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Nikolai A. Riddler

We do whatever we can to keep the ones we love safe, but what happens when we don't love ourselves?

0 · 611 views · located in The Gold Coast

a character in “Gold Coast”, as played by Chandz



{"I've got nothing to lose so why would I care?”}
Counting Stars || Bleeding Out || Sail


|{Full Name} |
Nikolai Andrew Riddler

|{Nickname} |
Nick, Niko, Andy, Drew

50% Greek, 25% German, 25% Italian


{"You don't me so stop pretending you do.”}


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
β–ͺ Biting his nail
β–ͺ Running his fingers through his hair
β–ͺ Always chewing gum
β–ͺ Always sticking his hands in his pockets
β–ͺ Tugs on his ear when not focused
β–ͺ Clenches his jaw a lot

Longboarding || Snowboarding || Skiing || Extreme sports || Energy drinks || BBQ chips || The ocean || Thunderstorms || Boxing || Women || Flirting || Pit bulls || Jeeps || Seafood || Sex || Hoodies || Sweatpants || The weekends || His little sister
Sushi || Tea || Loud chewers || Feet || Slow/Bad drivers || Metal music || The cold || Overly energetic people || Mornings
|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|

⚘Athletic ⚘ Charming ⚘ Playing the drums, piano, guitar and bass ⚘ Can speak Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Italian ⚘ Great at giving advice

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘ Is very impulsive⚘ Gets angry quickly ⚘ Has a soft spot for younger siblings

Boxing || Longboarding || Jogging || Playing videogames || Driving around in his Jeep


ΓΈ Death ΓΈ
ΓΈLosing his little sisterΓΈ
ΓΈ Sharks ΓΈ

✀Without his younger sister, Nikolai would be nothing. She's his world. His greatest fear is losing her. Without her, he'd probably be dead.
✀ Nikolai has been in and out of rehab since the age of 15. When his mother passed away and his father became an angry drunk, Nikolai stepped up and stopped partying as much as he used to
✀ Nick and his sister are both victims of an abusive father and because of him they have trouble opening up to anyone but each other.
✀Nikolai had attempted suicide many times to escape but felt guilty so he tried to do a murder suicide pact but failed. He spent two years in a psych ward and was released under the custody of his father.

{"I tried to escape. I failed.”}


{Arrogant, Sarcastic, Flirtatious, Impulsive, Protective}
Nikolai is nothing short of what you would call an absolute asshole. He's got an inflated head that keeps him thinking that he's higher and mightier than everyone else. His ego is the size of the sun and he believes he's just about that hot too. But don't get Nikolai twisted for careless. Nick comes from a shadowy past and this is more of a front that he puts on. Now, most people put on fronts and they're completely different once you really get to know, but Nikolai is just another special character in a different story. Nikolai is an asshole whichever way you flip him. He has soft spots but those spots are very small and very hard to see. He likes to make people know not to mess with him. He isn't the type of guy someone is generally best friends with. He has his close few that he takes good care of but if you're not one of those, try not to cross him because he will let it be known to you and all else that he is anything but cute and cuddly.

He's a prick but if you hit his sweet spot, he'll either melt in your hand or he'll explode. Just be careful with how you hit his soft spot. Everyone has their triggers and Nicks biggest fan and passion is his little sister. His little sister, Grace, is his everything. He lives and breathes to make sure she's okay. He'll resemble a bear when it comes to protecting her. Not a teddy bear, more like a brown bear. He'll make sure to rip anyone from limb to limb if they do anything to harm her. Grace is perhaps the one person who can talk Nick into and out of nearly anything. He is not easily persuaded unless by her.

Being the giant asshole that he is, Nikolai works hard -not as hard as you may imagine- to play the part. Nikolai is a charming and attractive man. He always has been and he's known this. He uses it to his advantage to get the greater things in life. Nick is a giant flirt and takes joy in being able to pick up most women with just a few words. He likes to think of himself as a player, if you will. Far from pure, Nick would not be surprised if someone somewhere was mothering his child alone. The possibly doesn't slow him down either. Nikolai likes to think of himself as a risk taker. This is just another risk.

{"People who get fucked up young, start fucking up young.” }


|{Place of Origin}|
Nikolai was born in Athens Greece but was moved to Massachusetts at the age of 5, when his mother became pregnant with Grace.

|{Family Tree}|
Father|| Alec Riddler||Living||
Mother|| Monika Riddler||Deceased||
Sister|| Grace Riddler||Living||

|{Happiest Memory}|
Nikolai's happiest and favorite memory is before his mother passed. As a family they had gone to a beach on the East Coast. They spent the entire summer there. He and Grace ran around on the beach, met new friends and had Bon fires. It was the best summer before mother passed.

|{Saddest Memory}|
The saddest memory Nikolai holds is of his mother's death. He could see her sunken in face and yellow skin. The cancer ate her away until he was nothing but dust.


Up until the age of 13, Nikolai and the Toddlers were the happiest of families. They'd spend summers close together on beaches and parks, telling stories and making new ones. They'd stay up late and laugh until it hurt, they'd play in the snow until they couldn't feel their noses. They had many happy memories. That was until Monika Riddlers cancer came back for the third time and started eating away at her. She suffered the cancer for two years before passing away in her sleep. In the final half-year before she passed, Alec Riddler became a raging alcoholic. He would beat on the kids and yell at them. He would neglect them and forget to feed them. It wasn't too long before Nikolai started fighting back. At 15, Nick was shipped off to rehab for his extensive use of alcohol and drugs. At the age of 16, Nikolai attempted a murder-suicide with his younger sister of 10 years and was placed in his local Mental and Rehabilitation Hospital for two years. Grace has a scar in the middle of her chest, 2 inches from her heart where Nikolai shot her. Their father heard the first gunshot and called the police immediately and then caught Nikolai trying to turn the gun on himself. Nikolai has a scar on his left shoulder from where the bullet grazed him. He missed the shot when his father tackled him. When released to his father, he shaped up and began protecting Grace rather than making matters worse because of his father. While away in rehab, Grace has developed a disease that affected her fatally if not cared for correctly. Nikolai made it a point to begin raising his sister so that she wouldn't end up like he did.


Grace is staying with his maternal grandparents as Nikolai takes this journey. He still plots the murder of his own father.

|{Face Claim}
Zac Efron

| Bucket List
Swim with the sharks to get over his fear || Sky dive or bungee jump to get over his fear || Drive on the Autobahn || Win the lottery || Put his father is jail || Box against a World Class Champion

Character Dialogue || #00ff44
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So begins...

Nikolai A. Riddler's Story