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Son of Venash, a mad scientist

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a character in “God of Elements, To Save Daughtris”, originally authored by shadereen, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Gen

Age: 35yo

Gender: Male

Height: 7'

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: silver

Cloths and armor: How does a scientist dress? white coat but filled with blood finger prints

Sexual Orientation: um... how do I explain... experimenting on anything makes him horny

Likes: experimenting on things

Dislikes: beaten up

Skills and spells: Very agile and nimble. His body can bend in weird shape. He is a master in throwing surgical tools. He covers the tools with his Ki making it very sharp and powerful. his special abilities are Black shadows that struck out of his body and changes shape into things like chainsaw, surgery knife, hand, wings, or mimic any creature.


Chaotic Evil~~ He experiments on any living creature for fun and for some reason it excites him. Sometime it even makes him horny. He rarely listen to people talk and always moves around, yells and shouts crazy and weird things.


Surgical tools like knives, scissors, whatever.. I don't know the names of surgical tools... so what? :-P


Gen is one of the children of Venash. Most of his time, he stays in his lab doing his own thing. Sometimes he orders servants created by his father or himself to kidnap anyone to experiment on. One of the victim is Mitei Isuno.

Some time ago, He and his siblings, joined together to fight Venash. He wanted to experiment on his father. But they all got beaten in seconds.

So begins...

Gen's Story


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Inside Pruwas, there is a building. The building's walls are made of concrete and are grey in color. There seems to be no windows in the building. The front door is open and at the main hall is a counter with 2 personals. A few levels below, only people with a special key card may enter, There are some glass cylinder tank filled with floating creatures with mask and hoses in clear water. One of the tank contain a freakish looking mixed creature. Another contains a long straight white hair young girl with a hand replaced with a cyborg arm. Another contains a man with no below parts. Many more creature besides them.

In that level, inside a dark room which is only illuminated by a holographic monitor from a terminal, there is a person with goggles and mask, sawing something off a sea-kind creature on a steel table, giggling. Blood gushed out of the creature's limb and splattered on the person's face. He stopped and stood still. His breathing and heart seemed to stop and there was silence for a moment. He started with a grin, the a small laugh. Suddenly he started to screamed loudly and screamed. He stopped screaming and looked at the creature with a smile. He took out a wire and tied the limb tightly so that blood stop coming out of it.

A beep from the terminal made the person turn around to look at it. He walked to the terminal and pressed a button which made a person, brown skin with horns like a mountain goat on the side of his head, appear on the screen.

"yes?" he said to the terminal, asking

"Prince Gen, we have bad news" a voice came out of the terminal

"well what is it?" Gen said sounding a little pissed

"Somehow Mitei, one of the experiments, regained control of herself and have escaped"

Gen smiled and took of his goggles "well..." he wiped his hands and his face on the white coat he was wearing "find and capture her" Gen said calmly

Gen waved his hand multiple times which made the person on the terminal disappeared and change into a first person view of someone or something in a place that looked like a battlefield. It was the first person view of his father's demon conjuration. The place that it was guarding is under attack by a small but powerful party.

"Release experiment 9" He said to the terminal

On the battlefield, the ground started to shake, making it hard for everyone to hold their balance. Suddenly a giant glass cylinder tank rose from the ground, revealing a chimera. A mixed creature of Lion, Goat, dragon and snake. The tank glass dispersed into gas and was gone. The chimera jumped a person, biting, spilling his guts.


Gen turned around, wore his goggles, picked up a hammer, and continued his work on the Sea-kind.


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Eclipse was at his war table, with three of his four lieutenants. Slith was a lizard-man who had ran after killing his tribe’s living idol, a sand wyvern with only with his Ki and then eating it, his shadow armor took the shape of a half dragon. Bozok had been an elite dwarf knight, of the order of the stone father, until he stole the holy weapon of the stone father, the hammer, mountain-shatter, his shadow armor had took the form of his old armor; but was Bozok’s burning and pillaging towns ,so he wasn’t here to give his report. His twin dark celestial servants Solos and Lunos, had joined him because he had cast a spell that bound them to him as long as his soul roam Daughtris, the price was when his soul no longer roams Daughtris then they may do what they want to him, their armor gave them the look of arch-celestials six wings as black as knight and their swords burning with black flames. They were equal in strength to any mortal, the thing that made them so hard to kill were that their physical forms could only be destroyed by weapons blessed by gods or dragon magic. Though after they were destroyed all they had to do was return to him and sacrifice a pure soul to regain their bodies.

All three had reports for him, and he listened as he sipped his wine laced with essence of innocence, expensive but it made the wine taste perfect, Slith had just come back from capturing prisoners, he had left with a hundred shadow knights and came back with ninety five of them, plus food to last another three months, sixty able body’s, the five bodies of his knight s and corpses of twenty villager’s would bulk up the numbers of his undead, enough children and toddlers to make a gallon of essence of innocence if he could find a whole unicorn. Solos and Lunos had taken about two hundred and fifty of his knights and had scouted west along the coast line, finding a perfect jump off point for the crossing the sea to get to demotin, they had run into some servants of one of his siblings, but if he lost one hundred knights then he just gained them back as undead plus all the corpses that can be carried back to him. His plans were working well the only one of his siblings he hadn’t heard about was Gen he was going to be a pain sooner or later.


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one of the demon-kind manage to escape the onslaught from the transformed human. He ran away as fast as he can until he was sure it was safe. He stopped and rests with his back on a wall, trembling from fear. The demon-kind controlled his breathing and started to calm down a little. Passing people turned their head to look at the poor fellow, curious of what had happened, but kept on moving. The demon-kind took out his cellphone, dialed a number, and waited.

"hello. Gen's Genetics. How may I help you?" a person said on the other line of the phone

"This is Umbra5, I repeat, Umbra5. All the unit in the team are dead, I repeat, All the unit in the team are dead. The mission to find and capture has failed. The target had friends" he said while trembling.

"message received" the operator hung up the phone.


The terminal in Gen's room beeped again. He stopped his work, took off his goggles, walked to the terminal, and pressed a button.

"what is it this time?!" he said angry

"I'm sorry sir" the horned person on the other line of the terminal said, paused for a while, and continued "The first attempt to find and capture Mitei was a failure. I was informed that she had found powerful allies"

"really?" Gen was surprised

Gen scratched his chin and snapped his fingers

"try again" Gen said "this time bring experiment 16"

Gen turned off the terminal


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Back in Pruwas, in Gen's building. He was observing through the dead Griffin's eyes. He watched as Rixator, Reiko, Mitei, Gabe, and Bella examine the beast. Gen grinned while his arms crossed, looking at the screen of his terminal. "she is strong..." Gen said while looking straight at Mitei's image.

(no one should notice that Gen is watching through the griffin...)


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Before Arkantos could reach the city gates he heard a somewhat roar of suffering.
He tumbled,instinctively and turned,seeing an hulking opal-scaled dragon: "This day simply doesn't end... Arkantos said,while looking around searching for a strategical place to climb and move around,attacking the dragon.
He saw the citizens running desperately: first the citizen,then the dragon.
He looked at the crowd: the best way was probably to bring them outside the walls.Arkantos moved on the roofs.
"Hey! Move! Outside quickly!" Arkantos said,jumping from a balcony and leading the people outside: it was a desperate act,sometimes the difference from reality and fantasy is so thin...
...the citizens were now outside,and Arkantos was thinking for a way to attack the dragon:"The weapon"
Legends says that the dragon scales are impenetrable: maybe it's true,but there was no time to test.The scales should be as hard as iron,perhaps finding a weak uncovered spot between the scales and pierce it would deal some damage.
But in this way it is going to take ages to kill one,if he was lucky.if Unlucky he'd be squished like a bug.
After all there was only one dragon: that "Ally of the Hikari",a Draconian creature.Perhaps calming it is a way.
Arkantos equipped his main blade,not to use it but there was a secret within the tempered steel of the weapon: it had some "holes",able to release daggers,"teeth" like his friend named it,aswell as two thin blades,made to mainly destroy circuits of Pruwas's advanced security.
It is of same use,anyway: pierce the dragon's advanced security.
Arkantos took out the long and pointy metal blade from his main blade and looked at it for one second: the beauty of the steel wasn't comparable to nothing,but perfection itself.
He placed the main blade on his back,and took out a little pot,containing a white liquid.
He opened a slot in the handle and poured the liquid.The sword is going to work like a syringe: once he will pierce through the flesh and pressed the bottom,the extract will cool the anger of the dragon: if the god of light wanted it dead,then a swing of Axe over the neck of the Dragon is going to be enough.
He jumped on the roof and looked at the beast,focusing (charging)
(Theorically now I have to drop two dices? *Ruins the house* Two dices! *Rolls them* 8)
Sylverana was sitting on her throne made out of stone,with her guitar between her hands.
She waited out of Demotia's walls,for over ten minutes receiving nothing but few arrows and gunfire: she decided to move in,and plan various strategies,ways to beat down Eclipse.
Voices of Dark Gryphons reached her ears,and interested she started to read about those winged lions.
Discovering their nature,a deep sense of wondering filled Sylverana: who released a Gryphon in Daughtris?
Anyway,on such matters she'd be back soon: she was starting to forget about her brother Gen: the scientist that roamed in the towers of Pruwas.
"Drakthorn!" The bodiless spirit entered in the room and knelt before Sylverana.After he rose,Sylverana started to speak.
"We both know that this war doesn't comprehend two generals,but an infinity number: One of the most "important" however seemed to shut to Pruwas,take whatever you need and investigate upon the missing of Gen,the Scientist.
The spirit nodded,as the floor started to move and turned in an armor: the spirit possessed it and walked away.
The floor the repaired itself,thanks to some magic founts.

Drakthorn entered in the Below-ground levels of Avalon: he looked at a myriad of creatures dwelling down there: he was carrying two cylindric container,to capture and utilize Slimes,parasites that devours their hosts beginning from the brain.After laying the eggs,they usual get out and search again for creatures to waste.
Drakthorn opened the Brass cylinders,as they started to draw the slimes inside the recipients.
Then,utilizing the same spell that brought him to Demotia,Drakthorn entered in Pruwas: the clocked figure walked around,asking to the inhabitants if they ever heard of a certain "Gen".
Gained the information,Drakthorn reached the binder tower and broke the cylinders,releasing the slimes to enter in the tower.


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Gen was thinking of what he should do with Mitei. Some of his henchmen and his dark griffin are dead because of Mitei and her new friends.

'Should I attempt to capture her again?' Gen questioned himself

The terminal started to beep. The screen changed view outside of the building. A person wearing a mask and black hood can be seen breaking a small cylinder and slimes coming out of it, entering the building.

"hmm?" Garen was curious. He pressed a button on the terminal and waited.

"yes, my lord?" the front desk operator voice spoke from the terminal

"check what is that black hooded man doing outside" Gen paused, thought something, and continued "and check if he 'is' a man... can't tell for sure these days"

"yes, my lord... can I help you with anything else, my lord?"

"no, that shall be all for now". Gen turned of the comm and sat on his large chair in front of the terminal, sighing. The light from the terminal screen shined on his face. He can't help but feel that something bad is about to happen. He put a hand on the terminal and tapped it with his finger, thinking.

One of the receptionist of Gen's buildings got up and walked out of the oval counter straight out the front door, She walked following the pavement beside the building and turned a corner, seeing the hooded man. She walked up to him.

"Hello sir" she smiled while her eyes examining the person "can I help you?

(I am RP the receptionist.. don't auto) >:-3



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"It's the time" Arkantos skipped from roof to roof,reaching a considerable high place: he looked at the target: the crazed Garen that was rampaging.
He looked for any spots,unarmored to intoxicate the dragon with the powerful sleeper.
Arkantos was preaparing to lead the final leap to reach the scales,before a shadow covered the town.
A cloud? No,it was moving too fast: Arkantos moved his eyes up and saw another Dragon-kind above the town: Black scaled terrorizing.
Luckly he brought out the citizens! Arkantos moved the priority target to the new Dragon,seeing that Garen was taking conscience.
He ran down to his allies,trying to regroup.
Bella and gave was running and successively flying to the Airship: Arkantos looked at the beast lands,provoking a shockwave that trembled the building: Arkantos nearly fell down but in a matter of seconds he regained balance: he looked at the creature,big: he never saw something more bigger and fearful.
A ring of fire surrounded the dragons: the blue fire's heat stunned Arkantos for a while.
Paralyzed,Arkantos looked at the two creatures for few seconds before running back,attempting to plan a strategy: mathematically it was impossible to Garen to win the new creature.
Neither him: impossible,since he is an human.Plus the ring of fire was blocking him from reaching Garen: the best thing to do was to reach the Airship and plan an attack.

Arkantos ran toward the Airship,guided by nothing but casualty: Arkantos entered inside the massive fortress,hasting to reach the Princess.
He saw Bella not far from the entrance,followed by the brave Gabe.
" trapped....with that behemoth!" Arkantos said,taking breath from the run: was it three or four hours of intense actions?
Hoping that the princess would plan a way to free the dragon Arkantos adjusted his swords and took some moments to recover peace in mind.
The Dragon was an important ally: losing it probably means losing the chance to convince the Gods.
Plus,who was the Dragon that trapped Garen!?
It could speak Arkanto's language fluently,in an advanced way also: the presence of the Behemoth simply breaks the standard rules of nature.
Drakthorn looked at the smiled filter inside the bricks of the tower: few seconds after,a woman approached to Drkathorn.

"Hello sir,can I help you?"

The woman said,smiling at Drakthorn: the spirit had an illumination: his right hand,under the clock,was open and holding something invisible like some nets to manipulate puppets.
"In truth...there is one thing I'd like to ask...."The voice of Drakthorn was trying to imitate the human's: it was somewhat some fail,some success.
"...Lord Gen son of Venash is inside the building?" Drakthorn said,while the gray slimes could be seen slipping out from the bricks.
Utilizing the lady as tool of espionage was Drakthorn's plan: the Slimes could easily enter in her body and consume her life-force and gather direct control.
After that,stealing the plans would be a child's game.
The slimes produced a reptilian sound,while jumping on the Receptionist (Dice roll: 10(Hit?)).

Meanwhile,Sylverana was reorganizing the Legion of the Maiden of Shadows: if she'd keep sending the same units the enemy could easily find the weak spots: thinking about improving her legion by making some variants was the only possibility to avoid this nasty situation.
She was walking up and down the throne room: after consuming another prisoner sent from Lightwake,Sylverana's mind was navigating in the fantasy to discover possible variants:
An undead dragon? No: killing a dragon was excessive....
Plus,she was thinking about expunging Demotia: first with the Ambassadors.
The Maiden ordered to two Brightshadow Strikers to accompany a Spirit adept at dealing with peace.
She looked atop the Pinnacle of her flying fortress,hoping to conquer Demotia and the help of the Demons-like.


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(@True-assassin, oh you have your own dices? okay then... roll dice for defence: 7 ... 11-7 = 4 ... gotta get 6 or higher to succeed a status effecting attack)

Fortunately for the receptionist, her eyes and the CCTV above them are connected to her eyes. She manage to jump and flip in the air, evading the slimes, and landed Behind Drakthorn.

"It seems that you are a hostile creature" she said looking at Drakthorn then to the slimes.

The receptionist spread her wings and released two small, round, blue eyed robots in the air. The robots eyes started to glow bright blue, ready to fire at Drakthorn ( charging attack ) while the receptionist flew up and back, away from the slime's reach. While in the air, she communicated with the other front desk receptionist using communicator installed on her choker.

"Calling Milana, pleased be informed that there is a hostile outside, on the east side of the building. Please send help"


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"The Goddess of Light can I serve you" Arkantos muttered leaning against a wall.
Garen returned on the Air ship,just when Arkantos finished the sentence.
He looked down: few seconds ago it was burning,an agony that struck Arkantos's heart.Where he grew was burning in acid and fire: the spear of the Goddess rejuvenated the lands and healed the wounded in a matter of seconds: Arkantos felt grateful toward the Goddess: but the Dragon's rampage must stop,else the King's trooper would have a bad time at stopping the Dragon from turning to ashes the Outher Clearwood,home of Arkantos's adoptive parents.
Arkantos's eyes were looking at the creature preparing to fly toward Avory.
"We have to stop it...." Arkantos said,looking down where once the creature was standing.
"Ideas?" Arkantos asked slowly turning his head toward Hikari,Bella,and Gabe.
He'd do everything to save Clearwood way more than the rest of Daughtris.
Arkantos was full of doubts: perhaps they could utilize Garen as foe against the Dragon and then harass the behemoth with all the firepower they had.
Arkantos had an headache,in thinking how to defeat the foe: he did his job,now it's the turn of the Goddess of Light to find a way to defeat the Dragon.
"How...unpleasent" Drakthorn said,looking at the slime that failed to attack the receptionist.His right hand slowly formed a fist and the slime melt down,releasing an evident black orb.
After a few seconds the Orb dissipated,and Drakthorn looked at the Lady."Perhaps It would be a good idea to don't judge persons from the aspect...." Drakthorn said,rising his head toward the Receptionist: two spheres came out when the woman's wing sprouted and they were releasing a soft blue light.
"Madame,the attempt failed...." Drakthorn said to Sylverana that was sitting on her throne: thanks to a mirror attached inside Drakthorn's helm,Sylverana could see and speak with Drakthorn with Telekinetic.
"Hmpf....not your fault,but the slimes....was hoping to put hands on Gen's whatever you think right: kill her or run to Demotia" Sylverana said at the mirror in front of her.
Time was short: plus in a matter of seconds he'd be overwhelmed by Spheres and other attacking units.
"I don't have time for games..." Drakthorn said,while his hands gathering mana: after few seconds few winds were running through the desolated ways of Pruwas,reaching and running around Drakthorn.The winds were endarkened by unknown forces: Drakthorn released the grip and the winds blowed a shockwave all around Drakthorn: the gathering of energy was obvious,aswell as the focusing of it (Charging).
"Faster Drakthorn...." Sylverana said,noticing the attack Drakthorn was attempting.
"I said the plans,not blow away Pruwas..." Sylverana said,while looking surprised by Drakthorn's destructive forces.
Drakthorn's wind were released flying away (Charge canceled),to then return and cover him."So be it" The winds returned and attacked Drakthorn,while his body was dissolving in the thin air,returning to the Fortress.
(Well,i utilize a website for diceroll ;D.(Now,when Drakthorn pushed and recalled the winds,he did pushed in and out something: I'm going to roll for the intensity >7: Deals average damage and stops charging <7: Doesn't deal damage and stops only one charge)*5th Symphony*DICE ROLL:.....Next episode Nawr joking.DICE ROLL: 8))


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The force of the wind that Drakthorn made pushed the receptionist back a few meters. It was hard to regain balance while hovering in the air with wings. The blue sphere robots shot lightning rays at Drakthorn but he was already gone. The rays created black burning spot on the pavement. The wind then slowed down and died. The receptionist landed softly on the ground. She scouted the area to see if Drakthorn was still around but there was nothing.

"Calling Milana. The hostile has fled..."

A few minutes later, the terminal in Gen's room beeped once again. Gen pressed the button while sitting on his big chair and spoke "how did it go?"

"We are sorry, sir" the receptionist said "it did not go well"

"what happened?"

"the creature suddenly attacked Qita and fled"

"really?" Gen was a little surprised "no matter... I shall examine the recording on the surveilance system"

Gen started to view the recorded images and sounds. He examined the short battle but found nothing. His hand balled into a fist and she slammed the terminal, furiously. "Was the creature man or a woman?!!"


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0.00 INK

"Atleast advice the King of Avory about the incoming danger" Arkantos said,before climbing down the stairs to his room.
Tiring day: it wasn't over yet Arkantos knew it,so it was wise to waste the few moments of tranquillity before dropping on the battlefields and drain blood.
He lied down on his bed,the metal pieces not far from him: See,it is going to be a matter of minutes till another mission call.
His breath was slowing down: first time the day,first time lying on the bed of the Hulking Airship.Yes,the airship how does it fly?
Arkantos's mind is a flurry of ideas: what they were going to face,his role in the team and the components of it: A dragon....a legend that comes true? Or is it way more the opposite?
He was relaxing: his muscles were like granite after all the moving and the dragon coming down.
He smirked: it isn't a job for mortals,stopping the children of a god on a rampage to gain the lands.This is why they are here: invoke the gods for help.
Where were they going to start? From the frozen winds,Sylph? Arkantos had a bare ideas,thought he loves stories way more than others.

He stood up after somewhat ten minutes: he guessed out that the day was too moved to sleep: too dangerous also.
He walked around the room and washed his face and then dressed up to go seeing the metal world (Alias the Airship for those who haven't got a poetic interpreter).
He walked slowly in the decorated corridors of the Airship: if such buildings could fly thanks to some Energy,humanity would have no limits.
Thinking and walking in the desolated streets (corridor) of the Airship.
The sound of the engine was accompanying him around: he was still cooling down from the recent battle,the horror of Amanda being pulverized by an ancient being.
After somewhat a quarter of hour,he returned on himself and looked around: he cursed the Airship for being way too big.
He walked back to the rooms,thought standing outside,like waiting for someone or something.

Drakthorn entered in the throne room and was thinking alongside with Sylverana a way to down Gen: the infiltration failed,till that Sylverana thought two things: either she personally cover the issues or Crush down Pruwas.
Both eliminated the idea: there wouldn't be nothing to reign,so Sylverana was preparing to land on Pruwas and somehow enter in Gen's Laboratories.She doesn't remember since they saw each others,at least she doesn't: if he doesn't the cover is going to be easier.After uncovering the secrets of Gen,Sylverana was going to utilize them somehow.
Few rumors runned in the chamber: the ghosts populating it were whispering about the Ancient Bahamut unsealed;the dragon of eternal wrath was unleashed on Daughtris and was rampaging over the Clearwoods.
Sylverana had a brilliant illumination: Demotia was after all shut down by unknown causes,moving to Clearwood,would make the things more exciting.
But,first the job and then the games.Sylverana moved over the runes.
"Move Avalon to Clearwood,meanwhile: around....tea time I expect this fortress over Pruwas and at Dusk at Clearwood" Sylverana said,dressed in a magnificent black dress,with many black roses on it and a way bigger hat over her head.
Her face was hidden under a beautiful black veil,representing floral motives.
Sylverana smiled,as her body turned in winds.Drakthorn knelt after her order and entered in the fortress,commanding the spirits inside it to move: they were going to be a lot above Pruwas,to maintain safe there presence.

Sylverana appeared not far from the tower and she entered in the building made out of stone blocks.
"Excuse me,Lord Gen is available? Am Madame Luxian,owner of a metal-working industry around Lightwake: I'd like to talk about business about obviously magnificent....ehrrr....trinkets...and....workers?" Sylverana said,keeping a fake smile: she never knew something about Science: she hated science way more than ignorance.And Gen was the reincarnation of science.


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Ora had just returned from Amara, Clearwake to Pruwas's metropolis. He parked his vehicle beside Gen's Genetics and went in through the front door. Upon entering, he saw a woman in black dress and large hat talking to Qita and Milana, the receptionists.

""Excuse me,Lord Gen is available? Am Madame Luxian,owner of a metal-working industry around Lightwake: I'd like to talk about business about obviously magnificent....ehrrr....trinkets...and....workers?" spoke the woman in black

The way she stop to think in the middle on a sentence made Ora suspicious.

"Good evening and welcome back Sir Ora" Qita greeted Ora, noticing him just entered the building.

"Good evening Sir Ora" Milana smiled at Ora then turned back to the woman in black dress. "Sorry for the interruption, ma'am" she bowed a little to the woman and continued "Lord Gen is in the building. Please, make yourself comfortable in the waiting area on the left while I inform the Lord" Milana smiled while pointing to the left side of the lobby where there were a set of couches and a magazine racks filled with magazines.

Ora nodded to the receptionist, then at the woman in black, smiling a little and walked pass the counter, to the elevators. He pressed a button waited for the Elevator to reach the floor. While waiting, he turned his eyes to the woman in black, examining her in silence. He looked through her veil and saw a hint of her face. Her face was familiar. Ora think and think who she is, then the elevator rang, pulling away Ora's thoughts. He entered the elevator. The elevator closed and used his special card key on a hidden scanner.

In the room where Gen is, he was checking on his army in Fishan. The chimera was sitting on a hill on a small island, scouting the area for intruders while Gen's other soldiers are hovering about on their small air battleship. Dead bodies of Fishan's inhabitants were floating on the waters edge after the attempt to try and take back the land.

"possess the dead bodies with the dark energy" Gen's said to the terminal.

One of Gen's soldier is a black Gecko-kind with a body enveloped in purplish black flame just like the flame on the dark griffin. The flames slowly spread to all the dead bodies and seeped in. For a moment, nothing happened, but then the bodies started to make snapping sounds, like bones breaking and sunk underwater. The waters were clear of carcasses. The bodies slowly crept up from the edge and climbed up. There, they stood still, flames enveloping their bodies. waiting.

The terminal beeped. Gen tapped the terminal and a window opened displaying Milana's face.

"yes?" Gen asked

"Lord Gen, a woman saying she is from a metal-working industry around Lightwake. she would like to talk about trinkets and workers"

"Lightwake? metal-working industry?" Gen sounded surprised and confused. why would a metal-working industry be in Lightwake? Gen thought. "Gen pressed another button on the terminal.

The terminal screen opened another window displaying a view from a floating surveillance cam inside the lobby where Gen could see the woman in black. He looked, noticing the woman was wearing a veil. He examined carefully, squinting his eyes.

"is that Syl?" he murmured scratching his head in disbelief. He pressed another button on the terminal making a large holographic screen displaying his face appear in the lobby. "Syl~!" what are you doing here pretending to be a businesswoman~?" Gen's voice filled the area, questioning Sylverana with a playful tone.


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Sylverana proceeded into the waiting lobby.She took out a book and started to read it,to kill time.
However,she was vigilant,noticing that a new entered looked at her.She smiled,a smile that was able to incite fear.
When she reached chapter twenty-five,an holographic image appeared in front of her,showing the face of Gen.
"Syl~!what are you doing here pretending to be a businesswoman~?".With a flash movement,she closed her book and put it in her back.
"Hmmmm? Syl?" She looked around,seeing no one."Perhaps you are Gen,pleased to meet prefer to talk here?" Sylverana questioned,with a devil smile.
"Yes,it's me Devil in a circuit: and I need to talk to you" Sylverana said,taking her hat down.
In that moment,she released an invisible force to surround her: she was in the enemy's territory.Plus without cover.
"You know,you didn't changed that much....what was the last time you had a decent dinner!? You're pale like a ghost" Sylverana said,getting up from her chair and moving slowly to the Hall.

Arkantos moved inside and took various pairs of blade: deciding that wasting the day in futile ways was....futile,he decided to train.
After somewhat fifteen minutes of walking he reached the training room, and examined it: it was complete,weapons and targets included.
He took a breath and looked around: seven men,unaware of death: he took out four daggers and blamed himself from taking such pitiful number of ammunitions.
He concentrated Ki and muttered something before running at an impressive speed.
He threw a dagger,and precisely it struck the right
He jumped and reached the left wall.In a matter of seconds another dagger flew,and struck the heart of the second,while a gale came out and pushed another man down.
He landed on the human and precisely removed it's neck.
Then he jumped high,and threw the last dagger upon another.
Three more: Arkantos simulated a surrender,while his daggers flew back to him and he finished them.
Arkantos looked again,feeling a little tired: the utilization of Ki was common to Arkantos,till that he could execute that easy exercises many times a day.
He looked around,seeing the fake men lying down.He recovered his daggers and took a sit.


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"Syl~!what are you doing here pretending to be a businesswoman~?".With a flash movement,she closed her book and put it in her back. "Hmmmm? Syl?" She looked around,seeing no one."Perhaps you are Gen,pleased to meet prefer to talk here?" Sylverana questioned,with a devil smile. "Yes,it's me Devil in a circuit: and I need to talk to you" Sylverana said,taking her hat down. "You know,you didn't changed that much....what was the last time you had a decent dinner!? You're pale like a ghost" Sylverana said,getting up from her chair and moving slowly to the Hall.

"Dinner?" Gen sounded surprised "I don't remember ever having one in my life, Syl. Every now and then, I just absorb needed nutrition by getting into my special cylindrical tank ... but enough about me, little sister~" He grinned "what are you here to talk about?" He questioned and suddenly remember the recent attack "did you send that creature to attack my assistant?".

While Gen was talking, the terminal beeped again. He raised an eyebrow and pressed a button on the terminal "the monitor screen opened yet another window, showing a view of Ora from outside Gen's lab. He pressed a button and the lab's door opened. Ora walked through the door and went straight into Gen's room. "I've returned, sir"


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Ringo didn’t know where this waterfall was, but at least he knew that he was closer to fighting evil than ever. After today he wasn’t sure if he could handle some of the things, of course his most powerful attack could work, but that took time to charge and of course it was mostly a surprise attack and his other skill were just basic blades, and absorbing magic and matter. Well all he could do is wait till that time came.


Hopefully soon she could be reunited with her husband; if any mortal could bring him back it had to be one of Venash children. The info she had just sent them would hopefully be enough for him to resurrect him.


Eclipse had just got news from his 3 of his crows, two dragons had fought one of them the great dragon of darkness and two gods had fixed the dragon’s destruction, and his birds watching the last know location of his siblings had told him that two of them had met well this did not bode well. The only thought is that he send some of his hawks to his siblings offering a truce till the dragon was dead, if he was lucky there would be less competition. Now he had to see his father to see if he would do anything about the dragon.


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In the guess pent house on top of Gen's Genetics, Sylverana and Gen sits on the couches, face to face. Sylverana glares at Gen while sucking a candy she took from s bowl on the table.

"Become allies, you say?" Gen grinned widely at Sylverana.

"Yes, allies, Gen. Until we both have control of this..." Sylverana stopped to think of a appropriate word and continued "competition, then we become enemies once more"

"Sylverana~" Gen murmured while his head leaning closer towards Sylverana, still grinning "but I have no wish to join this competition that gets our siblings to fight each other. I only want to do more experiments"

"Then help me, Gen. If I become the ruler of Daughtris, I shall let you do as much experiment as you want without any problems or anyone stopping you"

Suddenly there was knocking on the door that drew Gen's and Sylverana's attention.

"excuse me for a while, my little sister" Gen said.

Gen walked to the door and opened it, revealing a butler who bowed once he saw Gen. Gen did not say anything but grinned at the man. The butler held his hand forward, presenting to Gen an envelope. Gen eyed at the envelope before snatching it and slamming the door shut in the butler's face. He opened it quick and rough while hopping back to his seat facing Sylverana. He read the letter inside the envelope in silent for a moment then turned to Sylverana.

"It seem that Eclipse, out brother also propose a truce"

Sylverana was a little surprise but said nothing. She though in silent for a moment then spoke "It will be better to have more allies"

"oh I'm sorry" Gen apologized and explained "He offers a truce because there was a gigantic ancient dragon suddenly appearing ,the whole of Daughtris is in danger of being destroyed, yadda yadda yadda. Not because of the whole competition thing" Gen grinned widely

Sylverana was silent, annoyed at Gen. She glared at him for a long while pouting her mouth.

After the meeting, a letter was sent from Sylverana and Gen to Eclipse, accepting the truce.