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God of Light

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a character in “God of Elements, To Save Daughtris”, originally authored by shadereen, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Hikari

Age: n/a

Gender: female

Height: always changing

Weight: weightless

Hair: White glowing

Eyes: sky blue


The creatures of Daughtris calls her the God of Light, but in reality, The so called gods are just immortal spirits. Hikari is the strongest immortal spirit of the lights. While all her other sibling hides themselves, living life as they wish, Hikari strives to bring total peace and happiness to Daughtris. Seeing the ruler of Avory had always try achive what she strive for in life, she saved their princess from the dark energy of the God of Darkness by joining her spirit with Bella. Her powers falls a little weak than the other gods but Bella turned out to be a good girl that loves to help others. Hikari was proud of Bella. When the children of Venash attacks, she appears once again to the ruler of Avory and suggests them to find the other Gods of Elements and ask for help.

So begins...

Hikari's Story


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The king, queen, and Bella on the queen’s arm were on top of Avory’s castle tower. It was midnight and the wind was blowing. The king started to chant some words then cast bright magical gleam around the tower. The light was so bright; it can be seen from all around the metropolis.

“Oh merciful god of Light, god of love, got that shines the world with hope and happiness. I, the king of Avory, beg for your help” The king said loudly while looking to the night sky.

It was silent for a moment then suddenly the magical gleam disappeared and the wind stopped. It was darkness for a while then a single bright white light appeared above, so bright that the King covered his eyes with his hand. The queen turned her head back while still carrying Bella and covering her from the light. The light dimmed then a regular size woman was seen hovering in mid-air. Her hair was glowing with golden light, white glowing cloth covering her breasts and another made into a long skirt that splits on the left side, revealing a long beautiful leg.

“Why have you summon me, king of Avory?” she smiled at the king

The King looked at the God. He turned to look at the queen and called her to his side. The queen quickly walked to the king with Bella in her arms.

“Our only child is ill” he told the God “We have tried magic and medicine but nothing seems to break her fever. She is getting weaker and weaker by the day and we fear we would lose her” he explained to the God with a sad tone.

The God hovered down, gently placing her feet on the floor of the tower, and turned her head to look at Bella. Beads of sweat filled the child’s forehead and she was breathing heavily.

“Let me hold her” she said to the queen

The queen gave Bella to the God gently and slow

“Please help her” the queen said with a sad tone

The God held Bella in her arm and looked at her. She walked around the tower slowly touching Bella’s face. Her smile turned into a worried face.
“This child… she has been affected by the god of darkness’s energy”

The king and queen were shocked by what the God.

“bu… but how?” stuttered the queen “can she be cured?”

The God walked around the king and queen while carrying and looking at Bella. The god was silent and seemed to be thinking.

“The dark effect has seeped inside her; the price to cure her is high” she turned to the king and queen.

“We would pay any price” the king said, confidently

“The price is mine to pay” The god of Light explains “I will have to lend her part of my powers to cure her”

The God walked around the king and queen for a moment in silent, still looking at the baby. Then She stopped moving and looked at the king and queen.

“It fills me with joy how much you have been helping the people of Daughtris for a long time without expecting any reward. I shall cure your child but I expect you to continue helping the people of Daughtris”

The God walked up to the queen and gave Bella back to her.

“You will grow up to be an important person, Bella” she whispered while looking at Bella.

The king and queen never took their eyes of the God, worrying. The God turned her head to look at both at them.

“Do not worry. I shall cure her and in the same time, give her special powers. Part of me will be with her always” the god smiled

The god touched Bella’s forehead with her finger then the God’s body started to glow softly.

The God then dispersed into tiny lights. Some of the lights disappeared while some hovered to Bella seeped inside her. Bella started to glow a little but the light soon fades.

The queen touched Bella’s forehead with her hand and felt the fever is going away.

“Thank you” the king thanked the God

“Thank you, merciful god” the queen said while crying tears of joy, looking at Bella, hugging her.


12 years later

Venash, the king of Pruwas, was sitting on his throne. For a king that had not much emotions, he felt bored.

"summon my children" he said to his higher servants

A few minutes later, all the children huddled in the throneroom to see Venash. Venash was resting his head on his hand and started to speak with a souless tone

"I shall keep this simple" he paused and continued "I shall supply you with a small great army using my own powers... and with that army, you shall try and conquer all of Daughtris... You can use any kind of method you wish... I do not care... When all of Daughtris is conquered and controlled by all of you , I shall give the throne of Pruwas to the person that had conquered the most of Daughtris"

So the war started. The children went on a raid, claiming cities, towns, and villages, one by one, as their own, using force or/and diplomacy.

The king of Avory was planning a strategy with his lieutenants in Avory castle war room to counter the childrens attack when suddenly a single bright light appeared out of nowhere. The light then transformed into a graceful woman, Hikari, the God of Light, in the flesh. Everyone fell silent and froze, stunned. Hikari wasted no time and spoke.

"King Judan" she called the king and paused for a moment before continuing "you cannot win this battle on your own" she walked slowly to the king "find the other Gods" she stopped a few feet in front of the king and continued "Send Bella... Bella will be able to sense the other Gods"


some time had passed after the Gods appearance before the king and his men

Bella was in her room, her face looks sad, some dress were on her bed waiting to be packed. She was looking at the morning sun from the large rectangle window where the fresh sun ray shined through, lighting up her face. She stood there for a moment then a knocking sound came from a door a few feet behind Bella.

“Are you ready, princess?” said a voice from outside the door.

Bella turned around and walked to her bed

“Just a little longer, Gabe” she walked to her bed, sat there, and started to pack her stuff slowly, placing them in a small magical satchel.

“The king and queen is waiting for you downstairs, princess” Gabe said from outside the door

Bella hung her satchel on her shoulder and walked to the door and opened it. Gabe was in front of the door, looking at Bella, smiling.

“I’m ready, Gabe” she looked down on her feet.

Gabe slowly reached for Bella’s hand while bending down so that his head is levelled with Bella’s head. As Gabe held her hand, Bella raised her head and looked into Gabe’s eyes

“Do not worry, princess” he said to the princess “everything will be back to how it used to be”

Bella nodded and smiled at Gabe.

Gabe accompanied Bella as she walked to the throne room. The king and king was sitting on the throne, talking a general. The king turned his head and saw Bella walking down the stairs with Gabe behind her.

“You may leave now, general. We will continue this discussion later in the war room”

The king and queen stood up as Bella walked up to them. Bella was looking down on the ground rather than looking the king and queen in the eyes. The queen walked to Bella’s side and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Are you alright dear?” The queen asked

“I’m worried, mother” she continued “worried for the safety of Avory and worried that I would not be able to convince the other god elements”

The queen hugged Bella, her eyes started to tear up “you will do just fine, dear”

The king walked to the queen and Bella and places his hands on the queen’s and Bella’s shoulder. Bella looked up to see her father looking at her.

“Come” the king said with a clear voice “we shall go to the take-off area and meet the others that will join you on your quest”

The setting changes from avory to Outside


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the demon-kind search for the growl. He looked up and saw Garen, looking down on him. His heart pounded hard from fear. His body trembles but still manages to run to save his life.

A single bright light suddenly appeared before Garen

"Stop!" The goddess of light's voice shouted in Garen's head, telepathically "let him be... there will be panic if a dragon is seen out in the open. Go back to the twins in your human form. Try and help the injured one, Garen"


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"Flee, Garen... Even I am not as strong as Bahamut. This is one more reason for you to help Bella search for the other Gods... Go Garen! Run!" Hikari's voice suddenly echoed in Garen's head through telepathic communication.


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"We have to do something!" Bella shouted. The bahamut had flew away. In town, most of the people got away but some were dying. Some were trapped in flames and some were covered in acid, screaming in pain as their skin and flesh melts. The fear had pushed back Bella's shyness, she was speaking clear and loud but her tears were falling from her eyes. With shaky arms, Bella raised her staff. "I summon the holy spirit! The mother of all the light! The hope that shines through all darkness! Hikari! Lend thy kiss!"

Suddenly a bright light appeared in the middle of the sky. The light then turned into a large woman. It was the goddess of Light, in person, golden armor glistening under the sun.

Hikari raised her hand up to the sky. A light then a gigantic shining spear made of light appeared. She hurled the spear straight down to the center of the town. The impact of the spear made the wind move around furiously, then it burst into a blinding a giant light that covered everything. After the light was gone, so did the fire and acid. people wounds healed in a blink of an eye but the dead remained as they are. high up in the sky, Hikari closed her eyes and looked away. Pain filled her heart. She then turned to look at the Bahamut which was far away. Only a small black dot can be seen from where she currently is. She gritted her teeth.Your time shall come, Bahamut

On the airship's deck, Bella was not moving. Her eyes started to roll back and she collapsed. "Princess!" Gabe quickly ran to her just in time to catch her.

Hikari hovered down to the airship and landed beside Hikari. She looked at Gabe then at Bella. Hikari knelled down so she could stroke Bella's hair gently. She then got up and looked up to the rest of the group.


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"The Goddess of Light can I serve you" Arkantos muttered leaning against a wall.
Garen returned on the Air ship,just when Arkantos finished the sentence.
He looked down: few seconds ago it was burning,an agony that struck Arkantos's heart.Where he grew was burning in acid and fire: the spear of the Goddess rejuvenated the lands and healed the wounded in a matter of seconds: Arkantos felt grateful toward the Goddess: but the Dragon's rampage must stop,else the King's trooper would have a bad time at stopping the Dragon from turning to ashes the Outher Clearwood,home of Arkantos's adoptive parents.
Arkantos's eyes were looking at the creature preparing to fly toward Avory.
"We have to stop it...." Arkantos said,looking down where once the creature was standing.
"Ideas?" Arkantos asked slowly turning his head toward Hikari,Bella,and Gabe.
He'd do everything to save Clearwood way more than the rest of Daughtris.
Arkantos was full of doubts: perhaps they could utilize Garen as foe against the Dragon and then harass the behemoth with all the firepower they had.
Arkantos had an headache,in thinking how to defeat the foe: he did his job,now it's the turn of the Goddess of Light to find a way to defeat the Dragon.
"How...unpleasent" Drakthorn said,looking at the slime that failed to attack the receptionist.His right hand slowly formed a fist and the slime melt down,releasing an evident black orb.
After a few seconds the Orb dissipated,and Drakthorn looked at the Lady."Perhaps It would be a good idea to don't judge persons from the aspect...." Drakthorn said,rising his head toward the Receptionist: two spheres came out when the woman's wing sprouted and they were releasing a soft blue light.
"Madame,the attempt failed...." Drakthorn said to Sylverana that was sitting on her throne: thanks to a mirror attached inside Drakthorn's helm,Sylverana could see and speak with Drakthorn with Telekinetic.
"Hmpf....not your fault,but the slimes....was hoping to put hands on Gen's whatever you think right: kill her or run to Demotia" Sylverana said at the mirror in front of her.
Time was short: plus in a matter of seconds he'd be overwhelmed by Spheres and other attacking units.
"I don't have time for games..." Drakthorn said,while his hands gathering mana: after few seconds few winds were running through the desolated ways of Pruwas,reaching and running around Drakthorn.The winds were endarkened by unknown forces: Drakthorn released the grip and the winds blowed a shockwave all around Drakthorn: the gathering of energy was obvious,aswell as the focusing of it (Charging).
"Faster Drakthorn...." Sylverana said,noticing the attack Drakthorn was attempting.
"I said the plans,not blow away Pruwas..." Sylverana said,while looking surprised by Drakthorn's destructive forces.
Drakthorn's wind were released flying away (Charge canceled),to then return and cover him."So be it" The winds returned and attacked Drakthorn,while his body was dissolving in the thin air,returning to the Fortress.
(Well,i utilize a website for diceroll ;D.(Now,when Drakthorn pushed and recalled the winds,he did pushed in and out something: I'm going to roll for the intensity >7: Deals average damage and stops charging <7: Doesn't deal damage and stops only one charge)*5th Symphony*DICE ROLL:.....Next episode Nawr joking.DICE ROLL: 8))


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Hikari's and Bella's spirit are one. Hikari eccessed Bella's thought to gain information on the group. She now knows the names of everyone that Bella knows.

"you alone will not serve much, Arkantos... you all need to stand as a team" she said while looking at Arkantos, replying his question earlier, then continued "Currently, I alone don't have the power to stop Bahamut. The ancient dragon is almost as strong as two of the Gods combined" She paused and looked at everyone "with only this one airship, we can't hope to do anything for now" She walked to the edge of the airship's deck and gripped the railing and stood there for a moment, staring where Avory is, before continueing to talk "We can only hope that Avory's forces can hold until one of my sibling is found..." Hikari walked to Garen with a frown "You need to have better control of yourself, Garen. Don't waste the powers of the artefact that I led you to"

Some parts of Clearwood is still burning from the Bahamut's flame. far away, the main city of Clearwood, its castle stood and was fortunate enough to be untouched. Suddenly, a familiar energy wave could be felt by Hikari. Water can be seen rising high, reaching the skies, multiple times from different parts of Clearwood, putting out the flames.

Hikari turned around quickly to the group, looking surprised and spoke "I can sense Undine nearby" She looked down from the airship and scanned the area with her eyes "there!" she pointed to a great waterfall. "you all must go there, quickly". The god of light then bursted into many tiny lights and floated back into the unconscious Bella.


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Rixator rubbed the back of his neck, his hands still shaking a bit from the sheer adrenaline and fear that had gripped his body. Listening to Hikari, the goddess of light herself, he agreed that they would need more power to take down Bahamut. That beast was insanely big, and Rixator read that it's power was so great that a god fighting the dragon alone would most likely fall. Either way, he had to recover. Using the massive amounts of Mana he did, he was feeling kind of tired; with Ki, he could go on for days. With Mana, not so much. "I'm feeling...Kind drained from that fight...I'm gonna go rest..." He muttered allowed as he sluggishly made his way back to the quarters he was assigned.


Bahamut flapped his mighty wings as he moved on from Amara. The dragon had retreated, and after taking off, he glanced back to see the goddess of light restoring the land. The dragon growled before turning his head and resuming his course of flight. He'd deal with that pesky Hikari later. First to do, though, was to exact his revenge on the Avory royals for doing what they and the gods did to him a thousand years ago. To be sealed on those islands of ruins only served to anger Bahamut and plant a seed of a grudge, but it gave him the ability to do something they never should've allowed him to do. Plan. Concoct a plan of what to do once he was freed. And now that he was out, it was time for revenge and destruction. "I have waited for this day...For too long!!" The dragon roared his words as he picked up speed and went for the border, casting fire to the landscape as he passed.


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"Atleast advice the King of Avory about the incoming danger" Arkantos said,before climbing down the stairs to his room.
Tiring day: it wasn't over yet Arkantos knew it,so it was wise to waste the few moments of tranquillity before dropping on the battlefields and drain blood.
He lied down on his bed,the metal pieces not far from him: See,it is going to be a matter of minutes till another mission call.
His breath was slowing down: first time the day,first time lying on the bed of the Hulking Airship.Yes,the airship how does it fly?
Arkantos's mind is a flurry of ideas: what they were going to face,his role in the team and the components of it: A dragon....a legend that comes true? Or is it way more the opposite?
He was relaxing: his muscles were like granite after all the moving and the dragon coming down.
He smirked: it isn't a job for mortals,stopping the children of a god on a rampage to gain the lands.This is why they are here: invoke the gods for help.
Where were they going to start? From the frozen winds,Sylph? Arkantos had a bare ideas,thought he loves stories way more than others.

He stood up after somewhat ten minutes: he guessed out that the day was too moved to sleep: too dangerous also.
He walked around the room and washed his face and then dressed up to go seeing the metal world (Alias the Airship for those who haven't got a poetic interpreter).
He walked slowly in the decorated corridors of the Airship: if such buildings could fly thanks to some Energy,humanity would have no limits.
Thinking and walking in the desolated streets (corridor) of the Airship.
The sound of the engine was accompanying him around: he was still cooling down from the recent battle,the horror of Amanda being pulverized by an ancient being.
After somewhat a quarter of hour,he returned on himself and looked around: he cursed the Airship for being way too big.
He walked back to the rooms,thought standing outside,like waiting for someone or something.

Drakthorn entered in the throne room and was thinking alongside with Sylverana a way to down Gen: the infiltration failed,till that Sylverana thought two things: either she personally cover the issues or Crush down Pruwas.
Both eliminated the idea: there wouldn't be nothing to reign,so Sylverana was preparing to land on Pruwas and somehow enter in Gen's Laboratories.She doesn't remember since they saw each others,at least she doesn't: if he doesn't the cover is going to be easier.After uncovering the secrets of Gen,Sylverana was going to utilize them somehow.
Few rumors runned in the chamber: the ghosts populating it were whispering about the Ancient Bahamut unsealed;the dragon of eternal wrath was unleashed on Daughtris and was rampaging over the Clearwoods.
Sylverana had a brilliant illumination: Demotia was after all shut down by unknown causes,moving to Clearwood,would make the things more exciting.
But,first the job and then the games.Sylverana moved over the runes.
"Move Avalon to Clearwood,meanwhile: around....tea time I expect this fortress over Pruwas and at Dusk at Clearwood" Sylverana said,dressed in a magnificent black dress,with many black roses on it and a way bigger hat over her head.
Her face was hidden under a beautiful black veil,representing floral motives.
Sylverana smiled,as her body turned in winds.Drakthorn knelt after her order and entered in the fortress,commanding the spirits inside it to move: they were going to be a lot above Pruwas,to maintain safe there presence.

Sylverana appeared not far from the tower and she entered in the building made out of stone blocks.
"Excuse me,Lord Gen is available? Am Madame Luxian,owner of a metal-working industry around Lightwake: I'd like to talk about business about obviously magnificent....ehrrr....trinkets...and....workers?" Sylverana said,keeping a fake smile: she never knew something about Science: she hated science way more than ignorance.And Gen was the reincarnation of science.