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Julian Dunst

Host of Horus

0 · 237 views · located in Cairo, Egypt

a character in “Gods Among Us: Awakening”, as played by xXxCryptic-AngelxXx





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Julian Aidan Dunst

N I C K N A M E (S)
Jules, Golden boy

December 26th


Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger

G E N D E R & S E X U A L I T Y
Cis-Male || Heterosexual || Doesn't mind They/Them pronouns after the blessing

German Irish American

New Orleans, Louisianna



Jules is a tall and broad guy who looked like the kind of kid who looked like he played football in high school. (Spoiler alert: he did) He has short blonde hair that's shaved down on the sides but long at the top to fall slightly into his face. Though he goes through periods of time where he dyes it brown like this mother's hair. He has heterochromia causing one eye to be a rich brown and the other to be a deep blue from by long lashes. Dimple's crease his cheeks when he smiles which is fairly often, though less so after the blessing by the two Horus gods.

H E I G H T & W E I G H T
Five Foot, Eleven Inches and One Hundred and Sixty Four Pounds

C L O T H I N G & G E A R
Jules, like a typical former high school jock, typically wears a jacket over a well-fitting t-shirt, a sturdy pair of jeans, and often sturdy work boots or a trendy sneaker. Every now and then he likes to wear his old letterman jacket from high school. He will sometimes have his backpack with his book and school stuff in it, but most of the time he only really carries his keys, his phone, and his wallet that has a picture of his family before his mother started getting sick. When he moved to New York, he started carrying a knife with him just in case.


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Football || the colors green, blue, and gold || School || scotch & whisky || letterman jackets || sturdy work boots || denim || Psychology || History || his heritage and cultures || His father || Memories of his mother || cool nights by the water || downtime || animals || flying || an "Irish" coffee or... just coffee with cream and a little bit of sugar if he's not feeling crazy || reading || sports || vintage cars || milkshakes || Martial arts

His father || schizophrenia || change || talking about his feelings || tea || car chase movies || the color red || long drives (he gets car sick) || the cold || black coffee || mysogony || biggots and racists || sexism || homophic and transphobic people || those who call mental health a "myth" or downplay it's seriousness || journaling


ImageP E R S O N A L I T Y
Ever since Jules was a little boy he's been the kind of guy that always wants to do the right thing. Help the elderly cross the street, walk on the side of the cars when he's walking with girls, give whatever spare change he has to those who need it, the shirt off his back too. He's incredibly generous and gentlemanly. He was the star of the football team and one of the top kids in his class in high school so calling him ambitious and a bit of an overachiever hits the nail on the head, but he's humble. He knows he couldn't be at the top of his class, he didn't have the mind or the time for it, but being near the top, doing his best always was good enough for his mother. It was good enough for him. He's a people pleaser who has to live up to others' expectations of his and it can cause him some distress when someone doesn't like him. Though he doesn't get angry about it. It does get him down but he also knows not everyone will like you and usually the people that don't like you typically don't because you represent something they can't have, someone they're jealous of. He can be courageous and is very protective over those who cannot protect themselves.

His downfalls come into play by always stretching himself too thin. As a people pleaser, he doesn't know how or when to say no. If someone wants to do something, even if it conflicts with what he needs to do, he'll do it and then work himself to get what he needs to do done. He can lose track of time which makes him late for things. His biggest fears are becoming lost like his mother or not living up to his "golden boy" status. He feels that if he doesn't live his life to the fullest if he doesn't live up to expectations or surpass them... he can't make his mother proud. He's selfless to the point of giving up something he may actually need like money. He doesn't like to complain about things and he often doesn't talk about his feelings. He'd rather have others share. It means less thinking about the things that cause him pain or even anxiety and instead focuses on the needs of others. It's his escape. A psychology student who won't talk about his feelings... ironic.


CW: Mental health, suicide

Julian Aidan Dunst was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana by Doug Dunst and Katherine Murphy. His parents were in their late teens, unmarried when his mother became pregnant with him. They got married, finished high school, and his father went right to work. They had a comfortable enough life, especially once his mother started waitressing once he was old enough for him to start going to school. He was seven when his mother started getting sick.

It started with symptoms of depression. She'd be in bed all day, miss work. She'd skip showers and wouldn't clean like she normally would. She stopped talking to her friends on the phone and stopped making soaps and candles as she did in her spare time as a hobby. The only thing that seemed to bring her any joy, or at least to his little seven-year-old eyes, was when he would come home from school with good grades, a gold star, or an award. Or, when he'd read to her. He spent a lot of his childhood reading to his mother when he wasn't doing his homework or doing chores around the house. His father would help out when he could, but there was only so much he could do when he worked a lot. Then it evolved into hallucinations and, on her really bad days, delusions.

As he grew up, it became routine. Dad was at work, he would do the housework, make sure he finished his homework, and study for tests... it wasn't until high school that he wanted to try something different with his life. He still wanted to do well in school and look after his mother, but he wanted to play football. All his friends played, his father had played in high school, and he wanted a taste of the game. He actually excelled in the sport as he did in school, earning himself the nickname "The Golden Boy". During this time, his mother was up and down on meds and off. She was doing better and he was thrilled. Though it turns out that she took herself off her medication without him realizing it.

A week before graduation, his mother had a break, her delusions lead to a series of events causing her to take her own life.

Jules blamed himself for not paying close enough attention due to his football practices, late nights studying, and some off nights where he would party with his friends. He was planning on going to LSU and playing football for them. However, after his mother's death, he was lost. He didn't know what to do with his life anymore. As a kid, he wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, a fireman, or a police officer. But while he was in high school, his dream was to play football. His father threw another curveball at him. He was being transferred to new york. They had his mother cremated and took her with them as they made their way north.

While he was there he decided he wanted to go to school to be a psychologist to help people like his mother. He searched for schools around town and landed at Lindenwood University. It was a small school, a big change from the city he grew up in. It was like a break from the world. Especially since New York is a much bigger city. He was taking a history class as an elective out of pure curiosity when the trip was proposed. He decided to join in, knowing any abroad trips would look good on a resume. Little did he know what kind of chaos it would unleash on his life.



Minor Healing || Nothing bigger than a few scrapes, scratches, or cuts. Might be able to cure minor illnesses like colds, food poisoning, maybe even allergies, but nothing major. Might be able to stop or slow bleeding.

Clairvoyance || Jules can read images from objects and sometimes can catch glimpses of something that may come to pass when he touches people.

Falcon Physiology || At the start of things, he'll only be able to use his falcon sight, have improved hearing, sense of smell, and low light vision. As Horus strengthens, he'll be able to fully transform into a falcon. He'll only be able to hold onto it for a short period of time before switching back, but the more often he practices with it, the longer he'll be able to hold it.

Jules has always been a physically fit person and that didn't change when he left high school. Exercise is one of his stress relief tools and martial arts helps him feel a semblance of control in a world that's always changing around him. Fights are combinations of the same moves. It just takes practice and observation to be able to see which one is coming next. He's smart and strategic. He helped his coach write a lot of their plays that helped them to be one of the top schools in their county.

His mental health is one of his biggest weaknesses. Ever since his mother got sick, and especially since it was shown to be schizophrenia, he's been careful to watch for any of the signs. It actually gives him a lot of anxiety. If he ever felt depressed, his anxiety would kick him and force him to move. It's a circle that's kept him going so far. His need to please others is also a big weakness of his. It often leads to him being stretched too thin which makes him tired and can affect his day-to-day life if he loses control of his schedule.


So begins...

Julian Dunst's Story


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Tarren Havenfield
Host of Anubis | Attire | #575772
Astrid Cordova
Host of Sobek | Attire | #0a3533

Two days. It had been two days since the group of students from LindenWood, had found themselves leaving the comforts of what was considered to be their new home back in New York. All while being led by their Professor. Who, by all means knew what he was doing, well, for the most part. There were times where his assistant, Kayden, would have to step in and lead the otherwise clueless bunch. Was indeed a sight to see as a small Irish woman led a brigade of International students, and their clueless and often time scatter brained British Professor. To say getting around the airports wasn't easy, well, you can only imagine. But now the group found themselves in what would be considered their new home for the next month, the Dusit Thani LakeView Hotel, in Cairo, Egypt.

Currently, the hot sun of Egypt had been beating down overhead, onto the small group of travelers, nearly exhausted from the full day of exploring. The first day was spent exploring the city itself, the food, the culture, the people, and a few landmarks such as the Abdeen Palace and the Khan el-Khalili Bizaar that were in the capitol.

Arguably though, today’s activities were perhaps the most exciting and nearly everyone was looking forward to it. The day began with a short bus ride to the outskirts of Cairo in Giza, where the students were allowed to explore one of the seven wonders of the world. The Pyramids of Giza. The impressive structures were a breathtaking sight and it wouldn’t have been complete without a lengthy lecture from Professor Price. They had already spent about four hours at the site before the sun had just begun to set in the Western horizon. Most of the group would have thought the day would’ve been called quits there. Seeing as the sun was beginning to set, and it was best advised to settle indoors after that. Since the group first arrived, they had been told countless times by locals to be wary after the sun goes down. Local tales had been spread about the group in the oncoming two days, even if Tarren and even Eden had thought that they were nothing more than old lore and stories told, especially to scare off tourists. The less trouble they caused, the better.

But, as their luck would have it, Professor Price had a different idea.

Tarren knew that the moment Professor Price just simply mentioned the field trip to Egypt, that things weren't going to end well. Tarren had never been out of the country before aside from a few trips back home to Brisbane for their mother. Other than that, Ren had never been to a place with endless seas of sand, and blazing suns, it was a stark contrast in culture to what they knew for the better half of twenty-plus years. But they figured that they might as well go, especially due to some pushing from Price, and some of their friends in the days that followed. While the prospect of earning a few more credits and offers after going on the trip was originally the only thing that ultimately made them go, knowing that some of their friends truly wanted them along was enough of a push. And so they made their decision.

The first few days were rather, uneventful if Ren was being honest. Not much of anything happened except for small travel, and touring some of the surrounding cities. Not that it wasn't interesting or boring, it just wasn't exactly what they had been expecting. It was now the second day and the sun had already started to slowly go down, as well as the majority of the tourists were beginning to head back to the buses and leave for the night. Tarren had stayed back amongst the group and waited for news on what they would be doing.

The buses began to fill, leading the tourists back to the capital, Price instead had the group stay behind as he wanted to see one last thing before they headed back. His request was met with unsurprisingly, unanimous protest - after all they had been trekking nearly all day, not to mention whatever the man had in mind was definitely not on the itinerary. It wasn’t until about a half hour after they had been wandering aimlessly around the desert that it was obvious they were more than a little lost.

It was only when Price told them all to follow him and that they weren't exactly done just yet, much to the vocal dismay of the others. While everyone was getting either burned or complaining of the heat, Tarren had welcomed the sun. They oddly dressed with an over-shirt with a plain t-shirt underneath, and black jeans (which in retro-spect was a poor choice), with plenty of sun screen applied, of course. With sunglasses in hand, they had no reasons for complaining, at least not now. They figured in the morning they would feel the aftermath of the Egyptian sun that shone down on them mercilessly for hours. But for now, feeling that familiar sun here, like it was back in Brisbane.

Tarren looked to some of their friends for a moment, giving them a don't ask me look, before they walked up alongside Price and Hallows. "Excuse me, Professor?" Tarren started, but only received a poor excuse of an answer in the form of a shoulder shrug and mumbling. Seeing as the two co-leads were busy looking over the map. Tarren turned back to look at the others, shrugging their own shoulders before continuing to walk up alongside the Professor and his assistant. "Don't mean to....intrude, but, the others and I were wondering where we're actually going? The sun is setting, so shouldn't we be headed back already?" Tarren questioned casually.

The other two mumbled about themselves a bit more, before Kayden turned around partially to face Tarren, giving them a bright smile, "We'll be going back in just a bit. The Professor just wants to trekk on a bit more, and then we'll be heading back. Promise." Kayden looked back, as Trevor exclaimed to himself and headed off in the direction he was facing. Kayden and Tarren exchanged glances between each other, and then the group, before gesturing for the others to follow their wayward Professor.

The group had been led further past the Pyramid of Menkaure to the Queen’s Pyramids, a set of three Pyramids that were smaller in comparison to the others each built for a famous Egyptian Queen. Long gone were the signs placed conveniently for the tourists, it was beginning to look like mountains upon mountains of sand dunes awaiting them when the ground suddenly dipped down into a small ravine. Trevor skidded to an abrupt stop at the sudden dip in the ground and his eyes lit up. ”Fascinating...” he mumbled under his breath lowering his map as he looked at the ruins.

Nowhere did it list the presence of a tomb or a current excavation taking place. To anyone else, this place might not have existed. So, how in the hell, did they manage to find it? Nevermind go in the right direction to possibly stumble upon something? This immediately didn't sit right with Tarren, nor Kayden. But Trevor, he seemed all too excited. A little bit too much, if they were being honest. The two of them shared another look at each other, before walking up alongside the Professor. "Trevor?"[/b] Kayden began, folding her hands before she continued, "Don't you think it'd be best if we started to head back? Come back in the morning, and when we're not all exhausted? know...Sunlight?" she questioned, gently tapping Trevor on the shoulder.

A small chuckle escaped his mouth as he looked up finally at the two, ”It would, but we don't have time for that! We want to be able to say we explored it first, don't we? Besides-" the Professor turned fully around to look at the full group of students, ”We go in and explore, just a bit. And I'll give you all passing grades for this class, and even more so, we can take the rest of this trip easy afterwards. We just have to take a little peak inside the tombs first." he grinned.

Trevor gestured for the group to join him by the edge of the slope, and looked down once more into the ravine. At the bottom of the crevice, set a massive entrance to some sort of temple that was half buried in the sand. The place looked like it was just a breeze away from toppling over. Threatening statues of Pharaohs were in the front staring menacingly down at them, almost as if they were guarding whatever was hidden away inside the tombs. The sight made Tarren’s stomach turn with that all too familiar sense of adrenaline. But the rational part of their brain flickered for a moment. There was no way that something like this had sat here for this long without being discovered. With all the tourists, explorers, and locals poking around the desert? There was no way this place had been undiscovered. Right?

Tarren looked at the others, then back at Trevor, "I have to agree with Kayden, Sir. We can come back tomorrow. We'll have more time, and natural lighting to explore the tombs. Besides, who says this hasn't been explored yet-" Trevor lifted his hand, ”Want a promised passing grade, or not, Havenfield?" he questioned, eyebrows raised before a grin formed on his face. ”Whoever wants to come along, make haste. But for those who wish to remain outside, feel free. We'll just take a peak, and be done with it, ya?" He didn’t really wait for much of an answer from the others, as he had already began to carefully move down the edge of the ravine. Taking just a moment to beckon for everyone to follow him. Before disapearing further down.

Kayden gave a wary glance to the students, β€œWe have to go after him don’t we?” Kayden paused, then looked back to the direction of which Trevor left. β€œWe have to go after him.” She said more to herself than the others, and slowly she began after him, sliding down the slope. A few rocks scattering down from the impact of her feet. The audible crack of rocks clattering below.

Professor Price reached the base of the ravine just in front of Kayden, and whoever else was behind her. Placing his hands on his hips as he gazed at the towering Pharaoh statues to the dark cave of an entrance. β€œProfessor none of us really think this is a good idea we-” Tarren's face paled slightly as they watched him slip off his backpack and crouch down. Quickly beginning to dig through it furiously until he retrieved a flashlight.

He tapped it on his knee a few times before the faint light flickered on. β€œYou, you can’t be serious.” Kayden mumbled out as a look of disapointment appeared on her face. Even for her, with all of the years she knew Trevor, even this was a bit much for him. Trevor just returned her gaze with a small glint in his eyes. He quickly stood up, brushing sand off of his pants. Brandishing the flashlight in his hands. ”I know this might seem a bit insane to some of you but…Wouldn’t some of you like to have a piece of your name written into history? You all signed the waivers didn’t you…?” The briefest smile flashed across his face, before turning to look at the old entrance of the ruins. β€œI’m not forcing any of you to follow me, in fact, by all means stay out here. I’ll just have a brief look inside…” He trailed off, as he gazed back at the entrance. β€œBut, for anyone who would like to join, I won’t stop you either.” and with that, Trevor made his way into the entrance of the tombs, and whatever it was that awaited inside...

Thoughts wracked around Tarren's mind as they thought to themself for a moment. If something was truly down there, and if they were a part of a possible large discovery, it could possibly end up with some way of helping their situation back home. If this came with some sort of financial pay, well, Ren could feel a slight nagging feeling in the back of their head. Something telling them not to. But at the same time, they had no real choice.

Going against their better judgement, Tarren shifted through their own backpack that they had with them, quickly retrieving their own flashlight and turning it on, exposing some of the smaller details of the entrance as they took a few steps forwards in the direction the professor went off in. "Well, I for one say that we need to get him back, but...As long as we don't come across any more scorpions or centipedes, I know I'll be fine." Tarren said with a large grin, "But I doubt that'll be the case..." they shuddered, thinking about the scorpions they already came across. While, in reality, Ren was both terrified and excited for what could possibly be ahead, even if what was about to come could be a mistake. What was the harm in snooping around for a little while, right? And obviously, retrieving Professor Price...

Tarren and Astrid shared a mutual glance at each other before they both began to make their way into the chamber's entrance. Ren almost jumped out of their skin as they felt a hand suddenly grab them by the shoulder, looking back to see Alex, their cousin who had also gone on this trip seeing as he had also started to attend Lindenwood roughly the same time they had. Astrid looked at the two and gave a small nod before she continued on ahead, "Yeah, bud?" Tarren asked, an eyebrow quirked upward at their cousin. Alex paused for a moment before he began to speak, "I'm gonna hang back out here with some of the others, you go on ahead yeah?" Alex gave a small smile. Tarren simply shrugged in response, "Okay. If we all die of some ancient curse in there, my ghost is gonna come back and haunt your ass." Tarren joked, before turning back and entering the chamber of the tomb. They shone their flashlight against the walls and pillars, the inside being far larger than they would have anticipated, or expected. It seemed to be more of an outdoor courtyard, than a normal entryway of a tomb. But, they didn't know much about Egyptian culture to be completely sure.

By the time that Tarren had caught up with the others, they were more towards the middle of the group, silently walking beside Nova and a few of the others. "Wonder how long it'll take for us to get lost in here, before the professor realizes?" Ren whispered to Nova. Astrid leaned towards them as a smirk spread across her face, "I give about fifteen minutes before we're all possessed by some ancient dieties or something. Or get eaten alive by giant, mutated spiders." she joked. Tarren tolled their eyes at her response, "The day we get possessed, I'll hope that they'll use my body to beat your ass for jynxing it." Ren joked in return, gently pushing her.

The group collectively continued onwards, further into the entryway. Originally they were able to walk shoulder to shoulder, but the longer they walked, eventually the halls became thin enough to have to walk in single file. Professor Price and Kayden were somewhere up ahead, before another large room opened up ahead of them. There was ancient texts and images covering the stone carved walls, whatever was chistled into the old stone was barely telligble, even if someone knew how to read it. They were long since faded, and just barely able to be seen with the use of flashlighs and other means.

Tarren and a few others broke off from the main group, and so did some of the others, but staid in the same chamber they were in. As they walked along, looking at the carvings in the wall, Tarren suddenly shot out their right hand, pushing back whoever was next to them. They anchored their feet into place as they looked down at their feet, just barely a few inches to their right, the earth had long since opened up, creating what could only be described as a sinkhole in the ground. "Best to watch where your feet go, mate." Ren rattled off, their eyes glancing back to the wall. "Hey Professor?" they called out, looking up at a large mural along the large wall in the chamber they were in. Trevor turned to look away from the current wall he was looking at, clearly trying to translate whatever text was carved in, "Yes, Havenfield?" he asked as he slowly made his way over, being careful of where he walked.

"What do you think this is?" Tarren shone their torch against the wall. The mural along the wall was faded, but enough could be made out after a few minutes of study. Trevor's eyebrows furrowed as he looked over the entirety of the wall, using the flashlights of a few students to help illuminate the full image. "Well, I'm no ancient philosopher but...My best guess? Would be some old battle that took place thousands of years ago. See-" he began, pointing at one end of the wall, "That right there, is Set. Egyptain God of Chaos and Storms. What it appears to be, is a long told story of him and the others Gods of old engaging in some ancient battle." his hands tracing the images to the other end of the stone. "And that, is Horus. God of the Sky. And of course, the others-" he gestured to all of the other drawings of Anubis, Osiris, Sobek, and many of the others and their armies led under their control. "But I don't remember reading of some battle like this. As it looks like the Gods are fighting among themselves even, not just against Set?" Astrid chimed in.

Price smiled and nodded at Astrid, "Very good, Ms. Cordova. Very good observation indeed." Trevor said a bit enthusiastically. "I'll need to take some notes of this down for later...Interesting indeed. But, they were always known for their stories, and if this indeed an undiscovered tomb? Who knows what stories and battles are told within these very walls!" Trevor giggled excitedly, jotting more notes down into his notebook. Tarren and Astrid exchanged a look as they shrugged their shoulders. He's officially lost his plot, the look said.

Kayden finally wiggled through the group that had formed around the others, looking up at the mural, "This is all well and good, Trevor. Really. But, We've gone further than we initially said. And even I feel like now would be a good time to turn back and head to the hotel. Get some sleep and come back tomorrow?" Trevor turned his head to look over at her, "Yes, but-", he started once more. "But I just...I got a feeling. We just go a little longer, and I just know there's something worth pressing on for." he said with a twinkle in his eyes. Kayden and some of the students are rolled their eyes and groaned in sync at the answer they were all give. "You're impossible..." Kayden huffed under her breath as she looked at him. Trevor simply shrugged, before begining to walk again, headed into another chamber as he scrawled more notes into his notepad.

Tarren exchanged a look with Kayden, and some of the others, shrugging their shoulders once "Someone's gotta get him...Mother fucker..." Tarren groaned, throwing their head back for a moment, before walking after Trevor, and into another chamber up ahead. It wasn't much longer after Tarren had walked in after Price, that there was a blood curdeling scream that rang out from their direction. Astrid didn't waste anytime and ran into the next chamber to see what had happened. "What? What happened, Ren??" she questioned as she found them frozen a few steps ahead. They took a few deep breaths before turning to look at their friend, "It was the biggest fucking, mother fucking fucker fuck that I have ever seen in my life-" they started, before shuddering. A large grin formed on Astrid's face, before a loud bellowing laugh escaped her lips. "You know, the bigger they are, less threatening, right?" she chuckled. "I'm serious, you asshole! It ran across my foot and everything. I fucking hate them, and you know that. I don't get how you like them so much." they said with another shudder.

"Well, like most things in life, Ren? You warm up to them over time." she said with a shrug. Tarren shot her a glare, "Only way I'd warm up to them, is if a flame thrower was involved." they bit back. Astrid chuckled, and wrapped her arm around Tarren's shoulder. "Don't worry, I'll stay right next to ya, so no more scary creepy crawlies scare ya." awstrid teased as they continued onward, looking for their wayward professor. Who, now seemed to be nowhere in sight. They both could have sworn he was standing right there, alongside Kayden. But the moment they had looked at each other, and then back ahead of them, further in the chamber, they were gone. This wasn't good.


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Theodore O'Grady III.
Grayson Carter.
Two days. Two days in the desert. Two days of a blind man in a desert. Seriously, when was the punchline going to happen? Grayson already hardly understood why he was here. Well, he did actually want to learn the history. He had already crammed on Egyptian history and mythology in advance, had audio tapes of as many guided tours as he could get his hands on, and may have written a light paper or two about his research findings and submitted them to the professor and his assistants... But he still chose to act bitter when he could. He honestly just couldn’t help himself with the jokes about taking him β€˜sightseeing’. They just make it too easy. He could’ve had more fun with it and maybe even some fun on this trip… If it wasn’t for the golden retriever that barely left him alone since leaving for this trip. Wasn’t Charlie his roommate? When did he get stuck with the giant idiot for the buddy system?

For some reason, Teddy felt the compulsive need to be Grayson’s guide this entire trip. He had also taken it upon himself to describe each place they visited in as much detail as his vocabulary allowed. He knew he meant well by it. It’s the only reason Grayson ever just went along with whatever Teddy chose to tag along with him on. He’s just too nice. It’s so annoying.

He had hoped their day was coming to an end. He could feel the sun setting and it finally started to cool down around him. Grayson felt like he was caked in sweat despite being appropriately dressed. Of course, Professor Price had the ingenious idea to coerce them all to going into a tomb. Well, he wasn’t forcing them. But it’s not like Grayson was going to pass on the opportunity to be a part of a discovery. Superstitions be damned. ’Blind Man Makes Great Discovery in Egypt’. Get famous and laugh about it at the same time. Sounds perfect.

It wasn’t necessarily easy using a walking stick in a desert, so Grayson opted for grudgingly holding onto Teddy most of this trip. The part of the group trekking inwards, gave Grayson the opportunity to break away and grab onto whoever was closest first to start making his way away and a chance to breathe. But also in hopes of being able to find Nova or Charlie. At least they understood his humor. Explaining these things to Teddy was too much work. That leads into wondering how he even got into this school even though Grayson is fully aware that this man is somehow a musical prodigy blessed by the gods. And they have such a strange sense of irony.

Things had gone single filed as they delved further in. Grayson kept himself outwardly calm except for gripping a little too tightly onto the shirt of whoever was in front of him. He could follow the voices but he still couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He didn’t like small spaces and not being able to at least find the person privileged to know that fact was not helping.

The group that stopped was looking at a mural. Grayson listened in as he attempted to continue to feel through and follow the voices while he picked out and followed them. He chuckled as they described the scene of the mural. ”The gods fighting among each other. Sounds like chaos.” Somehow, he ended up with Teddy again. Absolutely no idea how he managed to just appear next to him without Grayson noticing. ”How do I always get stuck with you?”

”We have to do the buddy system. Did you see that sink hole?” Teddy’s face flushed over at realizing what he just said. [color=#]”I mean-”[/color] It wasn’t really words after that. Just southern mumbling before Grayson finally saved him and cut him off. ”Just stop talking and be my walking stick. I give up.” Grayson had no energy for this. He was tired, stuck in a small space, and the best he had was this idiot as a guide. But then, Teddy surprised him.

Teddy already knew Grayson was uneasy the second they went through the entryway. Grayson never really talked about himself as much as he acted. Teddy never asked. He’d tell him if he wanted to. Instead he just noticed. He saw the ways he’d change if they were in small spaces. The times he’d tried to act calm even though he was feeling disoriented and anxious. Teddy wouldn’t ask why but he could at least try to comfort and help where he’d let him. So he put his hands on Grayson’s shoulder’s to steady and face towards him and then gave him a brief hug. He really wanted to hug him for long but he also knows Grayson isn’t the biggest fan of affection so he had to take what he could get.

”I’ve got you, bro.” Grayson actually managed to smile at him. Teddy was beaming. Then a scream broke Teddy’s β€˜moment’ and he needed to run towards the direction of the sound with Grayson being dragged along as a result. He couldn’t just say he’s got him and then ditch. That’s against Bro Code. It ended up being a creepy crawly. Teddy would’ve screamed too. So would Grayson.

"Guys. Where's Price?" Teddy finally looked around and noticed Price and Kayden were gone. Probably not good. Grayson deduced this much given everyone else’s reaction to them being gone. Great. They've definitely left us here to die," That familiar voice caused a devilish smirk to form on Grayson as he quickly made the few strides over to her. His hand landed on top of her head. ”I finally found you, Pix.” He couldn’t help himself from ruffling her hair a bit. ”We already made the mistake of following the crazy professor into an Egyptian tomb. At this point, it’s death or curse and we certainly asked for it-” Grayson shrugged and took his hand off her. ”Right now I’m just hoping dear ol’ dad remember’s to add β€˜devilishly handsome’ on my grave stone.”