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Dave McCluskey

"I don't know if I want her back, but I do know I want her to want me back."

0 · 412 views · located in Virginia City, Montana

a character in “Going Home”, originally authored by TushoKa, as played by RolePlayGateway



"I don't know if I want her back, but I do know I want her to want me back."


|Full Name|
David Jonathan McCluskey
"Kiss me, I'm Irish!"

Dave, DJ, Mac C
"I hate all nicknames except for Dave"

"One of the more beautiful of its kind of course?"

25 years old
[color=FF0000]"Dear Lord, how can I be a quarter century already?"[/color]


Civil Engineer
"Who would have thought that could happen?"


On the Outside
Dark blond and short. From experience Dave has learned that how longer his hair is, the lighter it appears to be.
"My hair needs to be simple, as such it is always short."

|Eye Color|
Definitely blue
"An accurate desription, blue... and mesmerizing of course"

|Height || Weight|
5'10" || 160 lbs.

|Special Marks or Tattoos|
A tattoo of his University mascotte, which was a peacock.
"These are not the answers you're looking for, move along."

On the Inside


|| Flirtatious || Caring || Hard working || Arrogant || Persistant || Intelligent || Proud ||

Ask 20 different people what kind of a person they think Dave is, and almost all of them will tell you he is an arrogant asshole. Maybe two people in this small survey really know him, and know that although he does have a very arrogant side, he cares for his friends. He will always answer their calls, never leave their e-mails unread, and never let them down if they need help. To others he doesn't mind that he seems arrogant, he flat out admits it. And to be honest, why wouldn't he be. He has got a lot going for him. Not only is he quite handsome, he is also an accomplished civil engineer, even at the young age of 25.

If you think that everything was just handed to Dave, you are dead wrong. He has worked hard for everything he has. Even back in high school he was working out constantly, building muscles most people didn't even know existed. He wanted to be the best, and scoring the scholar ship proved he was. In college he wanted to do well in his studies, something he had never concentrated on before. Again with hard working, persistance and a level of intelligence he never thought he had, he finished top of his class. It didn't help much to get rid of his arrogance.

As long as he can remember Dave has had a thing for the ladies. Maybe the hunt, maybe the success or maybe the prestige caused him to chase girls. He is not a stranger to one night stands, but when in a relationship, he is nothing but commited. Unlike his father, who cheated more than he ate. Dave is very proud and isn't very likely to take your criticism to heart. If someone complains about his father he would defend him anyway he can, even though he would mostly agree.

- Working
- Going out
- Travelling
"Who says being a workaholic is a bad thing?"



|| Biting his nails || Going through his phone, even though he knows there is nothing new to see || Brushing his teeth after every meal || Pouring himself a Whiskey when he gets home in the evening || Eating canned fruit ||
"Nothing very special."

|| Flashing his signature smile to everyone who wants to see it || Always wears cartoon underwear || Does not own PJ's || Has a guitar, but no clue how to play it ||
"This probably only makes you love me more."

|| Cuban cigars || Drinking coffee || Comics || His job || Electronics || News papers || Horror movies of bad quality || Whiskey || Asian food || Wearing a suit and tie || Having a king size bed ||
"You can wake me up in the middle of the night for any of these."

|| Animals || Ice cubes in his drinks || Waiting || Addicting games for your phone || Not getting any attention || Getting older || When he goes a day without getting a text || Music from the eighties || Science fiction movies || Empty battery on his phone || Getting up early ||
"See, recognize, and avoid."

The Past


|Back in School|
Dave was the quarterback and as such the unofficial King of high school. Looking back now, he can describe this as his glory days. He was very popular, was often the town hero and his teachers always went easy on him. On top of all of that he was dating the, to him, prettiest girl in school. Dave showed much talent on the field. Especially in a small town where talent was not always around the corner, did he stand out. His grades would be outstanding since his teachers could not afford to upset their star player. As a result he was given space to go partying, was busted with alcohol a few times and had never been reprimanded in his lifetime. Naturally Dave scored a scholar ship due to his talents and it looked like he had it all. He thought himself even luckier when his girlfriend was offered a permanent job as a fashion model. He could already see the power couple taking over the world, that was until she broke up with him.


Dave started college with his pride hurt and his heart broken. He was driven by the idea to make Stephanie look like she had lost the break up. His first year couldn't have gone better. He was the all star of the football team and again his teachers gave him the benefit of the doubt on all his tests. Parties continued and often originated at Dave's fraternity. Girls came and went, but none of them had the beauty, grace or kindness that Stephanie had showed him.

Now every person will meet a humbling experience at some point in their lives. For Dave this was his second year in college. That was the year that Todd Lincoln joined his college and he would become Dave's nemesis. Todd was more talented, more serious and better prepared for the position of quarterback. As a result Dave was pushed to the bench, always training, never playing. The teachers were less forgiving and the girls never went for second best. Dave finally learned how it was to be a has been. For half a year Dave fought to get his top dog position back, but Todd was simply to good for him to beat. It was time for Dave to change his game.

He quit the football team and started to concentrate on his studies, and surprisingly enough he didn't do bad. He studied hard, went to all classes and caught up where he had fallen behind. A year later he was top of his class. He had never known he could be the best of the class, since he never had to try before. Dave eventually finished college with excellent grades and a chance to get a job at his intern-ship. He got a starting position at the highly regarded civil engineering office of Worthington, Grey and McCoy inc.

In the company Dave grew quite quickly into one of the most promising young employees. His projects became bigger, and the importance of his function increasingly important. On the one hand proud of himself for doing so well, but on the other hand ashamed of himself, because he never made the career in football he always wanted to. He still wondered about that girl from Virginia City. Seeing her in magazines and on TV is one thing, knowing how she is actually doing is something completely different.


|Why I've Come Back|
His company has scored a huge contract where they do engineering projects for the entire state of Montana. Dave has been put in charge of a large part of these projects and as such thought it best to move back to Montana. And where better than good old Virginia City.

So begins...

Dave McCluskey's Story