierced through entirely, the light of the barrier being mired by it's corrupting touch. The witch concentrated, trying to keep it from tearing through. Summoning the best of her will, the barrier forced the Nucke back. It screeched in anger, lashing and pounding against the obstruction repeatedly, but it held strong. It backed away, before locking eyes again. It's spindly arm stretched out, pointing a clawed finger at her with a menacing hiss.

The message was clear. From this moment on, if the barrier failed to keep things in, it would fail to keep the Nucke out. Fear of life is truly an excellent motivator, don't you agree?

With that, it retreated to the epicenter of the chaos it had wrought, lying down to rest and wait. It's breath became louder, exhaling more of that toxic miasma in thick wafts. The fumes completely shielded it from view in a matter of moments, creeping down the stairs and to the streets. The stone it touched cracked, the steel rusted, paint peeled, tires popped, glass shattered, and the bodies.... Let's just say some things are better left without description. The Reek encircled the barrier entirely, and anything it touched withered away. Silence, awful, terrible silence took hold again, broken only by the ragged breathing heard throughout the block.


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#, as written by toajojo


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#, as written by toajojo
It took a few seconds for Bradley to register the fact that his hand was empty. He clenched and unclenched his hand twice just to confirm the now empty space before he finally had the sense to turn around. Stopping dead in his tracks, he spun around frantically. Eyes desperately darting from person to person in search of his date. Though, by then it was far too late, Cordatta was long gone. Not knowing she had left on her own accord, he jostled through the dense crowd looking for a glimpse of her petite figure.

From the distance a strange sound cut through the air. The large mass of civilians and officers alike quieted down and turned their heads to try to find the source of the sound. Bradley was no different. He furrowed his brow and contemplated on what it could have been. His thoughts being whispered throughout the crowd. 'The hell was that?' He squinted seeing a dark figure near them through the fog. Shaking his head, Bradley took off his glasses and wiped the droplets off of them with his soaking shirt. Rendering himself very near sighted for a precious few moments.

That was all the time it took for chaos to ensue. He heard the unmistakable sound of metal being crushed then all of a sudden their were waves of guns being shot, and people screaming bloody murder. He struggled to put on his glasses as people ran into him hoping to get away. He was confused. What had happened? He stood firm as the others around him went into a panic, his eyes trying to focus on the scene in front of him. What he saw was worse than any nightmare one could ever dream of conjuring. His heart stopped for minute as he pieced together what was occurring. "A-A monster." he breathed into the air. Unable to do anything else as his body was stiff with horror.

He watched the fearsome behemoth face the police force. All the while his mind was in frenzy trying to get him to move. Get him to do anything. 'You need to move. Run. Find Datta. We need to leave.'
Was his silent mantra. It was only when the beast was finally overwhelmed, Bradley began to move. He needed to find Cordatta and get the hell out of there. All around him was a tornado of hectic bodies. A few on the ground, lifeless. He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat as he meticulously searched for his companion. Hearing a gruesome sound rip through the area and the gunfire continue once more worse than before, his heart dropped and his search became crazed. Why could he not find her. She would not have left without him. Would she?

The thought that she had left him while he stayed behind to search for her tightened his chest. And all of a sudden a renewed sense of urgency hit him like a wave. He needed to leave now. . . Without her. There was not anymore time. He forced his strides to become longer and pumped his arms. Keeping pace with the others who were beginning to flee. When the air around him seemed to become impossibly thick. He tried to push himself harder. Get out of whatever it was, but could not. Neither could anyone else.

The strangely dark smog suffocated him. Bradley gasped for breath and his body slowed. He blinked as the world around him became darker with each passing second and his body collapsed to the asphalt below. He heard others around him, but could not see them. Honestly unsure if the cause was due to his glasses shattering from it's impact with the sidewalk or the fatal murk. Tears filled his eyes and spilled over his cheeks and he heard desperate cries and gasps from others. He groggily clawed at his shirt suddenly feeling tightly confined. And he coughed, exacerbating the burning in his lungs. He was going to die. Closing his eyes, Bradley barely felt the sobs racking through his body. He was going to die.

The boy's sudden flinching startled Cordatta for a second. She had not meant to scare him so. Maybe it was the black coat she was wearing. With only half of her face barely visible, she supposed that could be mildly alarming. Wordlessly Cordatta pulled her hood back with her free hand and shook her hair out of her face. Effectively revealing her feminine features. As the boy attempted to wrench his arm free from her grip, she only tightened her fingers around his slender wrist. Idly noticing sharp contrast between his pale skin and her caramel hand. In the back of her mind she wondered if her hold on him would cause bruises. Hopefully not.

"Escape?" The male's low voice questioned her. She pursed her lips as a crease formed between her thin eyebrows. The wrinkle always formed when she was confused. Cordatta's eyes roamed over the boys mask in search of his meaning. Her fingers twitched. She wanted to take off his accursed mask and reveal his face. It irked her that she could not read his features. Why would he ask such an obvious question. It seemed obvious enough to her. Anybody with sense would know that they needed to find a way out.

". . .Yes?" She answered slowly and unsure.

"I'm supposed to be here." He challenged her directly. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from saying something rude. Feeling the boy's veins pull under her fingertips, she looked to his hand. Noting how he tightened his own grip on his small axe. Whitening his knuckles. She prepared herself for him to try to lash out at her with it. Entirely unready for the way he opted to lean in close. Cordatta instinctively leaned back slightly. Uncomfortable with his proximity. His demon mask was now beginning to unnerve her. “Let go, lady. I'm trying to save people here.”

She opened her mouth to voice an affronted retort, but fell silent as she heard steps. Promptly she shut her mouth and quieted her breathing. Deciphering the noise. Something was nearing them. She had to get out of their. She could not be caught this early. The boy tugging his arm, pulled her from her thoughts. Correction. She had to get both of them out of there. The boy came off as stupid and senseless to Cordatta. If she left, she had no doubt he would try to stay and fight them off. He was a wannabe hero. He would most definitely get his dumb behind killed. "Drop it." She demanded coldly.

He did. A lot easier than she thought he would. It fell with a short clatter. “Let go, or I'll kill you.” He threatened. She tensed. Something about his tone was making her anxious. Collecting herself, she curled her lip in disdain. Giving a final squeeze before finally releasing him, she hoped he did bruise. Swiftly, she snatched up his axe and cocked it in her own hand as a response to his threat.

"Boy, you are too weak to kill me, or any of the others for that matter." She stated cruelly. "Escape or get yourself killed. It is none of my concern now." She spat. Turning on the ball of her foot she went to find a way around the opposing fae to some of the helpless students. Never mind saving him.