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Going Home

Going Home


Upon graduating high school, you left home in search of new adventures and people, leaving behind friends and loved ones. Now for whatever reason you have returned home. The town is still the same, but have the relationships with others changed?

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"Home is where the heart is."



In the small town of Virginia City, Montana everyone knew everyone. With only a population totaling to 250, your parents knew the owner of the hardware store and the mayor has been best friends with your father since the first grade. It was a tight knit community that helped one another whenever it was called upon. The city thrived on local businesses and exporting goods. There was but one one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. The graduating class of 2008 had only about 50 students. So you can imagine there isn't much of a choice when it came to dating.
Some of those who had just graduated had decided to call it quites, wanting to explore the world beyond their city limits. Some decided to serve their country, some went on to college, while others simply traveled. Relationships had ended and friendships strayed. Those who had left were seemingly happy with their lives outside of Virginia City, but there was always that sense of homesickness within them despite their newfound joys.
After being away for six years, many of those who left from the graduated class, started to return back for various reasons. Whether those reasons were family related, not having anywhere else to go, or simply missing home, they all came back. Much to there dismay, it seemed like everything in the town itself had stayed the same. The same family still owned the bakery down on Birch Street, Mayor Tom Goreingher was still in office, and old man Jeremy was still the grumpy old man they had all come to adore.
Yet the one thing that wasn't the same were the relationships that were long ago established. Old memories of going to the lake with friends are exactly that, old memories. Going to the local drive in theater for a double date, was a thing of the past. But will reuniting back with old friends, enemies, crushes, and exes bring up the past and continue off where they left off, or has everything changed?


[center] Name || Age || Role (What they did) || Face Claim || General Character Traits || Open\Reserved\Taken

Name || 24 years old || Role || Jessica de Gouw || Manipulative || Reserved by Dumisa

In high school (Jessica) was known as the Queen Bee and ruled over the school with an iron fist, people weren't fond of her, but that was about it. After high school she didn't know what to do so she left town and went traveling. During her travels she learned what exactly life was worth living for. She experienced struggle and true love from strangers. Her experiences had changed her. Now returning to Virginia Falls just to make a home (Jessica) tries to show her old classmates that she has changed for the better despite their animosity.

Name || 23 years old || Model || Nina Agdal || Charismatic || Taken

(Nina) had always been a beautiful girl, and was known as one of the popular girls in school, so it was no surprise when she was noticed by a top modeling agency. By her parent's rules, once she was finished with high school she could pursue her career. Fulfilling her parent's wishes she left Virginia Falls for an extravagant lifestyle as a fashion model. But before leaving, not wanting any attachments, she broke up with her long time boyfriend (Stephen) and jetsetted across the world. But life on the road made (Nina) homesick, so on leave she returned back home, where to her surprise (Stephen) had also returned.

Name || 25 years old || Civil Engineer || Stephen Amell || Playboy || Taken

(Stephen) was captain of the football team and had everything going for him. He was dating one of the most beautiful girls in school and had a great group of friends. After graduating when (Nina) broke up with him, he became disheartened, but nonetheless went to college in California on a football scholarship to become an Engineer major. Although many people said (Stephen) wasn't going to amount to anything he has returned home to show everyone just exactly what he has accomplished and show (Nina) what she left behind.

Name || 24 years old || High School Teacher || Ashley Greene || Cheerful || Reserved

(Ashley) was a sweet girl who was raised in a very catholic family. She was part of the volleyball team and Teachers of the Future club. Despite being a bit reserved, she made many friends and genuinely loved people and life. When she graduated from high school, she went on to go to college outside of the state to study education. After receiving her master's degree she has returned to Virginia City to teach at the high school in which she had so many good memories at.

Name || 24 years old || Marine/Police Officer || Henry Cavill || Courageous || Taken

In high school (Henry) was known as the charming all around good guy of the football team. Despite his reputation, he was a quiet observant guy. He dated Ava Carmichael and the two were voted Cutest Couple and were thought to marry straight out of school. To everyones surprise though, they broke up. Not wanting a long distance relationship (Henry) broke up with Ava to go into the Marines. On military leave, (Henry) has come back a decorated solider and has decided to become a police officer of Virginia City. Back home he has found out that not everything between him and Ava is truly over and tries to win her over again.

(Emilia) McKinnon || 24 years old || Business Woman || Focused || Emilia Clarke || Reserved by Emmie_Hoeller

(Emilia) was the valedictorian of the class of 2008. In school she was a kind, smart girl who was friends with basically everyone. Ever since she was a young girl, she had looked up to her father who was the proud business owner of McKinnon Syrup, the biggest major goods that was exported from Virginia Falls. Wanting to take over the business, she went to college to receive a degree in business. Upon arriving to Virginia Falls, she has found out that McKinnon Syrup has all but shut down. In an attempt to rebuild her father's once thriving business, she has worked relentlessly to restore it to it's once grand splendor.

Name || 24 years old || Nurse Practitioner || Max Brown || Charming || Reserved

The salutatorian of the class of 2008. (Max) was a smart, fun loving guy and was named most likely to succeed in the yearbook. Throughout high school he loved science, especially the human anatomy. Wanting to become a anything that involved being in a hospital, he moved out of state to attend school. After completing six years, he has his masters degree and is a registered nurse practitioner. Finding no jobs in his area, he has returned to Virginia City to take a position at the local hospital. There he reconnects with old friends, and finds that his old crush (Ashley) has returned, but has his new romantic interest in Ava quelled all old feelings?

Name || 24 years old || Mechanic || Aaron Johnson || Daring || Taken

(Aaron) always hated Virginia City. Typically called the 'bad boy' and 'loner' of the class, he hated that there were no secrets and was tired of seeing the same faces all his life. He only really had one friend and that was (Max), since he got along with everyone. As soon as he graduated he moved out of the state for a new view. Being away for six years, he had established himself a cozy place in Indiana by himself. But bad news struck when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Coming home to take care of his ailing mother, (Aaron) still dislikes his home town and can't wait to leave again.

Ava Carmichael || 23 years old || Nurse || Julianne Hough || Witty, Kind, Freethinking || Taken by Unjustifiable

Ava is a free spirit with a generous heart. In high school she was part of many clubs and extracurricular activities and dated (Henry), her first love. After high school, her and (Henry) split, heavy hearted, Ava went on to college outside of the state to become what she always wanted, a nurse. For four years she was outside of the comforts of Virginia City, Montana but for the past two years she had returned to her beloved town. Being with a familiar face from school, (Josh), she grew as an adult and has taken a job at the local hospital where she presented with another familiar face, (Max), whom becomes a romantic interest. With the return of old friends, comes (Henry) where old flames may be rekindled.

Name || 25 years old || Police Commissioner || Josh Dallas || Generous || Reserved by Dumisa

(Josh) was actually one of the very few who stayed in Virginia City. It's not like he didn't want to leave, it was that he couldn't. Both his parents had died and all that remained of his family was himself and his sister. So in Virginia City he remained to help raise his sister. In school, (Josh) was the friendly president of the class of 2008 who always had a smile on his face, but inside he was broken and vulnerable. In present day Virginia City, (Josh) is police commissioner of the precinct, has befriended Ava Carmicheal, and is enthusiastic that the rest of his old friends have returned.


Code: Select all
[center][img]Insert character name here using the website fontmeme[/img]
[img]Img or Gif of character[/img]
[font=Bell MT][size=150][i]"Quote that explains or character or quote of something your character would say."[/i][/size][/font]
[right][img]Img or Gif of character[/img]
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[b]Full Name:[/b]
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[center][size=200]On the Outside[/size][/center]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Special Marks or Tattoos:[/b]
[size=200]On the Inside[/size]
[img]Img or Gif of character[/img][/center]
[b]Personality: A good descriptive paragraph about your character really is on the inside.[/b]
[b]Hobbies: At least 3[/b]
[b]Habits: At least 3[/b]
[b]Quirks: At least 3[/b]
[center][size=200]The Past[/size][/center]
[b]Back in School: Just a quick synopsis of what high school was like for your character, what they did, and who they were friends with.[/b]
[b]Why I've Come Back: Why is your character back? Family reasons, personal reasons? Disregard if you're reserving Josh Dallas, instead mention why you never left.[/b]

Toggle Rules

1. Please be kind and respectful to one another and include everyone in the RP. This is after all a RP about old friends and high school classmates coming back together, so they all know one another and have some sort of relationship established no matter how minimally.

2. No bunnying to God-modding, and no meta-gaming. Fairly simply. Your character is not invincible, doesn't know all the secrets to the RP and world, and doesn't control other characters. They are only humans after all and don't have any special powers.

3. Try to keep sexualities fairly equal. I don't care for you preference of sexuality in your character, you may choose whatever! But if one character has been labeled specially as liking another character of a different gender then they are obviously not homosexual.

4. Use proper grammar and spelling. Please, I beg of you. A few mistakes will not warrant my anger, so you don't have to worry about it that much.

5. I spent a lot of time trying to think of the Face Claims to these characters but Face claims may be changed, but run it by me first. And try not to get any who look too much like teenagers or too old, they are after young adults.

6. Just so I know you've read through this, I know it's no fun, but somewhere in your reservation include your celebrity crush. I've always found it interesting who other people fancied from the celebrity world.

7. Please keep your characters consistent with their personalities. If your character is an asshole or bitch, I want to see that! It makes the RP more dramatic and exciting, not to mention overall consistent.

8. I know we all have lives outside of the RP world but at least try to be on here to keep the RP alive and going. Plus no one likes having to wait for days on end for a reply to one of their posts. So don't leave anyone hanging and post whenever possible! If you don't think you'll be on very much, don't reserve a character please.

9. This is a huge one. No one liners or short posts. I like to see multi worded posts with dialogue. Three or four paragraphs should suffice, about 300 words or more. I know finding what to say can be difficult but add as much as you can including imagery, flash backs, characters thoughts and feelings. Just elaborate and have fun!

10. When I've accepted your character sheet, give me two character traits to add to the introduction for all to get a quick glance at.

11. I'm a friendly, easy going person, so if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please do not be afraid to shoot me a PM. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

12. You may fashion your character sheet however you like, in fact I encourage it, but please include all the information I am seeking and include gifs and pictures. Remember the more playful and interesting your character sheet is, the more likely I'll be wanting to accept your character sheet.

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Character Portrait: Ava Carmichael
0 sightings Ava Carmichael played by Unjustifiable
"I think it's great that everyone is back, it's been so quiet around here."
Character Portrait: Josh Callahan
0 sightings Josh Callahan played by TushoKa
"It seems like so little has changed, but..., so much has changed."
Character Portrait: Dave McCluskey
0 sightings Dave McCluskey played by TushoKa
"I don't know if I want her back, but I do know I want her to want me back."

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Character Portrait: Terrance Quinton McFall
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Character Portrait: Jared Johnston
Jared Johnston

"I am still the same person - Just with a backbone." {MWIP}

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Hudson
Ashleigh Hudson

"People can change for the better - Or at least try." {MWIP}


Character Portrait: Jared Johnston
Jared Johnston

"I am still the same person - Just with a backbone." {MWIP}

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Hudson
Ashleigh Hudson

"People can change for the better - Or at least try." {MWIP}

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jared Johnston
Jared Johnston

"I am still the same person - Just with a backbone." {MWIP}

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Hudson
Ashleigh Hudson

"People can change for the better - Or at least try." {MWIP}

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Re: Going Home

Love your work! And my trip was excellent, thank you for asking.

Re: Going Home

Hi Unjustifiable,
Both characters all done, sorry for the delay!

How was Punta Cana?

Re: Going Home

Unfortunately most of you have not completed your character sheets for whatever reasons. I still have my hopes that some of you will complete them still though, for a desperately want to see this RP come alive, after my meticulous hours of making it. If any of you have questions or concerns, PM me. Can't wait to hear from all of you!

Re: Going Home

Alright everyone. So this upcoming Sunday I will be going on vacation to Punta Cana and will most likely not be on due to wifi and what not. I will return the following Sunday (7/13/14). Therefore I would like to see all the character sheets done by then. I believe there has been plenty of time to have them done by then. That said, we will start Monday, 7/14/14. So I hope to see your completed character sheets and get to start this RP with all you lovely people soon!

Re: Going Home

I'll go for it, he'll be up and running by tomorrow

Re: Going Home

Well someone has graciously offered to take the character FC Ashley Greene so that would leave character FC Stephen Amell. You don't have to take another character if you don't want. It's all up to you though, if you want him, go for it! You're more than welcome to him. If not I don't mind taking him.

Re: Going Home

I can take another one, which role shall I take?

Re: Going Home

Alright Secute, sorry to hear! And thank you!

As for everyone else, I'm looking forward to seeing your CS and we have two characters still available so if you know anyone looking for a RP like this let them know! If not I can take up an extra role, or I can take out those two characters. We'll see how this plays out, so please be patient and I will let you guys know of any changes!

Re: Going Home

So in light of my recent RP situation, I'm sorry Just but you can let my reservation go. Let me know if no one picks up, then I will try and work something out. But for now I can't handle this RP. Good luck though!

Re: Going Home

Sounds good guys, can't wait to see them!

Re: Going Home

Just! I'm just letting you know that my character will be up tomorrow ^^

Re: Going Home

@Just: I'll have my characters up Monday at the latest. :)

Re: Going Home

I would have liked Henry Cavill, but I see Addrinvan beat me to it. So now, I will go for Stephen Amell.

Celebrity crush would be a difficult choice between Anna Kendrick and Phoebe Tonkin.

Re: Going Home

Can I reserve Max Brown?
my celebrity crush is actually Kim Soo hyun :D

Re: Going Home

I'd like to reserve Henry Cavill please.

Kurt Cobain for my celebrity crush.

Re: Going Home

@Paintpoint: You sure can and either will work!

Re: Going Home

Hey there!
I was wondering if I could reserve the Jay Ryan FC? I was actually wondering if I could change the fc to either Thomas McDonell or Aaron Johnson?
My celebrity crush is Katy Perry, she's so perf in my eyes.

Re: Going Home

@Secute: Thank you darling! And absolutely!

@Dumisa: Hi! Nice to meet you too, and you sure can!

@Emmie_Hoeller: Hello, I love Jensen Ackles as well, haha! And I can reserve her for you!

@KOKIA: Hey! You definitely can steal Nina Agdal!

Re: Going Home

Hello there,

Mind if I steal FC: Nina Agdal, please? ^_^

Oh my~ My celebrity crush... Hmm... I think I have to go with Hugh Jackman... because he just seems like such a gentleman. ^^;

Re: Going Home

Hey there,

May I please reserve Emilia Clarke's FC? ^ ^

As for my celebrity crush this is a difficult one since I have so many but I will go with my beloved Jensen Ackles and a Kim Hyun Joong.