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Adric Sylas Ilan

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a character in “Gods Bound by Tribulation”, as played by MistressDarkstar


Altena, my lord!

[Theme]: Blood Theme

Name: Adric "Sylas" Ilan

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Image Image

Height: 6โ€™0โ€™โ€™

Loyalty: Gods, but serves the Demons/Demois actively

Race: Demois

Magic: Hellfire, Dark

Weapon: Image Image

Personality: Deceitful, greedy, cruel and curt, short tempered, passionate in his emotions, quick to act without thinking, can be physically abusive

Likes: Power, fire, darkness, seeing others in pain -- sadistic

Dislikes: Light, being told no, being overpowered

Bio: Adric was a normal human boy born to Malikai and Norona Ilan of Lux Et Sprei. He was gifted with the ability to control the element of fire, but never really advanced his skill level since his family was poverty ridden and couldn't afford to have him trained. Adric was born during the Unholy War and at it's peak in 107 U.W., when he was a mere 13 years old, his parents abandoned him to join the Demois during a particularly brutal attack and recruitment session. Their names were recorded in history books that reside in the Library of Lux Et Sprei as some of the first traitors to of the city to willingly join ranks with the enemy. Adric, left alone, began honing his skills in the art of controlling fire as well as hand to hand combat.

For 6 years, Adric was alone in the city that now lived in fear once the Gods and Goddesses started dying. In 113 U.W. Adric met a girl named Rie, who was 15 at the time. After saving her from a group of demons who intended to feed on her, Adric befriended the girl, feeling a strange attraction to her. His actions, usually blunt and abusive, were gentle with her. In a day's time, Adric found himself faced with another group of demons in the library where Rie worked. He had read about his parents in the books ( The Unholy War: An Analytical Documentation of Early Events and People. and Demois: Early Converts Out of Lux Et Spei, Mortania -- a Historical Account. ) and his heart became filled with hate and anger.

"Malikai and Norona Ilan married just a few years before the Gods and Goddesses began dying at the hands of Demons and Demois. Many had converted in other lands but very few had out of Lux Et Sprei at that time. In 100 U.W. things in Lux Et Sprei began to change. With the deaths of the Gods and Goddesses came paranoia and uncertainty, and some even began to distrust the dieties because of their weakeness compared to the Demons and Demois. Malikai and Norona seemed to be no exception.

"When the Gods and Goddesses began to die and their stories be told, chaos erupted in Lux Et Sprei. Families began to move elsewhere in fear that they would be killed as their city would surely be overtaken. Malikai and Norona, however, stayed put, even though they had their six year old son to look out for. Constant attacks on the city drove more and more people out, but the poverty ridden Ilans still stayed put, taking care to stay out of harms way.

"In 107 U.W. a rather massive attack turned into a recruiting session for the Demois. Those they killed were the ones that simply got in their way, tried to attack them, or refused to convert upon their demanding so. Malikai and Norona were quick to step up, seeming rather excited to join ranks according an anonymous witness who died shortly after. They left their 13 year old son in their shack of a home just half a mile from the procession of Demois roaming the city. A neighbor of the Ilans said that the two seemed to care very little about the boy and very much about overtaking the Gods.

"It is reported that a few years later Malikai and Norona Ilan were executed by the Gods for unlawful betrayal and the direct attempted murder of the Earth God. According to some the Gods demanded why they betrayed not only the Gods and their city, but their son. Malikai and Norona Ilan only laughed and were quickly put to death."

In a fit of rage, he stormed downstairs only to find dead bodies strewn mercilessly throughout the building, a few Demons lingering there. He killed them, leaving only one alive when he realised Rie had been hurt. When he found her tied up in a T-formation on a bookshelf, her body mutilated and covered in her own blood, he proceeded to torture the remaining demon for killing Rie and the baby she'd been pregnant with...his baby. His heart was consumed with anger and hatred and as he made his way back to Rie, he transformed into a Demois.

As he reached the back where Rie still lay lifeless and mutilated, he fell in her blood, his daggers sliding a bit away from him. He growled and a searing pain shot through him, starting at his heart. Images of his parents, the book, the demons, and Rie's lifeless body ran through his head...and then thoughts of how he'd taken her and impregnated her joined in...along with the echoing words of the demon saying he'd killed the baby and would be raping her if he could. As all of this ran through his head, he felt something change within him. His heart stopped for a minute too long and he became icy cold as his eyes changed colors, his features hardened, and his blood began to darken into a distinct purple color. When his heart finally began beating again, he felt extremely angry and displeased, confused even, but he no longer heard or saw anything running through his head. He was just lying there in Rie's blood, staring at the ceiling as his head spun.

A man dressed in fine robes approached Adric after his transformation and as Adric began remembering what had happened, the man offered him a deal. He would bring Rie and the baby back to life if Adric agreed to serve him politically, and stay out of Lux Et Sprei. Adric agreed easily, leaving Rie to be found and taken care of by the authorities.

3 years later in 116 U.W., Adric was visiting Rie and his son Nero, now 2 years and a few months old, in the Spera Lands. Rie had been the Goddess of Light for one year now, and Adric had watched her and his son grow by hiding in the bushes in the Spera Lands every Saturday around noon. For a year neither of them had noticed his presence and that was the way he wanted it. On one particular Saturday, however, Nero wandered over to the bush that Adric was hiding in. Adric narrowly avoided being caught by Rie, but as he relaxed a short while later, she found him, something he had been trying to avoid. Adric was unable to offer his family more than the weekly Saturday visits, but now he no longer hides when he visits them -- something he is grateful for.

Note: Adric is no longer known as Adric to anyone other than the following people: Rie, Nero (though he calls Adric "Daddy"), and Pallas (Adric's long lost friend). To everyone else, especially the Demois, he is Sylas.



Name: Pallas

Age: 22

Key Notes: Fell in love with Rie when he saw her that day that Adric saved her from the group of demons. Has different survival techniques than Adric and thus they don't get along for long periods of time. He hates Demons and Demois with a passion, even if his friends are converts he won't hesitate to kill them. He has an obsession with Rie and Nero and wants to make them his. Grew up with Adric but hasn't heard from him in 3 years.

So begins...

Adric Sylas Ilan's Story


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It was a sunny clear day in Lux Et Spei the city was bright and colorful town. The streets were made of tan and pinksh and white cobble stone and the buildings were as well. The shops held French designs and architecture and had flowers everywhere in the town. The town had many rivers flowing through it and a canal system that people could use boats on to get around quickly, Rie walked around holding Nero's hand as he took steps besides her, many people stopped and waved, she smiled at them but said nothing knowing that before she'd become the light goddess many people thought her to be a harlet for having a bastard child. Her coat and dress hems ruffled as she walked. Her long pale blonde hair billowed behind her and she seemed to be walking a bit aimlessly.

Nero held a small miniature dragon stuffed toy while momo flew around him making sure both Nero and Rie were safe from hidden threats. Rie was headed to the castle where she then sat through a long war metting with Nero in her lap. Nero knew to be quet and simply began to nap, hours later she finally left and sighed while holding Nero up, him using her arms as a seat and resting his head on her shoulder and Momo slept between them.

The council had decided to put together a new task force to begin attempting to reach the sealed Gods and Goddesses and release them. She was tasked with getting a small team together that she could take to help her. She knew more than anything she wanted Nero's father to be there but knew that'd be unlikely so she headed to some known training grounds of Lux Et Sprei to try to find some knights or warrior elves to help her. She needed a small force that would be mobile enough for all of this, she watched some of the knights fight and was trying to find one that would make a good asset to her. She was still new to the whole Goddess living and thee king was trying to milk it all he could before she realized that HE answered to HER and not the other way around. She sighed as she sat under a tree and held the sleeping Nero in her lap, who in turn held the sleeping Momo in his lap. She was tired from a long night up with him as he'd been having nightmares about his mother dying. She was also very frustrated now for having no idea who to ask to aid her into going into the demon territories.


Tenebris a dark city, the architecture is gothic based and holds many tall buildings. The town seems to be made of nothing but black grey and siver stones. the grass there is green but no flowers bloom. There are dragons in the sky and if there's a single evening without blood shed it's an amazing night. The twon in beautiful in a dark macrabre sort of way. It is always in a time of night it seems thanks to the death of the first Goddess of Light. Though currently it's night time in Tenebris as is, two moons are in the sky, one large and white and one slightly smaller and a light blue. The clouds of the evening ocassionally part to show them in the stary sky. In the center of the city is a large domineering castle which is home to some of the most powerful demois that all serve Lucifer.

Lucifer sighed as he sat in his throne room hearing suggestion after suggestion from his demon consil on what to do about the remaining two gods who seemed ever elusive, once they sealed the gods he could crush the humans into servitude. He could even find a way to make the gods serve him. He got tired of hering the Demois yell over each other. "SILENCE!" he said as he stood up and threw a coin at one demon so hard it pierced his skull and left him dead on the floor. "I don't care how just get those damn Goddesses sealed or captured immediately!" he said before walking out fo the room and walking around until her found Adric. "You quit bedding those whores and make yourself useful!" he said, "You have permission to go even to Lut Ex Spei if needed find those damned Goddesses." he said, "This place is getting too boring for me I'm going out," he added before leaving and walking the streets of Tenebris to find someone to toy with.


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Adric, or Sylas as he was known, was standing outside, staring up at the cloudy sky aimlessly, thoughts of Rie and his son Nero consuming him. He'd just been with a few women, actually. He knew he loved Rie, but his needs and image needed to be sustained in this land. And really it didn't seem to bother him as much as it should have; perhaps because he felt something...or someone...was missing and he was trying to fill the void.

When Lucifer found him, he was brought back to the harsh reality he resided in. Around him demons and demois alike cackled, fought, gambled, and walked around with shadowy demeanors. It was just another day, he'd come to learn. His attention shifted to Lucifer, the man he'd served since the day he'd transformed three years prior. "Yes, sir," he said plainly, holding in his bit of excitement at realising he was now allowed to go to Lux Et Spei where Rie and Nero would most likely be. Then again, his mission was to capture and bring the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness back to Lucifer, which made the whole ordeal bittersweet. The Goddess of Darkness didn't concern him as much as his family, but he pushed his emotions aside and went to ready himself to obey Lucifer.

Sylas returned to his room to find a few women still in his bed. "Out," he said coldly. When one didn't listen, he narrowed his eyes and went over to her to forcefully grab her round her neck and hoist her up against the wall. "Listen to me when I tell you to do something!" he ordered her, his fingers tight about her neck. Her expression was one of fear and pain and she managed to nod a bit as her hands tore at his to make him let go. Sylas smiled wickedly and threw her down before resuming his task of packing a small bag of essentials -- which amounted to a small, thin blanket, his daggers and knife, a map if he so needed it, and a few pages from a book he'd read three years ago on his parents. He'd torn the pages from it and kept them with him at all times, though for what reason he did not know.

A short while later, he headed for the secret room in one of the dungeon-esque areas of the castle. This room held the teleportation rings that had secretly been constructed to make travel easier and faster between Tenebris and various other areas. He chose the one to Lux Et Spei, knowing it would release him just outside the city. It was safe for them to land outside the city -- it decreased their chances of being killed on sight.


Phylo sank his teeth into the girl whose naked body was pressed to his, her blood filling his mouth and washing through him with a satisfying warmth. Her moans of pleasure slowly became soft whimpers as he drank her dry, his own pleasure greatly increased. He always enjoyed this part of his time with women....though it wasn't particularly enjoyable for them.

When he was done, he let her body fall back on the bed and he got up to redress, blood dripping down from his chin until he wiped it off on the girl's shirt. He'd killed the girl in an abandoned home, so he had no need to clean it up. Instead, he merely cleaned himself up and walked out as if nothing had happened. He was in Tenebris and had just killed a human girl he'd captured earlier that day -- or night by Lux Et Sprei time. This sort of thing wasn't uncommon in Tenebris so no one looked twice when he exited the house where a girl's screams had just been heard. He smiled a bit and went to find a demon to pick a fight with, feeling empowered.


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[Omitting Phylo at the moment -- writer's block getting him started]

A short while later, Sylas was released just outside of Lux Et Sprei. He'd missed this place. It'd been three years since he'd been to the place he called home. As he stood there, getting his where-abouts and getting used to sunlight, he couldn't help but remember the upside to his mission -- he would get to see Rie, and more importantly, his son. Granted, his mission was to capture Rie as well as this Goddess of Darkness, but his alliance had always secretly lain with the Gods.

In 113 U.W. Adric -- as he was known then -- allowed his heart to be filled with anger and hatred in a severe degree. It was this hatred and anger that caused him to change. The funny thing was, his hatred lay with the Demons and Demois, particularly over his parents and the death of Rie. It was odd to think she'd died three years ago, but he knew that very well to be factual. After all, she was the reason he'd pledged his soul, basically, to serving Lucifer. The terms were that he serve Lucifer and never return to Lux Et Sprei in return for Rie and the baby's life. It'd been a sacrifice that he was willing to make, but it had cost him a lot.

But this, is why his alliance always lay with the Gods. He had reason to hate the Demons and Demois, particularly over his parents, but most of all over Rie. So how was he to carry out this mission if he knew he had a deep soft spot for Rie and if his alliance was with the Gods? He couldn't change back. Could he?

Sylas shook the thoughts from his head and began to walk off a bit to the East. Having lived in Lux Et Sprei for the majority of his life, he knew of secret entrances, which had been frequented by bands of demons and demois alike during previous years. He'd never thought he would be using it for any other reason than convenience, but alas, he had to. He sighed and continued on until he got to the entrance. It was on a cliffside that overlooked the area of the city where the Library was. Behind it was a small cottage up on a hill, one he recognized to be Rie's. As he stood there overlooking the Library, he flashed back to that horrible day three years ago.

... Adric headed downstairs, intending to leave, and was caught off guard when he saw some demons roaming around, dead bodies everywhere. He immediately took out his daggers and prepared to fight, not really in the mood to deal with the low lifes. His heart was full of anger and hatred for his parents, even the Gods. He didn't see Rie anywhere, and it hadn't dawned on him that she was missing.

The demons were about to leave and saw Adric. "Hey, another one," one laughed as they didn't know who he was. They pulled out their bloodied swords and charged forward with great speed to kill him.

Adric was simply not in the mood, so when the demons charged him, he growled and began to dodge and fight them, throwing fireballs and whisps of fire out as he did, stabbing some in the back or cutting them he could. He wasn't afraid of them, he'd grown up alone surviving this [hell], so he could handle it. It was then that he realised Rie was gone. As he killed another one, he growled again. "Where is she!" he demanded.

"Who? Oh, you mean the head librarian? She's in the back...hanging around," the demon said with a laugh before trying to flee.

In the back Rie was tied up in a T-pose with her arms out and her neck and hands tied to a book shelf. She was gagged and blood dripped in a pool under her. She had many cuts and bite marks and her wrists and gut had been slashed open. Her eyes were wide open and lifeless with clean streams through the blood on her face where her tears had fallen....

As Sylas returned to the present, his heart was beating against his chest and his jaw was tight. The memory alone was enough to fill his heart with renewed anger and especially hatred. He'd hated the Gods, only for executing his parents before he had the chance to kill them himself, but he hated the demons and demois more than he could begin to express.

With a deep breath, Sylas began to relax and returned to looking out over the city. He could see almost all of it, and the sun glinting off the knight's armor caught his eye. He studied the movements of the knights and then saw a small figured woman talking to one of them. He recognized her easily, even from afar. It was Rie. His lips tugged up in the corners only slightly as the sight of her relaxed him a bit.

Now, how to get to her?....


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She smiled up at him already knowing one Demois who she counted as honorable, though she didn't know he was so close by. "We fight Greed, we fight Lust, we fight Gluttony, Pride, Envy and all those other things, THAT is what this war is against," she said pointedly. "You'd do best to keep that in mind, as for being able to lead this mission I can't say I am as I have no idea what to expect but no one truly does. As for your mean, if you trained them right then they should be able to handle themselves and follow and leader you appoint to them," she added happily.

She fell silent as she began to since Adric nearby and was a bit shocked by it but tried to hide it well. She looked around a moment before picking Nero and Momo up, "I require an answer now, I must have the team together before tomorrows evening, if you wish to join it merely follow me, you will have time to come back and handle your men before you leave that I can assure you but I don't have time to waste here trying to prove myself to someone who hasn't earned such respect, You're assumed skilled by your ranking and I'm assumed skilled by my title, ranking can be bought though," she reminded him to show him that the only reason she even knew he was close to good enough for what she needed was because she'd spent her own time watching him and deducting that he'd be an essential part of her team, but she wasn't about to just stand there and argue with the man, if she could get Adric on their side it would do amazing wonders for them. And so with that she turned on her heels and left it open for him to go with her or not. As she left Nero's eyes opened and looked at the knight, he blinked with curiosity to the man before smiling and waving slowly to him motioning for him to come along.


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Darius grunted. She had him there. She was his only hope for going on the mission to free the gods and she knew it. Thus, he would have to follow her orders. Still, it was a low price to pay if it meant that he would be part of something as important as freeing the gods. If they could be freed, they could easily turn the tide in this war. He turned to Aldric and stated, "You are in charge while I am gone. I want you and every man vigilant in defending Lux Et Sprei while I am gone. Be safe."

He added the last part in almost a whisper before following the goddess. Despite his harsh exterior, he cared for his men a great deal. You didn't risk death together with someone without forming a bond of sorts. They would have to work together, but they would do well. He knew it. As for him and the goddess, he could work with her as long as she was competent. She was at least smart. He'd give her that. He glanced down at the kid, frowning slightly. He resembled the goddess so it must be hers, but who was the father? He decided not to pursue the question. Her private life was none of his business.

"Who will look after your kid while we're away?"