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Phylo Xeno

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a character in “Gods Bound by Tribulation”, as played by MistressDarkstar


Altena, my lord!

[Theme]: ... playnext=1
Name: Phylo Xeno
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearance: Image
Height: 6’3’’
Loyalty: Demons
Race: Vampire
Magic: Dark
Weapon: Image
Personality: Selfish/Greedy, quiet, observant, passionate, gentle in a way, deceitful
Likes: Blood, the smell of lavender, honey, or vanilla
Dislikes: the Sun, normal food, strong liquor
Bio: Phylo was β€œborn” as a demon. His parents were vampires and upon his birth, he too became one. He has known nothing but a life of greed and darkness. He has a relatively gentle demeanor, but acts on predator instinct most of the time. Most of his female victims are not only used to satisfy his thirst, but also his sexual hunger. He is passionate to a point that the pleasure helps to nearly cancel out the pain of him biting and killing his prey. This keeps them quiet, in a sense that they’re not screaming out in pain as much as they sound like they are moaning in pleasure, and it also keeps them from moving quite so much so that the bite is clean and the blood flows smoothly. His parents still live, but he rarely speaks with them, even though he lives in the same house. When it comes to wars or battles, he is not one to go quite so willingly. If he goes, he usually goes only for his own blood thirsty and sexual desires.

So begins...

Phylo Xeno's Story


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Adric, or Sylas as he was known, was standing outside, staring up at the cloudy sky aimlessly, thoughts of Rie and his son Nero consuming him. He'd just been with a few women, actually. He knew he loved Rie, but his needs and image needed to be sustained in this land. And really it didn't seem to bother him as much as it should have; perhaps because he felt something...or someone...was missing and he was trying to fill the void.

When Lucifer found him, he was brought back to the harsh reality he resided in. Around him demons and demois alike cackled, fought, gambled, and walked around with shadowy demeanors. It was just another day, he'd come to learn. His attention shifted to Lucifer, the man he'd served since the day he'd transformed three years prior. "Yes, sir," he said plainly, holding in his bit of excitement at realising he was now allowed to go to Lux Et Spei where Rie and Nero would most likely be. Then again, his mission was to capture and bring the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness back to Lucifer, which made the whole ordeal bittersweet. The Goddess of Darkness didn't concern him as much as his family, but he pushed his emotions aside and went to ready himself to obey Lucifer.

Sylas returned to his room to find a few women still in his bed. "Out," he said coldly. When one didn't listen, he narrowed his eyes and went over to her to forcefully grab her round her neck and hoist her up against the wall. "Listen to me when I tell you to do something!" he ordered her, his fingers tight about her neck. Her expression was one of fear and pain and she managed to nod a bit as her hands tore at his to make him let go. Sylas smiled wickedly and threw her down before resuming his task of packing a small bag of essentials -- which amounted to a small, thin blanket, his daggers and knife, a map if he so needed it, and a few pages from a book he'd read three years ago on his parents. He'd torn the pages from it and kept them with him at all times, though for what reason he did not know.

A short while later, he headed for the secret room in one of the dungeon-esque areas of the castle. This room held the teleportation rings that had secretly been constructed to make travel easier and faster between Tenebris and various other areas. He chose the one to Lux Et Spei, knowing it would release him just outside the city. It was safe for them to land outside the city -- it decreased their chances of being killed on sight.


Phylo sank his teeth into the girl whose naked body was pressed to his, her blood filling his mouth and washing through him with a satisfying warmth. Her moans of pleasure slowly became soft whimpers as he drank her dry, his own pleasure greatly increased. He always enjoyed this part of his time with women....though it wasn't particularly enjoyable for them.

When he was done, he let her body fall back on the bed and he got up to redress, blood dripping down from his chin until he wiped it off on the girl's shirt. He'd killed the girl in an abandoned home, so he had no need to clean it up. Instead, he merely cleaned himself up and walked out as if nothing had happened. He was in Tenebris and had just killed a human girl he'd captured earlier that day -- or night by Lux Et Sprei time. This sort of thing wasn't uncommon in Tenebris so no one looked twice when he exited the house where a girl's screams had just been heard. He smiled a bit and went to find a demon to pick a fight with, feeling empowered.