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Gods Light

Gods Light


The Veil between worlds was torn when Christ died on the cross, and the Fey folk were moved to the other side to prevent a holy war. Now the Venators, the protectors of both side of the Veil, are on the brink of civil war. Can you stop the bloodshed?

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[code][/code]The veil between worlds was torn the day that Christ died on the cross. Christs death set off the boiling hatred and resentment the Fey and the Human felt for each other due to their differences in belief. They fey believe magic was pure and a gift from God, while the Humans believe that their magic was witchcraft. The humans believed in technological advancement, but they fey saw that as abandoning one of Gods greatest gifts to man. When Christ died the fey creatures blamed the humans for killing their savior, and the humans blamed the fey likewise.

Before a war broke out God separated the two races by sending the fey across the veil between worlds. All magical creatures from unicorns, and werewolves, to harpies, and centaurs were sent across . After the fey were sent across Gods chosen warriors were sent in place to protect the veil on both sides. These warriors were the first Venators. The Venators protect the veil from threats within their respective realm and from any threats that may come across. For thousands of years they have protected the veil and grown in strength and size. Now a great shadow looms over these great protectors, and the anger and intolerance from ages before is beginning to boil over again. The events below are what trigger the next chapter of the Venators.

If you don't want to read the long prologue skip down to the TLDR (too long didn't read) section below

Things That Glitter
Aron breathed in the cool night and savored the sweet scent of honey suckles in the air. It was quite around the Venator compound and he was enjoying every minute of it. He brushed a hand against the large outer walls of the compound as he walked. They were made with thick and heavy gray stones cut and stacked high then reinforced with magic. They made an octagon around the inner compound with a sentry tower at every corner where the walls met. The walls were all three stories high with the sentry towers reaching a story above them.

“Hey Aron,” Merissa said, poking him in the chest to get his attention.

“Hmm,” he grunted in reply as he turned and looked down at his smaller companion. She was short, blond and athletic. She looked like she would be more in place as a lady in waiting rather than a Venator soldier: especially when they stood next to each other. Aron was tall, muscular, and had dark swarthy skin. The other trainees had nick named him pretty boy after the first day of boot camp. He had met Merissa two years ago, and had been courting her almost a year now, and he had known her long enough the recognize the mischievous look in her eyes.

“I think it’s a little too quite out here. Don’t you?” She purred the question as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Maybe we could make things a little more lively.” She pushed closer against him and mover her hips in a fashion that left Aron with little blood to think with.

Aron stuttered a few times trying to gather his thoughts. “Don’t you think we should wait until after our shift,” he muttered in a husky voice. A thrill of sensation ran through him and she stretched up to nibble on his ear lobe before whispering, “Early bird catches the worm right,” Aron jumped as one of her hands emphasized her meaning, “and you can’t get more early than right after midnight.”

Aron noted a mass of floating specks of light gather around them. The specks were flashing on and off in a syncopating rhythm. More flecks were floating in from around the fields surrounding the compound. While the Venator compound itself was grim and foreboding, the fields around it were covered in a variety of bright wild flowers and trees. The floating flecks were flare faeries that had been sheltering in the flowers during the day. The mischievous little voyeurs were known for harassing couples in romantic settings.

“Uh, Merissa,” Aron said as he enveloped her roaming hand in his. “We really should wait until after the shift. We have guests.” The blonde Venator glanced behind and calmly noted the faeries before turning back to Aron. “Maybe we should let em watch,” She said with a devilish grin. As she spoke one of the little flashing flecks of light floated over and landed on the tip of her pert nose. Crossing her eyes to try and focus on the creature Merissa blinked a few times. “Shoo,” she said trying to swat it away. The agile faerie flowed with the air currents made by her hand and alighted back on her nose after the initial attack, and with a barely audible squeak the faerie flared a bright white causing the tip of Merissa’s nose to resemble a small lantern.

“Shit,” Merissa cursed as she stumbled back and swatted viciously at her nose. The little faerie had already drifted back to its companions to blend in with the flashing lights. “The little shit burnt me,” she growled as she turned towards the group of lights.

Aron covered his mouth with a hand and began snorting out barely suppressed laughter. Trying to cover up the sound with coughing only made Merissa turn her glare on him. The light of the full moon showed a bright red bump on the end of her nose where the faery had attacked. The sight was too much and sent Aron into a booming fit of belly laughter.

“Bite me you ass,” Merissa snarled as she turned away and marched down their patrol path. Aron knew she was fine. The only thing the faery had hurt was her dignity, and maybe her libido. With a mirthful snort Aron began to follow her when he noticed the faeries were gone. Not even a single flickering light to mark their presence.

With a curious glance behind him Aron continued after Merissa. Flare faeries didn’t just disappear like that. Merissa wasn’t enough of a threat to them to keep the little trouble makers from having their fun, and the flare faeries were loath to leave a good time. “So what could have sent the little guys for cover,” Aron muttered to himself.

“What was that,” Merissa asked.

“I said; I see you’ve recovered from you pitched battle to the death,” Aron said with a grin
“Well I’m gonna pitch you right over that damn wall next time we patrol the walk ways. See how funny you are then,” she growled at him.

Aron gave another amused snort and in companionable silence before asking, “Hey, Did you see how those faeries disappeared after you left?”

“Why should I care about the faeries disappearing? They were probably worried I was gonna come at them fly swatter or something.”

“I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. Faeries aren’t that easily scared into hiding.” Aron stopped cold as a realization hit him. The surrounding area was quiet. No bugs, no faeries, no owls. Nothing was making any noise.

“Whats wrong,” Merissa asked

“I can’t hear anything.”

“You’ve gone deaf?”

Aron gave his companion a long look murmuring about blondes under his breath before continuing. “No I can hear fine it’s just that there’s nothing out here making sound but you, and me. Just listen for a second.”

Merissa cocked her head slightly and listened for the sounds of the night. “Ok, so the bugs aren’t feeling energetic tonight. So what?”
A scream and three staccato explosions shattered the silence with brutal efficiency. “What the hell was that,” Merissa yelled, her voice rising to a slightly panicked pitch.

Aron broke into a run towards the outer northwest wall of the compound, “Come on!” Checking only once to make sure Merissa was following Aron began to push himself to faster speeds. If those explosions were the sound of spells being flung around then the northwest tower might need all the assistance it could get. The big question was; who would be stupid enough to attack the compound. Some roaming demons occasionally appeared and tried to cause havoc, but they never got this close to the compound.

Aron jerked to a stop as came upon the northwest walls guard tower. There were two bodies lying limp on the ground. Their heads tilted at abnormal angels with blood turned black by the moon light seeping from them, and making a macabre mud in the dirt path leading around the compound. Swallowing down his terror Aron quickly bent to check if the Venators had pulses.

“Oh God,” Merissa murmured as she arrived. “Are they alive?”

“No,” he said numbly as he stood.

“Did they just fall from the tower,” Merissa asked. She was breathing rapidly now as the adrenalin started to kick in.
“I don’t think so,” Aron said as he tried to observe all directions at once. The fall is four stories and it’s probably what killed them, but I doubt they just fell. Something knocked them off, and I’m willing to bet it had something to do with those explosions we heard. We need to go tell one of the captains. They can get a party of trackers together and figure out what actually happened.”

A white gloved hand emerged from the shadows of the wall as Aron turned to leave and wrapped its fingers around the back of Merissa’s neck. Merissa screamed at the touch and instinctually tried to spin and slam an elbow into the face of the offending hands owner. The hands grip was iron and only allowed her a few degrees of rotation weakening the attack, and with quick efficiency another hand snaked under her elbow to grab her wrist and painfully lock the limb in place behind her.

Aron spun at the sound of Merissa’s scream and drew the sword at his side in the instant it took to turn around. “Let her go,” Aron commanded after he took in the situation. A man dressed completely in white had ahold of Merissa. How had they not seen him? The man had slick blond hair, and was flawlessly attractive in every feature but his eyes. He looked like royalty ready to go to a ball. His eyes were what gave him away. They were dead and emotionless.

“I don’t think so,” the man said with a refined accent. “I rather like her.”

Aron took a deep breath and calmed himself. Yelling at the man would get him nowhere. He had to try and calm the man. “Let her go and put down any weapons you have on you,” Aron said in a calming voice. “This doesn’t have to get any worse than it already is. If you submit yourself to arrest and come quietly I will make sure that your cooperation is stated in my report.”

The man pursed his lips and looked up at the sky as if thinking. “No,” he stated calmly as the hand holding Merissas neck flashed down to grab at something hidden at his waste behind the female Venator’s body.

“Stop,” Aron yelled as another set of explosions rang out into the night. A bloody spray emitted from Merissa as four large holes appeared in her armor. Her eyes were wide and wild when the man in white let her go and shoved her to the ground. Unable to support herself she fell to the ground hard.

Aron crossed the space between him and the man in three quick steps. He had to strike now while the man wasn’t expecting it. If he could take out the man in white quickly, then maybe he could get Merissa to the medics. Aron struck swiftly with a two handed horizontal slash meant to separate the killers head from his shoulder. The assassin crouched low under the swing and came back up to smash his palm upward into Aron’s nose.

Aron’s world flashed red as pain shot through his face and he fell to the ground. Through dazed eyes Aron noted the man grimacing at the blood now staining his white glove. The assassin peeled off the glove, folded it, and stuffed it into his breast pocket. Aron tried to rise but the man swiftly stood and kicked the Venator with a supernatural strength that cracked ribs and sent him skidding two feet across the ground. “God damn you,” Aron moaned as

The man grinned an unnaturally wide and toothy smile at the statement. “Sorry, but he already has,” the man said as he pointed the black L shaped object he had been holding in his left hand at Aron. Four Flashes of bright light and more explosions erupted from the gun. As the bullets ripped through Aron turning his world into pain he faded into a cool darkness. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Sims sneered at the gun in his hands as he fired another round into the back of the living woman’s head. It was such an un-elegant weapon, but effective nonetheless. He had been commanded to kill a venator with the gun, and his mission was complete. He had killed four. “Your god can’t even save you from a little flying metal, pathetic,” he said addressing the corpses.

He began to hum a tune as he walked towards the shadows of the Venator building. He replayed the images of the woman’s fear, and the man’s death in his head. Absorbing, and enjoying every moment; especially the intoxicating scent of their blood. He hadn’t been able to feed on them due to the mission, but the fight had aroused an itch in him that he would gladly scratch when he arrived home. The silken shadows reached out and caressed him as he approached. He smiled softly, and enjoyed the sensation, as he was taken into them.

Four fey Venators are killed by a mysterious figure wielding a hand gun. Hand guns are illegal in the fey realm. One of the fey Venators is the grandson of an important political figure the prime.


After these events occur the problem is reported to the Prime about the deaths of four venators, one of which was his grandson Aron Srotez. Akail Sortez, the prime, worries about two radical subfactions of the venators (the keepers of the light on the fey side, and the right hand of god for the humans) starting a war due to a fey venator being assassinated by a human weapon which is banned in the fey realm. He decides to keep the issue under wraps for as long as he can and sends out an elite team to the human side to track down an apprehend the killer to stop the war. To do this he must collaborate with the human Venators as quietly and quickly as possible to prevent notice. YOU are NOT that elite team. After the elite team is gone the new eventually break out and politicians begin to bark. Now that the news is out and to show good will Akiail is allowing a team of human Venators to come fey side and start their own investigation. The human team will meet up with a fey team who will escort and assist them. This is your story.

Venators are the church military in the fey side of the realm. They are the most elite military force in the fey realm and their main function is to protect the veil first and the people of the fey realm second. They are keepers of the peace. Fey Venatory are either volunteers that pass basic training to become recruits. A recruit lasts 6 months until promoted into a full Venator. only 10% of fey pass basic training. Fey Venators are also recruited from the most excellent soldiers serving in the small militia that lords are allowed to keep to protect their lands. Many Venators become so due to family tradition.

On the human side of the veil they are more like the churches secret agents. They have more advanced technology and resources than most nations, and their members are the most elite that the church could acquire. They work in shadows to protect the veil and the people of earth from demons and any creatures that may pass through. Human Venators are the best of the best that the church could find to recruit. Also the church recruits from within itself. Relatively few in the church know about Venators, and those few are usually Venators. When a priest shows exemplary physical and mental prowess they are given a test to see if they are qualified to go into Venator basic training. If they pass the test then they are informed about Venators. If they cannot pass basic training then they are used as informants and they are charged to help any Venators in need when they come across them. Due to the secrecy and lack of supernatural powers shown by the fey Venators the human realm Venators their recruitment success is around 5%. Though any who pass are able to hold their own with most fey.

The prime: there is a human prime and a fey prime for the Venators on each side. The primes are the leaders of the Venators, and on the fey side they are generally the best warriors as well. The human prime is the current pope, and the fey prime has been Akail Sortez for the past 70 years.

There will be 3 fey and 3 human ventators, and your mission is to investigate the murders and follow any leads that you may find to track down the killer.

Toggle Rules

Ok so here are some general rules and I reserve the right to change or add on any new rules as I please.

1. No god mode: if during combat you just write that you insta-destroy whatever you look at then I will have said thing devour your face.

2. Be respectful to everyone ooc.

3. Controlling a character that is not your own without permission from the owner is strictly forbidden.

4. I require any applicant to pm me a try out post of whatever you want but it must be at least two paragraphs. Please and thank you.

5. If you wish to drop out of the rp at any point then just let me know. Shoot me a pm or announce it in the ooc. It is terribly frustrating when a person doesn't post in one rp but is extremely active in another. If you want to drop out I promise I wont rip your head off.

6. There WILL be fighting in this rp and I would appreciate it if you don't instantly kill whatever opponent you are facing. If you post a good fight then I will make sure your enemy goes down or takes an appropriate amount of damage.

7. Post in the proper areas please. It helps keep things organized.

8. I require a try out post of at least one paragraph to show me your skill as a writer. It can be about anything that you want, though I would prefer it in a fantasy type setting.

This is the character sheet. If you have trouble then look at CortezHorses profile that will be up soon.

Race: Human or your choice of fey creature besides vampire, and demons.
Rank: (There are five ranks: Caster, Knight, Dragoon, Alchemist, Hybrid. More on the classes down below)
Physical description: (a picture is satisfactory though it may not give everything about your characters build.)
Weapons: (Only Fey side players can use magic, and only human side players are allowed to use tech.)

Ranks: Caster- Casters are magic users. They can use long range, mid range, short range, healing, and support types of magic. Pretty much any type of magic user would be placed in the caster rank. They are extremely versatile and can do major damage to individual or groups of enemies. Generally they lack the physical prowess that the other classes have though. Only Fey side creatures are allowed to be of the Caster class. Magic will be explained further below.

Knight- Knights are warriors who use weapons such as swords, whips, axes, etc. The weapons are normally blessed in some way or have holy relics worked into them to provide use against demons. Knights have practiced extensively with their weapon of choice until it has become an extension of their selves.

Dragoon- Dragoons are the long range warriors of the bunch. They use guns, crossbows, bows, throwing knives, and any other projectile weapon they have a mastery over to suppress and kill their targets. While fey side Venators can be dragoons they are limited to mid evil type weaponry, and human Venators can use modern day weaponry. Dragoons rarely miss. Once again the weapons are either blessed, have some type of holy relic worked into them, or are reinforced by magic if you are a hybrid Caster/ Dragoon

Alchemists- Alchemists are a combination of offense and defense. They have an in depth knowledge of the various minerals, and chemicals the affect most any type of demon or fey creature. They can also create rejuvenating tonics to help wounded allies, etc. Be creative with these characters because your imagination is the only limit with them.

Hybrid- Hybrids are warriors who have become acquainted with multiple skill sets such as a Dragoon/Caster combination. The warrior may enchant their arrows to explode when plunging into an enemy, or cast a light spell that will illuminate the path that the arrow flies along. While hybrids are more flexible than a character with a mastery in only one rank a hybrid Knight/Caster, for example, should not expect to be able to outdo a straight Knight at pure sword play.

Magic: The act of using magic is, basically, harnessing the ambient life force around you and molding it into a preferred form. That form can be in the shape of fire, acid, water, light, sound, stones shooting up form the ground, a gravity field, etc. Be creative. There are three types of life force you can draw upon. Ambient life force which is the most common and safest. Your own life force which will tire the user, and possibly kill them if they draw too much, It will add extra force to a spell but it comes at a cost. Another life force. Drawing from the life force of a living creature (be it sentient or not) will give you the same power boost as drawing upon your own life force without the threat of death or exhaustion. This type of magic is called black magic and is punishable by death in the fey and human realms. Black magic is like an addictive substance. The user will slowly fall prey to the urges that the magic brings and will eventually go mad with the power. You cannot heal or alter someones body with magic. The body is connected to the soul and healing magic is meant to reshape the body or speed up its processes, directly which a mortal cannot do with magic, therefore it is impossible to heal the body. Destroying it is far easier due to the fact that you can conjure something into existence (fireball for example) and that object will then attack the body. The magic is not directly affecting the body. Also one cannot materialize items with magic such as food and clothing. You can use magic to store food and clothing in a pocket dimension or something similar, but magic can only materialize raw forces such as fire, acid, light, ect, and shape those forces.

Tech: Technology beyond mid-evil tech is outlawed in the fey realms. Human ventors on the other hand have advanced technology that they can freely use, though magic has been known to interfere with delicate electronics. If your human venator has some tech trinkets then put them in your profile. They can be whatever they heck you think useful just be sure it isn't OP.

Race: For a human Venator your only option is to play as a human. For the Fey Venators you can play as whatever race of creature you want besides vampire, (vampires in this game are not like regular vampires and you will learn more as the story progresses) and most things demonic. If you have a question about race then please send me a pm or post in the general chat. Also there are humans on they Fey side of the veil and the fey players can play as them, though usually they are either mixed blood with some fey creature, or know some magic.

Side Note: Venators don't have to be christian. If you are skilled enough and they don't believe you will betray them the Venators will generally take anyone as long as they are tolerant of the Venator traditions and beliefs. Generally though it's kinda hard not to believe in God when you see the things most Venators do so the non-religious Venators usually lean towards the belief that there is a God, but he may not be what everyone thinks.
We only have 6 venator slots 3 fey and 3 human


Taking place in...

Fey Realm our primary setting

Across the veil is a world similar yet so different.

Fey Realm

Fey Realm by guru101

Across the veil is a world similar yet so different.

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Fey Realm

Fey Realm by guru101

Across the veil is a world similar yet so different.

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Character Portrait: Lucian Row
Lucian Row

I will show you the true meaning of divine punishment.


Character Portrait: Lucian Row
Lucian Row

I will show you the true meaning of divine punishment.

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Character Portrait: Lucian Row
Lucian Row

I will show you the true meaning of divine punishment.

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Fey Realm

Fey Realm by guru101

Across the veil is a world similar yet so different.

Fey Realm

Across the veil is a world similar yet so different.

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