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Thomas Andica

Son of Poseidon

0 · 318 views · located in Olympia

a character in “Gods and Monsters: Olympus Has Fallen”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway


Image "Got me feeling like I don't know ya
Your head is bigger than the ocean."



Thomas Josiah Benjamin Andica

Tommy | Only one he really answers anymore
Casper | He used to be scared of ghosts, hates this one

Six-Teen | (16)

Clearwater, Florida



Bisexual | Closeted

Native/White American Mix

October 29th, 2004



5' 8" | 172cm

145lbs | 65kg

Like most male children of Poseidon, Tommy takes after his father in more areas than his mother. Leaving most in shock when he tells them that he is in fact biracial and half native american, contrary to what many may believe when first seeing Tommy. From his pale skin which he shares with his father, and then his dark, brown eyes which he got from his mother. Which may be one of the only traits he inherited from his human side. Something he has always been rather proud of inheriting, as he always loved the look in his mother's eyes when the sun hit her face during his childhood years. When things were still good.

With his pale complexion which is riddled with scars, and darker hair which is short and styled with a fringe which is also a dark brown like his father's was. One of the things that he has always hated, was the fact that he inherited many of his father's strong facial features and much less of his mother's attributes as a result. Always being told that he looks just like his father. Something he is honestly tired of hearing as he can hear the pain in his mother's voice. Overall, he is a decently handsome young man, and he is rather aware of that fact, slight cockiness, but not arrogant by any means. Just aware.

Comparatively to other boys his age, he is on the leaner and smaller side. He spent years trying to get muscle and pack on weight with whatever he could find for food, always having snacks on hand, but it would never have any lasting impact. His parents and doctors tried attributing that to him having an overly high metabolism, but he always felt like there wa something more behind it. And as such, he's always remained on the frailer looking end, not retaining much in muscle definition or pure strength, so Tommy has always resorted to never getting into a fight and choose his flight instincts, as he would obtain bruises which would last for weeks. What he lacks in apparent and natural or even superhuman strength, he more than makes up for it with his flexibility due to years of gymnastics and constantly on the move.

One of the things people always point out, is his endearing and contagious smile. Tommy always bears a smile that lights up every inch of his face and shines through to his eyes. Tommy is generally an overall cheery and positive person, always the optimistic, it shouldn't be a surprise to see him with his trademark and goofy smile.


Charasmatic ❖ Childish ❖ Immature
Distant ❖ Endearing ❖ Caring


Upon first meeting Tommy, he comes across as childish and irresponsible, almost painfully so. He's always full of energy and is never able to stand still for more than five minutes at a time, constantly biting away at his fingernails as he tries to compose himself. His mind is constantly going and processing things faster than he is capable of, and therefore he may act on initial instinct than letting his thoughts process fully. Outside of his natural impulsive nature, when the time comes he is incredibly smart and calculated when the time calls for it.

While he can be spontaneous and far more immature compared to his friends and those he works with on his team, either by always pulling pranks or teasing them, he always has their best interest in mind and would easily die for them if he had to. Always the shoulder to cry on or an open ear to listen to someone on a bad day. While he didn't inherit his mother's intelligence, he knows for sure he got his charm and creativity from her for sure, and is in a sense his mother's son even if he doesn't want to admit it.

While he is easily excitable and very much so outgoing with his friends and peers, he has a side that not many know of, and those that do are few in between. While he is known for his rebellious nature, preferring to do things his own way even if his way isn't the best when it comes down to listening to life or death orders, he becomes incredibly strict and stoic. He despises those that ignore orders even in a time of chaos, which is rather hypocritical of him. But he knows when to buckle down and get the job done, but even while doing so he lets loose and has fun while doing it. He can usually be seen heckling the enemy or whoever he may be in a training session to get them riled up and not thinking clearly, using their confusion against themselves is his go-to. If he can confuse his opponent and gain the upper hand, whether that be through words or using his abilities as a distraction, he will find a way to do it.

Deep down, he is someone that would fight tooth and nail and to his very last breath while he is bloody and weak. His friends are his family and everything that he has, and will do whatever he has to, to protect them and keep them from harm. He's just too scared of losing someone, so he will do what he has to, to ensure their safety and well being, far before his own. Which can easily be used against him and make him be seen as naive and pitiful by others, especially by those that want to use his weaknesses against him and others. But Thomas would very easily go down to the bitter end defending those he cares about, and that is what others tend to take note of him from early one.


Tommy grew up never knewing the truth behind his conception due to his mother's, Carmilla, worries and shame due to the circumstances. She was a lonely soul and an outcast in her family due to her views of the world and how she wanted to live off the reservation. In an attempt at keeping her there, her parents were forcing an arranged marriage upon her as punishment to keep her home. Poseidon had taken notice of her love for the world and the ocean when he was visiting the ever noisy city of Miami.

He got to see her true colors when he made a joke of how he had been in so many other places and better cities in the world, and didn't understand why she would be in a place like this. He was delighted by her spirit and her love of water, as all wild things did. The two of them went on a hidden and secretive binge of an affair that only lasted a few weeks, which ended with Carmilla falling in love with him. Poseidon left, having to check on his other children, under the guise of his trip being over, which left Carmilla heartbroken. The real heartbreak came when finding out that she was pregnant out of wedlock, and had to accept whatever arranged marriage her family planned so she wouldn't bring shame on the family name. When Poseidon came back to see her a year later, he found her married and had a child, assuming it wasn't his own. Poseidon's rage caused a flood on the town. Carmilla, and her husband, and survived the storm and moved further along the coast to be with the rest of their family. Much to her dismay and heartbreak.

Carmila had taken upon herself the life of hiding that their son wasn't her husband's for years, but he knew. He knew that Thomas wasn't his, the timing
of her pregnancy didn't line up, but Lucas was so in love and didn't want her to be disgraced and disowned by her family that he didn't care who the
birth father was. All he knew was that he had to take care of his wife, and their steadily growing family. Tommy grew up in a carefree and loving family in the beginning, and to this day still has a close bond with both of his parents, even though he knows the truth. But just as all children of Poseidon, Tommy felt a pull to the water and his mother was more than happy to teach him how to swim, surf, and appreciate the ocean more than the average person growing up in Florida would.

Thomas absolutely adored his mother and thought the world of her, always wanting to be able to spend time with his parents whenever he could. Tommy's on and off again temper which would spout out of nowhere on occasions, especially as puberty began to hit, had caused some tension in the home to say the last, and only did more to remind his mother of Poseidon, and how he looked so much like him in so many ways. Over time, Lucas didn't take kindly to Tommy's temper tantrums and fits of anger, one day accidentally admitting to Thomas that he wasn't his biological child. Which caused a small bit of distance to grow between the two, but as time went on, their bond began to mend itself.

The boy's powers began to manifest at fourteen, but slowly and in random spurts of time. Tommy first began to notice that he could stay underwater for longer periods of time than the normal person and how the water seemed to bend to his will or how he could cause shifts in the ocean if he tried, or even sometimes on accident. As wild and as ever moving and flowing as the tides, the Gods caught wind of another demigod and Poseidon went to check on it, since it had to be his due to the unnatural weather storms in Florida. When Poseidon saw the boy from a distance, he looked exactly like him, as well as the eyes which reminded him of Carmilla, someone he hadn't thought about in some time.

Wanting to learn more about him as a person, to see how much potential he could see in him, Poseidon kept his identity a secret. Especially being careful to not cause the boy to lash out violently or angrily. As calm and open as ever, Tommy was friendly and found himself opening up to the stranger since he didn't have anyone close to rely on with what he knew, or at least felt like someone wouldn't judge him or think he was going crazy. Poseidon felt for his son, as he cared for all of his children. He offered to train him when he could, still not revealing who he was just yet. Almost jumping at the chance, Tommy couldn't explain the sudden attachment and familiarity he felt towards the stranger but was relieved to have someone at least say they believed him.

When Tommy reached the age of fifteen, his abilities were mostly undetected, but remotely under his control. He easily mastered the ability to breathe underwater, and even being able to talk and communicate with most of the underwater wild-life. But when it came to mastering his hydrokinesis abilities and even the geokinesis abilities some children of Poseidon have, he lacked skill and control in almost every aspect. Poseidon decided then was the time to reveal his true identity and invite him to Legacy Academy. He made the wrong choice, and he learned that the hard way. Tommy reacted badly to the invitation and caused a large hurricane to hit the small tourist town. But due to his lack of control over his newfound abilities, Poseidon was all too able to stop it before the storm could do any lasting damage. He managed to calm Tommy down and used his loss of control of his abilities to convince Tommy that he needed to go to Legacy. He reluctantly agreed after given some time to think and consider his option, but it was only if Poseidon would let him see his family whenever he wished. After speaking with his parents, and siblings, he bid them one last goodbye and left with his father.

At Legacy, Thomas felt at home yet very alone and out of place. Sure, he was with people like him, demigods, but it was so different than what he grew up with. As well as he was one of the weaker children of Poseidon, it didn't help but bruise his ego and confidence than it would have otherwise. He missed his freedom to go and do whatever he wanted, but above all else, he missed his family. Everyone was so different from him and he couldn't relate to anyone, especially his siblings, despite Tommy always trying to fit in. But as his time went on at Legacy, he found the right crowd of friends and those that didn't look down on him like some of the rest. He finds Legacy and the people there to be more of a family now than he did beforehand, he's just unsure of whatever the Argon is, and how it will change his future.


      He tends to stutter whenever he talks to new people, while he does like talking with people, no one ever said that he was a good talker, more of a listener than speaker as he has a small stutter, especially when nervous

      Tommy has a bad habit of tapping on his leg with his fingers whenever he is overly anxious or scared

      He has a bad habit or always looking over his shoulder or constantly darting his eyes all around him when nervous or feels guilty of doing something he shouldn't have

      Coffee, or at least the smell of it as he can't really drink it anymore // Disney movies, specifically the classics as they were the only really good movies in his opinion // The changing of seasons, or more specifically fall and winter // Spending time with people and being able to learn about their life experiences and history, he's always been one that looked forward to meeting new people // The ocean, seeing how he grew up near the ocean it shouldn't come as a surprise // Volleyball, he became rather good at it surprisingly enough // S'mores, nothing like getting around the fire with friends and enjoying some sweets // Dancing, even if he is absolutely atrocious dancer in ever way // Parties, even if he isn't invited to many
      Pranks, he is like the stereotypical little brother, so not much of a shock if someone wakes up to salt in their coffee // Sunshine, he didn't grow up in the SunShine state for nothing // Boating, he spent much of his time around the water // Swimming, again, he grew up too close to the water to not like being in it // Surfing, need to explain this one too? // Ice cream, his father used to make some amazing ice cream // Dolphins and sea turtles, he used to go reef swimming and would swim with them

      He hates snobs or people that think they're above others, he sees everyone as the same and doesn't understand why some people don't have the same view as him // Water pollution // Overly salty foods // Long road trips, he grows restless // Cliche/Predictible movie endings // Fishermen, he's had to rescue too many caught or injured sea life // Litter, especially in the ocean // Being woken up far too early, he enjoys his sleep and doesn't like being woken up // Studying, he can only pay attention for so long // Bullies, he used to be pushed around and teased for being weird in school // Mosquitoes, they go after him far more often than the others // Sunburns // Arguments, especially among friends // Arrogance, he doesn't understand why some people think they're better than everyone else




Ninth (9th)


Tommy prefers to not have to say how he feels about his birth father. He finds him to be too controlling and always wanting to be in his life, which he understands. But Poseidon's heavy hold on his children is something that Tommy tries to avoid at all costs, and thankfully for him not being very gifted with his powers compared to some of his other siblings, he sometimes manages to avoid the gaze of his father.

Gymnastics (incredibly flexible)
Skateboarding & Surfing

Thomas honestly just wants to learn how to improve his connection to his abilities, as he's always struggled with anything other than being able to breathe beneath the water. He has some attunement to the other powers like being able to cause earthquakes or even control water, but he knows the only way to do so is to graduate from the academy and prove his worth to his father as well as the other gods. Something he secretly fears.

Spiders and Scorpions, he absolutely hates them and they even make his skin crawl - Arachnophobia, need to say more?

Severe fear of the dark. He's always wondering what would, or could happen when in a dark environment - Nyctophobia, he's still terrified of the dark

He's seen alot of things in his life, which lead to his fear of being burned alive. He has nightmares of him dying that way and he is terrified of it coming true some day - Encavmaphobia, he isn't sure why he's so scared of fire or possibly being burned alive, but it is a very apparent fear he has

Intuition | Contrary to what many may think, he has had many experiences in his life, and uses this knowledge to make his way through life. He has a keen ability to understand people almost immediately.

Focus | Although he appears absent-minded and aloof, he is incredibly focused especially with what happens around him in a moment's notice

Bravery | Tommy can march into a dangerous situation and not bat an eye. He is always willing to face danger, not backing down from a fight, even if it ends with him nursing a few wounds in the end

Nurturing | Thomas is always supportive of those around him and wants nothing more than to build others up. He is an excellent team player, and is always there for someone in their time of need. Even if he can't always do anything of real importance or value.

Water Dependency | More than likely due to his parentage, Tommy can get ill if he doesn't take a dip in water at least once a day. He needs to be in or near the water on a regular basis. His powers become weaker over time if he's away from water too long.

Intellect | While Tommy isn't exatly dumb, he didn't have a lot of formal schooling growing up. He often doesn't understand more advanced topics of studying, or even really many social cues or instances. Often leaving him feeling inferior in comparison to his companions.

Reckless | Taking his own safety into consideration isn't a strong suit of his, nor is it usually a top priority. He tends to put himself on the line for the sake of his friends, and it has often gotten him into more trouble than he originally bargained for.

Temperamental | Tommy has been well-known for being moody. It keeps people on edge with how he can go from friendly and mellow to angry and savage in a snap of a finger if the right buttons are pushed. Much like his father, it can get him into trouble with friends or strangers all alike.

For the most part he is rather well known around the school for being a very kind-hearted and outgoing type in his social circles. While he may not exactly be the most popular kid in his grade, he does do his best to get to meet new people whenever he has the chance. In some classes, he is known for being the local class clown, which has gotten him in minor trouble with the teachers in the past.

His adoptive family includes him, his mother and father, his older sister and his younger brother. He loves them dearly and whenever he has to opportunity to talk about them, he happily does so.


Tom Holland

Wolf's Bane109

So begins...

Thomas Andica's Story


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Daughter of Artemis // Brawn // Attire // Location: Legacy Academy // #49AD8F

The fading in and out of the music overhead would have been enough to drive anyone to madness if it weren't for the copious amounts of alcohol, glow-paint, and over all atmosphere and vibe of the party as Riley sat by herself at the bar. Normally, she wouldn't have been in a situation like this, she wasn't exactly one for parties, especially ones like this. The overabundance of hormones and teenagers would be enough for anyone to call it quits, which Riley was slowly beginning to have her second thoughts as to why she was even here to begin with. She wasn't a party-goer, nevermind one of this caliber, but when she knew her friends had wanted her to be here in the first place, it was a bit too much for her to say no. Besides, she could handle being out for a little while longer, being around others wasn't entirely draining after all. But sitting here, waiting for any of her friends to show up was beginning to wear her down.

With a soft sight, Riley propped her head atop her left hand as she sat there patiently waiting for someone to show up and drag her away to something fun. Anything at this point. The daughter of Artemis was taken aback when she heard one of the students yell as he streaked across the field. Rolling her eyes as she shook her head, she really shouldn't have been here. But she had to hold out for her friends, if they were actually coming, which she was beginning to have second thoughts, maybe they set her up? Maybe it was a prank, or maybe she was even overthinking everything. With the premise of the Agon just around the corner, Riley was beginning to question if she really made the right decision. She wasn't a fighter, at least not a proper one, and out of all the demigods going into this, she was by far one of the least likely ones to come out of this alive, or even in one piece.

Riley was out of her element in every way imaginable and the reality of the situation began to slowly creep into her thoughts. Even if she did somehow manage to get out of the Agon alive, nevermind win, would it really be worth it in the end? Not like she really had much going for her anyway, her relationship with her mother was already falling apart back on Earth, her relationship with Artemis was rocky to say the least, and her future wasn't exactly a shining beacon of hope. Riley sighed as she picked up the glass in front of her, and downed the liquid in one fell swoop before the bartender filled it up once again. Maybe she could try finding one of her friends out in the crowd and try to enjoy herself for the last few hours before everything would change with the Agon. That's the least she could hope for at this point. Getting up out of her seat, Riley began to make her way through the large crowds of people in search of at least one recognizable face to help distract her until she managed to find one of her friends.



Son of Poseidon // Special // Attire // Location: Legacy Academy // #006994

The music blared from all around as the party sprung to life as students preparing for the Agon celebrated one of their last few nights being a normal teenager. If any of them could ever consider themselves that in retrospect. Tommy found himself running across the field with one of his classmates as he streaked across the field in front of him. Tommy knew that if his friend was lucky, maybe he'd just get a warning, or if he was stupid and messed it up, he'd get at least detention at some point if he was caught by a teacher. Tommy slowed his pace down behind his friend as he needed to catch his breath, his eyes scanning the layout before him. Tommy caught himself staring across the way as an all too familiar face was clearly having an altercation with another student he recognized. Lucas, one of the children of Hermes that even Tommy wasn't exactly a fan of. He contemplated if he should go over and interject, but as the scene unfolded before his eyes, he knew the answer. Not like he would have been much of a help anyway. With the mix of him being on the smaller end, as well as knowing Abby Jarvis was all too capable of taking care of herself, he knew it would be best if he kept his distance and space away from the daughter of Ares. Abby having been only one of the few students to genuinely scare him. If he was ever so bold to even tell her that.

Tommy felt himself being forcibly pushed to the side by a much larger figure, which brought him back to his senses. "Oh shit, sorry my ba. I-" he started, but was stopped as another familiar face locked eyes with his. The older student simply looked down at Tommy with eyes that glinted in the light. "Watch where you're going, punk." the older male snapped back, his accent coming in full force. Tommy felt himself shrink the moment the son of Zues opened his mouth, causing him to take a few steps backward. Almost tripping over his own feet, "My bad, Logan. I'll be sure to watch where I'm going next time. Entirely my fault." Tommy quickly fumbled over his words, watching as the blonde-haired giant slowly turned and walked away in the opposite direction. Thomas could have sworn his life flashed before his eyes every time he had any sort of interaction with Logan. Sure, they were on the same team and had to work together soon enough in the Agon, but that was one of the downsides of it all.

Tommy was by no means a part of their group in terms of popularity, nor did he feel entirely confident being a part of their team, as he tended to always feel like a burden or trouble to the rest. But Tarra always reassured that Tommy was fine and that Logan could always just go and fuck himself if he really had an issue with Tommy being in their group. The only one that never made him feel like an outsider, was Erin. Who he was very greatful for. Out of those three, she was the least mean or rude to him, and was rather kind as far as he was concerned. If anything, he looked up to the daughter of Dionysus, and saw her like an older sister in a few ways. He admired her control over her powers, and the fact she wasn't entirely terrible company to have for the most part, he couldn't complain. Maybe he wasn't in the entirely worst team he could have been assigned to, only one way to find out was just around the corner. But he didn't have time to ponder on the Agon, he was here for a good time, and that's what he intended on doing as he made his way across the dancefloor and over to the bar to get a drink, and hopefully find someone to talk to.



Child of Hades // Special // Attire // Location: Legacy Academy // #575772

The party had only been going on for an hour or so, and everything was already in a drunken haze for Theodore as he was in the middle of a large group of students, shotgunning a large can of four loco. Crushing the can flat as Theodore finished off the rest of the alcohol as his friends shouted in a drunken victory, patting him on the back and cheering him on for more. "I will, I will. Just uh, gimme a minute" Theodore chuckled as he cleaned himself off from the excess alcohol, which wasn't much at least. The beat and blare of the music overhead was slowly starting to get to him as he felt the world beneath his feet slide a bit as he tried to stay upright. "I'll be back in a few. I have something I need to do." the demigod chuckled as he walked away from his friends, briefly looking up at the stage where the dj station was. Flashing a small smile to Erin as she gave him a wide grin and wave of her hand, clearly enjoying herself as always. One of the few people that knew how to party, and pick some good songs for a party no doubt, would of course be a child of Dionysus, if not Apollo. Theodore turned back to the direction he was headed and stopped as he noticed a small altercation going on between Tommy and one of his teammates.

Theodore could feel a bit of annoyance and anger begin to brew as he watched the altercation go down before his very eyes. Thankfully, it was over before anything happened, but seeing one of his close friends being treated like shit by someone who always overstepped his boundaries didn't sit right with him. They'd probably talk to Logan about it later, and help set him straight. They had the annual Agon coming up, and Logan didn't need to fuck up anything else for his team than he already had done. The week prior Logan had caused a small scuffle with a few other students, and as a repercussion, his whole team had been threatened with being kicked out of the selection of teens being entered into the Agon. Which, Logan clearly didn't seem to care too much about. Why would he anyway? Logan was the type to do whatever he wanted, and get away with it, which wasn't surprising to anyone.

Sighing to himself as he saw Tommy walk away shortly after Logan stomped off, Theo continued his short walk to the opposite end of the bar, grabbing a few more drinks as he did so before turning around as he felt someone touch his back. "Hey, do you mind? I-Oh hey Tarra." he said with a small smile as the girl greeted Theo with a smile. "Hey, Theo. Have you seen Logan anywhere? I need to talk to him for a minute." the daughter of Hera shouted over the music. Theo shook his head as he didn't know where he went, "All I know is that he went off in that direction after starting some shit with Tommy. The usual, ya know?" he said with a coy smile, before taking a sip of his drink. "Figures. Thanks, Theo. I'll be sure to talk to him about that. Thanks." Tarra said with a smile, before quickly swiping Theodore's drink from his hands and dipping into the crowd. Leaving Theodore by himself, and without a drink. "Son of a bitch..." Theodore muttered under his breath as he watched her walk away with his drink, shaking his head as he turned back to the bar to order another one.



Daughter of Dionysus // Support // Attire // Location: Legacy Academy // #8c066d

The party had sprung to life and crowds easily formed on the dancefloor as students gorged themselves on alcohol and other substances, as Erin stood on the stage and overlooked the event. She hadn't been in charge of looking after a party in a long time, and being back in her normal place after so long felt like home to her. If she could spend the rest of her life amongst the chaos of a good party, she'd kiss Legacy goodbye in a heartbeat, but she knew things like that were impractical and wouldn't last long. Even her love for events like this, and the high she got off of it would eventually grow old and tiring. Even if she didn't want to admit it. A smile creased her lips as she saw a familiar face amongst the crowds of people dancing, giving Theo a small nod and wave of her hand as she saw him make hos way over to the bar, losing him in the sea of faces.

Erin almost jumped out of her skin as she felt someone tap her on her shoulder. Looking to see who tapped her on the arm, she was relieved to see it was one of the other students relieving her for her break. Gods knew she needed one. "I'll be back in just a bit." she said with a smile as she left the other student in charge of the music for now. A child of Apollo, so they should have been more than fine on their own. Erin stretched and made her way off the stage with a small jump, landing in a group of students who cheered her on and patted her on the back, clearly all drunk and even high off of their asses. Erin simply shook her head and smiled as she pushed her way through the groups of students, almost being taken down as a much larger student ran out from nowhere and stumbled into her. "Watch where you're stepping, asshole." she called after him, seeing how he didn't pay much mind as he was quickly on his feet and running again. Dumbass, she cursed to herself as she got back to her feet thanks to no one, and started her way back to the bar where she had seen Theodore walk off to.

Much to her surprise as she pushed her way through the last group of drunken students, Erin saw Theodore and Tarra talking. Over the music and people around her, she couldn't exactly understand what was being said, nor did she think she really wanted to. Erin watched as Tarra swiped Theo's drink from their hands and made her way back into the crowd, disappearing from sight. Shaking her head, Erin walked up to Theodore with her shit-eating grin on her face as she did so. "So what was that all about?" she questioned, Theo shook his head at her question. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he chucked. "Why yes, yes I would. Hence why I asked." Erin mused, leaning against the counter of the bar. "She was just asking me if I had seen Logan, that was all. And then swiped my drink. Your girlfriend is a thief, ya know that?" Theo questioned with a chuckle, "Oh, trust me. I know better than anyone." Erin chuckled back as she received her drink, turning back to Theodore. "Well, I'll let you be. Now, I'm gonna go reprimand Tarra for stealing your drink. See you around, bud?" the two clinked their glasses and took a sip before Erin made her way back into the crowd of students once more in search of a drink thief, as well as figure out what she wanted to do while she still had some time to waste.



Daughter of Hera // Brain // Attire // Location: Legacy Academy // #4c067a

Tarra made her way through the crowds after having stolen a drink, which in turn ended up being a pretty good choice. Least Theodore proved to have some sort of taste in alcohol. Besides, talking to Theodore was never a dull moment, surprisingly enough she actually had a small soft spot for him, if some were so bold to say. Tarra was halfway through the dancefloor and was on her hunt for Logan when she felt someone grab her by the arm. Instinctively, she turned around as she pulled her arm back towards herself, ready to tell the person to fuck off as she wasn't in the mood to talk, only to stop herself as she saw who it was. Only Erin. A small and genuine smile spread across her face, "Oh hey, babe. You already done with your break or...?" she questioned. "Not exactly, just on my break before I have to go back. But, I did want to at least have one dance with you before I go back to work, sound fair to you?" Erin said with a smile.

Tarra wasn't exactly in the mood for a dance, but she wasn't about to disappoint her girlfriend, least not right now. She could allow one dance at least for now. "I guess I could allow one dance with you." Tarra said with a sly smile. Erin had her moments of being endearing, and these were one of those few moments. A large smile appeared on Erin's face, and she quickly grabbed Tarra's hand and pulled her the side as another song started playing, Tarra placed her arms around her neck, along her shoulders as the two swayed to the beat. "So, what do you think of the whole Agon thing? Feeling nervous or do you still want to be a part of it?" she questioned, trying to gauge a response from Erin, as well as being genuinely curious of anyone else was nervous about the whole prospect. "Well, I mean...How can one not be nervous? Things could go easily wrong but, as long as we all work accordingly, we should be fine? Right? Besides, we're kind of like the best team for the job, right?" Erin mused with a smile. Tarra gave a small nod, still not exactly sure how to feel about it all herself. "I mean, as long as Tommy or Logan don't fuck it up, we should be fine. But, you know how those two dumbasses are, so who knows. But we'll be fine, from what I've heard, the Agon isn't even that hard." Tarra tried to ease around the subject as the two danced.

Thinking to herself for a moment Tarra looked around before looking back at her girlfriend, giving her a smile, "You trust me in this, right? You don't think we're going about this the wrong way?" Erin quirked her eyebrow at the odd question, not exactly understanding what Tarra was trying to allude to. "You know exactly what I'm talking about." she hushed under her breath. Giving a small nod, "Oh, that. Yeah. You're doing the right thing, I mean...We don't really have much of a choice. Not like I would have chosen a different side or anything. If that's what you're thinking." Erin questioned, with a small tinge of uncertainty. "Oh, of course not, Rin. I didn't...I wasn't trying to suggest that. I just wanted to make sure you were still on board is all. Ya know?" Tarra gave a small smile, Erin only simply gave a small nod in response. Neither one was entirely being honest, nor did they feel the need to push for an honest answer. Not in public at least. This environment wasn't the place for this.

"Hey uh, how about you get me another drink, as well as yourself one, and we can continue this conversation later?" Tarra gave Erin a small kiss on the cheek, "Sure, babe. Anything in particular or does it not matter?" Tarra gave a small shrug of her shoulders and watched as Erin disappeared into the crowd as she went to retrieve some drinks. Turning back around, she rolled her eyes and sighed heavily as Tarra saw another figure off to the side. Tarra pushed through the crowd and made her way over to the male that stood along to the wall, red solo cup in hand. "Well, what're you doing all the way over here by yourself, handsome?" she said with a small grin. "Being here against my will, as usual. I could have been in my room, reading a book and being away from the headache of it all. But yet you insist that I come here to this...Party. Why?" Chadwick questioned, taking a sip from his drink. "Because I needed a vote of confidence in someone I could actually trust in being honest with me? Besides, Erin is off doing her own thing as usual, Logan is being Logan and is no help to anyone, and Tommy...Don't even get me started on him." Tarra quipped under her breath, resting her back against the wall. "So, what I'm hearing is, you want to get rid of him? Cuz you know I could do that for you?" Chadwick said with a sickening smile. "Trust me, that's not what I want from you, least not now...But, there is something I do want from you." she said in a sickly sweet tone. The male raised his eyebrow in question, before taking Tarra's hand and following her throughout the crowd until they disappeared from sight.