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God of Elements, To Save Daughtris



a part of God of Elements, To Save Daughtris, by shadereen.

Where everything is posted coz no one knows how to post in different places >:-3

shadereen holds sovereignty over Outside, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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All of Daughtris
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Where everything is posted coz no one knows how to post in different places >:-3


Outside is a part of God of Elements, To Save Daughtris.

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Mitei Isuno [97] -Stares you down-
Reiko Isuno [87] "Mitei You're getting reckless..."
Gabe Godfrey [67] I shall protect, the princess, my childhood friend, and my heart
Rixator [64] "Come on, lad...You really think you're going to kill me with that pitiful excuse of a weapon?"
Bella Hemmingway [62] Princess of Avory
Garen [57]
Ringo [34] Tony you cant eat anything you see, it might belong to someone
Bahamut [32] An ancient dragon who has lived for thousands of years, having seen many wars and changes over centuries. While some dismiss him as rumor, myth, or legend, he is very real, and very dangerous...
Arkantos Thendgrays [30] "Agony is my friend and suffering is my dare to challenge me,to then crumble pathetically bragging mercy"
Judan Hemmingway [21] King of Avory

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Bella and Gabe was shocked by the old lady who was preparing to attack them.

"Stop!" Bella panicked "I'm sorry but I didn't notice you there" she apologized and explained

Then the little girl, Philis, jumped out from behind the old lady, Gran Gran, somersaulted and landed gracefully beside her.

Undine looked up "I can sense some people on top of the waterfall" She paused and frowned for a moment before speaking "It seems that Gran Gran is acting up again" Undine look behind her "There is another person deep inside this cave... He will have to find his own way" Undine turned to the twins "I shall carry you both to the top of the waterfall"

Undine waved her hand, creating another trail of water which fell to the ground and became a clear water puddle. The puddle of water expanded until it was up to their waist. It started to hover, carrying along Undine, Mitei, and Reiko, and moved out of the cave and up to where Gabe, Bella, Rixator, Gran Gran, and Philis was.

Gran Gran was screaming while relentlessly shooting beads of water towards Bella, Gabe, and Rixator. Bella and Gabe put up barrier shields to protect themselves while Rixator was behind them. Philis was pulling Gran Gran's arm to try and stop her "Stop! Gran Gran! Stop!"

While still in mid air, Undine held her hand forward and clenched it. The shooting beads of water stopped and fell to the ground.

"What? Who?" Gran Gran said confused and looked behind and up towards Undine. Her eyes widened "Undine..."

Undine landed herself and the twins between the two parties. Everyone seemed to stop and stare at the goddess, surprised.

"You got to control your temper, Gran Gran" She frowned at Gran Gran.

Gran Gran nodded and placed her hands on her back.

Undine turned around, facing the group "I'm sorry for my priestess's behavior". She examined Bella for a moment and spoke "I can sense a shard of Hikari's soul within you... You are Bella, am I right?"

Bella was a little shocked "Yes... Yes, I am" She said and started to kneel down but Undine stopped her by quickly placing a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"are you here because of Bahamut?" Undine questioned

Bella thought for a moment. She didn't know how to explain. Fearing the water goddess would felt disrespected, Bella spoke without fully ready "Not at first... but now... Yes"

Undine raised an eye brow "what?". She giggled and continued "could you explain, Bella?"

Bella started to explain about what happened about the children of Venash and the Bahamut's sudden appearance.

"I see..." Undine said "That was why there was fire around Clearwood".

Undine was silent and walked around, thinking. After a moment, she stopped and turned to look at the group. She walked to Reiko and placed her hands on the girl's shoulder.

She said softly "I have lend you some of my powers. You should be able to sense the other gods" She paused and smiled for a moment then continued "you will help find them, won't you" she leaned in closer to Reiko and gave her another kiss on the lips.

Gabe's eyes and mouth widened, shocked of what was happening. He started to tug Rixator's sleeves repeatedly. Bella was stunned.

Undine turned to Bella and spoke "I shall meet up with Hikari's main body and we shall try and stop Bahamut. I have lend my powers to Reiko, she should be able to help you find the other gods"

Bella shook her head, looked at Reiko then to Undine "Thank you, Goddess"

Undine nodded. She turned to the group and smiled before turning to Gran Gran and frowned "Gran Gran" she paused and continued "please take care of the waterfall... control your temper please"

Gran Gran nodded "Yes, Undine"

Undine nodded back. She turned to look at the group once more and smiled. She leaped up high, she hang about in mid air for a moment before suddenly shooting up towards the sky in a blink of an eye disappearing.

Gods of Elements: chapter 2