Amphelice Gerard

Princess of Glielle

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a character in “Glielle; Fallen City”, as played by Salem98


Name: Amphelice Gerard
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: Reading
Dislikes: Walking alone
Biography: Amphelice is the princess of Glielle. She is often subject to scandal, and rumors are spread about her often. The most popular as of late is that she's almost 18 and still unmarried. This being true, she's very high strung and nervous. She'll turn eighteen in a year, and if she doesn't have a child by then, she'll be executed. Her mother has tried to set her up with multiple arranged marriages, but she simply couldn't go through with any of them.

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Amphelice Gerard's Story

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#, as written by Salem98
Amphelice sat on her bed, trying to take deep breaths, but it was extremely hard to do with a corset on. It was her seventeenth birthday, and because of that she was going to make a public appearance. All she had to do was step out onto the balcony and wave her hand, and have her father announce her birthday. However, this was the seventeenth time she'd done this, and the past sixteen hadn't been pleasant. Because of all the rumors spread about her, there were really only two ways to feel about the princess; one either loved her, or hated her. The year before, after a scandalous (untrue) rumor that she'd tried to steal from her mother, she had rotten fruit thrown at her when she stepped out. Needless to say, she was nervous.