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Josh Callahan

"It seems like so little has changed, but..., so much has changed."

0 · 498 views · located in Virginia City, Montana

a character in “Going Home”, originally authored by TushoKa, as played by RolePlayGateway



"I go where I'm needed, right now that's Virginia City."


|Full Name|
Joshua Callahan
"Same as my grandfather, what a coincidence!"

Josh, JC
"Nothing weird"

"Did you really need this clarification?"

24 years old

"Just the way it is."

Police Officer, former Marine
"There is a big difference between walking the streets of Baghdad and walking the streets of Virginia City."


On the Outside
|Hair Color|
Without hair gel or wet hair it's dark brown, with it his hair looks black. Since he had to keep it short during his time with the Marines, he is letting it grow now. Slowly but surely his slightly curly mess is coming back to him.
"There is only a very limited amount of people that have seen it without hair gel."

|Eye Color|
A mix between green, blue and grey
Most common comment is:"No, they are definitely blue...or, think."

|Height || Weight|
6'1" || 170 lbs.

|Special Marks or Tattoos|
A small depiction of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on his chest. A rather common tattoo for a former marine.
A target symbol on his left shoulder with number 0371 underneath.
"I dare you to join the Marines and leave without these tattoos."

On the Inside


|| Courageous || Patient || Silent || Over-protective || Introvert aggressive ||

Josh does not shy away from a challenge even if the odds are not exactly in his favour. In school this showed as often doing stupid things when challenged by his friends and his ex-girlfriend fixing up his scars and bruises afterwards. During his time on mission it showed in his dedication to his colleagues and his personal view of 'leaving no man behind'. This can also be explained by his over-protectiveness, where he feels more responsible than most others. He tries to make someone else life better, while hurting from it himself.

He is very patient and has a silent attitude towards his friends and colleagues. He never was and never will be the 'talker' of the group. He listens and occasionally interjects his own opinion after a careful consideration. Often he is too patient and doesn't take any action even if he should have. A stare down with Josh is a lost battle from the start.

Josh is an introvert aggressive person. He will not get upset very easily and drops any issue without thinking about it. That is until the bucket is full, when that is the case the slightest thing can set him off. He occasionally gets upset with inanimate objects such as plates that don't stack the way he wants them to and pens that keep rolling of his desk.

- Anything with sports (playing, watching, coaching)
- Game shows
- Drawing
"Sports really takes the top spot though."



|| Looking for cover spots wherever he goes || Always checking sports results || Rolling up his sleeves || Washing his face every time he is near a tap || 50 push ups before and after sleeping ||
"it just happens, I don't even notice I'm doing it myself."

|| Always eating vegetables first and meat second || Singing in the shower || Always wears a necklace with a bullet due to superstition || Always knows the direction he is travelling in ||
"Just some of the things that make me me."

|| Coaching his nephews little league team || Drinking tea || Visiting sports bars || Jogging || Showering || Dogs || TicTacs || Drawing || Dim Sum || Watching Game Shows || Making Virginia City a little bit safer ||
"Me likey"

|| Anything with caffeine in it || War movies (both accurate ones and inaccurate ones) || Being late || Driving || Being put in the spotlight || Anti war demonstrations || Bad breath || When his house is messy || Losing || Technology || Writing police reports ||
"Me definitely not likey"

The Past


|Back in School|
In school Josh was mainly recognized for his athletic abilities. Aside from being part of the football team, he was also part of the baseball team, basketball team, soccer team and track team. When your school is that small it is not hard to get into these with some basic training. His time in school can be described as his time on the field, always there, but never in the spotlight. Not the quarterback, not the striker or even the point guard, always and ever the defending player. In school Josh could be challenged to anything, from climbing trees to breaking into the dean's office. However, it was always for fun and he never got into serious trouble. When he would eventually be busted or fall out of the tree it was up to his high school girlfriend, Ava, to help him out.
When you have a class of 50, you can't really be picky over friends. So he was friendly to most, if he was not it was not caused by dislike, but merely by indifference. He could always be found at school, either on the fields or by helping out on various activities (Ava signed him up for pretty much everything). He was one part of the 'cutest couple in school' just before graduating. Not surprisingly, since they were both quite popular and had been dating for years. However, as per the tradition of Callahan-men Josh was about to join the Marines. This was his best option in any case, since he was not good enough in any sport that he qualified for a scholar ship, nor had his grades been very high,
With this decision also came the task to break up with Ava, one of the hardest things he ever did. He did it to protect her from harm. The chance of dying in the army is always there and Josh thought it would be easier for her if they would have split up before that would happen. Also he did not want her worrying about something she had no influence over. Many of his later colleagues had married before leaving to fight the war, but then you leave your wife as a widow instead of a high-school-ex-girlfriend.


After high school Josh joined the Marines. Even with his top condition the training was hard and only the best made it through. After his training he was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the War on Terrorism. There is little chance that a Marine is not deployed due to the US position in the War on Terrorism. After his second deployment he was accepted as a sniper scout to be send to Iraq after training. In this position his patience was tested to the maximum, lying still in a field for 2 days with just a few breakfast bars to eat and a spotter as companion. Even though you are fully aware what is going on, your mind starts drifting back to other days. Your mind is with your family, your comrades and with the people you love. For three years he continued the job, fighting for his country and for the safety of others.
Josh' performance was good, not great, not poor, but good. He saved good people and ended the lives of bad people. Thanks to his spotter he had never been shot once in his time abroad. Now every soldier has to fight for something, most of them will tell you they fight for their country. Josh never really agreed to that, if you fight for freedom, you fight for freedom of your loved ones, not your country. He would always think of his family, plus, of course, Ava. He had broken up with her so she could live her life freely, so he assumed she would not stay alone for all this time.
With his job it was easy to stay alone. But even in times of war there are always those that you become more attached to than others. In this day and age it is not rare that there are female Marines. He wouldn't go as far as calling it a relationship, but he did have very close female friends during his time abroad. With every time he thought he would be able to forget Ava more and more.
In his time in the Marines his parents moved away from Virginia City and so his main contact there since was his older sister Cindy. She lived there with her husband and son in the house where they grew up. She kept him updated on all business and also of course of the return of Ava. Cindy did not tell him much, saying that if he wanted to know he should just come back. Even though tempted by the idea it took another two years before he would come back home.
When he did get back home he bought a house close to his parental home. Having little skills other than combat and athletics he joined Virginia City's proudest as a police officer under (Josh) command. He is finding it hard to re-adjust to the normal world, but is trying his best. Due to his history with the town and the Marines most people seem to place a certain amount of trust in him. He tries his best to be outside as much as he can, either by patrolling, jogging, playing sports and spending a lot of time with Jason, his nephew.
He thought that his feelings for Ava were all but gone. Seeing her again this appeared to be a lie. Old feelings have started to come back, and Josh will try his best to make her fall in love with him once again.


|Why I've Come Back|
A car accident killed Josh' brother-in-law, leaving behind Cindy and his nephew, Jason. With his parents unable to come to Virginia City to help out his sister, Josh decided to leave the Marines. He moved back to his home town, buying a house not far from where he used to live.

So begins...

Josh Callahan's Story