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Lucian Row

I will show you the true meaning of divine punishment.

0 · 691 views · located in Fey Realm

a character in “Gods Light”, as played by guru101


name: Lucian Row

Age: 28

Race: Human

Rank: Knight

Physical description: Lucian is an intense man standing 5'11" and built with lean whip cord muscle. Over his body one could spot small white scars here and there, but nowhere is as obvious as his hands which are covered with overlapping white scars. His general dress is a priests cassock made out of a special resistant fabric designed by the Venators. The material is fire resistant, water resistant, and is designed to be as resilient as treated leather amour while providing more mobility. When battle is a possibility Lucian is always seen wearing his whip, dagger, and gauntlets.



Weapons: Lucain's primary weapon is "Judicium" the blessed whip forged by the experts in the Venator organization. Judicium was forged with the handle of the whip that struck Jesus, and a bit of metal from one of the three nails of the cross (the end weight and handle are not quite as big on Judicium and it is around 6 feet long). Lucian had train endlessly to master judicium and has developed his own style with the battle whip. He has a long dagger on his belt if he ever loses his primary weapon or cannot use it for some reason. He has light metal gauntlets on his hand that help him with his whip combat and for deflecting weapons if anyone can get that close.


Personality: Lucain is strict, refined, and a force of nature when angry. He is a man of God first and everything else second. While he loves everyone as the bible says, and respects their decisions, it won't keep him from telling them they are wrong. While he may not realize it himself he is somewhat arrogant, and pushy, but he always means well in his own way. If he is anything Lucian is a man of morals, and when he sees someone committing a wrong he will swiftly correct the situation in the most efficient manner possible if it is within his ability to do so. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and despite his personality someone you would want on a team. He believes he is doing the work of God and If his mission is to protect his teammates then he will sacrifice everything he has to complete his mission.

History: Lucian is one of the rare cases in the Venators. He grew up normally in a family with strong religious roots. At the age of 7 he was in a major car crash that severely injured him and took his parents life. He was adopted by his churches priest, and close family friend, Father Row. Since Lucians family could almost be considered a permanent figure in the church he felt closer to his family when in the church. Lucian was raised in the church from then and observed all the good that Father Row and the church was able to do. Form the age of 10 Lucian decided that he would become a priest, help the people in need, and make his family proud. He never felt closer to his parents than when doing the lords work. At the age of 18 Lucian applied for seminary, and on special recommendation from Father Row was secretly give the written test when applying to seminary to see if he was qualified to take the qualifying test for Venator basic training. After taking the test he had scored in a rank high enough that the Venators of the church took notice. He managed to pass the basic training qualification tests and basic training with flying colors and devoted his life to the Venator way. He had found his true calling. He had found his mission.

So begins...

Lucian Row's Story