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Natalia Beth Puckerman

"Mess with me and I'll make your life a living hell - That's a promise."

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a character in “Glee: New Directions Reformed”, as played by MissBrightside_



Name~ Natalia Beth Puckerman

Nicknames~ Tally, Nat, Talia.

Age~ 17

Gender~ Female

Role~ Noah 'Puck' Puckerman's daughter

Being left on her father's doorstep when she was only two months, this summer baby has been brought up with the baddest guy in Mckinley.
Growing up with Noah - or 'Puck' - has never been easy and boy have they had a load of rows but it's also a world of fun; being taught to pick locks and getting wreck is something that Tally took from her father.
While his heart has always been in the right place, he could never be the father that everyone else had - It was just his nature to be anything but, predictable, safe and helpful.
Puck was a wildcard, sure, but no one could have guessed that Tally would have turned out to be even worse.

Natalia is the baddest girl Mckinley High have ever had, taking an incredible amount after her dad Tally couldn't care less about what people think of her choosing to stick to her own rules and forget about the schools.
Feisty and flirty, she loves attention - especially when it's from boys.
Being born to a mother that left her on her father's doorstep when she was only two months, Tally learnt a trick or two from Puck and has become incredibly skilled at getting what she wants, when she wants it and doing anything to get it.

Some people say she's a 'broken girl' but Natalia say 'screw them', there isn't anything wrong with her! She just doesn't want to be controlled.
Her rebellious side has often gotten her into trouble, big trouble. Jail trouble and Puck almost always has to come and bail her out.


So begins...

Natalia Beth Puckerman's Story


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Smashing my hand down, hard, on the annoying alarm Puck insisted I put on every night (so I can't say I woke up late when bunking school) I run a hand through my soft hair and slide out of my single bed that I demanded Puck paint black and I stuck rhinestones all over - My room was similar in keeping with the black theme and large posters of 'Paramore' & 'The Killers' block out the pink my room was painted when I was around five; Puck refuses to do anything (Like repaint my walls) unless it really needs work.
Biting my painted red, stumpy nails I walked down our thin corridor to the tiny bathroom, showering quickly and getting dressed into one of my favourite outfits, yes, it was most probably too much for school but did I care? No.
I then turned to face the mirror and applied my make-up, backcombing my hair ever so slightly.
I then set about running downstairs, singing at the top of my lungs to wake up all the other flats - That'll teach them for banging on her door at 3am, asking her to turn down her music! How dare they?
Kissing Puck on the cheek, whom just managed to drag himself from the mess he calls a room, and rushes out to the school bus, arriving to many stares and whispers - Grinning she sits at the back and listens to her music the rest of the journey.

Once at school I walk down the center of the hallway, causing all the bodies to split apart as I approach, again more whispers erupt from their mouths and I grin, walking over to her locker which was between a boy (Tyler Berry) wearing clothes too bland for mt taste but I didn't mind too much - He wasn't bad looking - and a girl wearing an Olympic jumper.
Flicking my chocolate hair out of my face, I lick my gleaming red lips and unlock my locker.


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Natalia looked at the girl next to her as she introduced herself.
Slightly raising of her perfectly shaped eyebrows at the girl she said "Natalia." before remembering what Puck had said - Many of the old 'Glee Club' members parents had enrolled their children this year.
Narrowing her eyes, Tally asked the girl - "Who are your parents? I mean, were they part of the Glee Club?"