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Goddess of Nature and the Sky

0 · 718 views · located in Late Medieval.

a character in “Gods; A New Age.”, as played by Hinasil


God Name: Myami
Title: Goddess of Nature and the Sky
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawfully Good

God Appearance:

Personality: Myami is a kind and loving god, she is the most involved of the gods with her followers. She always gives her people everything they need so there is no poor or starving. She sometimes gives up common sense in trying to help. She highly favors mortals because they are the ones who favor her.

She is a jealous god, she won't have anyone worship any god but herself. She loves, more than anything, to hear praises in her name. Her beauty only enhances this extreme egotistic sense of herself. Often she sits on her throne and just gazes upon herself, wondering if there is any more beautiful. She doesn't go into the realms of other gods, she stays within her domain.

Opinion of mortals: "They love me, so I return the favor."
God's Domain: White Gorge: Miyami made her abode in a secret cave so that its beauty could not be looked upon by any other God. She took great time to make it perfect. The halls of her castle are all white with large pillars and high ceilings. In the largest hall sits her grande throne, it makes you stare in awe each time you look upon it.

Avatar Name: Arkaid
Avatar Appearance: Here is the pic

Personality: Arkaid has become the Avatar for a reason, his honesty, love, and respect is unattainable to the rest of the Tavrin. He has been proven as a fabulous tactician and he can somehow keep his polite manner during stressful times. He never takes his position lightly and never does anything that his goddess would not approve of. He's the knight in shining armor that is there to protect everyone as best he can.

Magic Abilities: He has been given a blessing/curse which makes his strength depend on the amount of nature there is in the world. The more that it's destroyed the weaker he becomes, but the more it grows the stronger it becomes. He also has some control over wind, but he mainly uses it to fly.

Name of Item: Love of the Goddess
Type: A red rose
Advancement: 1
Power: This weakens those who are scratched by it making them vulnerable to the powers of Myami. It depends on how strongly willed the person is, but when they are weak enough they become yet another worshiper of the jealous Goddess.
Weakness: It can't be used once it's power is used up and they are very limited in quantity and strength. Mostly used on weaker victims and not much on the stronger ones. It can't pierce through metal or leather armor so it takes a marksman to get it on their skin.
History: Myami couldn't stand the sight of rebels. She also didn't want them to die because they could be disciples. She gave this to Arkaid in hopes some of them could come back to her side. Most all of them turned out to be quite near the fence and didn't take much to get them back.

Hero: Kara of the Spear

Rank/Reason: Kara has become the greatest spear and horsewoman in recent history. Her ferocity and looks in battle are shared by very few among the Tavrins. She leads the cavalry at the very front and some wonder where her courage comes from. They wonder because she isn't even in her twenties! Yet her name is known throughout the land.

Personality: Much like any teenager is, she is stubborn and doesn't like to be controlled. She spends most of her time among the poorer of the people, the ones who live in the smaller villages. She is a beloved one among them and they greet her with open arms anywhere she goes.

Hero(es): Yuassa the Cold
Rank/Reason: Yuassa has earned this ranking due to more personal feats than with a group. The first one was her beauty, some said that she was the reincarnation of Miyami herself. The second one was her wiping out nearly all of the rebels personally, the ones who rebelled against her goddess. She gained great favor with her Goddess and had it not been for Arkaid, she would become the Avatar.

Personality: She's the odd one among the heroes, because she's hardly friendly or caring. She was raised by some of the hardest parents, who wanted a boy instead of a girl for a child. They made her do everything a man would do but still do the duties of a woman which, in Tavrin, was unheard of.

Hero: Zeracial of the Elves
Reason/Rank: She is the leader of the High Elves.
Personality: Like all high elves she thinks very highly of herself and holds all races as inferior to them. This creates a barrier between most races but the elves are able to provide most things for themselves. She is a cruel but fair leader, in all of her actions she would be deemed as a tyrant but the elves don't mind it that way.

Hero:Okha of the Elves
Reason/Rank: Oracle of the Wild, Okha is the most in tune with nature aside from the Avatar. She speaks to the plants, the animals, and sometimes to Myami herself. She is a trained magician in some forms and is the adviser to the Queen of the Elves.

Personality: Okha is about the only high elf that has no problem with any other race, and that is because she has to. She is attentive and has a keen sense to others' emotions. Mostly she is kind because she really has nothing to worry about.

Terrain Preference: Wide open, grassy plains and knolls and wooded areas.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Tavrin
Capital: Wavrin
Major Cities: Kavrin, Mavrin, Stato

Society: There are two societies among Tavrin and they are the humans and the elves. The humans and elves share views on society however. They view women to be the superior gender and thus most of their armies are constructed of women along with most positions of power. The men spend their time being scholars and scientists and do most of the gathering of food. There are some traditional things women do such as sewing, cooking, and being a mother because they are the best at doing those also. They hold all foliage as symbols of fate, but they still eat it and most are vegetarians with those who aren't eat only fish.

Although her reign doesn't cover all of Tavrin, Zeracial is the ruler and the one in charge. She has the say in everything that goes on. There is no council to argue over everything, Arkaid is the only thing like it because Zeracial does everything the Goddess wants. Arkaid doesn't really get to doing it for long periods of time because he's out doing other things and so the Queen has a lot of movement in having things done.

As mentioned before, women are the superior gender. They occupy high positions in the military and general life. Men keep to their area of science and history and there are currently no women in that. There are some men that have been given the opportunities to make it into the military and have a high ranking but those are very little. Women are the ones who propose marriage, this is because they have more to prove. A powerful woman who can fight and do the typical things a woman does is highly prized as a wife.

Tavrins are a very proud and exclusive people. They keep to themselves and do very little trading with other people. The elves have a superiority complex that keeps them from wanting to do thing with others except the humans they live near. This makes them somewhat limited in some ways but the Queen doesn't see any reason they should be involved with others after so long.

The Tavrins also worship mainly Myami because they know what happens if they lose sight of her. They worship some other gods because they know the importance of them but only in minor ways. This powerful worshiping makes it so they never cut down trees and only use fallen ones. They use a lot of stone and create some masterpieces. This makes it so there are a lot of cities with walls but the houses in remote areas are made from dead trees and small plants.

Tavrins aren't much for gold to pay, so they have a bartering system. They trade things of what they deem as equal prices. Work is one way of paying. The people agree on a set amount of time working and doing what in exchange for something the worker wants. Gold is used for outside trading and giving offerings to Myami.

So begins...

Myami's Story