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Timon Waahid

"Zydate comes in a little glass vial." WIP

0 · 249 views · located in Li'l ol' planet Earth: 1990s

a character in “Good Evening, Monsters.”, as played by SunshinexDeath


Race: Witch; Celtic Wicca

Full name: Timon Brenhin Waahid ( Or as an affectionate pet name, TB or Ti-Ti.)
Age: 28


Height and Weight: 5'11'' and 136 lbs., 32 ounces.

Complexion: You know that cup of nice, steaming, black coffee you get at a diner? Obsidian black liquid deliciousness in a mug right? That's him but just a shade or two lighter. Because of his surprisingly dark skin color, the black hair doesn't help all that much.

Body Type/Health: Not in good shape. With several medical issues, he has to take pills almost constantly and with the amount of stress he feels on a daily basis, it does affect his health. Not to mention with the stress and combined issues- don't really help in the locks department. Most people would describe him as this; A giant took him by the head and then the foot and just pulled. He is lanky and with long sort of limbs though there is some underlying strength.

Facial features: A sort of triangular face molded into sharp angles. His ears are a bit sharp to go along with his nose and structure of his eyes. There are slightly angular features to him such as the sudden sharp curve of his eyes and sharpness to his ears. It was as if little triangles were inserted into his face to give him all of this. In some weird, strange way… It kind of works for him.

Distinguishing marks: His eyes that are- for the record- NOT CONTACTS. He leaves all that Circle Lenses, Colored Contacts bull-shit for those who want to go through all of that. Aside from that he has the strangest mark under his cheek. It's very small but when you zoom in, you can make out almost.. Words? Who knows.

Apparent Temperament: His posture is a bit hunched and slouched which gives him the height of 5'9'' or so but whenever he is very serious, he stands straight and tall. He is always wearing the expression of a blank, bored, and stoic male who seems to be staring off into space. Because of his eyes, most people think him to be a major druggie and his shabby clothes doesn't really help this. Whenever he gets passionate about a subject, he begins talking very fast and usual paces with his hands behind his back and his coat flowing behind him. This happens when he usually sparked by a subject he is interested in, likes, or making plans or ideas. He is almost constantly mumbling to himself and when he is not doing so, is usually cracking his knuckles and wrist. Because of his usual pent up emotions and energy, he can easily fly into a flurry of movements and expressions and words. Aside from that, he is usually always moving (shifting from foot to foot, pacing) and doesn't really.. Walk. It seems like he glides how smooth his movements are.

Hair and eyes: His hair goes in a sort of layered pieces curling out with split ends evident in some places but aside from that, is- or had been- a sandy blonde color with brown pieces mixed in. It had framed his sort of triangular face going to soften the almost strange angles of his face. But now? The locks had slowly drained to black though the tips seem to be going a bit white. It's grown out now and makes him seem like a sort of wild hobo, the mane of tangled black hair giving people that sort of impression. When he does take a look at himself in the mirror, it's combed and brushed and shampooed and taken care of to be restored back to it's split ended, layered form.

Eyes.. A bit of a unique thing when it comes to Timon. He has the case of Heterochromia iridum with his right eye being a bright, slightly hazel color while the other is a burnt wheat color- though with that he has Central Heterochromia iridum with the color around his iris being brown. These strange orbs always seem to stop people dead when they stare right into them; Sharp and critical black holes- or rather, brown and hazel.. Black holes. Both eyes are usually covered with the bangs of his hair, only a few places of the bright colored eyes showing. Not to mention that he's going blind in one of his eyes so the color has become subdued.

Casual wardrobe:
When he's out and about, it's normal for him to wear this. A black trench coat decked out in brass buttons. It is in no way high fashion or a 'great deal' and some thrift store but rather a slightly raggedy coat that he always wears. For some reason, it is never taken off- not even when the splintering hot weather beats down upon him. Underneath that? No one particularly knows but it's probably not very fashionable. Light boots that kind of mold to his feet- makes it easier to run ya know? Other than that, when he's home it's all very plain.

A pair of baggy sweatpants, an over sized rainbow sweater that has maintained its bright, vivid color with no shoes.

ACTION TIME wardrobe: He doesn't ditch the trench coat but rather opens it, revealing a black, silk dress shirt that fits to his body slightly. His dark brown pants are a bit ripped and dirtied with dust and many times he spent int the woods. He doesn't particularly change his clothing other than just opening up his trenchcoat and pulling on some fingerless, black gloves. Usually he runs away or climbs up trees so the gloves do protects his hands in a sort of way.

He usually paints his nails or toes sometimes but only once in a blue moon. He has tattoos located on several parts of his body but where they are- the world may never know. Along with the tattoos, he does his ow henna- and rather nicely at that. He used to have piercings but the metal bothered him too much in later years so he removed them. Now a days, he has Indian-like jewelry that he puts on only once in a blue moon.


A very straightforward and sharp male really. Timon doesn't like to dilly-dally when he knows there are important matters to be attended to and for him, everything is an important matter- EV-ER-Y-THING. Whether this be due to his mild case of OCD or his strong case of Paranoia, who knows. All there is to say on his demeanor- on the surface- is that he is a weird, isolated, obsessive compulsive freak who seems to have a case of pretty mild Dysthymia.

In truth.. That is the truth- if you include his case of Asperger syndrome. Not only is he a man who questions every person, every action, and every detail in his existence but is also very paranoid due to the things he has 'played' in. Constantly looking over his shoulders, constantly being severe, and constantly taking pills to soothe his conditions is what Timon is and really, always will be. He doesn't like people a certain inch (4 inches) close to him and always knows when you've stepped one centimeter over that 4 inch mark that you are not supposed to cross. His OCD causes him to play a frightening amount of attention to detail. It's not good to call him shy either. He is a reticent person in a way but he'll be quick to pounce on what mistakes you made, how you made them and tell you the right way.

It is rare that you will see him in a different mood or state but- like all cliches- he changes around those he is comfortable around. His tone may not be as sharp and he'll calm subtly around them.

Afterward he'll go straight back to his sharp, paranoid, and critical self and all will be right in the world.

Very few things can get him talking but when he becomes passionate in something- even the smallest thing- it's hard to get him to shut up until you make a good argument that'll get him thinking or he runs out of voice to talk in. Strangely enough, he never shows anger.


It is an emotion smothered deep inside him along with lust and wrath. Though his snapping and scowling is perceived as anger it is only irritation and nerves. He never really gets angry and never really feels the need to do 'manly deeds' (".. I wear tube sucks. I don't use them.") and check women out or anything.

Timon has an intense interest with things related to science, nature and death such as corpses, molecular and DNA structures, graveyards, headstones, demons, chemistry, etc. Also an intense interest in all things human, werewolf, witch and well.. People related. Observing people is said to be unnerving but he wouldn't know. Regular people are so fascinating, don't you think?

Speech: If he ever does talk, it is usually a hoarse tone of voice. Timon has a soft- but not kind- voice. It is very harsh and sharp at most times and though quiet, holds a serious tone and one that demands attention and respect. People better listen when he starts talking. Other than that, he reverts to Old Time Speak in a stunning Bri'ish accent when he becomes passionate about things. One always reverts to one's roots but since he hardly talks, when he begins speaking too long his voice grows hoarse and he usually begins signing rapidly or tapping things out in Morse Code.

Pet Peeves:
You got an hour? Okay.

He has an acute and severe hate for people that are too happy all the time. Yes, in a sense that is a bitchy quality but with his ever annoying sense of dread and paranoia- those who act like mindless, idiotic, bubble-headed fools piss him off. Any sort of Valley Girl or flippant accent pisses him off. He hates people who flaunt their wealth when they obtained it solely from family and lineage and rank in society because you better WORK your OWN ASS OFF to get what you have.

Yes, even though he doesn't have a job- of sorts- and basically has no life, Timon does do stuff to get his own cash flowin'. Any person that just gets money because the family they were born into and doesn't do anything special, that has no job or anything, is stupid. They don't deserve their wealth. They deserve to work like everybody else in this world to obtain their inheritance or whatever. You can blame this pet peeve on some of the rich kids that were down in Cornwall that got all the new games. He was the one delivering papers and doing errands to get his cash, not just asking 'Mummy' or 'Dauddy' or 'Grandmama' for it. (Even nowhe sneers at the memories of those little twerps.)

Any sort of thing that is constantly chirping- like cell phone alarms or wake up calls will make him twitch and he will smash the source of sound. Anything with a whisper-y sound because you can't whisper AND not be seen with Timon. He'll go crazy (er.) Chew your food too loudly, chomp your gum too much, and yap on the phone constantly and he will go medieval torture on your ass.

Timon can't stand witch, wizard, warlock or any other related magic-obtaining being/monster stereotypes. He is also very wary of things like puppets or marionettes because they're just plain creepy. Eck.

A wine red pager, of course, that is tucked into the breast pocket of his coat.

Timon carries a small notepad and journal to jot down ideas, observations, and plans into. Being the meticulous person, there are sections on tabs in both the notebook and journal. Along with that he also carries a pocket flashlight and a dagger or two.

He also carries around a camera to take pictures of his observations and such.

Favorite color: Royal Blue- or Emerald Green, he truly can't decide. That's the color of his sister's eyes and he always found both colors rather beautiful.

Hobbies: Learning new languages and practicing many olden techniques that many witches haven't used in a while. Since he does like science and experimenting, there are many occasions in which he will mix Liquid A with Chemical Y and use Compound W to see just what happens. He likes to.. Knit. And drawing things is fun. He enjoys researching different cultures, societies, poisons- things of that nature. He likes voodoo dolls, too and collecting cute things. Along with the occasional venture outside to take pictures or take observations of things which lead him to tend to a small garden in the back of his house.

  • Dead things
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Math
  • Experiments
  • Cute things
  • Dead Bodies
  • The I.D. Channel

  • Loud things
  • Social activities
  • Stereotypes of 'monsters' and other things
  • Crosses
  • Spell books
  • Halloween


If anyone is paranoid, they obviously fear what would happen to them if they weren't on the constant look out. Timon takes this to a whole 'nother level. The man has 25 identified phobias, 43 irrational fears, and 2 food related fears that prevent him from eating anything that remotely has an eye when it is served up to him (ex. Fish with the eyes still in them; That makes him scream aloud.) As someone who has had bad experiences with the paranormal, supernatural and spirits he doesn't like walking into any places that are remotely 'haunted' with spirits that are deemed to be 'dangerous.' He has a fear and hate of children with really creepy smiles or laughs because spirits that take over children like to smile like that. Timon hates being out in the open- like clearings- because then he feels exposed and anything could happen to him, anything could slither on up to him without him completely knowing and finally. He has an acute fear of social activity and trusting.

Agenda: Searching for his mother and sister have led him to hiring quite a few private investigators but after three years of wasted money, he took things into his own hands. The old man offered him information and he intends to get the information he wants. But there's also something that motivates him to... 'participate' in such things. He does want to get over his aversion to society and people in general, be the vampire or humans. There's so much turmoil in his mind that maybe this new little 'challenge' will take his mind off some things.

What guarantees the fact that you'll stick around?: The man knows where he can get his answers. Not to mention getting to observe other witches and vampires and humans is interesting..

Day job: If you call trolling on websites that make fun of the Wiccan Culture and Witches, a job then.. But not really. He actually sells art online and on street corners sometimes and designs websites for mullah. You can thank the internet for all that. He'd rather not go out. At all.

Where they hail from: Raised in Cornwall, England though he was born in Tamil Nadu, India.

How they became what they are: He was born 2 minutes and 5 seconds before his twin sister, Yoru, dubbing him the older brother.

Timon was always strange. Growing up in Cornwall, England with an Indian background already stamped that word 'strange' across his forehead along with his dark, bronze skin color and unusual eyes. But he didn't care. He was a child, intelligent and happy and in swimming in a completely blissful, ignorant and untainted mind. Loving his little sister, playing with his little sister, and being the best big brother he could be.

Then his Mother got him into Wicca and Dark magic. Dear sweet Timon was only 3 or 4 when this began happening but a very intelligent third or four year old. When he began to practice the culture with his mother, the woman could see great potential. So he was pushed to go farther. Pushed to break the rules. Pushed to exceed what was not expected. Through the culture he discovered the Celtic Arts and began practicing those but alas; The boy was still too young to comprehend what he could truly do. He caught people's attention- some attention of which was not very good.

As did his sister who had a particular interest in talking to spirits. They were both gifted, both talented and both intelligent.

One particular night, he was taking the road home from a quick stop to the grocery store when a woman stopped him. She was nice looking even though her hair was a stunning regulation white. She cooed at him, coaxed him to walk home with her since they were, apparently, taking the same route. Timon had smiled and talked to her, finding a confidante he could rely on and talk and ever since then they did the same thing. It came to a time on their fourth week of walking and talking did the strangely beautiful woman requested a task.

For him to go out and get a book for her- just in a small little house in the forest. Timon, being ever so respectful and kind, went off to do what he was told and found the small, abandoned house. Or really a crypt but technicalities right?

He went inside, found a book and like any natural bookworm- read. Moments later a wail like a thousand forgotten souls echoed around the forest, a sense of dread and evil suddenly weighing itself in the air around the crypt. He had enough strength to haul ass out of there and go back to his home. His mother was gone as was his sister and he was alone.

How long had he been in that crypt, talking and reciting? Where was that woman? And what the hell had happened to his hair- FFFFFFFF-

All he could do now was search for his family and study more magic. He neglected school- he already had the I.Q. of a college graduate- and became more secluded. More into himself. He became scared, fidgety, suspicious and by neglecting natural human needs and questioning everything…

He became the man he is today.

Notable experiences since then:

He moved to London on a tip/ rumor that a member of his family was there so in search of information on his family, he got a plane and flew over. He didn't find anything there and was led to a dead end and because he didn't really care for traveling back to Cornwall, he stayed in London.

Timon decided to invest himself in some education and so signed up for some online classes after some hacking and began studying some things he needed to catch up on.

At this point in time, he fully secluded himself from the outside world and society. He is celebrating his 6th year of Hikikomori right now. His whole world is his house and aside from his few trips to the grocery store so he can wipe out their inventory, he really doesn't go out. Solitude is comfortable.

Opinion of the others:

Ebenezer: If he were to meet the man, he'd probably- and this is a rarity- respect the old trout. Respect him and fear him. Other than that, Timon would keep his distance and watch from afar. He already has an aversion to vampires due to his encounter with one that didn't end very well. At least he has confirmation that those eh.. 'Skylight' books were wrong? Skylight? Something doing with light.

Sable: Timon would likely.. Have very mixed emotions on the boy. Man. Thing. With his rich background, he'd already be a bit on the defense about him but what with his personality.. He'd be conflicted between being wary of the boy but also being at least civil towards him.

Winston: Science nerds unite! He'd probably take a real liking to the professor, maybe lurking around him and watching him very closely. Timon enjoys intellectual people and Winston reminds him of someone he misses almost dearly. Even though it goes against his beliefs about people and why trust is never an option, he'd be close to the man- like a little kid that is interested in a big ol' adult.

Charlie: It pains him to be around people like that. He'll probably be harder on her than anybody- snapping when she dares to raise her anger at him. Timon would probably not keep his distance and try to coax the woman into being… less hostile. People like that scares and pisses him off at the same time so his feelings towards her are a bit shaky. He does like her hair though.

Balthazar: Vampires are interesting and this one seems polite- at the least. Timon likes people that are smart and think before acting so maybe he'd see something to respect in Balthazar. Sometimes, he may watch the vampire a little too intensely but then again people would probably have to get used to it. If he wanted to learn more about the man- thing- then he'd have to observe him more than the others.

Seamus: Scares him. The man is huge and has a scary appearance though he'd be drawn to the towering beast in some unfathomable way. The Celtic history may draw him in not to mention someone that heals- he views them as something to admire. Being conflicted on if he should approach Seamus or watch him from afar Timon would probably have to juggle a few awkward conversations before quickly departing as his nerves took over.

Kone: ... How confusing. He looks like a child though holds the air of someone older than he is. He seems.. interesting. He doesn't know how to approach children and even though he knows Kone isn't a child, the appearance is too much for him. The boy- man? thing?!- is a mystery to him. Thought instantly, he would avoid Kone. Because the vampire freaks him out. Why? He's an adult- that's a kid. A creepy kid. God, he's getting shivers and shuddering just thinking about approaching him (not that he would know how to do that anyways.) It'd take a long time before he began letting himself relax in just the slightest way around Kone. (Or you can blame scary little British children in scary little horror films for his aversion and fear of all children- including Kone.)

Una: Witch hunter? Yeaaaaa- no. He'd avoid the woman at the very start due to the fact that she's a witch hunter and basically, Timon is her prey. There is immediate respect for Una and he would treat her like an acquaintance of sorts but keep his distance. How could a witch hunt... witches? That's very confusing and a bit of an oxymoron right? Or very hypocritical. His emotions on her would be summed up to slight respect, fear, interest and maybe a little bit of resentment for the woman since she has OH so much fun hunting her own kind. I mean, who does that?! Would a cub grow up to kill its own brothers? ( Well there was that Lion King movie..)

Criminal Record: A few minor assault charges and hacking. He hadn't taken his pills on those days. As for the hacking though.. Eh, he felt like it. Why does it matter? The laws of nature and life are broken by his very existence anyhow so some inferior laws of a city should be broken, too.


Nothing for now..

Specialty: Spirit Summoning/ Necromancy. If having things do your will isn't good enough, well hell, having an army of zombies and re-animated bodies is a whole lot better don't cha think?

Timon is able to this without having to say any sort of incantation of sort- just focus. A great deal of focus and energy is required to do this and needs his constant, 80-90 percent attention. Other than that, he is actually very quick on his feet and nimble. Good with a knife, too.

Wicca Pendent- One long, black string of twined rope with the pendent resting against his chest. It is always tucked into his shirt but on a rare occasion, he will take it out and proceed to hold it tightly or clean it. At first glimpse it is unremarkable- like it's owner- but that's the fun thing. You can see the symbols and strange verses carved delicately and into perfect detail into it's cool, silver surface. It vibrates with something akin to power; The kind of power that instantly raises goosebumps.

Familiar: Because of his Celtic magic and upbringing, these animals are attracted to him: Butterflies, Dogs, and Cats. He is very in tune with them to the point where he can begin talking fervently to one of them in the middle of the street. They are drawn to him like bees drawn to their hives; Following him around any which way and messing with his shoes, hair, and clothes. Not like he minds though. (The type of animal(s?) they are most in tune with, how in tune they are with them, etc.)

Social standing: .. W-What is this 'Social Standing' you speak of? He barely goes out of his house much less goes out of his way to create a social standing for himself! Best described as 'avoided'; people know him and very few approach him. He is an unnerving force naturally. He lives in an isolated house on the outskirts of the city- nice little lake, big green ol' forest and conveniently near a graveyard. It's not an old shack but rather, a carefully constructed building with the strangest of detailing. It has some design structures from Ireland but in a way, not very much.

Social stealth: Very well. But the fact that he doesn't really go out very much kinda helps.

  • Knowledge- Because he needs to, obviously, know things, Timon is very well educated with the intelligence that almost rivals Einstein's own. In both the spirit world, human world, and other various sections and degrees of intelligence. Not to mention wisdom.
  • Sense Sparks- If his paranoia didn't already make him more aware of the world around him, his race does. Having to be aware of his body as not only a past dancer but as a witch has improved his senses drastically.

    • Appearance/Health- Due to the Fade happening to him, his hair and skin have grown darker in color to the point where he almost looks like a living, moving, black shadow. Not very good for him when he lives in nice, happy little Cornwall. He's already gone blind in one eye and he can feel the same thing happening to his other one, increasing his paranoia and making his health worse due to the constant stress.
    • Illness- His many illnesses can become rather annoying. Though he lives off his pills and thinks them as his sole protector of his life, they do have a tendency to run out rather quickly. Timon handles this by procrastinating and not getting a new prescription thus having his conditions worsen or he could freak out and almost overdose on the pills he has left. Either way, his health worsens and he goes a little crazy.

So begins...

Timon Waahid's Story