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Catalina Valentina Vasquez

Cat, Lina, Tina, Kitty

{Birth Date}
July 12



{Face Claim}
Selena Gomez




{Skin Color}
She has a light olive complexion

Dark browns with varying shades of blonde ombre on the ends.

{Eye Color}
deep dark brown

Cat has a pretty trendy style. It's not uncommon to see a outfit in a magazine and see her wearing it with her own flare the next day. With her slim physique she can pull off a lot of outfits that look vulgar on some girls so she doesn't limit herself. Her favorite article of clothing is leggings though, so you'll see her in them often. Because of her small stature she does wear heels often as well.

She has "Passion" tattooed on her left arm

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| Bites her lip when embarrassed | Constantly stops to take Selfies | She is almost never seen in public without makeup | Strokes her hair when bored |

| Palates | Yoga | Photography | Blogging |

| Being forever judged | Becoming unattractive again | Getting arrested again |

{Bucket List}
Have a one night stand
Go streaking
Kiss a girl
Do yoga on a cliff at sunset
Flip off a paparazzi
Hold a Sloth

{Likes & Dislikes}

Long nails
Mean Girls (the movie)
Speaking Spanish
Classic Cartoons
Bad Boys
Short Hair
Prissy Girls
Speaking Portuguese
Classic Disney Princesses
Passive people
Her small stature
Crying in public


{Place of Origin}
Miami, Florida (Ages 1-7) | Manhatan, New York ( Ages 8-10) | Carpenteria, Californie (11+)

{Family & People of Importance}
Father| Luiz Vasquez | forty-six | Married | Artist |
An eccentric man who often fails to see reality while on his quest to expose the truth via his art. As a prominent name in the Art business he is often gone but manages to never neglect his children. His family is very wealthy so he never frets over the children's spending. Lives in the main house in the east wing with Reneta. He fully approves of her trip and was the one who encouraged her to go.

Mother | Forty-Five | Divorced | Actress |
A strong woman who had to work for everything she has. She is bitter toward her ex husband and very open about her disdain towards him. Though she lacks nurturing maternal instincts, she is fiercely protective of her children. Lives in Manhattan. She does not approve of the trip and hs been very vocal about it.

Older Brother | Tony Vasquez | Twenty-five | Engaged | Restaurant Owner|
Cat's romantic brother He takes after his father personality wise but inherited his mothers business sense. He recently got engaged to Kirsten Cho. They plan to get married after she has their second baby. Tony is the diplomat of the family. He often has to squash squabbles. He also handles the families finances. He, His fiancee, and his daughter from a previous relationship live on the estate but in a seperate house. Very much against the trip.
Future Sister-in- law | Kirtsen Cho | Engaged | Twenty-three |
Tony's bubbly fiancee with a naturall motherly nature. She supports Cats decision to go on the trio but doesn't like that Cat won't get to see her neice being born.

Older Sister | Mariana Vasquez | Twenty-Three | Single | Model |
Cat's best friend and sister. The two have been inseparable their entire life. They do often bicker but only out of love and clothes. Cat's sister is the wild child of the family. She can often be seen in the tabloids. Much more so than her siblings. She lives on the Estate but in the pool house. She, along with her father, convinced Cat to go on the trip.

Younger Sister| Zoe Vasquez | Seventeen | Single | High School Student |
Cat's soft spoken rebellious sister. Zoe is the only one who is shielded from the lime light and the papparazzi. Though soft spoken the teen tends to make a big impact. She lives in the main house in the West wing with Cat. She didn't voice any specific opinion on the trip.

Cousin | Leo Jamison | Twenty One | In a relationship | College Student |
Cat's unpredictable cousin who she tends to lean on if she gets in trouble. He's currently dating Tiffany Hudson, an heiress with a party girl streak. He lives in east wing. He encouraged the trip but thinks she should go with protection.

Step Mother | Reneta Gomez-Vasquez | Thirty Seven | Married | Chef |
Rennie is Cat's unpredictable step mother. She has her own cooking show (which is filmed in their house). She tends to be outspoken and blunt but her charisma and loving nature make it tolerable. She chose to not tell Cat how she felt.

Step Sister | Mia Gomez | Twenty-one | Single | Aspiring Singer |
Mia is Cat's flirty (slightly boy crazy step sister). She can often be seen in people magazine on some stars arm. Mia lives in the guest house. She was happy for Cat but thought she deserved to go on the trip more.

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{Theme Song}

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