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Rebel Reeves

"Fuck a princess, I'm a king." (Anubis)

0 · 160 views · located in Las Vegas, Nevada

a character in “Gods of Sin City”, as played by Periphery


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Evil || Ängie & Harrison First
"A beautiful killer
The devil's mistress
You're another sinner
For a villain in a dress

Evil, I'm fucking evil
Evil, a fallen angel
Evil, I'm fucking evil
Evil, I'm fucking evil

I'm a succubus, a blood thirsty vampire
I'll break your heart in two
You should run, run, the opposite direction
You're dancing with the devil"


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Goddess || Xana
"He won't look me in the eyes
Afraid to see what's looking back
Oh, you'll regret doin' the devil dirty like that

He believed that I could take a beating
But the bruises down my back don't mean a damn thing
Cause I brought the God of War to his knees
With the back of my hand wiped his blood from my cheek"


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|| Full Name ||
"My name tells you everything you need to know about me."
Rebel Taylor Reeves

|| Nickname(s) ||
"I like my name well enough."
As there aren't many ways to shorten it, she usually just goes by
Rebel. The gang calls her Boss.

|| Age ||
"Young maybe, but more than capable."
Twenty-one years old

|| Sexuality ||
"Anyone that can make me cum."

|| Residency ||
"This is my fucking city."
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Currently: Las Vegas, Nevada

|| Occupation ||
"I'm the Boss."
Gang leader

|| Face claim ||
Taylor Momsen

|| Soul ||
"I've got the soul of death itself in me."
|| Divine || Anubis ||
God of the dead, death, eternal judgement, funerals

|| Gang Role ||
"There's no one above me."
Rebel is the leader of The Black Jackals. She runs the entire operation.

|| Relationship Status ||
"Love doesn't exist."
Her lover is Babette Anderson

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Turn Off the Light || Kim Petras
Under moonlight
Chills down your spine
Fear in your eyes
Feelin' malicious
Heard you like it vicious
All your dirty wishes
We were made to do it

C'mon, are you curious enough to taste it?
To taste it

If you're looking for a fright and you wanna do it right
C'mon, turn off the light (2x)
If you wanna take a bite, wanna see the dark side
C'mon, turn off the light (2x)"


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|| Addictions ||
"Guns and whiskey."
☠ Sex ☠ There is nothing Rebel enjoys more than a good fuck. She doesn't exactly have relationships, because she hates the idea of committing, but she does have temporary lovers that become sort of an obsession for her. Currently, she's hooked on Baby and has been for a little over a year, which is pretty impressive for her. Most of her lovers are lucky if they make it a few months before she gets bored and moves on to her next addiction.
☠ Power ☠ Ever since she was young, Rebel has always been power hungry. She had five brothers, four of them older, and yet she got the torch passed to her because she wanted it most. She was never complacent to be just daddy's little girl. She wanted the keys to the kingdom. Growing up, she competed the hardest, and now she's hopelessly addicted to the power, and is always seeking to expand it.
☠ Drugs ☠ Rebel is a true junkie when it comes to drugs. She prefers uppers, because they keep her sharp and give her an exciting rush, however she doesn't draw the line there. If she gets particularly stressed, it's not uncommon for her to take the edge off with a strong dose of downers.
☠ Whiskey ☠ Just like her father, whiskey is Rebel's drink of choice. In fact, you'll rarely find her drinking anything else. She was thirteen when her father poured her her first glass of whiskey, and she hasn't stopped drinking it since. In fact, she continues to grow her father's impressive collection of rare and expensive whiskeys to this day.

|| Likes ||
"Killing my enemies."
▲ Rough sex ▲ Guns ▲ Death/killing ▲ Expensive whiskey ▲ Night ▲ Power
▲ Winning ▲ Baby ▲ Bones, her familiar ▲ Control ▲ Cocaine ▲ Partys
▲ Working ▲ Causing fear ▲ Crime ▲ Fast cars ▲ Horror movies ▲ Blood

|| Disikes ||
"Stupid fucking questions."
▼ The Damnation ▼ Losing ▼ Weakness ▼ Sentiment ▼ Early mornings ▼ Being told no
▼ Disrespect ▼ Being underestimated ▼ Disobedience ▼ Happy people ▼ Idiots ▼ Wine
▼ Sweet foods ▼ Authority ▼ The color yellow ▼ Cats ▼ Repeating herself ▼ Sobriety

|| Abilities||
"I've earned these gifts."
[ Death ] This means that she can cause death. This power, however, has it's limits. It is not quite as effective against other powerful Divines. Weaker Divines and humans, she can kill with some focus. Plants and animals require no skill at all, but strong, well practiced Divines prove more difficult. With these more formidable victims, she can cause pain and weakness for a limited amount of time.
[ Familiar ] She has a Familiar that follows her through life. The two are connected by the very soul, and are able to communicate telepathically, as well as feel what the other feels. She can also see through his eyes, should she wish. Her Familiar comes in the form of a large doberman pinscher named Bones. They cannot be separated.
[ Reincarnation ] This is her most important gift. Without it, she would not even have her power. This gift allows her to reincarnate the soul of a God or Goddess into a being of her choosing, including that of Anubis, the soul she posseses. Should she die, she has the ability to pass her power onto another of her choice instead of random reincarnation. She can also call forth the souls of Gods and Goddesses that are between lifetimes and reincarnate them into new bodies, essentially creating new Divines. This, however, is not without it's limits for she can only perform this feat during a Blue moon, which only occurs every three years or so, and she must find a soul that is both willing and strong enough to reincarnate.

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The Tradition || Halsey
"So take what you want, take what you can
Take what you please, don't give a damn
Ask for forgiveness, never permission
Take what you want, take what you can
Take what you please, don't give a damn
It's in the blood and this is tradition"


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Image Image
|| Basics ||
"Like what you see?"
  • Eyes → Blue-green
  • Hair → Platinum blond, lays straight or
    in waves all the way down to her hips
  • Height → 5'5"
  • Weight → 120 lbs

|| Piercings ||
"I love pericings."
Rebel has a couple piercings scattered over her body. She has one in her belly button, as well as both nipples done. She also has a septum ring as well as both ears. Her left ear is pierced more than her right with a total of eight piercings along her lobe and cartilage whereas the right ear only has the standard three lobe piercings.

|| Tattoos ||
"Can never have too many."
Currently, Rebel has a total of eight tattoos, most of which are not very large. She plans to collect many more though, hoping to be fully covered someday.
[ Right Elbow ] On the back of her arm, just above her elbow, Rebel has a small Anubis tattoo. The meaning of this one is fairly obvious, paying tribute to the source of her power, the god Anubis. She got it shortly after becoming Divine and rising to power as leader of The Black Jackals.
[ Spine ] Along her spine, each word stack on the next, Rebel has the phrase "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." She got this tattoo shortly after her successful assassination performed by her siblings, during which she actually did die, and briefly visited the Underwold before being brought back to the land of the living.
[ Left Wrist ] Her first ever tattoo sits on the inside of her left wrist. It's a small jackal that she got when she was fifteen years old. An obvious tribute to The Black Jackals.
[ Knuckles ] Across her knuckles, she has the words Hell Bent. This tattoo is old and a little faded, but still clearly visible.
[ Upper Right Arm ] Tattooed on the upper portion of her right arm, Rebel has a decent sized pistol with a silencer attached.
[ Left Forearm ] Her left forearm sports a twisted snake.
[ Back of neck ] Under her hair, Rebel has the word Baby tattooed on the back of her neck. This is a stick-n-poke tattoo that she let her lover Baby do a few months ago.
[ Right Thigh ] Finally, on her right thigh, Rebel has a tattoo of the grim reaper with the phrase "practice makes perfect." This tattoo she got after her father's death, in dedication to him. The first time he took her to shoot her gun at actual enemies, she missed her first shot. He simply told her that practice makes perfect, before having her finish the job.

|| Scars ||
"I've almost died at least five times now, and actually died once."
[ Chest and back ] On her chest, just over her heart, Rebel has a scar a few inches across. She also has a matching scar on her mid back. These two scars actually caused her death. Her brothers killed her with two stabs, one to the heart, and one to the back.
[ Right temple ] On her right temple, Rebel has a small scar from being shot. She was shot at by a Damnation assassin, and actually hit in the head. The shot should have been an instant death, but thankfully, she got lucky. The way the bullet entered, it wasn't able to pierce her brain. There's still a small bit of bullet in her skull that the doctors couldn't remove.
[ Throat ] Yet another attempt on her life caused this scar across her throat. This time, a business contact of hers attempted to double cross her. She was taken by surprise and her throat was cut. They left her for dead, but her brother tried calling her. When she didn't answer, he came and found her. He was able to use his power to hold her back from the brink of death until she could get medical attention.
[ Left Shoulder ] High on her upper arm, where it meets her shoulder, Rebel has another scar from a bullet. This scar is very old, from when she was only thirteen. Her father took her on a drive by shooting, firing at an enemy in the street to send a message. She killed someone, and got a bullet in her shoulder in return.
[ Jaw ] Under her jaw, she has a small scar. This is actually from her father. He usually wasn't violent, but if you severely disappointed him, you were likely to receive one hefty blow to the face. Her brothers received these hits often growing up, but for Rebel, it only ever occurred once. She learned her lesson and never disappointed her father like that again. Unfornunately, he was wearing a ring that day, and it left a small scar.

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Daisy || Ashnikko
"Fuck a princess, I'm a king
Bow down and kiss on my ring
Being a bitch is my kink
What the fuck else did you think?
Fuck a princess, I'm a king
Bow down and kiss on my ring
It's gonna hurt, it'll sting
Spittin' your blood in the sink

I'm crazy, but you like that, I bite back
Daisies on your nightstand, never forget it
I blossom in the moonlight, screw eyes
Glacial with the blue ice, I'm terrifying"


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Image ImageImage Image
|| Personality ||
"I'm the fucking devil babe."
Macabre → Rebel is, and always has been, a little on the dark side. She's always found beauty in the darker side of life, mainly, death. In fact, killing is one of her favorite pass times. When an enemy makes the mistake of getting caught in their territory, they are always brought to Rebel first. She enjoys deciding their fate personally, and, often, carries out the sentence herself, be it torture or death. Her favorite movies are horror movies, and she's been known to spend free time crashing funerals simply to feed off the misery that death causes. She's got a facination with blood, and loves to "play" with her ability to cause death, constatnly testing it's limits.

Cynical → When you've been murdered by your own family, it's hard to see the world in an optimistic light. Rebel has grown up in the dark underbelly of Las Vegas. Her father protected her from nothing, wanting her to be prepared for everything. As such, she's seen a lot of horror and darkness in the world from a very young age. She's grown up believeing that everyone is corrupt and evil in some capacity, and the things she's experienced in life have only further cemented that belief in her. While this cynicism can make her a bit negative at times, it also protects her. When you approach everyone like they're willing to screw you over, you're able to catch it before it happens, or, at the very least, survive it when it does.

Ambitious → Ambition is part of how Rebel is where she is today. When she sets a goal, she reaches it at all costs. As a young girl she decided she wanted all the power. She wanted the kingdom, and, against all odds, she got it in the end. Despite having four older brothers and one younger, growing up in a man's world, it was her that her father chose as successor. The choice shocked everyone, even her enemies, and since that day, she has proven everyone who's ever doubted her wrong. With raw ambition and tenacity, she has been able to show her enemies and allies alike that she is as strong and capable as any man. Rebel isn't just complacent with what her father's given her. She constantly seeks to improve and expand her kingdom, and has been incredibly successful at it thus far.

Fearless → Fear is a word that has no place in Rebel's vocabulary. Not even death frightens her, for she's faced it already. She's seen the darkness of Hell and returned a little less sane, but still in tact. To be a woman of power in her world, she has to be fearless, because, everywhere she looks, there's a man who wants to take her down. She's survived many assassination attempts, earning her a reputation of being difficult to kill, but she hasn't allowed the attempts on her life to scare her out of her seat. Nothing frightens her anymore, her father made sure of that by exposing her to her world early and never sugar coating a thing.

Ruthless → Rebel has earned herself quite a fearsome reputation. You have to have a heart of ice to kill everyone in your own family. That first horrible act of power set the tone for her rule as leader and has stayed consistent thus far. If you're brought before her, you ought to be shaking in your boots, because Rebel does not play games, and has no sense of empathy. She's cold, calculated, and heartless. Some believe her to be a total sociopath, as it seems she has no real emotion at all. She can cause the death of a close colleuge that crosses her without so much as blinking an eye, in fact, she seems to enjoy it. Despite popular opinion, however, Rebel may be a little crazy, but she is not a psychopath. She simply has the uncanny ability to disconnect from her emotions. She feels deeply, but refuses to let it show. She claims that love doesn't exist, but in actuality, feels it to her very core. In fact, love is a bit of a weakness for her, and the recent loss of Baby has her absolutely spinning with grief and rage. Rest assured, it will be a dark, ugly day when Rebel gets revenge for Baby's kidnapping.

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Eyes On Fire || Blue Foundation
"I'll seek you out
Flay you alive

One more word and you won't survive
And I'm not scared
Of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain
You'll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

I'm taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly, I will play my ace"


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|| Family ||
"I killed them all, but one."
Angelina Claire Reeves || Mother || 32, at death || Deceased
Gabriel Jason Reeves || Father || 52, at death || Deceased
Evan William Reeves || Oldest brother || 32, at death || Deceased
Jameson Marcus Reeves || Half brother || 30 years old || Alive
Jack Jacob Reeves || Brother || 25, at death || Deceased
Daniel Johnathan Reeves || Brother || 25, at death || Deceased
Jim Jason Reeves || Younger half brother || 17, at death || Deceased
Babette Harper Anderson || Lover || 19 years-old || Alive

|| History ||
"My father could have raised me as a princess, but he raised me as a kingpin."
Rebel's life so far has been interesting to say the very least. She was born into a world where, being born female, she was already at a huge disadvantage. Add to that her four older brothers, and everyone essentially counted her out at birth. She would never rule the roost because she couldn't. The best life she could hope for was to be raised a spoiled princess. However, luckily for Rebel, her father didn't see it that way at all. Her eldest brother, Evan, was already fourteen by the time she was born and a complete disappointment where their father was concerned. He was all violence, with no head for business, and he often acted too rashly. Her next oldest brother, Jameson wasn't her father's legitimate son. He was the son of one of his father's mistresses. Of course, his father raised him like his other sons. If he chose to pursue a life of crime, he had as good a shot as any of them, but he also had the unique option of deciding not to follow their father without disappointing him. Jameson took this out, and focused more on school and work than anything else.

After Jameson, there were the twins, Jack and Daniel. They were seven or so by the time Rebel was born, and certainly competition growing up, Especially Daniel. Jack was a little on the softer side at times. She fought hardest against the twins for her father's approval and recognition. However, unlike the boys who believed they deserved his legacy, she was determined to work for it. The boys didn't even take her seriously, or see her as a threat until the last few years of their father's life when they started to realize what was going to happen.

Her mother died giving birth to her, something her older brothers never seemed able to forgive her for. Growing up, her eldest brother Evan was downright cruel to her, and the twins were always closer to each other than they were to her. She seemed to have a bond with Jameson until he left home, so her closest sibling ended up being her younger half brother. More due to grief than anything else, her father married one of his mistresses less than six months after Rebel's birth and her mother's death. A year later, Jim was born. Being so close in age and both a little on the outs, her being a girl and him being a half sibling, they grew up close.

Rebel's childhood was certainly unorthodox. She was handed a gun and taught how to use it when she was merely six. By ten, she she could fight better than most of the boys. She made her first kill at twelve years old, and by thirteen, her father had her sitting in on important meetings. By the time she was fifteen, Rebel was a constant force in her father's operation. She worked as an assassin for him, as well as a close right hand and shadow, learning how to handle the business side of things as much as the killing and violence. She didn't know it just yet, but he was planning on naming her his heir, and her brothers were just starting to suspect it.

When she turned seventeen, her world was rocked as her father fell ill and they were told it was terminal. For the first several months, he held strong, not wanting his business associates and enemies to see or even know about his weakness. As the year went on, however, it got more difficult, and by the end of her seventeenth year, as she was nearing eighteen, Rebel was essentially running things in his place, making decisions in his name. This, was apparently when it really hit home for her brothers, what was coming.

One night, her father called her to his sickbed to tell her he had to pass the power of Anubis to her now, before he became too weak to do so. If he became too weak, he couldn't properly wield his ability to reincarnate Anubis's soul. The power their family had held for generations could be lost, or one of her brothers could try to steal it from her. In fact, he assumed her brothers were plotting that very thing already. He warned her against her brothers, told her if he gave her the power, they wouldn't take it well. They may even try to kill her and take it. After all this, he insisted that she kill him to take the power. It was very difficult, because she loved her father very much, but she was the daughter he'd raised her to be, and she knew she had to do it, so she did. She killed him and he passed the power of Anubis to her, along with leadership of his entire operation.

As her father had suspected, her brothers didn't take the news well. Especially her eldest brother, who believed the power was his by right. They plotted in secret against her, even managed to pull in Jim, her youngest brother and close confidant growing up. Less than a week after coming to power, they ambushed her, drugged her, and killed her with several knife stabs. Her eldest brother told her as she was dying, that if she didn't pass him the power, it would be lost and she knew that couldn't happen. Her father would roll in his grave. The only thing worse than it going to a traitor, was it being lost for good, so she passed it along.

Her brothers, however, were about to find out that it was damn near impossible to kill Rebel Reeves. At the funeral, her half brother, Jameson, came home. He had actually been home for some time, as their father had contacted him, afraid for his daughter around his sons. Jameson just made the mistake underestimating how long her brothers had been plotting, and how quickly they'd be ready to act. Still, he had one ace left up his sleeve and he played it in the most dramatic way possible, for the largest impact.

He told a select few his plan, loyalists, that had gotten used to working for her and knew what her father had wanted was for her to rule. At the funeral, Jameson approached her body to say goodbye, and through his power of Osiris, resurrected her right there in front of a crowd of traitors and grievers. Her brothers didn't even know what hit them. By the time she sat up fully in her coffin and opened her eyes, the men Jameson had spoken to were already disarming them and rounding them up.

Her return from the Underwold had only served to make her colder, and the funeral was shut down immediately, everyone but those most loyal to her were ushered out, and her first major decision as leader of The Black Jackals was to execute her traitorous brothers and steal her power back, right there in the church. The four younger ones went fast. Her eldest brother was more tricky as he'd stolen the soul of Anubis from her and she now had to convince him to give it back. She acted as though she would let him live if he gave it to her. She'd have to kill him to reincarnate Anubis's soul back to her, but she promised to have Jamseon bring him back as a mortal afterwards. He was stubborn though. She had to torture him brutally for three hours before he finally crumbled. She killed him, took the power he was finally willing to give her, and told her men to bury him in an unmarked grave somewhere, refusing to lie him to rest with the rest of her family.

Since that day, Rebel has been solidly in power for three years with Jameson working as her right hand, and probably the only person in the world she literally trusts with her life. No one doubts her and many fear her. Unfortunately, however, she's got enemies everywhere. Some see her as an easy target because she's a woman, some see her as a walking insult because she's a woman in power, others just want to take her out. She's dodged quite a few attempts on her life in the past three years, even coming close to death once or twice, but none have managed to finish the job yet. She's certainly got a reputation as formidable.

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So begins...

Rebel Reeves's Story