The Mad Marlin

To defend the people of both the land and the sea, I will join the fight against evil!

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a character in “Golden Age: Rising Justice”, as played by PirateofPie


At 6 feet tall, with bright sea-green skin, and piercing yellow eyes, the Mad Marlin appears to some more monster than man. To most, he appears to be a costumed hero like the rest, partially due to the the golden mask he wears over his face. The rest of his costume consists of a pair of goggles over his eyes, and a blue hooded cape Depending on whether he is operating on land or sea, he carries two pistols and a trident respectively.


An arrogant individual, mostly concerned with the aid of his own people more than the humans on the surface world. He'll attack those threatening his home, but he's also quick to protect those who he deems innocent when he sees in harms way, almost as if it were an instinct. He is quite observant and takes clear mental notes of everything important he's ever witnessed or hears about. Generally he is cynical of the nature of surface dwellers and is soon learning that they too possess virtues such as honor and a sense of justice.

While, the Mad Marlin holds no true allegiance to any human nation, he is an ally of the Allies, and will join them in opposing evil. He has an impulsive streak and tends to do actions without consulting others or thinking of the consequences when angered.


Items/Weapons: When on the surface, twin pistols. When under the sea a three pronged golden trident. In truth, the weapons are one and the same, the trident converts to the twin pistols when on land and vice versa. The pistol shoot out out powerful tornadoes while the trident fires bolts of lightning.

Skills: Learned hand to hand combat skills in his kingdom of Atlantis.

Intelligence Level-Well educated in the High Courts of Atlantis. Has an encyclopedic various myths and legends from various cultures. Is fairly well learned in various languages.

Fighting Skill- A skilled hand to hand fighter, especially when using his trident.

Powers/Abilities: As mentioned before, he wields a gun capable of shooting tornadoes when on land, when at sea he wields a trident that fires lightning bolts. Capable of flight. Can generate a natural fog around him to hide his presence.

Strength Level- 5 tons

Speed/Agility Level- 80 mph when in flight and 110 mph when underwater.

Durability Level- His tough scaly skin can survive a bullet. Anything, higher than that such as explosives or tank fire, he'll try and avoid.

Energy Projection- Can fire lightning bolts powerful enough to damage a tank when using his trident and can fire typhoons strong enough to lift groups of people into the air and uproot trees from the ground, using his pistols.

Weaknesses: Dehydration. If he stays out too long in instense heat or gets to close to raidation without some sort of way to keep himself hydrated, he starts to lose strength.


Born in tutelage of one of the many sanctuaries of the lost kingdom of Atlantis, which stretched across many oceans, The Mad Marlin's home in particular lying beneath the reefs of Australia, The Mad Marlin was born Itlan, the son of an aboriginal swamp god. He was raised in the high courts of Atlantis and trained in the ways of knowledge and combat. He was prompted to explore the seas and the world and to learn of other cultures, under the sea and through the surface. While traveling his way between Europe and the Americas, he discovered several submarines coming dangerously close to discovering ancient Atlantean crypts. The human vessels then did the unthinkable! They blasted the crypts open as small mechanical arms extended from the submarine to raid the treasures inside.

The treasures being stolen were ancient treasures. Sacred scrolls that granted immeasurable mystic power when read properly. Not the sort of thing that should fall into anyone's hands. Let alone human hands. Enraged, Itlan relentlessly attacked the human vessel, ending the lives of the inhabitants inside when he did. Soon enough, he deemed any human vessels that wandered too close in the sea to be enemies of Atlantis, and subsequently attacked any that neared him as he patrolled the waters of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The people of the surface worlds were in shock as submarines were sudden;y tossed from the sea onto beaches and sailing vessels suddenly sunk with no explanations as to how except for the scared murmurs of the surviving crewman, whispering of a monster at sea. Several newspapers caught wind of this, and Itlan became something of a half truth/half urban legend as he was called him the Monster of the Depths. A few pulp magazines were published that produced fictional chronicles of his exploits. One day, during one of his patrols in the Atlantic Ocean, Itlan discovered a strange ship among hovering above the water, which sent divers every now and then to explore an Atlantean tomb for some sort of map. Itlan attacked them, but questioned them, discovering they were part of a large, but secret, organization, whose goal was to gain enough mystic power to conquer the earth.

Itlan wouldn't stand for that, so he set out to the surface to stop them. He was unable to find a trace of them at first, the humans were skilled at subterfuge, but he ran into several members of a human espionage service. They aided Itlan in attacking a warehouse, housing a small group of the would be sorcerers. It was then that Itlan began to reconsider his opinions of the surfacers. They clearly weren't all is united empire as the Atlanteans were. Indeed, some of them seemed to stand for righteousness. Itlan then decided to spend some time in hiding on the surface, in the United States, to learn more about it's people.

He decided to don a costume during his time on the surface, similar to the other masked heroes that began to pop up, partially due to differentiate himself from the monster of the seas the pulp books portrayed him as. He became known as the Mad Marlin, relentlessly going after criminals and putting them to justice. In order to assist him in fitting in on the surface, an Atlantean wizard offered to enchant his trident to form into twin guns on the surface that functioned somewhat differently. Though rumors began popping up that due to his aquatic nature and occasionally anger-prone tendencies, that the Mad Marlin and the Monster of the Depths were one and the same, nothing was ever proven. And as he continued playing the hero, he continuously searched for that vile organization that dare pilfer his people's greatest treasures...

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The Mad Marlin's Story