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Theodore O'Grady III

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a character in “Gods Among Us: Awakening”, as played by therealmcdreamy

So begins...

Theodore O'Grady III's Story


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Theodore O'Grady III.
Grayson Carter.
Two days. Two days in the desert. Two days of a blind man in a desert. Seriously, when was the punchline going to happen? Grayson already hardly understood why he was here. Well, he did actually want to learn the history. He had already crammed on Egyptian history and mythology in advance, had audio tapes of as many guided tours as he could get his hands on, and may have written a light paper or two about his research findings and submitted them to the professor and his assistants... But he still chose to act bitter when he could. He honestly just couldn’t help himself with the jokes about taking him ‘sightseeing’. They just make it too easy. He could’ve had more fun with it and maybe even some fun on this trip… If it wasn’t for the golden retriever that barely left him alone since leaving for this trip. Wasn’t Charlie his roommate? When did he get stuck with the giant idiot for the buddy system?

For some reason, Teddy felt the compulsive need to be Grayson’s guide this entire trip. He had also taken it upon himself to describe each place they visited in as much detail as his vocabulary allowed. He knew he meant well by it. It’s the only reason Grayson ever just went along with whatever Teddy chose to tag along with him on. He’s just too nice. It’s so annoying.

He had hoped their day was coming to an end. He could feel the sun setting and it finally started to cool down around him. Grayson felt like he was caked in sweat despite being appropriately dressed. Of course, Professor Price had the ingenious idea to coerce them all to going into a tomb. Well, he wasn’t forcing them. But it’s not like Grayson was going to pass on the opportunity to be a part of a discovery. Superstitions be damned. ’Blind Man Makes Great Discovery in Egypt’. Get famous and laugh about it at the same time. Sounds perfect.

It wasn’t necessarily easy using a walking stick in a desert, so Grayson opted for grudgingly holding onto Teddy most of this trip. The part of the group trekking inwards, gave Grayson the opportunity to break away and grab onto whoever was closest first to start making his way away and a chance to breathe. But also in hopes of being able to find Nova or Charlie. At least they understood his humor. Explaining these things to Teddy was too much work. That leads into wondering how he even got into this school even though Grayson is fully aware that this man is somehow a musical prodigy blessed by the gods. And they have such a strange sense of irony.

Things had gone single filed as they delved further in. Grayson kept himself outwardly calm except for gripping a little too tightly onto the shirt of whoever was in front of him. He could follow the voices but he still couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He didn’t like small spaces and not being able to at least find the person privileged to know that fact was not helping.

The group that stopped was looking at a mural. Grayson listened in as he attempted to continue to feel through and follow the voices while he picked out and followed them. He chuckled as they described the scene of the mural. ”The gods fighting among each other. Sounds like chaos.” Somehow, he ended up with Teddy again. Absolutely no idea how he managed to just appear next to him without Grayson noticing. ”How do I always get stuck with you?”

”We have to do the buddy system. Did you see that sink hole?” Teddy’s face flushed over at realizing what he just said. [color=#]”I mean-”[/color] It wasn’t really words after that. Just southern mumbling before Grayson finally saved him and cut him off. ”Just stop talking and be my walking stick. I give up.” Grayson had no energy for this. He was tired, stuck in a small space, and the best he had was this idiot as a guide. But then, Teddy surprised him.

Teddy already knew Grayson was uneasy the second they went through the entryway. Grayson never really talked about himself as much as he acted. Teddy never asked. He’d tell him if he wanted to. Instead he just noticed. He saw the ways he’d change if they were in small spaces. The times he’d tried to act calm even though he was feeling disoriented and anxious. Teddy wouldn’t ask why but he could at least try to comfort and help where he’d let him. So he put his hands on Grayson’s shoulder’s to steady and face towards him and then gave him a brief hug. He really wanted to hug him for long but he also knows Grayson isn’t the biggest fan of affection so he had to take what he could get.

”I’ve got you, bro.” Grayson actually managed to smile at him. Teddy was beaming. Then a scream broke Teddy’s ‘moment’ and he needed to run towards the direction of the sound with Grayson being dragged along as a result. He couldn’t just say he’s got him and then ditch. That’s against Bro Code. It ended up being a creepy crawly. Teddy would’ve screamed too. So would Grayson.

"Guys. Where's Price?" Teddy finally looked around and noticed Price and Kayden were gone. Probably not good. Grayson deduced this much given everyone else’s reaction to them being gone. Great. They've definitely left us here to die," That familiar voice caused a devilish smirk to form on Grayson as he quickly made the few strides over to her. His hand landed on top of her head. ”I finally found you, Pix.” He couldn’t help himself from ruffling her hair a bit. ”We already made the mistake of following the crazy professor into an Egyptian tomb. At this point, it’s death or curse and we certainly asked for it-” Grayson shrugged and took his hand off her. ”Right now I’m just hoping dear ol’ dad remember’s to add ‘devilishly handsome’ on my grave stone.”