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Illyria Kavos

"A curse that is a gift . . . That is my reward."

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a character in “Gods of Drevair”, as played by DuBois_Scarlett



Illyria Kavos




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Something she never thought about before

A woman whose hair can't decide whether it is blonde or red and whose delicate features and form look wholly in contrast to her thin plated armour. With bright blue eyes, fair skin marred only by freckles, Illyria is the picture of a high born beauty, that is if it were not for her unladylike choice of vesture.

Illyria possess tremendous physical strength. With this comes such reflexes and agility that make her a formidable opponent in hand to hand combat. Her skin at touch maybe soft as silk and to look at fine as porcelain, however it is actually a hard shell with the ability to defy the strength of attacks and deflect the likes of physical weapons remarkably. Illyria also possess the ability to slow time down and move within that space at accelerated speeds, however it's an ability she is still trying to get a hang of.

Though, Illyria has gained great physical strength, she is by no means invincible. Her greatest fear and weakness is fire and flame. It comes with the gift or the curse, - which ever way one wishes to see it – as professed that if flame touches her enchanted skin, no mortal force will be able to put it asunder and she will burn to ash by the cold flames of the underworld.

Lady Illyria Kavos will leave an impression upon whom ever she meets. Clever, with a sardonic sense of humour, she can often be found making merry wherever she finds herself. She may give the impression of being careless and ill responsible. However there is great purpose below this thin veneer.

Ruthless and determined when it comes to battle and a proud Kavos. She will always fight for family and Kingdom.

However, Illyria has surprisingly maintained her humanity. In fact, her transformation has made her more human if possible. She finally sees the frailty of the mortal form and how although human's constantly battle for land and things that may seem unimportant on a higher levels; Illyria still sees the beauty behind it. Death must occur for life to begin anew. But to wipe out all humanity? To murder her family, her people? It is something she is still undecided upon, Drevair or it's inhabitants?

Illyria Kavos is a princess of the warring Kingdom of Kavos and the niece of the King. Her upbringing and education was of the highest standards. Illyria grew up running around the keeps and the wall walks of her uncle's castle, that was home to her, with many siblings and cousins. Her childhood was normal for one of her class.

The only oddity she encountered while growing up was her mother. As Illyria grew older, she came to understanding that her mother was different and treated like an outsider. She began hearing rumours that her mother was a witch and a practitioner of the dark arts. A strong willed child, Illyria would fight whomever called her mother names, no matter who they maybe or how unladylike it maybe to act in such a manner. Her mother always told her to unheed the cruel words of others and employed her daughter in learning the craft of spells that was apart of her and passed down through the generation.

This was kept a secret of course. But Illyria prospered in what was imprinted upon her blood.

It was on one fateful day when Illyria braved and ventured into the forbidden forest to find a rare ingredient for one of her healing potions that she came across a dark battle between two entities she did not recognize. One was very human and by some unimaginable power held the other monstrous entity captive. Death was sure for this poor creature at the hands of this cruel person who declared that with the demons death he would gain it's full powers.

Illyria could not standby and watch such cruelty and without thought to her own well being came between the crossfire. The bolt sent forth for the demon hit her like a thunderbolt.

She tasted death that day.

When Illyria awoke, resurrected with a struggling gasp for breath, pulled forward by an invisible rope to stand on her own two feet, it was only her and the demonic entity. The beast seemed to recognize what she truly was and thanked her for her selflessness. Bestowing on her as she remembered clearly 'a curse that is a gift.'

As the demonic entity suddenly ran towards her at full speed, Illyria gasped once more in fright but all that hit her was a gust of air, that stirred the earth and the leaves around her.

It was only much later Illyria had realised that she had had to die to become what she now stood as and realise what she must do . . .

So begins...

Illyria Kavos's Story

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Kavos was an unimaginably vast Kingdom. It had started as a small warring fractions many a millennia ago. But with the firm leadership of the first family of Kavos it had expanded to such greater distance.

Rule & Conquer.

That was the Kavos family motif. And that's what they had been doing from the beginning of time. Now was no different. Drevair's southern portion would belong to the Kavos Kingdom sooner or later.

King Marius Kavos ruled with a firm but iron fist, like his ancestors before him. War was on the cusps but this war . . . this war was different.

Yes . . . Pondered Illyria Kavos remotely. This battle was indeed different . . . Her sense tingled with impending dread. The capital city of Caprice rolled out before her into the distance as she stood high above on the Wall Walk of the great Castle. The wind stirred the long lengths of her gown and her long copper locks swayed with the air.

Everything was eerily normal. The streets below bustled with the usual non-stop of such a large city. Illyria wanted to believe it was her imagination . . . But she knew better.

She watched absent mindedly to the goings on below her. Women and merchants washed their clothes and wares in the river that ran through the city. The peels of laughter and giddy squeals of children flowed through the air. Everything was vibrant, vivid and colourful.

There was no place in Drevair like Caprice, mused Illyria as a smile touched her lips. A fierce need to protect all of it ran through Illyria. These were her people. Just as the call for battle summoned the people of Kavos to fight for their Kingdom. So would their Kingdom fight for their freedom . . .