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Ora Yue

Gen's right hand men

0 · 469 views · located in Outside

a character in “God of Elements, To Save Daughtris”, originally authored by shadereen, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name:Ora Yue

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 6''

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Cloths and armor: Image

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Likes: Men

Dislikes: Mana users

Special skills and magic abilities: Unable to use mana but extraordinary in controlling Ki. Airdash, instant movement, 101 projectile slashes... Mostly just hack and slash and kick quickly


Cool and quiet. Very loyal to Gen.


Double katana, communicator, flying scooter.




Ora was borned in Pruwas. When Ora was a boy in, somehow, he cannot use Mana. To add to that, he had misshapen legs and arms. He couldn't move like a normal boy making it hard for him to control Ki. One day, his parents were killed by savage beasts while hunting outside of the city. Ora didn't inherit anything from them because they did not have much money. Nobody took pity on him. He was cast to the streets. He lived in the alleyway, eating leftovers in the garbage, growing weaker and weaker everyday. When Ora was on the verge of dying, Gen found him and fed him. Gen took Ora and fixed his limbs, abling him to control Ki. Ora was grateful to Gen. He couldn't repay Gen's generosity. He decided to be Gen's right hand men, loyal only to him... People say, Ora's face looks like Venash himself.

So begins...

Ora Yue's Story


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Inside Pruwas, there is a building. The building's walls are made of concrete and are grey in color. There seems to be no windows in the building. The front door is open and at the main hall is a counter with 2 personals. A few levels below, only people with a special key card may enter, There are some glass cylinder tank filled with floating creatures with mask and hoses in clear water. One of the tank contain a freakish looking mixed creature. Another contains a long straight white hair young girl with a hand replaced with a cyborg arm. Another contains a man with no below parts. Many more creature besides them.

In that level, inside a dark room which is only illuminated by a holographic monitor from a terminal, there is a person with goggles and mask, sawing something off a sea-kind creature on a steel table, giggling. Blood gushed out of the creature's limb and splattered on the person's face. He stopped and stood still. His breathing and heart seemed to stop and there was silence for a moment. He started with a grin, the a small laugh. Suddenly he started to screamed loudly and screamed. He stopped screaming and looked at the creature with a smile. He took out a wire and tied the limb tightly so that blood stop coming out of it.

A beep from the terminal made the person turn around to look at it. He walked to the terminal and pressed a button which made a person, brown skin with horns like a mountain goat on the side of his head, appear on the screen.

"yes?" he said to the terminal, asking

"Prince Gen, we have bad news" a voice came out of the terminal

"well what is it?" Gen said sounding a little pissed

"Somehow Mitei, one of the experiments, regained control of herself and have escaped"

Gen smiled and took of his goggles "well..." he wiped his hands and his face on the white coat he was wearing "find and capture her" Gen said calmly

Gen waved his hand multiple times which made the person on the terminal disappeared and change into a first person view of someone or something in a place that looked like a battlefield. It was the first person view of his father's demon conjuration. The place that it was guarding is under attack by a small but powerful party.

"Release experiment 9" He said to the terminal

On the battlefield, the ground started to shake, making it hard for everyone to hold their balance. Suddenly a giant glass cylinder tank rose from the ground, revealing a chimera. A mixed creature of Lion, Goat, dragon and snake. The tank glass dispersed into gas and was gone. The chimera jumped a person, biting, spilling his guts.


Gen turned around, wore his goggles, picked up a hammer, and continued his work on the Sea-kind.


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one of the demon-kind manage to escape the onslaught from the transformed human. He ran away as fast as he can until he was sure it was safe. He stopped and rests with his back on a wall, trembling from fear. The demon-kind controlled his breathing and started to calm down a little. Passing people turned their head to look at the poor fellow, curious of what had happened, but kept on moving. The demon-kind took out his cellphone, dialed a number, and waited.

"hello. Gen's Genetics. How may I help you?" a person said on the other line of the phone

"This is Umbra5, I repeat, Umbra5. All the unit in the team are dead, I repeat, All the unit in the team are dead. The mission to find and capture has failed. The target had friends" he said while trembling.

"message received" the operator hung up the phone.


The terminal in Gen's room beeped again. He stopped his work, took off his goggles, walked to the terminal, and pressed a button.

"what is it this time?!" he said angry

"I'm sorry sir" the horned person on the other line of the terminal said, paused for a while, and continued "The first attempt to find and capture Mitei was a failure. I was informed that she had found powerful allies"

"really?" Gen was surprised

Gen scratched his chin and snapped his fingers

"try again" Gen said "this time bring experiment 16"

Gen turned off the terminal


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Some time had passed after releasing the dark griffin to capture Mitei, Ora Yue was hovering on his scooter like vehicle high up in the sky, observing quietly of what was happening in Amara using an enchanted telescope that could record motion pictures. The attempt to purify the possessed ruby dragon was great but it didn't seem to shape an expression on Ora's face. He wrote on a square device about information on skills and abilities of Mitei's new friends are able to do. He placed the telescope on his eye again and observe some more. Suddenly the view of Amara turned black.

why the sudden darkness? he thought.

He stopped looking through the telescope and was shocked to see the gigantic being shielding the sun light from Amora with it's gigantic body. Far away, some parts of Clearwood was burning. Ora wondered how he could miss that and focused the telescope on the being and recorded everything. It was fortunate that the creature didn't see him. He saw everyone fleeing, saving their lives while the creature burns down their tree houses and stops for a moment to say something to the smaller ruby dragon that had gain control of itself. He twisted the telescope, to adjust the images so that it focus on them see what is going to happen.


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Character Portrait: Ora Yue
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The smaller dragon flee and landed on an airship with the other companions. Ora frowned, wondering what was their conversation about. Ora watched as the gigantic dragon burns down the town of Amara, along with some of the townsman. It was fortunate that the airship was left unharmed. The gigantic dragon rampaged some more around Clearwood, burning the forest, then flew away heading southeast. It was time for Ora to return to Gen. He placed his telescope in his jacket, and flew full speed toward Pruwas.


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Ora had just returned from Amara, Clearwake to Pruwas's metropolis. He parked his vehicle beside Gen's Genetics and went in through the front door. Upon entering, he saw a woman in black dress and large hat talking to Qita and Milana, the receptionists.

""Excuse me,Lord Gen is available? Am Madame Luxian,owner of a metal-working industry around Lightwake: I'd like to talk about business about obviously magnificent....ehrrr....trinkets...and....workers?" spoke the woman in black

The way she stop to think in the middle on a sentence made Ora suspicious.

"Good evening and welcome back Sir Ora" Qita greeted Ora, noticing him just entered the building.

"Good evening Sir Ora" Milana smiled at Ora then turned back to the woman in black dress. "Sorry for the interruption, ma'am" she bowed a little to the woman and continued "Lord Gen is in the building. Please, make yourself comfortable in the waiting area on the left while I inform the Lord" Milana smiled while pointing to the left side of the lobby where there were a set of couches and a magazine racks filled with magazines.

Ora nodded to the receptionist, then at the woman in black, smiling a little and walked pass the counter, to the elevators. He pressed a button waited for the Elevator to reach the floor. While waiting, he turned his eyes to the woman in black, examining her in silence. He looked through her veil and saw a hint of her face. Her face was familiar. Ora think and think who she is, then the elevator rang, pulling away Ora's thoughts. He entered the elevator. The elevator closed and used his special card key on a hidden scanner.

In the room where Gen is, he was checking on his army in Fishan. The chimera was sitting on a hill on a small island, scouting the area for intruders while Gen's other soldiers are hovering about on their small air battleship. Dead bodies of Fishan's inhabitants were floating on the waters edge after the attempt to try and take back the land.

"possess the dead bodies with the dark energy" Gen's said to the terminal.

One of Gen's soldier is a black Gecko-kind with a body enveloped in purplish black flame just like the flame on the dark griffin. The flames slowly spread to all the dead bodies and seeped in. For a moment, nothing happened, but then the bodies started to make snapping sounds, like bones breaking and sunk underwater. The waters were clear of carcasses. The bodies slowly crept up from the edge and climbed up. There, they stood still, flames enveloping their bodies. waiting.

The terminal beeped. Gen tapped the terminal and a window opened displaying Milana's face.

"yes?" Gen asked

"Lord Gen, a woman saying she is from a metal-working industry around Lightwake. she would like to talk about trinkets and workers"

"Lightwake? metal-working industry?" Gen sounded surprised and confused. why would a metal-working industry be in Lightwake? Gen thought. "Gen pressed another button on the terminal.

The terminal screen opened another window displaying a view from a floating surveillance cam inside the lobby where Gen could see the woman in black. He looked, noticing the woman was wearing a veil. He examined carefully, squinting his eyes.

"is that Syl?" he murmured scratching his head in disbelief. He pressed another button on the terminal making a large holographic screen displaying his face appear in the lobby. "Syl~!" what are you doing here pretending to be a businesswoman~?" Gen's voice filled the area, questioning Sylverana with a playful tone.


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"Syl~!what are you doing here pretending to be a businesswoman~?".With a flash movement,she closed her book and put it in her back. "Hmmmm? Syl?" She looked around,seeing no one."Perhaps you are Gen,pleased to meet prefer to talk here?" Sylverana questioned,with a devil smile. "Yes,it's me Devil in a circuit: and I need to talk to you" Sylverana said,taking her hat down. "You know,you didn't changed that much....what was the last time you had a decent dinner!? You're pale like a ghost" Sylverana said,getting up from her chair and moving slowly to the Hall.

"Dinner?" Gen sounded surprised "I don't remember ever having one in my life, Syl. Every now and then, I just absorb needed nutrition by getting into my special cylindrical tank ... but enough about me, little sister~" He grinned "what are you here to talk about?" He questioned and suddenly remember the recent attack "did you send that creature to attack my assistant?".

While Gen was talking, the terminal beeped again. He raised an eyebrow and pressed a button on the terminal "the monitor screen opened yet another window, showing a view of Ora from outside Gen's lab. He pressed a button and the lab's door opened. Ora walked through the door and went straight into Gen's room. "I've returned, sir"