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God Code Rewritten

God Code Rewritten


The world has proven itself to be like anything else we humans have seen so far: bent to our will. (OPEN AND LOOKING FOR CHARACTERS!!!)

483 readers have visited God Code Rewritten since Thundergod1020 created it.


Reality isn’t what it seems, in fact, reality wouldn’t exist if humans didn’t. The universe we live in is produced by all the humans in the world, subconsciously sending signals or “codes” to each other’s minds. These codes have become known as “god codes”. Through sharing these codes with each other, all of our minds have been connected together to produce what we can compare to a dream that every single person shares. However, in the past years certain humans have become consciously aware of the codes they’re sending. So, they’ve learned how to send out their own codes into the web of human minds, so that they can edit reality into what they want. However. this power is limited, the grand majority of people who have become aware of these “codes” (which is an extremely small minority) can only send out one type of code and only edit reality in one way, and like a fingerprint, no two people share the same god code. God code powers can include mind control (by turning a limited amount of people into obedient pawns for a limited amount of time) time travel (rewinding time around a certain area and returning that area to the present) and more. It is said that there is one person who, if he or she becomes aware of their god code, can edit reality without any restrictions. This person is known simply as God, and as far as we know, he or she hasn’t become aware of his or her god code yet. Normal humans are not aware of the god codes they subconsciously send or of the existence of the organizations below.

There are many organizations of people who can use god codes, these include:
The Nullification Bureau: An organization based in the United States that has gain great support by god code aware people in western countries. The Nullification Bureau is dedicated to keep reality unedited and to make sure that God never becomes aware of god code, it’s lead by secretary Richard Brown who can use a god code that allows him to move objects at will.

الدشداشة السوداء or the Black Thawbs: Based in Saudi Arabia, the Black Thawbs have gained great popularity in the middle east. Their goal is to take God to Mecca, for they believe that it will awaken his or her god code abilities. After God has awakened his or her abilities, they plan to follow God’s teachings. They are lead by Muhammad Al Saud who can use a god code that allows him to edit reality’s visible code, creating powerful illusions.

Monk Society: Based in India with great popularity in Asia, the Monk Society believes awakening God will create an eternal meditation where the link between people’s mind will become so strong, they will mend into one mind filled with inner peace. It is lead by Shaildhar Acharya who, through meditation, can remove his mind from the link to other minds, removing himself from reality and being able to be unaffected by the codes of others.

[b[Chronos:[/b] Small but powerful criminal organization, created to sway the leaders of the world with money, blood, or both. Believes that the discovery of God will be very damaging to them due to people placing their faith in God and not them, and will thus do whatever it takes to stop his or her discovery, and, if need be, to take them for their own. It is lead by Mariah Rutherford, who can use a god code that allows her to control really small things... Like, say, one of the many veins running through your brain.

The Character Skeleton!!! (dah-nah-nah-nah!!!)
Name: (What is yoru character's name? ie. Bobboena)
Nickname(s): (What is your character known as? ie. Bob)
Title(s): (What titles does your character have? ie. The Crazy Cat)
Age: (Self-Explanatory.)
Gender: (Self-Explanatory.)

Birthday: (Optional.)
Height: (Optional.)
Weight: (Optional.)
Blood Type: (Optional.)

Organization: (What organization does your character belong to(If they even belong to one?))
Rank: (See the OoC once I get around to it!)

God Code: (What can your character rewrite?)

Personality: (What is your character's personality like?)

History: (Give us a little introduction to your character's life and background.)

Have fun!

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmoding! In other words, not everyone is capable of dodging every single attack, so take a hit every once in a while. It will make your RP experience more enjoyable, trust me! You shouldn't be controlling others either, unless you have permission from said person.

2. No Autohits.
ie) Bob: "Bob punched Sally in the face and she died."
Sally: ...?

You have to give people a chance to dodge at least!
ie) Bob: "Bob aimed his fist at Sally's face, throwing his weight into it for extra power."
Sally: "Sally ducked just in time, barely missing Bob's fist, though the force of his weight caught her off guard. While lowered, Sally countered with a jab aimed at Bob's stomach."
Bob: "Not expecting Sally's attack, her jab made full contact and Bob was winded. He took a few steps back, holding his stomach in pain with a murderous look in his eyes." etc.

3. As cool as it would be to rewrite reality and be super strong and awesome, it would be unfair to the rest of us. In other words, no perfect characters. Everyone has their flaws! And while we're on the topic, no one is allowed to be God unless I choose it due to good rp skills. Yes, there are organizations looking for him. No, they won't find him here until I choose so.

4. Kids will not have control of their God code, no matter. Like, no. :l Do you really think I'm going to accept that? /rantrantrant

5. Assassins, politicians, and their ilk will be of a suitable age. Think about it. When you were 10 years old, were you really so concerned about the politics and all that jazz in your city? And even if you were, did you have any power and authority? Like, serious. /rantrantrant

6. There will be no character limit. In other words, go crazy and make as many as you want. BUT PLEASE don't fill one organization with 5 of your own characters. Spread them out a little.

7. God codes, ranks, etc. are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you came in late, it's too bad :( I can't do anything about it.

8. Please try to make unique characters. I don't want 50 people with super strength or speed, and if you're being original, you shouldn't need this.

9. Lalala 8D -fills in the rules because she doesn't want to change the number sequence-

10. Rules may be added or changed over time.

11. I normally put rule 10 as the very last one but I just thought of one and I don't want to change it. If you have any questions, you can ask me! :D

12. Oh, and stay active, or at least try to please. :)

13. Fighting anywhere is allowed, just remember that your location does impact your battle. (ie. If you have a big fire fight in a small office, you're obviously going to burn it down.)

14. Follow the rules of Roleplay Gateway as well.

15. The password is Swordfish. Isn't it always?

16. I have Antigod armed and ready against anyone who Mary Sues.

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Character Portrait: David Erickson
David Erickson

Your eyes lie to you all the time. My eyes, on the other hand, peel away falsehoods and show me truth

Character Portrait: Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews

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Character Portrait: Lara Walker
Lara Walker

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Character Portrait: Lara Walker
Lara Walker

Don't think I'm weak because I'm a woman...

Character Portrait: Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews

Can you touch me? try.. go ahead

Character Portrait: David Erickson
David Erickson

Your eyes lie to you all the time. My eyes, on the other hand, peel away falsehoods and show me truth

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Character Portrait: Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews

Can you touch me? try.. go ahead

Character Portrait: Lara Walker
Lara Walker

Don't think I'm weak because I'm a woman...

Character Portrait: David Erickson
David Erickson

Your eyes lie to you all the time. My eyes, on the other hand, peel away falsehoods and show me truth

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