Murdoc Niccals

I've Got Everything I need right here on this floating dump. Hail Satan!

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a character in “Gorillaz Plastic Beach”, as played by NathanNitrogen




A sadistic, satanic 44 year old bassist. Cares for nothing and no one but himself and 'his' band. He treats his singer 2D like trash, often beating him up physically and mentally. An alcoholic and chain smoker with a voice that is still smooth despite the rasp in it from the cigarettes.


His pipe. His Android Noddle. Everything on Plastic Beach. (People included)


Murdoc Niccals had always wanted to start a band. After failing many times, he decided he'd steal a whole bunch of musical equipment from Uncle Norm's Organ Emporium in order to synthesize his own chart topping music. In the process he rammed his car right into Stewart's left eye. Both fracturing the 19 year old's eye and sending him into a catatonic state. Murdoc was sentenced to 30, 000 hours of community service and 10 hours a week to take care of the vegetablised Stewart-Pot. One day, while trying to impress some girls by doing 360 degree spins, he launched the 19 year old blue haired teen out his windshield. Permanently damaging the teen's other eye but waking him from the coma. Murdoc, after hearing the teen play a keyboard dragged him into his band, labeling him 2D and even called the singer 'a blue haired black eyed God'. After that he collected his drummer Russel Hobbs and was ucky to have his guitarist, Noddle, shipped to him.

Around the end of Demon Days after the band had split, Murdoc wanted to make quick-money. So he sold faulty weapons to pirates. Unfortunately, they noticed the scam and the deal went to shit. So, Murdoc burnt down Kong Studios for the insurance money, packed up his things and left to find a new place to live. That's when he found Point Nemo, farthest land mass from anywhere on Earth. Or, Plastic Beach as it's more commonly known as. "My floating pile of trash". From that point, he kidnapped 2D and locked him in a room with a whale. Built an Android Noddle to replace his missing guitarist and synthesized drums to replace his missing drummer.

So begins...

Murdoc Niccals's Story