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God of the Forge, Metal and War

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a character in “Gods; A New Age.”, as played by Tsoibe


God Name: Oham
Title: God of the Forge, Metal and War; The Ironclad Lord, The Unyielding, The Ancient Warden, The Diamond Knight, The Divine Smith, Creator of a Billion Blades/Shields, The Former, The Root of the Mountains
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
God Appearance: Mortals long have forgotten the true appearance of Oham, though they see every work of metal as one of his appearances in the Mortal Realm.
Personality: The Ironclad Lord hasn't earned any of his titles for nothing. Particularly delighted in hard work and a firm determination, nothing delights him more than the sound of a hammer meeting the anvil, the smell of his never cooling forge. Never truly found outside his own Realm, his followers attempt to read his will in the 'Riddles of Iron', the masterwork of the smiths.
For hundreds of years he hasn't involved himself into the human realm more than choosing his Avatar and ever so rarely give that man or woman some advice. Though, to say that he has no interest in the lives of mortals, would be as much of a lie, as to call him uncaring. He just dislikes mindless followers as much as rebells without a cause, there must be destination for a way to make the walk worthwhile. If they want or not, all races praise The Diamond Knight, whenever they go to war, when blade meets blade on the battlefield. He delights in the sight of a glorious battle, but is saddened at the loss of mortal life in such an event.
A war, be it fought with blade and axe on the field, or with shouts and words inevitably brings his attention, but not necessarily his pleasure. He is honorable and straight, so a war fought in the shadows brings his displeasure. Never in his eons did he speak a lie, utter a false word. Many would say he is without flaw, but he would never claim that, well knowing of himself being able to make mistakes, just as other gods do. For a god of war he himself is rather peaceful. Well, you can't really say that there is a need to fight yourself with all the wars going around in the last centuries anyways. That makes the sudden rise of the the Unyielding even more dangerous to the other realms, but his reason are hidden behind is iron mask.

Opinion of mortals: "Many Mortals don't know, what they are supposed to do with their short life... Yes, that might be true, but what kind of beings would they become, if we provide them an answer to every question, give them a tool for every work? No, my friend, they will become stronger, when they work towards their goals themselves. Even, if many of them fail, they might reach it in the end and if not, it still hones their inner self. But even I know, that there is a time, where they truly need guidance. I will stand at their side, when this time comes..."

God’s Domain: The Iron Fortress The Realm of Oham is perceived as an endless, giant mountain. The outsides of it guarded by hundreds of unimpeachable walls of iron-skin. All around the walls a never ending war is fought, but none in this war ever dares to violate the rules of honor. The single road that passes through gate after gate, moving deeper into the mountain, is fully paved with massive blocks of black, polished iron. The sound of every single step echoing from the gray basalt on either side of the corridor. The walls decorated by countless weapons, shield, pieces of armor and jewelry of unparalleled quality. The deeper you walk into the mountains, the louder you hear the sound of metal meeting metal. As you enter a wide hall, the obvious throne room, you are no longer able to perceive the other walls, the ceiling, the size spanning the imagination of a god. Beneath that room, lies the sacred heart of the eternal fortress, the scorching heat of the blacksmith's fire emitting even into this room, a heat that would burn every mortal being on the spot. Next to the massive throne of steel lays the ancient sword, the will of a god formed into a weapon. The blade itself measuring hundreds of meters, weighting thousand of tons. Mute servants, their skin made of steel, wait in the room, to execute any order given by their master.

Avatar Name: Sir Leon of Ruwen. The Traveling Knight.
Avatar Appearance:
Personality: Leon, the boy who turned a hero, did not forget his roots upon his advance to the position of the Avatar of the Ironclad Lord. In fact, few other around him are aware of the gift and the burden he has to carry.
Having lost his parents to a marauding beast, the young son of a smith was furious. Years of training his own body and mind eventually allowed him to fight, what no Mortal would dare to fight against. He has devoted his life to protect those, who can't fight for themselves.
For long times unaware that his powers come from the Ancient Warden himself, Leon developed a sense of self-confidence many miss so dearly. Upon his revelation, Leon turned down the offer to rule the Kingdom, in favor of traveling the realm, so the people of his Lord are save. His reputation, for being honorable and just, has spread even over the boundaries of the Valley Kingdom.
Abilities: Leon does not posses any magical talents or abilities he knows of. He is widely known as an unparalleled swordsmen, said to be able to fight any being beneath the gods. His talents as a smith are widely known as well, every item he personally creates seem to have a spark of the divine worked into it.

Name of Item: The First Blade
Type: As a recreation of the first blade, it appears to be just an ordinary sword on first sight.
Advancement: Weapon of Legacy
Power: The reforged first blade is one of more than masterwork quality, perfectly fitting into the hands of its smith. Whenever swung in rage, the blade leaves dreadful scars and bloody wounds, swung with perfect calmness and peace its said to be able to even split the light or a soul in half. The energies of the blade also deflect any influence from the otherworld, holding of the power of wizards and demons alike.
Weakness: One, who would use the powers of the blade to much, would eventually fall prone to his or her emotions. Whether that is the mindless rage, the indifference about human life or the passion of a lover.
History: Being the first blade that humans created, it was bound to spill the blood of their own kine. But the first blade was also far from being the best. It was flawed and easily broken as it sank into the skin of its victim. As proud as father is for his child's first work, Oham couldn't bring himself into letting it rot near that corpse. He took the weapon itself to his realm, were it would rest eternal, at least, that's what was meant to be.
The recent turmoil, however had forced the Divine Smith to change his plan for the artifact. But one such weapon wouldn't just appear in the realm of the mortals anymore. It has to be reforged, newer and better than the ancient, but still wielding the same mix of curiosity and rage. So it was the young Leon, who recreated the weapon, to revenge his parents...

Hero: Her Majesty, Queen Gudrun Keana Siglinde the I.
Rank/Reason: Queen of Ruwen, Mistress of Forburg, Lady of the Grey Marches, the Valley Plains and the Steel Hut
Personality: As the queen of Ruwen, Gudrun is seen as an example by her people. Known as a bold fightress with the sword and her mind, her followers in the noble court are countless. Her vassals respect he for her just, but sometimes grim, judgment. The young queen's mood seems to be overshadowed by the recent loss of her beloved husband. The courtly intrigues weaken her additionally, even with her numerous supporters aiding her even now. She is one of the few people to know of Leon's position and one of his biggest supporters. It was her patronage that allowed the Avatar to claim knighthood, as her Majesty's personal junker.

Hero: Sovngram, son of Murglosch, Eldest of the Stonesmith Clan
Rank/Reason: Dwarven King of the Deep Halls
Personality: Sovngram, nominally King of the Dwarves, holds this title as a grim duty. Well known for his lingering anger, the wise Dwarven Lord hasn't lost his respect in the elder council. In Human lads widely known as the toughest of toughest dwarves and one of the wisest at that, he has fought many battles in places many other mortals wouldn't even dare to enter. But even this dark places couldn't bring the odd sense of humor of the old dwarf down, nor his love for a good beer, while listening to a glorious tale.

Hero: Duke Ademar of Paglinburg
Rank/Reason: Marshall of the Wardens, Grand-Marshall of Ruwen, Duke of Paglinburg and the Mountain Reaches
Personality: Ademar, following the position of his ancestors, became the Marshall of the Wardens, a position as prestigious as it is feared. Few other noble reflect the image of a noble knight as much as Ademar, he seems to have jumped directly out of a fairytale of old. A man hardened in hundreds of battles, living in the mountain castle, many aspiring warriors of the kingdom idolize him. Sadly some noblemen and noblewomen see that image as out to date, indeed they fear the reputation of the highest general of the kingdom. But the famed black knight shows little interest in mere words. Being the leader of the warden, he leaves administrative duties to his trusted ministers, patrolling the dangerous borders of the kingdom.

Hero: Master Turin the Gifted, son of Bengram
Rank/Reason: Dwarven master smith, lead golem constructor and engineer guild master
Personality: One that would stumble through the various taverns in the smith district of the dwarven, would sooner or later encounter the eccentric Turin. His rough face and arms covered by old and new scars, his bald head covered by the small leather cap of the engineers guild. Wouldn't it be for his vast range of knowledge, you could imagine him on the battlefield tearing his opponents apart bare-handed. His rage is feared as his craft respected.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Kingdom of Ruwen/The Deep Halls
Capital: Forburg, Pride of the Iron Valley
Major Cities: Nedreth, City of Rivers; Paglinburg, Home of the Wardens; Talgorim's Pass, the Deep Capital

Terrain Preference: The People of Ruwen prefer their own home, a valley of soft green hills, surrounded by tall mountains on most sides. It's said that a Ruwenian only feels safe with a massive wall of stone at their back. Their long-time allies the dwarves prefer to stay in their deep halls, dug into the very roots of the mountains. Few went out to live in the surface cities, but those who do, are respected as well-versed travelers.

The people of Ruwen are a hardy bunch. Originating from various wild tribes that eventually came together in the Iron Valley, each of them had to endure much to survive through the hundreds of years. Some of the tribes died, some new migrated, so the Ruwenians are used to adjust to new things or at least endure them till they would go away. Some families and tribes worked together, transforming into the biggest and strongest under the tribes of chieftain Ruwen, said to be the first Avatar of Oham and saint to his people.
It was he, who challenged the beasts of the Valley for their home. The Ruwenians didn't forget his deeds, nor did they do with any other heroic deed in their history. A true Ruwenian is proud of his ancestors, were they shining knights or lowly beggars. Even more important to them are their living family members. It's not uncommon for families, including grandparents, their children and grandchildren to live in the same large house, especially in the smaller villages.
Aside from their indigenous behavior, most people of Ruwen are open-minded to other cultures and races. Many of the cities hold widely respected guilds and colleges for a willing individual to join a community of like-minded. That's why, while they worship the Ironclad Lord as their patron god, the divine defender of their right, they have formed various small pantheons of regional important gods beside him. Oham didn't seem to mind, as long as they remember their loyalty towards him. Many such shrines are placed, where they were deemed necessary for minor aspects of the various gods, even if they would never accept it. Even their patron god holds just few major temples within the borders, knowing that the sound of a battle and hard work is a prayer louder than any voice could be.
Bards and storytellers, in fact everyone who knows a good tale, be it of the old or a land far away is often well-respected. The best of these artist may hope to be invited to the court of the nobles and gain a rich patron. Every Ruwenian likes a to have a good beer and chatter with his friends after every day's work.
A usual day of work starts well before the rise of the sun and ends when the sun hides behind the mountain tops of the western reaches. To no surprise, every Ruwenian more or less loves his work, they live for it, striving to become master of their craft. The majority of the population also work as farmers and herders, trying to tame the wild land they live on.
Children usually help their parents in maintaining the household, while commonly boys and girls share their duties. As they grow older, many seek themselves a master of their craft to become his or her apprentice. Those, who don't may try their chances in the local schools of the nobles or in the army. But even those that learn a craft or join the army are often well-educated by one of the schools or a private master. At the same time it is not uncommon for a Ruwenian to learn another profession in his later life, when he or she sees his goals shifting.
The life of the offspring of noble birth looks slightly different, at least for those that are first born. They are prepared from early childhood on, to represent and defend the people trusted upon them. The younger children are not unlike those of the peasants, free to pick their craft.
It has become a wide custom through the land, that each apprentice has to create a masterpiece before reaching the status of a journeyman, this masterpiece will be viewed by the masters of the craft and deemed worthy or not.
The few magicians that live in Ruwen learn their secret arts like a craft, from one of the ancient masters. Their art is seen as wondrous and strange by common folk, but yet they are no outsiders, at least not if they wish otherwise. Since there are only so few of those teachers of the arcane, hedge wizardry is rather common amongst the village folk.
Criminals are rare and those that exist are even more rarely successful for long, shouldn't they turn back to more lawful ways. Ruwenians are honest at heart, but only few of them are really merciful against those that harm the community. The rights of each individual are respected by others and the common law, until this person breaks with the others. Few Judges argue long with convicted criminals, instead speaking quick justice in the name of the people.

The dwarves of the Deep Halls are a mysterious bunch. The tale they tell about their own origin odd and strange. But if you see them in their halls and mines, you could believe the story of being hammered out of the hardest of rocks. Utterly distrustful of many things from the surface worlds it took the Ruwenians generations of human lifespan to gain the trust of the little folk.
The Ruwenians respect them for their masterful craftiness and foolhardy bravery. The dwarves on the other hand respect the Ruwenians for their traditions and direct words, wherever they are needed. Over the years that had passed, friendships crossed the boundaries of culture. Famed tales of the dwarven warriors of old mixed with the heroics of Ruwen. Dwarven warriors and master smith topped many of the human achievements, helping their friends to improve their work and erase flaws in the process. While some see the dwarves as the truly chosen folk of Oham, they only pray to their ancestors as the pillars of their culture.

The coins of Ruwen, easily separated in copper, silver and gold coins, have spread far and wide, even down into the dwarven halls. But far more important than the exchange of money is the exchange of working power. Every man and woman in Ruwen holds a dept in honor, seeking to repay it when they can.
The lords and ladies gain a tenth of every years income of the people to foster the means of the community. In general the people of the Ruwen couldn't be described as rich in terms of materials, but they are happy with what they have.
Inside the bigger cities, the guilds hold quite a bit of the power over the market of their goods. For every respected craft and be it practiced by only a few, you will surely find a guild in Ruwen.
The wonders of the modern industry are theoretically well known for the scholars, most craftsman are distrustful of the concept to replace a man's hard work by a machine. It is even more surprising that the traditional dwarves turned to use them, stuffing their workshops full of new gear. Other new, some secret, inventions came with that. The workings of black powder and weapons that use its destructive potential is a secret of the masters of the engineers guild.
Much trade is handled inside the kingdom, being carried on small boats down the river, or back by carts. Exotic wares, like many spices, silk and other goods from afar are usually traded in the big market metropolises of the lower hills. These are usually the places most foreigners see first, after they saw the strongholds of the borders. There are quite many that come from afar to buy the finest weapons and best steel from across the world.
The Kingdom of Ruwen is by far most famous for its magic smiths. Even if the number with that odd mix of talents is quite rare, some dwarves and humans posses the ability to create magical items even without ever knowing a single spell. The greatest work are the wild golems that are able to work for weeks or months without a break. Feared for their menacing power in battle, many have tried to steal the secret of their creation, but it has yet to be uncovered.
Many mercenary companies have their headquarters or at least an outpost within Ruwen. Many famous colleges of war and tactics have their origin in Ruwen. Widely known masters of deadly weapons founded schools amongst the villages of the lower hills, allow aspiring students to learn their craft.

While the noblewomen and noblemen formally holds the power over Ruwen, the peasantry has more rights than you would imagine. Women and men are rated by skill rather than birth. The nobles are there to represent those folks that live within their territory.
The king and the queen, sharing their power of being the prime feudal ruler, trust a part of their land onto one of their vassals. So it may happen that the queen deems another person more worthy of a post inhabited by an unreliable noble. The person to replace the man or women can even be a respected individual amongst the peasantry, making the status of nobility changeable.
Similar rules go for the ranks in civil and military administrative positions, much to the dislike of some of the seemingly ancient noble families. To say the truth, the throne no longer hold the power it used to, even if the common folk still stands faithful behind their queen. Without the support from her many long time allies, the queen would have already lost on the political carpet. Though it seems that the Unyielding hasn't forgot one of his dearest followers and blessed her with nerves of steel to last through it.
The various guilds of the cities hold much of the financial sector in their hands, but none seems to worry much about it as long as it's for the good of the society. Ruwenian law forces every adult man and woman to be able to defend themselves and their home should the need arise. To ensure this the local lord, or in some cities the guild of smiths or warriors, has to give his peasants one day of the week to harness their body, preparing themselves for the eventuality of war.

The Dwarves on the other hand have a council of elders, where the wisest of the wisest are supposed to seat. Formally the High King represents the decisions made by the council. Should the need arise that a decision may not been brought before the council the High King also has the authority to take it in his own hands. Every single dwarf usually speaks for his own trade, staying with his colleagues and friends. Though, should someone dare to threaten the dwarves of the deep halls may soon hear the thunder of thousands of well armed and even better trained fighters at their gate.

So begins...

Oham's Story