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Valem Osyth

"If you stand in my way, I'll end you".

0 · 311 views · located in Dright

a character in “Good vs Evil - Fight for Dright”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Name: Valem Osyth.

Villain name: Ryder.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weight: 100 lb

Height: 5'9"

Class: Mage

Species: Vampire, dark demon.

Weapon of choice: Black staff.

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Complexion: Fair, slightly tanned.

Appearance: Image

Personality: Ryder is an extremely calm person that only ever shows her serious side when around other people, when on her own or with her closest friends she tends to loosen up a bit and she's more fun and quirky. As a child she was always happy, but that was beaten out of her by Orcoth. Upon meeting new people, Ryder will attempt to show her dominance by being rude or talking down to them, and she'll be quite gloomy and easily annoyed. It's just in her nature to be that way.

History: From birth, Ryder was cast out of society, this was because of the demon soul that was living within her. She only ever had one friend, whom is now her deputy and second in command, and they were inseperable. There were a few times when Ryder almost killed her friend whilst play fighting, but it was soon forgotten. In her teen years, her uncle (the only person who would let her stay in his home) had taught her the basics of dark magic, blood magic and necromancy. She grasped these pretty quickly, too quickly. When she turned 17, she was a proper mage and could control most magic without difficulty. This was when Orcoth told her that she was ready to become someone important. She went around the city and persuaded as many people as she could to join her in her quest for power, only 9 (including her best friend) out of hundreds joined the group whom were then named, by the public, 'the evil ones'.

So begins...

Valem Osyth's Story


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Valem inhaled sharply as the blade flew in her direction. She didn't manage to dodge it completely as it pierced the soft skin of her cheek, but she prevented it from doing too much damage. Her icey blue orbs shifted over to the man that threw it, a rogue assassin that Orcoth wanted dead for some reason or other. Valem didn't know why, and she didn't care, her mission was to end his life. Valem dropped to her haunches, bent down in a crouch. She tightened her fist and shot foward, heading for the brute. He readied himself but failed to avoid her fist, it landed on his left eye and sent him staggering backwards. It was then that a voice spoke inside of her head, a dark snake-like voice that you'd only hear in your worst nightmare, 'Can you not speed this up a bit? I have things I wish for you to do' it said. A low growl erupted from Valem's chest, but she didn't protest. "Listen, assassin, I have to end this battle pretty soon, so lets decide this with one final hit?" she asked, the man simply nodded. Secretly, she knew the man didn't stand a chance against her next move, but it was funny to see him act like he'd already won. There were too many people like that, or too many people for Valem's liking anyway. She preferred battling those who realised they didn't stand a chance and gave up, even if it did get them killed.

Her muscles tensed and she lifted one hand in the air. She shouted the name of her ability, Shadow Fist, and watched as a black mist surrounded both her left and right hand. "Nice," the assassin commented. Valem giggled slightly, "I know". Not even a second after she'd spoke, she appeared behind him, her hand hovering above his head. "Nice knowin' you" she said before slamming her fist onto the top of his head. It wasn't particularly a hard hit, but the mist was strong, it was one of her most powerful techniques. 'Leave the body, return home' the voice spoke again, this time Valem spoke back. "I was just about to do that Orcoth, now shut up!". Valem peered down the alley way, at the end was an uncomfortable light coming from the building opposite. She lifted her forearm up to the level of her eyes to sheild them away from the light.

Valem walked out from the darkness like nothing had happened, like she hadn't just killed a person, with no emotion on her face. She brushed down her clothes, cleared her throat, and proceeded in the direction of her home. She didn't live anywhere fancy, just a medium-sized apartement that she shared with an evil demon spirit. Valem approached the see-through door, placed a hand around the icey cold handle with a shudder, then stepped inside. As soon as she entered, she heard loud music, heavy metal to be exact. She saw cracks forming above her and she huffed. "Orcoth" Valem growled and stormed upstairs, ignoring the glares she was recieving from the workers and elderly people. She punched the door, sending it flying off it's hinges. Orcoth froze in his spirit form, he was nothing more than a black ball of energy. Orcoth cackled loudly and darted into the bathroom. "That demon, I swear-..", she stopped mid-sentence to turn the radio off. Lately, Orcoth had found a way to enter and leave her body as he pleased, and even if he wasn't inside of her they could communicate with eachother, he could speak into her mind and she could speak into his. Though, it became more annoying that convenient, mainly because Orcoth had got on her nerves, even from birth.

With a slight huff, she pulled off her combat belt, boots and cloak. "Time to chill out" she mumbled to herself with a small smile perched upon her lips. She paced over to the window and leaned up against it, her forearms holding up the majority of her weight. Nothing interesting was going on outside, merely the evil ones going about their business. She enjoyed living in the side of the city where people did nothing but admire and follow her, it was both amusing and it made her feel all the more powerful.


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Jake stopped by his mail box before going upstairs. He pulled out a black envelope and after reading its contents he went upstairs and opened his door and took his his shoes off as he read it again going over pictures and names of locations.

Jake had just finished his tea when he closed the envelope once more.

"Valem Osyth," he said darkly. He washed his cup and started a small fire in the fire place. Having memorized his mission he threw the envelope into the fire and tossed a couple more blocks of wood on top to warm his room up. He walked over to the center of his room and began to stretch his arms out and then his legs and back.

When his body felt warm and loose he swung his right foot out high and then followed with another low kick. He then went through a series of puches and then kicks once more as well as movement training. After mixing his punches and kicks he stopped to grab a glass of water. The thoughts of going against Valem wasn't particularly something he was pleased to start with all on his own, but it was rare for assassins to work in groups.

Jake walked back over to the center of the room and stretched his tentacles out five feet out and started to slowly go through a series of strikes, sweeps, and blocks with just his tentacles. He started to speed up as well as extending them another five feet. He then started to throw punches and kicks into the mix trying to make sure he covered blind spots as well as opening up feints to pull in cocky individuals. Sean started to use his tentacles to move around in mid air as his tentacles maneuvered along the ceiling, floor and walls.

Sean ended his shadow combat very pleased with himself. Without the use of weapons Sean had become an assassin that could fend off many enemies from a variety of ranges and situations. Sean compressed his tentacles as he stared at the eighth tentacle. Memories of his childhood were distant and of little concern to him. He believed his 'deformity' was one of the strongest ones around.


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Damian watched the light elf walk away.

"So that's their daughter," he said softly. He was going to walk after when he realized he had forgotten something very important. He turned to a man on the street. "Good day!" he said suddenly as he struck up a conversation.

Howard walked into the HQ to find two women standing there drinking coffee. They seemed to be getting ready to do something.
"Excuse me," he said nervously. "Is one of you Kate Prescott?" When acknowledge he nods to Kate. "Your date starts at 7:30 tonight at the restaurant Lè Grìffòn. Damian will be waiting, and try not to get killed on your little hunting trip. Oh and he hopes you can get your hands on something turquoise." Howard then turned to the other woman.

"Lacey Upright?" he asked. "If would like to join Damian Valentine would be happy to pay for you as well. And he recommends a dark green dress for you."

With that Howard left not remember why he had gone in there in the first place.

Damian fed off a light demon in the alleyway to get his thirst out of the way. The female was confused and scared but it gave way to calmness. She passed out and Damian left her there. He pulled out a small handkerchief and wiped his lips as he went back to the crowded main street.

He reached in and pulled out his communicator.
"Yes. Tell Valum I'd like to talk to her at her earliest convenience.