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Ava Carmichael

"I think it's great that everyone is back, it's been so quiet around here."

0 · 412 views · located in Virginia City, Montana

a character in “Going Home”, originally authored by Unjustifiable, as played by RolePlayGateway



"People can change, whether it's for the best or the worst, it's up to us to decide."


| Full Name |
Ava Giselle Carmichael

| Nickname |
Ava || Elle
"They started calling me Elle in 4th grade because of my middle name."

| Gender |

| Age |
24 years old
"Geez, when did I get so old?"

| Sexuality |
"I always dated guys, I did experiment once, but it wasn't my thing."

| Occupation |
Following her dreams, Ava went to school in Dallas, Texas to study Nursing. Now a licensed RN, she works at Viriginia City Memorial Hospital alongside her coworker and old classmate Max Brown.
"I love working in the hospital. Getting someone who has been feeling downright awful for a while to feeling 100% better, is what I live for."



| General Appearance |

| Hair Color |
Light blonde, with natural lighter highlights of blonde. Her hair is usually worn down. It use to be long when she went to school, but wanting change, she cut it shoulder length.

| Eye Color |
Crystal baby blues
"People say this is my most defining physical trait."

| Build |
Small || Petite

| Height || Weight |
5'3" || 120lbs
"I'm of average height, not short!"

| Skin Tone |
Medium Fair

| Special Marks or Tattoos |
The bridge of her nose is sprinkled with light freckles

| General Apparel |

She normally wears whatever is most comfortable. Whether that is old jeans or dresses. Really she wears whatever is clean and hasn't been thrown into the corner of her room to be done for laundry some time in the future.

x & x

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| Personality |
{Friendly} {Forgiving} {Playful} {Naive} {Witty} {Free-thinking} {Compassionate}

When you first look at Ava, you'd think she was nothing more than a klutzy bottle blonde. She was klutzy, but she was in no way what so ever a bottle blonde. Truthfully, Ava was a kind soul, with nothing but love in her heart. Having her high school diploma and her Bachelor's degree in nursing, Ava is nothing short of smart. Ever since she was a young girl, she has always loved to help; whether it be in the house or tending to a wounded baby bird. This is what led her to become a nurse. That way she would be able to help people everyday.
There's always a smile upon her face, whether it be genuine or not. She takes care not to hurt others feelings and is known to put the welfare of others before her own. Honestly she cares a lot about what others think of her. First impressions are everything after all.
She hates being seen as the grandma of the group, but Ava had always been a careful girl. When someone would suggest going ATV ridding through the forest beyond their town, she would make sure everyone had their helmets and that a first aide kit was with someone. With being a careful girl, comes a strong sense of protectiveness of herself. Having being broken hearted once after her boyfriend left for the Marines, she has been well guarded of her heart. Some may say this has left her a bit more reserved but she doesn't think so. She says she's just be cautious.
Ava is definitely a free spirit. She can be a little goofy and silly at times, but it's only with those she feels more comfortable with. When she gets excited or really happy, she'll do her happy dance, something she would get made fun off but she knew her friends meant well.
Ever since Ava returned from college in Texas, she picked up on a few quirks from there. She'll say 'ya'll' and occasionally get the need to wear her cowboy boots. But growing up in a small town, she has more than a few morals. She doesn't believe in sleeping around, especially with someone whom you're not seriously thinking about being with. Some would call her a prude, but actually she isn't. She has lost her virginity to her ex, so she isn't exactly inexperienced either.
Overall, Ava is a gentle girl, with tender feelings, although she is reluctant to show them to just anyone. Just because she's a good girl, you shouldn't underestimate her because in a moment's notice she can turn feisty and cold hearted. So it's best to remember that if you're kind to her, she'll treat you with the same respect and return the kindness shown to her.


| Hobbies |
Reading || Riding her bike || Socializing || Going on nature walks || Bonfires || Dancing || Playing guitar
"Sure, I'd love to go to the party later on tonight! We can dance together!"

| Habits |
Biting her lower lip || Humming during nervous situations || Dancing when she's excited || Smiling at anything remotely amusing || Leaving her things everywhere || Walking into objects || Dropping things || Tucking her hair behind her ears
"I do weird things, so what?"

| Quirks |
Talking to herself || Thinking out loud || Doesn't like her food touching the other food on her plate || Yawning even when she's had a full night's sleep
"What can I say? I'm unique."

| Likes |
βœ” Drinking socially || βœ” Animals (especially dogs) || βœ” Music || βœ” Playing with hair, even if it isn't her own || βœ” Dressing up || βœ” Finding an excuse to wear heels || βœ” Kind people || βœ” Being independent || βœ” Cooking || βœ” Baking || βœ” Camping || βœ” Dancing || βœ” Singing off key || βœ” Nature || βœ” Helping others || βœ” Playfully flirting || βœ” The sunset
"Oh, I like that a lot."

| Dislikes |
✘ Rude people || ✘ Inconsiderate people || ✘ Steak || ✘ When people assume she's stupid || ✘ Blonde jokes || ✘ Being seen as a walking piece of meat || ✘ Stereotypes || ✘ Being dirty || ✘ Bad hair days || ✘ Early mornings || ✘ Loud annoying people || ✘ Being reminded about the past || ✘ Being shut out || ✘ Liars || ✘ Hypocrites
"Ugh. Let's not and say we did."


"Live, love, and forgive. It's easier that way."

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| Back in School |
At Virginia City High, Ava liked to submerge herself in extracurricular activities and clubs. She was part of the debate club, french club, although she wasn't very good at speaking french, photography club, band, and a slew of others. I guess you could say she liked to keep herself busy. Albeit not the most 'popular' girl, she was known by everyone, mainly because her class size was only 50, but she had many good friends. Mainly spending time with (Ashley Greene), (Emilia Clarke), and of course he perfect boyfriend (Henry Cavill).
After school she wold either go to a club event/meeting or a volunteer service. Before working at the hospital, she was a candy stripper at Virginia City Memorial Hospital. There was never a moment to rest, and that's the way she liked it. And when she did get a chance to breathe, she would go out with (Henry), usually to the movie theater or go for random walks about the city limits. With her girlfriends, they would go over one anthers houses and well, do girl things. They would do each others hair, paint nails, listen to music, have sleep overs, and talk about guys.
Before graduating her and (Henry) were named 'cutest couple' and she won 'best laugh' in the yearbook. High school was a whirlwind of emotions and memories, but right after graduated (Henry) surprised her that he was going into the Marines and that he thought it was best to breakup. The rest is all a thing n the past.

| History |
Growing up in a small down had it's ups and downs. For one she new everyone in town and they never turned their back when her and her family needed help. The downside, there was no such thing as secrets. Her mother was secretary at city hall, and her beloved father owned the convenient store in the town square. She was an only child because her mother couldn't conceive after her. But growing an only child had many benefits. There were no second hand toys and she didn't have to share her room with anyone else.
Every Sunday she attended church with her parents and had a Sunday meal after that. Ava never really liked going to church, she found it tedious. When she got older, she was allowed to skip church, claiming to be busy with school activities, when in reality she was sneaking off with friends.
Being part of a small class, was great in her opinion. She had known the majority of the others since kindergarten. Even though she didn't know each one of them personally, she knew if they were worth her time or not. A majority of the students were good kids, there were only a few bad apples in which she disliked. She was never fond of the populars, although (Nina) was greatly preferable to (Jessica). The jocks were friendly, but she always remained an arms length distance from (Stephen) in case he tried anything funny with her. As for (Max), she enjoyed being in group projects with him for her was obviously the more superior of the group, that and she did find him charming although she would never admit that to (Henry).
After graduating and the breakup, she moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college, where she studied nursing. To help forget the past, she would immerse herself in her part-time job as a librarian and worked hard, studying every minute she got. She made many new friends in Dallas, and even ended up meeting another guy, whom was the perfect gentleman. She has thought he was great, but in the back of her head she still lingered on memories of her ex.
When she graduated with her Bachelor's degree she moved back to Virginia City two years before most of the rest. Everyone she had known in high school were still out of the country so the only person her age left was (Josh Dallas). Finding comfort in a familiar face, the two became very close. She opened up to him, as he did to her. To this day, even after everyone they knew has seemed to return, the two are still remain great friends who will go out and grab a drink.
In present day she has grown closer to (Max). It's only natural since they work together. There's always some playful flirting, whether it's squirting each other with syringes filled with water as if they were water guns, or grabbing lunch at the local cafe. At best, (Max) would be like the best friend that you slowly start to fall for, that is if your ex wasn't trying to win you over again in cute subtly ways.


| Why I've come back |
In truth, Ava hated being in Dallas. Big cities always scared her off. After growing up her entire life in a small gated community, it was only logical that she would prefer that scene compared to the other.
Plus Ava wanted to get away from the guy she had been becoming close to in Dallas. It wasn't that he was abusive or psychotic, rather she was being the 'psycho'. She was afraid to lose her heart again. Not wanting to repeat the past, she thought it best to simply sell her condo and move back home with her parents, something she was hoping to soon rectify.
Anywhere where else was she suppose to go? All her memories, good and bad, were left behind in Virginia City, Montana. It was the only true home she had ever known. Even after spending 4 years in Dallas, it just didn't suit her. Her parents were back in Montana. She missed walking down the street and being waved at by the neighbors that have known her since she was born. She even missed that pesky dog that always barked at her when she was trying to go to school. And who knew if any old friends were going to show back up? She had sure wanted it, now lets not hope she regrets that wish.

So begins...

Ava Carmichael's Story