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Hayley Emma Schuester

"People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway."

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a character in “Glee: New Directions Reformed”, as played by XxBlazingGoddessxX


Name: Hayley Emma Schuester
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role: Will and Emma's daughter
Personality: Hayley is a sweet, bubbly, cheerful, likeable, charismatic, kind, and charming individual. She is not an academic, scholarly person by any means and she does not take school very seriously at all. Hayley is highly unsure about her identity and her future; who she is and what she really stands for. She is basically naive, ditzy, and insecure. Hayley is stoically loyal, loving, kind, caring and fiercely protective and she will do absolutely anything for her friends, her family and the people she loves. She's a generous individual and she is always trying to lend a helping hand when it is most needed. Hayley comes off as rather eccentric and "offbeat" and because of it, she is often highly misunderstood, even by her own friends. Hayley is drawn to and attracted to the unusual and the bizarre and she appears to be the most unconventional out of everyone else. She is a highly adventurous, explorative and curious individual. Hayley is not the intense academic, scholarly type whatsoever but she has a habit of engaging her brain before her mouth. However, despite the fact that she is not an academic individual by nature, she is rather intelligent, sharp, quick and intellectual. She also possesses a rather off-beat sense of humor and she is known to provide much comic relief, especially in times of tense situations. Hayley is extremely friendly, light-hearted, cheerful and charming, and therefore, all of her friends adore her because of it. Hayley can be stubborn, impractical and naive at times. Hayley is very idealistic, passionate and emotional when it comes to love and she is a hopeless romantic. Hayley likes to see the best in all people, no matter how horrible they are.

So begins...

Hayley Emma Schuester's Story


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Smashing my hand down, hard, on the annoying alarm Puck insisted I put on every night (so I can't say I woke up late when bunking school) I run a hand through my soft hair and slide out of my single bed that I demanded Puck paint black and I stuck rhinestones all over - My room was similar in keeping with the black theme and large posters of 'Paramore' & 'The Killers' block out the pink my room was painted when I was around five; Puck refuses to do anything (Like repaint my walls) unless it really needs work.
Biting my painted red, stumpy nails I walked down our thin corridor to the tiny bathroom, showering quickly and getting dressed into one of my favourite outfits, yes, it was most probably too much for school but did I care? No.
I then turned to face the mirror and applied my make-up, backcombing my hair ever so slightly.
I then set about running downstairs, singing at the top of my lungs to wake up all the other flats - That'll teach them for banging on her door at 3am, asking her to turn down her music! How dare they?
Kissing Puck on the cheek, whom just managed to drag himself from the mess he calls a room, and rushes out to the school bus, arriving to many stares and whispers - Grinning she sits at the back and listens to her music the rest of the journey.

Once at school I walk down the center of the hallway, causing all the bodies to split apart as I approach, again more whispers erupt from their mouths and I grin, walking over to her locker which was between a boy (Tyler Berry) wearing clothes too bland for mt taste but I didn't mind too much - He wasn't bad looking - and a girl wearing an Olympic jumper.
Flicking my chocolate hair out of my face, I lick my gleaming red lips and unlock my locker.


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Natalia looked at the girl next to her as she introduced herself.
Slightly raising of her perfectly shaped eyebrows at the girl she said "Natalia." before remembering what Puck had said - Many of the old 'Glee Club' members parents had enrolled their children this year.
Narrowing her eyes, Tally asked the girl - "Who are your parents? I mean, were they part of the Glee Club?"