The God of Orcs and Ogres is dead but his worshipers haven't lost faith.

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a character in “Gods; A New Age.”, as played by Saxious


God Name: Urgael (Úr-Ga-Él)
Title: Former God of Orcs and Ogres
Gender: None
Alignment: Evil
God Appearance: *Decreased*
Personality: None
Opinion of mortals: None
God’s Domain: Destroyed

ImageAvatar Name: Kraz Bale-Eye

Personality: Kraz is a cruel leader, the death of a thousand is of the least concern, he knows that the orcs will breed him another army.
Due to his crippled leg, he was mocked for years by his fellow orcs, turning his mood sour and hate-filled.
He won’t hesitate to use his magic to inspire fear amongst the orcs, and although he relies on Grom to do all the physical fighting and commanding the armies, it is still Kraz that will negotiate.

He’s clever, for an orc, and his cruelty only adds to his feared reputation as “Prophet of Urgael”.
His left eye is lost and has been replaced by a seemingly random object, however it shows some of the fires that burns inside of Kraz; the colour of the flame tells his mood, orange is the normal while bright yellow is rage. For this, it is easy for the other orcs to tell if they are displeasing their Master.

Magic Abilities: Kraz’s magic is powerful, but random. He forgets and remembers spells constantly; some are powerful while others are for mere show.
One spell that he has mastered is the Dragon Breath, where he breathes fire (similar to napalm), however the spell always leaves him with a burningly hot and dry mouth, so it isn’t a popular spell to use when some drinkable is nearby.

Hero(es): Grom
Rank/Reason: Warlord
Personality: Grom lives up to the phrase ‘the bigger they are, the harder they fall.’ Grom is one of the largest orcs alive, and takes deep pleasure in showing everyone that he’s the big boss (with exception to Kraz).
Grom may not be clever, but years of war and campaigns have formed this monster’s instincts to that of a junior general. He has an idea of what to do against walls, he can think of other ways to open the gates, but his brain ends there and he returns to either hurling clan after clan at the enemy or doing the work himself.

Terrain Preference: Barren Lands and Deserts.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: Orc Lands!
Capital: Górgosm (Mine, Large & Pit City) (Southern Borders)
Major Cities:
-Mt. Eden (Orcs says, “Mt. Eat-‘em”) (Breeding lands of Ogres) (Eastern Borders)
-Cross Road (Trade City) (Northern Borders)
-Golden Plains (Nomad Lands) (Central)
-Sunii (Pronounced Sūn-ee) (Mining City) (Western Borders)

The life amongst the orcs is simple. If you’re a woman your biggest job is to provide at least eleven children, after that is the skinning of the animals and making the leather. The male on the other hand has to tend to their job, and ensure their hut is in a good state. The children grow fast and within 18 months they are the same size as a 4 year old human, and by 6 they are full grown, is the explains the reason as for why orcs always comes in hordes when they launch wars.

Orcs doesn’t need to cook meat, as they can easily eat it raw, even the meat of their fellow orcs. The weak are killed and eaten while the strong are placed on pyres and burned in respect, all the while the average orc fights to prove his status within his clan.
Every orc, man or woman, is considerably strong by human standards. Both sexes fight from the moment they are born and are toughened up, so if their lands were ever to be invaded, both male and female orcs would be able to rise up and fight against the invaders, but for now it is the men who goes to war.

The orc society is tribal. The nation has its Overlord/Warchief/King/Emperor/Whatever title the leader takes for himself. The title is put out for the taking once every ten years (if not the leader has died before) and then the Clan Chieftain can step forward and battle for the title. This battle takes place within the Arena of Fate, where every chieftain enters and only one may leave, the winner gains leadership of every Clan whose chief has been killed.
Not every chief participates in this cruel battle, some prefers to retain some of their independence and thus their Chief doesn’t join the battle.

Each Clan is made up of smaller tribes. Each tribe functions very much like a ‘Household’, holding a similar name that they honour and every tribe shows honour for their Clan’s banner.
It is rare that there are blood feuds between tribes, and whenever there are they are usually swiftly ended, either through a duel between tribe leaders or the Clan Chief decrees a stop.

It is, on the other hand, common for Clans to wage wars against each other. Some Clans holds deep rooted hatreds against each others while other Clans are known to hold uncontrolled hatred for specific factions.

Full plate armour amongst orcs is rare and meant for the elites for every clan. A normal orc wears a mixture of chainmail and leather (or either), and their weapon skills are limited. They rely on numbers more than tactics.


The economy of the orcs is very unstable, they use coins, diamonds and even shiny stones as currency (basically anything that shines and looks pretty). For that, the prices of anything can go up and down. Maskmen are usually used as middlemen to buy the leather and minerals from the orcs and then sell them to other merchants.
There are a few northern Clans who’re interested in exchanging their raw materials and leather for timber. These orcs are known to have a dangerous temper and if they feel cheated, they will send warbands to travel the distance and make sure they get the ‘full’ payment.


The orc lands are located to the southern part of the Island surrounded by mountains, rich with minerals but they block away rain which causes their lands to be barren and almost lifeless.
It is populated by Morses, a mixture between camels and cows, which is the main source of meat and leather. The Cycloptic Ogres lives there as well, roaming the small groups and eating Morses and other similar sized animals.

The leader of an ogre pact can speak the common language, though limited, and ogres are, by nature rather peaceful, however the orcs have turned many of them into living war machines against their enemies. Some kingdoms have learned that ogres are more afraid of large fires and small animals (mice and butterflies size) than they are of the orc whips and spears.


The orcs are hated by virtually every kingdom and nation. Their constant wars and raiding has given them a much hated status in the political world, and though they couldn’t give much of a care for the opinion of others, it has caused them to be much more backwatered than other kingdoms.

Other: Orcs never uses any form of cavalry. The best that could be classified as cavalry would be the ogres, but it is rare that they are used in such a fashion.

Beneath Górgosm are the Monster Pits where some of the most dangerous monsters from the debts are kept, in case there would be a leader mad enough to let them loose.
These creatures are not trained, in any fashion, and if not kept in check, they’d cause more damage to the Orcs ranks than they would to the enemy’s.

So begins...

Urgael's Story