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God's Chosen Academy

God's Chosen Academy


At first everything was so normal. Worrying about the senpai's and hiding failing grades. But then... God abandoned our planet and left a mysterious riddle in his wake.

482 readers have visited God's Chosen Academy since XxShoukoxX created it.


God's Chosen Academy

Welcome to God's Chosen Academy. Are you new here or a returning student? I'll explain all of this to you anyhow. At birth you were granted a blessing. Blessing's range from the ability to bring animals and people back to life to being able to summon guns and even simply being able to make people like you. Their are a few types of Blessings. Either Summon , Defensive , Offensive or Misc. if you're a female. Blessing's are always specific, you can never simply just summon. You summon swords or you summon soda cans or you summon swords AND soda cans. I'll get to the male's later on.

Got that? Ok next, there is a student council, of course, and these are the people who directly talk to God. All other students pray and receive a answer later on usually in the form of a sign, a coincidence, a paradox or a letter. The student council simply talks to God, they are His messengers. The student council is directly chosen by God and.... well, The Beast... A.K.A the devil. As a treaty to end one member of the student council is chosen by the devil and has access to talk to him and God. The student body can 'pray' to the devil as well. Though its not actually praying, simply calling upon him and asking a favor or saying something. Now, everything you've heard about the devil is probably false other for examples, the devil has always been a female. She is a horrible trickster, she often sends hurricanes and tornadoes just for fun and to see reactions. But sometimes she will allow you to call upon her power in certain situations in fights.

Finally i will explain fighting and you can be on your way. Unknown's. They are what we fight against. In a clash of power between The Beast and God their power mixed to create a creature that neither can control. Unknown's look like, act like and feel like people. Infact, your mom could be a Unknown and you could be human. Unknown's, like demon's and angels, can simply fit right into society. But in certain situations Unknown's can go berserk- becoming a killing machine that suddenly is a master of the elements. Nobody knows why Unknown's go berserk but they just do. This is where you and the rest of the students here come in. If you are a female you are a Mari . A male is a Knight . A knight must kiss a Mari to make her winged. A winged Mari doesn't literally grow wings, she simply becomes much stronger and able to use her power to her full potential...sometimes. Knight's have a certain capacity, if they have a large capacity and a strong Mari the Mari can use all of her strength. But if a strong Mari become's attached to a weak capacity Knight she'll only be able to use the strength her knight has a capacity for. Knight's can have as many Mari's as they can sustain but a Mari may have only one knight.

The Riddle

Fire and ice, despise and despair. A strength and a weakness. A happiness and a sadness. What is the one thing that holds it all? Kill the traitor and offer to me the answer to my question with the one of pure mind the one of pure soul.

The Story Now

In homeroom the student council president runs in, screaming. "I quit! I cam't take this anymore! I'm finished! Someone else has to do it!" she cries out before her eyes roll to the back of her head and she's floating in mid-air on her back. From her mouth God tells everyone in the class that he's given up on humanity and he won't give up if they can solve his riddle which he tells them next. For the next week it's total anarchy, people shouting out answers and killing one another in groups of two's and three's. But the original homeroom class decides to stop the madness. Somehow they manage to calm the school down and continue them on to normal life. But now its class 3-A's sole duty to carry out the riddle...before it's too late. The only knowledge they have are that the traitor, the one of pure mind and the one of pure soul are all in their class. But they still don't know who they are or the answer to the riddle.

Position's Available

Student Council ->
- President
- Vice President (Is the one chosen by the devil)
- Secretary
- Treasurer

The Riddle ->
- Traitor
- One of Pure Mind
- One of Pure Soul

Knights - >

Maris ->

Other Important Info

If you choose a SUMMON you can only be able to summon one or two things or a group of one specific thing EX: You can summon weapons OR you could summon dogs and guns
If you choose DEFENSIVE you're power has to be able to defend you and/or your Knight. EX: A force field that blocks attacks
If you choose OFFENSIVE you're power has to be able to be used to attack people EX: Being a master at martial art's or using a special super cool weapon
If you choose MISC. you're power can be something random EX: reading minds
You can have only ONE blessing but it can fit under DIFFERENT categories. Like Summoning guns would be a summon AND a OFFENSIVE

Your blessing is to be able to wing a Mari
You can wing a Mari at any time and without direct consent
A Mari can break a contract and stop being your Mari
You can NOT break a contract with a Mari, though you can trade and gift them
You are in charge of your Maris, you tell them how to attack and who to attack.
Your Mari is NOT your slave. They can be treated like one IF they specifically say so.

You can have only one blessing
You can have only one knight
You can stop being a Knight's Mari at any time
You can force a knight to wing you at anytime
You CAN attack without a Knight's instruction but you'll be alot weaker if your powers work at all
You can have a transformation, a different appearance or outfit you take on when you fight.)

If you're in the student council you can NOT be the traitor
Being in the student council boost's your strength/capacity
Members of the student council can NOT be unknown's, secret angels or secret demons. You MUST be human.
Female member's of the student council CAN become Knights but in order to do so you must give up your blessing.
Male member's of the student council CAN become a Mari and receive the blessing they'd get if they were born girl

Yes, there are uniforms.
Fem!Uniform 1Image
Fem!Uniform 2 Image
Male!Uniform 1 Image
Male!Uniform 2 Image

Code: Select all
[center][color=(CHOOSE)][size=700][i][b] Name Here [/b][/i][/size][/color][/center]
[center][size=200] Mari or Knight? [/size][/center]

[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Age: [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Sexual Orientation: [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Gender: [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Ethnicity: (If you aren't japanese, somewhere you need to state why you moved countries) [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Race: (Human/Unknown/Angel/Demon) [/b][/color]
[center][img](Enter URL of picture of your character)[/img][/center]

[center][color=(CHOOSE)][b][size=400] All About Me [/size][/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][i][size=200][quote] "Quote" [/quote][/size][/i][/color][/center]

[right][img](Enter URL of picture of your character)[/img][/right][left][color=(CHOOSE)][b] Personality:[/b][/color] (BE DESCRIPTIVE!)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] History: [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Dislikes [/b][/color]

[center][color=(CHOOSE)][b][size=400] School Life [/size][/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][i][size=200][quote] "Quote" [/quote][/size][/i][/color][/center]

[left][img](Enter URL of picture of your character)[/img][/left][right][color=(CHOOSE)][b] Contract: [/b][/color] (List all your Maris or list your knight)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Strength/Capacity:[/b][/color] (10-40 is weak. 40-70 is average. 70-90 is above average. 90-100 is insane.)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Blessing: [/b][/color] (List name of blessing & describe. Be original in picking a name for it and before the name put its type and a colon)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Position: [/b][/color] (Student, student council, traitor, one of pure mind, etc..)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Clubs: [/b][/color] (List clubs you're in and if you're in charge or not.)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Friend's/Social Group: [/b][/color] (The people you're likely to be associated with. You can leave blank until you decide)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Crush: [/b][/color][/right] (list your crush or bf/gf if applicable)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Uniform: [/b][/color][/right] ( One or Two. If your character crossdresses specify Fem! or Male! uniform.)

[center][img](Enter URL of picture of your character (if Mari then your char. in battle mode).)[/img][/center]

[center][color=(CHOOSE)][b][size=400] Extra's [/size][/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][i][size=200][quote] "Quote" [/quote][/size][/i][/color][/center]

[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Additional Information: [/b][/color] (any info you want people to know)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Music: [/b][/color] (What would you be found listening to)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Hobbies: [/b][/color]
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Catch Phrase: [/b][/color] (something your character says often. It can be a word or a literal phrase)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Plans's for Adulthood: [/b][/color] (What do ya wanna do when you grow up)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Favorite Anything: [/b][/color] (It can be a person, object, food or just anything that is your favorite, ever.)
[color=(CHOOSE)][b] Stress:[/b][/color] (What stress's your char. out?)

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