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Goodbye Sanity

Goodbye Sanity


What are you to do when you are your biggest fear?

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What are you to do when you cannot trust yourself? When you can't trust what you see? When you are unsure if what you are really doing, seeing, feeling, smelling is actually real? Can you really believe those things around you that you call people? The words that leek from their orifice could be poison. A deadly poison that will change everything. Every decision, every little thing you do, will affect what will happen to you in the end.

You are trapped. You have no recollection of what you were doing before you arrived to an unknown location. You are lost and confused. You are afraid. But you are not alone. There are others who share your emotions. You do not know them but you will eventually get to know every little detail about them. In turn however, they will know all about you also. You are uncomfortable. But you cannot leave. You must stay. You must face what awaits you behind those oh so sealed, forbidden doors. Yes those doors you keep locked up and hidden from the World. You don't want to go but you must, you have to. You won't go in alone, that is the most care we can give you. You will encounter what ever lies behind these doors with another. You must work together to escape.

- Drowned -
- Sinking -

All is a mystery, the only thing you know is your name, age and that you must venture through into the unknown. You are uncertain, you don't want to go, you want to leave but to where? With only a large, wooden, faded red door, splintering, damaged and rotten standing before you with a blood shot, red eyeball staring at you from the centre of the door; looming over you, challenging you; it is the only place for you to go. DROWNED = Those who have failed in the RP. SINKING = The number of people in the RP so far.



1. Follow the usual RPG rules pls and thank yoooou

2. I would say no God Modding but, that's impossible in this RP -insert seedy grin here-

3. Go easy on me Senpai's! I'm new to horror RP wise and I hope to do this successfully. So I am open to all criticism and helpful advice! Do not be afraid to discuss possible plots, twists, spooky spook things excreta, excreta.

4. The only one in control of the scenes of the RP will be myself (AppleSauce) and possibly another who might collaborate on this with me. There will be different places made up for the RP where you and your partner will post. Yes you will all be assigned a door and in each place there will be a start post describing what your characters surroundings will be. After you have finished in that area, a new place will be created, connected to that place for you to move on to. So it may sound a bit complex but it's very thought out and hopefully it'll work. :'D Yes what your characters decide will determine what door you will get next, there are bad and good decisions which will determine the ending for your character. Although the story/plot is a bit vague, it'll all make sense in the end. I have many goodies in store for you all! Ho ho ho.

5. For pictures, I do not mind if you want to use a real person, art or an anime picture. I don't mind if you give them a real life actual deformity that exists. I would prefer art or anime pictures though but I won't scold you and kick you out if you use a real life picture. Just be aware others will use different pictures to you. Only a FEW characters will get the privilege of playing an inhuman character. The more characters means more spots open for someone to be a supernatural being. If there are only 5 characters there will be only 1 or maybe 2 supernatural characters out of the 5. If you are serious about the RP, get your profile done and follow the rules, read them all. Then I will let you know whether or not you can play a supernatural character. My decision depends on your commitment and creativity. Supernatural doesn't just mean Vampire, Werewolf, Demon etc. It can be something you have made up. I WON'T accept your character if you make it they are inhuman without asking me first. Plus if I accept your character to not be human I still do not want it to be obvious that they aren't human. I want everyone to be surprised and shocked.

6. I haven't decided how many characters there should be yet but so far I'm juggling between 6-10 characters. For now I'll cap it at 6 and if a whole lot of people wish to join and all spots are reserved then I might change it to 10. Which would equal 5 doors and my brain might be strained and juiced of all its creativity with that many doors to write about :'D If you wish to reserve a spot, fill out the Reservation Sheet bellow and post it in the OOC Reservation Thread.

7. This is ONLY for those seriously interested in a weird horror that is hopefully not like other horror RPs on here. -fingers crossed- It won't be continuous running through doors and spooky spooky stuffs, your characters might take 2 days or more in a room, because I'll be filling them with puzzles haha! If you are stuck on what to do, simply message me or say so in the OOC thread and I'll make things easier in the room you're stuck on in the RP, don't want you screaming, running for your life for days on end. Although that would be amusing.

8. I'm hoping for 300 words plus for this RP, I'm sure there will be a lot for you to type. This isn't really for noob RPers as it may get a bit complex but if you really want to join, I can talk you through and help you out, just a warning that the Elite RPers might crush you and make you their bitch. Ha ha just kidding, mostly. But seriously. This is for reals.

9. You don't have to have a picture for your character if you really don't want to but make sure the description is real good. I would really prefer a picture as well though. You MUST have an avatar image though! If you need help resizing an image to 100x100 let me know and I can resize it for you.

10. I don't mind if you want to make your profile pretty as well as your posts, you don't have to but it is nice to look at. I'm usually too lazy to make things pretty so change up the Skeleton sheet however you like. You don't have to have a specific text colour or font so you can get rid of that code in the Sheet if you wish. Also, to prove you have read all the rules, when posting your reservation please include the word NOODLES! somewhere, thank you.


Code: Select all
[left][img]IMAGE URL HERE NOT TOO BIG THANKS[/img][/left][font=Black Beard][b]Full Name[/b]

INFO HERE[/font]

ImageFull Name
Aidan Crake


-It's a shitty code/sheet so mess around with it all you like, it's just for a Reservation after all.-

Code: Select all
[center][img]NAME IMAGE HERE. GO TO FONT MEME[/img]
[img]CHARACTER IMAGE HERE[/img][/center]
[center][font=OPTIONAL]BASIC INFORMATION[/font][/center]
[center][font=OPTIONAL][color=#OPTIONAL][b]Full Name[/b][/color]
Name here obviously

Self explanatory. Age 10+ pls You can even make them an old grandpa

cm or feet/inches doesn't matter

lbs, kg etc.

Male, Female, both what ever.

[color=#OPTIONAL][b]Sexual Orientation[/b][/color]
Homosexual, Heterosexual, Pansexual etc

[color=#OPTIONAL][b]Eye Colour[/b][/color]
The colour of yo eye balls mate

[color=#OPTIONAL][b]Hair Colour[/b][/color]
Colour of hair[/font][/center]
[center][font=OPTIONAL]IMPORTANT INFORMATION[/font][/center]
At least 5 things your character likes (this will be the information your character has forgotten)

5 things your character dislikes

Give us some secrets! Can be as many as you like. Get creative with it. Maybe your character was a murderer, but in the RP they will have no memory of it. So these secrets will be even unknown to your character. But not forever c; They might have enjoyed something weird or secretly liked someone.

Deepest darkest fears. These could be a fear of spiders, drowning, crowds, being alone etc.

Anything else we might need to know about your character? Do they have an illness or health issue? For those not using a picture you can write the description of your character here and change the heading to Description.

Tell us about your characters personality. What they'd do in different situations, how they'd feel.

What did they do before falling into this Nightmare? Perhaps they were a doctor or a killer, maybe they were homeless or were on their way to kill someone. Were they a detective or perhaps they had kids and a wife?[/font][/center]
[All this is optional, you can remove the heading if you do not wish to have this information]
[url=url to youtube video/song here]Artist - Song[/url]

[url=url to the Artist of the image you're using]Artist[/url]

[color=#OPTIONAL][b]Speech Colour[/b][/color]
[color=#]color code here[/color][/center]

I'm too bothered to give an example but this is a real rough sheet, you can add as many pictures as you like or gifs what ever, change the positioning of things and so on. Even my own character profile wouldn't turn out how I made the sheet. :'D


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Taking place in...

Unknown our primary setting

This is the Void where you find yourself lost, confused and afraid.


Unknown by AppleSauce

This is the Void where you find yourself lost, confused and afraid.

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This is the Void where you find yourself lost, confused and afraid.

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Character Portrait: Edgar Gormly
Edgar Gormly

"Fear is just a good suggestion."

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Character Portrait: Edgar Gormly
Edgar Gormly

"Fear is just a good suggestion."

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Character Portrait: Janie Elizabeth MacGowan
Janie Elizabeth MacGowan

"Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing"

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Character Portrait: The Narrator
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Character Portrait: Edgar Gormly
Edgar Gormly

"Fear is just a good suggestion."

Character Portrait: Janie Elizabeth MacGowan
Janie Elizabeth MacGowan

"Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing"

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Unknown by AppleSauce

This is the Void where you find yourself lost, confused and afraid.


This is the Void where you find yourself lost, confused and afraid.

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