Going Home

Virginia City, Montana


a part of Going Home, by Unjustifiable.


Unjustifiable holds sovereignty over Virginia City, Montana, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Virginia City, Montana is a part of Going Home.

9 Characters Here

Jared Johnston [0] "I am still the same person - Just with a backbone." {MWIP}
Helena Elensworth [0] Unavailable Character
Dave McCluskey [0] "I don't know if I want her back, but I do know I want her to want me back."
Ashleigh Hudson [0] "People can change for the better - Or at least try." {MWIP}
Stephanie Amsel [0] {Working on it...}
Josh Callahan [0] "It seems like so little has changed, but..., so much has changed."
Ava Carmichael [0] "I think it's great that everyone is back, it's been so quiet around here."

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