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Babette Anderson

"I'm meaner than my demons." (Persephone)

0 · 137 views · located in Las Vegas, Nevada

a character in “Gods of Sin City”, as played by Periphery


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Nightmare || Halsey
"'Come on, little lady, give us a smile'
No, I ain't got nothin' to smile about
I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for
A moment to say I don't owe you a goddamn thing"


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Dance With the Devil || Breaking Benjamin
"Say goodbye
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight"


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|| Full Name ||
"It's an old lady's name."
Babette Harper Anderson

|| Nickname(s) ||
"Call me what you want."
Babette has a couple different nicknames. She really hates the full name
Babette so she never uses it. No one really knows her by her full first name anymore as she hasn't used it since she was a little girl and doesn't give it out much.. Instead, she prefers to be called Baby or Babs, for short. She does also like the nicknames Babsy and Bebe as well.

|| Age ||
"I'm an old soul."
Nineteen years-old

|| Sexuality ||
"Love is love, baby."

|| Residency ||
"Anything is better than where I came from, so I can't complain."
Hometown: New York City, New York
Currently: Las Vegas, Nevada

|| Occupation ||
"I'm better off than the other whores, thanks to Rebel."
Prostitute & stripper

|| Face claim ||
Charlotte Free

|| Soul ||
"I guess I have the soul of a God in me. Who knew?"
|| Divine || Persephone ||
Goddess of the Underworld, Spring, Flowers, Plants, Consort to Hades

|| Gang Role ||
"It's not so bad, really."
Within The Black Jackals, Baby is a prostitute, though she doesn't come cheap because she's Rebel's favorite.

|| Relationship Status ||
"Why, are you interested? You'll have to pay."
Widow, she was married very briefly, but he died
Rebel's lover. Rebel is infatuated with her, and keeps her very close.

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Control || Halsey
"I'm bigger than my body
I'm colder than this home
I'm meaner than my demons
I'm bigger than these bones"


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|| Addictions ||
"I can't help myself."
☠ Cigarettes ☠ Cigarettes are Baby's very first vice. She became addicted at the young age of twelve and hasn't stopped smoking since. She smokes far too much for a girl her age, but could care less. When nothing else is available to keep her from spiraling, a cigarette is always a quick way to take the edge off.
☠ Tequila ☠ Simply put, Babs loves tequila. It has, and always will be, her drink of choice. In fact, at any given moment, it's likely she's got at least a shot or two in her system. She carries a small coffin shaped flask on her at all times, and if you watch long enough, you're bound to spot her sneaking sips.
☠ Drugs ☠ When it comes to drugs, Baby is an absolute fiend. She doesn't care what you have, as long as it will fuck her up and make her feel good. Oddly enough, she feels more stable when she's high, than she does when she's sober.
☠ Destructive Relationships ☠ Probably her most problematic vice is Baby's tendency to fall in with dangerous lovers and get wrapped up in unhealthy relationships. It's part of why her life has been so chaotic, but she can't seem to help herself. For some reason, she seems magnetically drawn to love affairs that only lead to tragedy and darkness.

|| Likes ||
"Cigarettes & sex."
▲ Sunshine ▲ Parties ▲ Flowers ▲ Small animals ▲ Nature ▲ Cigarettes ▲
▲ Alcohol ▲ Bad boys ▲ Danger ▲ Ghosts ▲ The color pink ▲ Rough sex ▲
▲ Trees ▲ Rebelling ▲ Sarcasm ▲ Motorcycles ▲ Knives ▲ Psychedelics ▲

|| Disikes ||
"Don't worry, if I don't like you, you'll know."
▼ Authority ▼ Being told no ▼ Rules ▼ Winter ▼ Losing ▼ Optimistic people ▼
▼ Mornings ▼ Sobriety ▼ The color orange ▼ "Goody" types ▼ Liars ▼ Wine ▼
▼ Healthy food ▼ Being alone ▼ Emotion ▼ Her past ▼ Being underestimated ▼ Boredom ▼

|| Abilities||
"I always just thought I was weird."
[ Vitality ] There are two sides to this ability. Like the myth of Persephone having to spend half her time in the Underworld, it is seasonal. During the fall and winter months, she can drain vitality from living things, essentially killing them. During the spring and summer months when the world is in bloom, she can increase vitality, healing and rejuvenating life.
[ Plant manipulation & communication ] Very simply, Baby can manipulate plant life. this means that she can alter their growth/decay for the most part. She can conjure a plant out of nowhere, so long as there is earth available. Strangely, the plants also seem to speak to her mind, particularly flowers.
[ Ghost communication ] Babs can see and commune with spirits. Often, this ability is pretty passive. Most spirits are just lost and lonely beings, looking for someone to talk to. She does this often, though the ghosts rarely have something of significance to say. She just likes comforting their loneliness. She is also frequently visited by the ghost of her mother who tries to comfort her when she's distraught.

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Hold Me Down || Halsey
"I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He's got me down on both knees
But it's the devil that's tryna

Hold me down, hold me down
Sneaking out the back door,
Make no sound
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for"


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Image Image
|| Basics ||
"The pink hair is pretty memorable."
  • Eyes → Light blue
  • Hair → Varies between pale blond, neon pink, and softer baby pink. Ocassionally, she'll add a little light purple as well. Usually hangs just below her shoulders in loose, often unkempt waves.
  • Height → About 5'4"
  • Weight → 115 lbs

|| Piercings ||
"After having one torn out, you pretty much give up on them."
Babs isn't really huge on piercings. As a young girl, she had her earring accidentally ripped out of her ear, and since, has pretty much boycotted piercings. She wears a fake diamond stud in one ear (the ear that was not injured) and she also has her belly button pierced, but otherwise, she has none.

|| Tattoos ||
"Love tattoos, wish I had more."
Baby once dated a girl who liked to do tattoos, but was far from a professional. As such, her tattoos are mostly simple or poor quality, but she still loves every one of them because they're original.
[ Right Shoulder ] On the upper part of her arm/shoulder, Baby has the word "Slayer" tattooed. This is her most recent tattoo. She got it done in a shop shortly after the death of her husband, and joining The Black Jackals.
[ Middle Finger ] Along the side of her middle finger, Bbay has a stick n' poke tattoo that reads "BITE ME". This one is old, poor quality, and fairly faded, but it is still obviously there and readable.
[ Left Inner Arm ] On the inside of her left arm, Babette has a tiny little rose. Not only does this pay homage to her mother, but it signifies her love for flowers and plants in a subtle way.
[ Right Ankle ] On her right ankle, Bebe has another little stick and poke. This one, she did herself and is a simple outline of a tiny little ghost.
[ Left Wrist ] Lastly, on the inside of her left wrist, Piper has a small "R" with a tiny heart next to it. This tattoo she got after Rebel found her and took her in. The R stands for "Rebel".

|| Scars ||
"I'm a fighter, and I've got the scars to prove it."
[ Left ribs ] Just under her breast, along her ribs, Baby has a small scar from a switchblade she was stabbed with. She was arguing with a drug dealer over prices when he decided to stab and rob her instead. She was left bleeding in an alley, and if it wasn't for a random passerby finding her and calling an ambulance, she likely would have died that night, as the knife punctured her lung.
[ Inner arms ] Along the insides of her arms, Babs has some circular burn scars. These are from cigarettes that were put out on her. Some were self inflicted during times of darkness, but most were given to her by Johnny, her abusive and controlling husband. When he was angry with her, he liked to hurt her, and one of his favorite methods, was to put cigarettes out on her.
[ Right thigh ] Along the side of her right thigh, Baby has a road rash scar. It's not a very large patch, but is still noticeable. This, she got thanks to a motorcycle accident. She was thrown from the vehicle, and ended up in the hospital, but the only lasting scar remains on her thigh, given to her from her skin scraping the pavement. The driver of the motorcycle, whom she met in a bar, ended up in the hospital in a coma and never woke up.
[ Back of left shoulder ] This was given to her by a gang-banger Johnny made the mistake of crossing. She was out with Johnny one night at their favorite dive bar, not realizing that an enemy of his was watching them the entire time, planning revenge for something Johnny had done to him. When the two of them left the bar together, the man followed, and shot at them. He was aiming for Johnny, but none of the shots actually hit him. One did, however, manage to hit the back of her shoulder and leave a small scar.
[ Right eyebrow ] Finally, on her right eyebrow, Baby has a small, faded scar that actually splices it in two right at the arch. This is her oldest notable scar, that she received from her father. The man was a hopeless drunk in his later years, and drinking often fueled his rage, which, unfortunately, Babs was the target of. All she had to do was glance in his direction to set him off. One such time, he slammed her face so hard into a brick wall so hard, he broke her nose, her eye socket, and gave her the scar on her eyebrow.

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Cry || Ashnikko (Feat. Grimes)
"I'm a tough bitch, but I'm sensitive
Coulda, coulda, coulda quick fuck be a sedative?
It's relative 'cause you were pushing me out to the fucking edge
I'm about to rip all of my hair out 'cause I'm madder than I've ever been
I just wanna call you, but I know I can't
Fuck a fuckin' fuckboy, fuckin' up my plans
Lay another finger on me, you could lose a hand
You could lose a hand, you could lose a

Bitch, are you tryna make me cry?
Are you tryna make me lose it?
You win some and lose some
This could get gruesome"


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Image Image
|| Personality ||
"I'm a paradox."
Moody → Baby is an emotional mess. All her life, her feelings have always been right at the surface and very easy to evoke. This can make it a little difficult to handle her because she gets wild, unpredictable mood swings that pretty much dictate her every decision. Often, her moods are like a roller coaster ride from hell. For days at a time, she'll be sullen, depressed, or grumpy. Then, seemingly out of nowhere she'll hit her stride and for several more days, she'll be all laughter and joy, nothing seems capable of stopping her. That is, until her next low. All the while, at any moment, someone could say the wrong thing, and she'll fly into a white-hot rage. This is part of why she's addicted to drugs. Certain drugs help stabilize her a little.

Unpredictable → Babette's moods can make it very difficult to predict her actions. Her behavior is often contradictory and confusing. There seems to be something in her constantly pulling her in two entirely different directions. One way is peace and nature, the other is chaos and darkness. You never know if she's going to wake up feeling like going to the desert to meditate for fifteen hours, or if she'll be more inclined to rob liquor stores and sneak into bars with a fake I.D that day.

Addict → Babs has a hopelessly addictive personality. This means that, she can make just about anyone or anything into a drug. If it makes her feel good, and helps mellow out her often explosive emotions, it becomes her new obsession. Currently, some of her vices include drugs, cigarettes, and tequila, but this quality also applies itself to people. She's afraid to be alone, and develops unhealthy attachments to the people in her life, lovers especially. Even if the relationship is nothing but tragic, she can't seem to let go. She fears loss or abandonment more than anything else, and craves love and attention. Tell her you love her, and she's yours for life, even if it costs her her own.

Free Spirited → Baby is a true free spirit. She's very hard to pin down with rules and restrictions, and lives her life almost entirely on a whim. Wherever her mind happens to take her, she goes. She's got a very open-minded and accepting attitude, willing to listen to or understand all manner of person. Her creativity knows no bounds, it merely lacks a proper outlet, making her a bit of a head case.

Rebellious → Not only is Babs a free spirit, she's also actively rebellious. She can't stand feeling controlled, and actually enjoys breaking rules. It excites her to do the exact opposite of what she's told. Tell her to go left, she'll deliberately go right. As such, she has a serious problem with authority figures. She's been arrested multiple times, and should probably be locked up somewhere by now, but Baby has an uncanny ability to talk herself out of trouble every single time. It's honestly a super power in itself, the way she manages to slip through the cracks of the law.

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Cry Baby || Melanie Martinez
"Your heart's too big for your body
It's why you won't fit inside
They're pouring out
Where everyone can see

They call you cry baby, cry baby
But you don't fucking care
Cry baby, cry baby
So you laugh through your tears"


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|| Family ||
"Who cares? My mother's dead and the rest fucking suck."
Rose Amy Anderson || Mother || 33 years old, at death || Deceased
Edgar Noah Anderson || Father || 45 years-old || Alive
Oliver Lucas Anderson || Brother || 22 years-old || Alive
Johnathan "Johnny" Torres || Ex-husband || 24, at death || Deceased
Rebel Reeves || Lover || 21 years-old || Alive

|| History ||
"Why look back?"
Babette's life has not been an easy one by any means, though it could have been very different, had fate not intervened. Her mother and father met in their teens and, miraculously, stayed together through high school. They married after high school, and seemed to have a fairy tale romance. Edgar, Baby's father, maintained a stable, Union job in construction. Her mother, Rose, was a free-lance artist and real estate agent. They weren't wealthy, but certainly made enough to live happy, stable lives in a good home.

For the first ten years or so, that's how it went. Her father worked a lot, but her mother was always around, and a very good parent to her two children. She fed Oliver's wild side by putting him in contact sports, and nurtured Baby's creative side by teaching her art, though she was never very good, but her mother didn't care. She was always proud of everything either of the children ever did.

Then the accident happened and the downward spiral began. The family was on their way to a camping trip. Baby was ten, Oliver thirteen. Their father was driving and their mother was entertaining the children with roadside games when suddenly, a deer ran out onto the road and everything in Babette's life changed. The accident was awful. Her father and brother managed to make it out with minimal injuries. She herself was in a coma for several months and when she awoke, she learned that her mother had not survived. She'd been killed on impact.

Guilt and grief changed her father, and started to trickle down to effect his children as well. Edgar became a heavy drinker. He was never a violent man before, but, unfortunately, now, when he had booze in him, his anger was easy to ignite. Baby happened to look a lot like her mother, and grew to look more and more like her the older she got, and this seemed to be a trigger for her father's drunken rage. All she had to do was walk into the room to set him off.

For the most part, the abuse was merely verbal, but on occasion, it got physical. On one such occasion, she was slammed face first into a brick wall and broke several bones in her face. To escape, she and her brother both fell into the wrong kinds of crowds. Her brother started hanging out with drug dealers and gang bangers, and when Babs was fifteen, she was introduced to one such criminal, through her brother by the name of Johnny and her life completely derailed.

She fell in love with Johnny, and told herself that, as long as he loved her, their disastrous relationship was okay. She ran away from home to be with him at sixteen, and turned to a life of dealing drugs and petty theft to get by. It wasn't too long into their relationship that Johnny started getting her high and pimping her out to his friends. When she angered him or disobeyed him, he was downright cruel to her, burning her with cigarettes, slapping her around, and worse, but she couldn't seem to get away from him. Actually, she tried running away from him twice, but he just found her and managed to sweet talk her back to his side.

In just one year on the road with Johnny, the two of them had lived in four different cities until they landed in Vegas. He managed to convince Baby to marry him in a quickie ceremony, thinking that it would tie her to him forever. He promised her things would change, but, if anything, they got worse. He used the money he had scraped together from their year of crime to buy a shit-hole strip club which he not only forced her to dance in, but prostitute herself in. He didn't care who paid for her or what they did, as long as they paid, and often, her clients were aggressive and abusive.

This went on for a year or so before Rebel walked into their crappy little club and things changed. Since the car accident when she was ten, where she nearly died, Baby had had powers she couldn't quite explain. Up until then, she'd mostly ignored them, too afraid to explore them, after she nearly killed one of her clients with them once, but Rebel opened her up to them in a way that was both exciting and liberating.

For a few months, Rebel was merely a mysterious regular at the club, someone Johnny was intent on impressing. He assumed she was there to buy the club from him, as it was clear she was wealthy and their joint wasn't the kind of place where rich people went. Johnny sent her to service Rebel repeatedly, and the two of them bonded in a way Baby hadn't expected. She even confided in Rebel about the gifts she had, and Rebel confessed that she knew and was the same. She wasn't there for the club, she was there for Baby. If she wanted, Rebel would show her how to use her power and she could come work for her instead. She promised to treat her a thousand times better than Johnny ever had. All that was left, was to get rid of Johnny.

The two of them lured Johnny in one winter night with the promise of a threesome. Little did he know, he wouldn't survive it. Rebel encouraged her to kill her husband using her power to drain vitality, and watched with a cigarette as she did so. It was freeing, and thrilling. Rebel then proceeded to line up several jobs in a row for her, all Johnny's cruelest regulars, and Baby killed every one of them.

Since that night, Baby has been working for Rebel and has never looked back. She is still a stripper and prostitute, but things are drastically different because she's prized by Rebel. She doesn't have to take any jobs she doesn't want, her price is very high which keeps most of the scumbags away, if anyone hurts her, they have Rebel to deal with. Not only is she better protected and taken care of, Rebel is truly infatuated with her. Almost every night, Baby goes home to Rebel's bed, despite having her own apartment, and Rebel treats her like a partner. She sits in on important meetings, woos important clients for Rebel, and even gets information for Rebel VIA pillow talk. She's not a pawn anymore, she's a player.

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"I'm meaner than my demons."
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So begins...

Babette Anderson's Story