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God of Necromancers and Soul Harvesters

0 · 555 views · located in Late Medieval.

a character in “Gods; A New Age.”, as played by Saxious


ImageGod Name: Crypt
Title: God of Necromancers and Soul Harvesters.
Gender: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral Good

He is often silent, and his voice often sounds like it comes from the wind instead of from his skull, and he has an aura of death hanging around himself.
He remains speaks his mind whenever he feels that there is something needed to say. He is wise and knows much of the other God’s powers, both in the Realm of Men and Gods.

Opinion of mortals: “Death will find everyone soon enough, but I’m the one processing their souls.”
God’s Domain: Crypt’s domain is different compared to any other Gods’. It is made up of two towers that goes so far up into the skies that its end cannot be seen. Thick rivers of souls flows into the two towers, closely watched by the Grim Reapers as they ensure that no souls are snatched or kidnapped by any other God.

The two towers are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. Rows of thin cubical stretches as far as the eye can see, each occupied by a ghoul wearing a suit, each ghoul working on a ‘computer’ where they process the millions of souls that enter the tower daily.
The sound of pens writing and papers being stamped is a constant sound. The arguing between ‘clients’ (the dead spirits) and the ghouls is another thing that is constantly heard, for although the spirits are dead it doesn’t mean that they can’t argue!

Crypt’s realm is, in short, a massive office that processes the many souls of every God. Each ghoul has an iron will to see that their ‘client’ is correctly processed, thus they have the stubbornness of a dwarf and all the time in the world as an undead. In the end, they win every debate with logic and patience.
There is one major issue, however. Crypt’s office doesn’t merely cover the present day, but the past as well. There are alternative universes with different outcomes, and each one needs to have the dead processed and send to the correct Realm.

Because Crypt has to take care of various alternative worlds and realities, there are times when ‘coincidental loopholes’ open for the dead spirit. During such a time, a spirit will make a bargain with a ghoul, do a certain task to ensure that one world remains on its course, and he/she can return to their own world in their original body without the memory of ever being in Crypt’s Realm.

ImageAvatar Name: Sir Daniel Fortesque

He often appears to be gloomy, and silent, he is gentle and has great respect for the dead. When he fights against others, he tried to give his opponent a swift death with as little pain as possible.
He doesn't believe that death and violence should rule the world, instead he believes that the living should enjoy the life that they had been given, but who listens to a avatar of necromancers and Soul Harvesters

He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and it isn’t unlikely that he will be asking for council from scholars and wizards.

Magic Abilities: While trained mainly for as a knight, Daniel does know a few necromantic spells that he makes use of when he fights.
They vary from enchanting his weapon with strong poison to blue fireballs to animating corpses, but his magical abilities isn’t as powerful as a necromancer that has devoted his entire life to such powers.

Hero(es): Sammuel “Kain” Volkmar
Rank/Reason Grim Reaper Captain
Personality: Sammuel (Or “Kain” as he’s called) is the captain of the Grim Reaper Order. He is cold and merciless, and despite the ethical doctrine of the Grim Reapers he takes pleasure in killing others.
He is loyal and unethical

Name: Markus Jargen
Rank/Reason: Arch Necromantic Exorcist
Personality: Markus is an old man. The many decades has made him wise and although he has been robbed of his sight, he walks the street and hallways as if he could see as clearly as day (even at night).

He serves as both a Holy Man and as an ambassador for his Kingdom. He often gives advice to Daniel, and tells him some of the secrets of Necromancy.
He barely cares for his rank within the Chapel of Crypt, yet he does make use of it for the better of the people.

Terrain Preference: Dark Woods.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Theocratic Kingdom of Archious.
Capital: Hedes (Capital) (Center of the Kingdom)
Major Cities:
-Lantern Post (Trade City) (Western Borders)
-Gothenburg (Military Outpost) (North Western Borders)
-St. Marie (Large + Trade City) (Southern Borders)
-Den Hag (Pilgrim City.) (Eastern Borders)

The worshipers of Crypt are gloomy to behold. The most common clothing they have is plain clothes, mainly coloured black and yellow for their states’ national colours. Due to the lack of sun, the people are pale, their hair blonde, white or black while their eye colour varies.
They show great respects for the clerics of the Chapels of Crypt, and practically every man and woman knows how to build graves, tombstones or say bless the bodies as they are buried.

They are friendly though they never speak unless spoken to. Every city and village has a wall with holy symbols that are either carved or painted on them, and when the sun sets, those who walk the streets always bear weapons, mainly spears.
No one ever joins the army; they volunteer when the times are dire, and will never say an ill-word of a soldier, whoever he may serve. No man volunteers for the army because it is mainly composed of undead soldiers who does not need a bed, food or be trained regularly, and the few living soldiers who are amongst the army are veteran officers or knights of the Grim Reapers.

There is an unseen and unspoken prohibition against any other form of alcohol than wine; merchants learn this, the painful way when no one will take their spirits, even when offered for free.

The dark woods are rarely travelled during the day as the dead who can’t find peace walks the land, attacking whatever humanoid they come across. The wards and holy symbols on the walls of every city and village fend off the monsters, and the roads has similar wards inscribed on the stones, keeping the undead at bay during the night (yet it never hurts to have a weapon at hand).

The economy of the Theocratic Kingdom of Archious depends heavily on the paper making industry, the dyes and priests. The people of Archious are known for producing some of the cheapest paper, however they know this as well and therefore their prices isn’t per page, but per 10 pages, which allows them to increase the prices and easily earn gold through this method.

Also, the dyers from Archious are some of the most skilled. Sought after by many noblemen ad rich merchants as the dyes are rarely a wrong shade and they can get even the most notorious colour correct.
Though, even those who doesn’t whish to hire a dyer can always purchase the raw materials from the dye Archious.

The priests of Crypt are also ought after, especially after a war when no one will bury the dead, or within the cities of the Heckclown Union, where corpses can litter the streets.
It is an unseen law that no one will harm a priest of Crypt. They are always unarmed and never have intentions to harm anyone. The Chapel of Crypt is known to take in the homeless, outcasts and crippled, giving them jobs, shelter and food for their hard work (though in the larger cities they are forced to limit the amount of people working for them as they can’t help everyone).


The Theocratic Kingdom of Archious has usually remained neutral through whatever conflict, being more concerned about who will clean up the mess and if one side is fighting too dirty then they will usually launch a few raids to warn the nation that they ought to behave themselves, even in war.

The worshipers of Crypt are known to hold the believers of Asiysia of high respect as the two religions contradict each other, one respecting death while the other preserves life.
A few ties are held with Ulmo, but not enough for the Archious to be dragged into war.

So begins...

Crypt's Story