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Gods; A New Age.

Late Medieval.


a part of Gods; A New Age., by Saxious.


Saxious holds sovereignty over Late Medieval., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Late Medieval. is a part of Gods; A New Age..

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Erebuz [0] The Dark Emperor, God of Rage, Hate, Suffering, and the Inner Darkness within all hearts.
VΓ‘ra [0] Goddess of Law
Murali The Goddess Of Order and Fire [0] " Obey or Behead.".
Seriosis [0] God of Slumber: Dreams and Nightmares
Myami [0] Goddess of Nature and the Sky
Imperious and Anarchae [0] Twin gods of Authority and Revolution
Leolik [0] Lion God of Courage, Virtue, and Wisdom
Oham [0] God of the Forge, Metal and War
Hallick [0] God of Freedom and Change
Tamonis [0] God of Punishment and Mercy

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#, as written by Saxious
Gods; A New Age In Character



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The rolling hills and plains surounding Orventis:

"Indeed my friend, the market prices in Carth could be affected by the yearly migration of cattle herders. However, I have been lead to believe that the cattle herders are coming late this year. Would it not be a prime opprotunity to open relations while there is a shortage? Surely they will take foreign cattle when even the Nobles can only muster the barest scraps of meat," Icarvi said, his tone short and clipped, as it often was when he debated with his Avatar. It appeared that even while they trod through the grassy hills the God and his Chosen One spoke about serious matters.

The mood was broken, as if it was inconsequential, when Seth clapped the God on the shoulder. "Hah! That is where you are wrong! Just today I recieved word that the Herders have already been in Carth nigh on two days."

Sefthal smiled to himself. It was just like Seth to send word ahead. The God was suprised however. Just a week ago, last he had checked, the Herder migration was weeks away from Carth. Considering this for a moment, the God came to a revelation. The Herder population of the steppes near Carth had indeed always paid him homage. It was then that he remembered his blessing. Last year, a great drought had nearly devastated the cattle of the herders. So, as one, all of the Herder's had called to Sefthal for safe passage on their journey to greener pastures.

Sefthal had been pleased, and had granted them quick passage to the rolling hills south of Carth, where the rivers and springs fed the plants sufficiently. The blessing must have had a profound effect on the cattle. Under normal circumstances, cattle from that area moved at a turtle's pace. But, energized by hearty eating and whatever else they had found, the herders had managed to rouse their cattle into a rare gallop all the way to Carth.

The God's in depth (if rather boring) thoughts were shattered by a war cry from many deep throats. Looking around, the Avatar and God sighted the Orcs at the same time. There were about twenty of them. All of their number were heavily muscled, and taller than any man. They carried a crude assortment of weaponry. As they charged at the pair, the Orcs bellowed their challenge. Seth was about to rase his staff when Sefthal held him back. The God raised his hand, and snapped his fingers. In an instant, the orcs stopped, almost frozen in mid run. Even the dust at their feet went to half a snails pace.

Walking over to the mob of orcs, Icarvi examined them. Bulging muscles and sharp teeth prevailed. Scruntinizing them, Icarvi was confused. In his short spans on the ground, he had never seen an Orc face to face. As he walked amongst them, Sefthal could not help but reach out and touch their minds. Crude thoughts swirled around his, quick as any humans, even as slowed as they were. Pretty much all of them had to do will killing. The God contemplated this. It appeared that Orcs were not indeed dumb animals as most people considered them. Just singularly focused.

Suddenly, Sefthal stopped mid-thought. He had felt something familiar. Focusing on that feeling he metaphorically reeled in whatever it was. In his mind, a tendril appeared. Following it, he walked through what he realized was the racial memory of the orcs. He saw only war for the majority of that, glued together with massive expansion and catastrophic declines. Then, suddenly, it came to an end. The tendril had become severed. Sefthal could faintly detect the other orcs, in their masses. But something was missing. By chance, he came upon a shard of a memory, only a few seconds. It was mostly emotions, that of the pain and indignation of... a God? Sefthal held onto the memory, even as he withdrew from the orc's mind. He examined the other orcs, and found similar shards.

Peicing what he could together, he came up with a short memory. In it, he witnessed what he realized was the last few moments of Urgael, the God of orcs. There, he watched as the Orc God's essence was torn from his body. What became of the body was not shown, but Sefthal quessed that it had probably just phased out of existence. Withdrawing from the memory, Sefthal stowed all that he had gathered in the back of his mind, stowing it away for future use.

Returning to his earthly form, Sefthal transported himself and Seth a safe distance away before releasing the Orcs. When question by his Avatar, Sefthal only said that he had something special planned, and that Seth should bring as many Orc employees of the Trading Union to him as he could in a timely manner. The pair then returned to Orventis.