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Bash Belmonte

"Champions keep playing until they get it right."

0 · 351 views · located in New York City

a character in “Gossip Girl: Spence High”, as played by unicorns.are.real


"Youth is incredible, because you really do feel invincible."

Sebastian Luka Belmonte

Bash, Ace, Superstar, MVP, The Bash Belmonte
Maybe in his dreams


March 30th, 2001





On occasion


New York, New York

The Jock
Though he prefers the term superstar


βœ” Soccer βœ” Jokes βœ” Hot Chips βœ” A Sense of Humor βœ” Jelly βœ” Parties βœ” Food βœ” Playful Flirting βœ” Jelly Beans βœ” Competitions βœ” Winning βœ” Team Sports βœ” Being the Best βœ” Beating the Best βœ” All Sports βœ” His Friends βœ” Spence High βœ” Pizza βœ”

✘ His Job ✘ Losing ✘ Long Workouts ✘ Hard Work ✘ Perfectionists ✘ Rejection ✘ Diets ✘ Worrying About Money ✘ English Class ✘ Writing Essays ✘ Being Sidelined ✘ Being Bad at Something ✘

β€’ Playful Flirt β€’
Bash is a playful flirt. He doesn't mean anything by it, its just how injects a little light and humor into conversation.
β€’ Competitive β€’
He has a habit of turning most things into a competition. Then getting shitty if he loses.
β€’ Cleans up after Himself β€’
Unlike practically all his classmates, Bash didn't grow up with maids waiting on him hand and foot.

β€’ Soccer β€’
Soccer is Bash's life and his way up in the world.
β€’ Work β€’
Less a hobby more a necessity for him. A necessity none of his classmates share.
β€’ Parties β€’
Bash is never one to miss a party. Even if his coach has a rule about drinking during the season.
β€’ Dancing β€’
He's always the first person to start up the dancefloor, drunk or otherwise.
β€’ More Soccer β€’
It's the reason he gets up in the morning and the reason he takes two buses and the subway to get to school.

☠ Serious Injury ☠
☠ Losing his Scholarship ☠
☠ Ending up like his Brother ☠

His lack of wealth and riches.
He is carrying an ankle injury.
His brother's imprisonment.

Bash is arrogant. Though why wouldn’t he be? He grew up carrying his entire junior soccer team on his shoulders, and is now the standout star on the Spence High squad. His confidence in himself borders on cocky, but his playful demeanour causes his arrogance to almost be charming. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Bash’s confidence leads him to be competitive. He turns most things into a competition and then pushes himself to win. Bash doesn’t just love winning and being the best though, no, in order to feel satisfied in a win, Bash has to beat the best. He finds he just doesn’t enjoy an easily won victory. To him, there is nothing like competing.

Bash is incredibly youthful and hopes to never grow up. He’s playful in most things because he like to have fun and laugh. He can’t stand people who take things too seriously, and wants to inject lightness and fun into everything. His confidence and tendency to laugh make most things just roll off his back, you really can’t hurt him. Which makes him a pretty upbeat and chirpy guy. The only thing that can take away his cheery smile or playful smirk is losing. Bash is also flirty with most people, not in a seedy or even serious way. It’s fun, and most the time gets a laugh from people. Just another way he doesn’t take things too seriously.

Of course, more than his want to stay young, his downright refusal to grow up, is both a blessing and a curse. It keeps him optimistic and hopeful. The reason he dedicates himself to soccer is not just because he has a god given talent for it, but because he always saw it as his ticket to the high life. His hope of getting out of the life he was born into. Of course his youthful disposition leaves him too naΓ―ve and optimistic. He has his heads in the clouds and refuses to see thing the way they are, or take responsibility for anything. He sees the end goal and not the hard work that’s going to get him there, or how slim his chances are.

Bash is the son of a minimum wage construction worker, who had dreams of his own about being a pro soccer player. He inherited his skills and passion for soccer from him dad. He’s not entirely sure what he inherited from his mother, considering she died of cancer with he was seven. Since then it’s just been his dad, older brother, younger sister and him. All in a tiny, over-crowded apartment.

Two years ago, at the beginning of Bash’s sophomore year he got scouted. Well, not as much scouted as he tried out for Spence High’s soccer team. He’d been playing soccer since he could walk in his local neighbourhood team, and it was clear he had far more passion and drive than the boy he played with. So he went to a try-out and earned himself a full ride scholarship to Spence High.

Bash takes two buses and subway to get to school across town, but it’s worth it. For his education, social circle and future in soccer. He learned very quickly that he didn’t belong at Spence High, at least not the way he was, with absolutely no money or wealth behind him. His classmates know that he’s on a scholarship and not on their level of influence and extravagance, for sure, but to them that just means no private chef or private jets to Ibiza. They have no idea.
Halfway through Bash’s sophomore year, his brother who had fallen deeply into the wrong crowd held up a liquor store and is now serving prison time. Which only solidified Bash’s drive to earn more for himself. Of course, at least with his brother moving out, he got his own room. Though by room, it is actually just a section of the living room with a sheet for a wall.

Things have been great for Bash at Spence High though. He gets along great with his classmates and he is the star who is carrying their soccer squad to the championships with guaranteed play time in front of college scouts. Except a month ago he rolled his ankle getting out of a hot tub at a party, and now he dreams might go up in smoke if he can’t keep the injury under wraps.

Francisco Lachowski



So begins...

Bash Belmonte's Story


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ɒᴏssΙͺᴘ Ι’ΙͺΚ€ΚŸ

Gossip Girl here, giving you all the details on the rather scandalous elites that attend Spence High. School has started back for these elites last week and it is the first weekend of the school year so I know there is bound to be some drama going down. Especially since the reigning King Bee, Denzel, posted on social media that he was having a yacht party to celebrate their survival from the first week of school. Just about anyone and everyone were invited to attend. The question is though, will you be attending? I know I will be. While there is a party going down in the matter of an hour or so, another scandal amongst these elites is after a sudden disappearance is the sudden reappearance of the flower girl known as Iris. Where has she been? No one truly knows but whenever someone finds out... I'll be here waiting. You know you love me.

X O X O,
Gossip Girl

Να΄›Κœα΄‡ α΄‹ΙͺΙ΄Ι’ ʙᴇᴇ



α΄…α΄‡Ι΄α΄’α΄‡ΚŸ α΄‘α΄‡ΚŸΚŸΙͺɴɒᴛᴏɴ
Hex: #D0B083

Denzel could not help but let out a light scoff from his lips as he placed his phone back into his pocket, reviewing over himself in the floor stand mirror in his room. He had posted on social media, Snapchat and Instagram specifically, about his yacht party and it was basically an "here's to surviving week one of hell" type of thing. Denzel heard a knock on his door as his mother entered and smiled towards him. "Oh, no. You're not going to give me the responsibility speech, are you?" Denzel inquired as his mother chuckled as she stepped closer to him and adjusted his collar slightly. "No. I know you'll be responsible. Just make sure everyone else is responsible on your father's..." Denzel interrupted her by calling him the much more proper term. "Stepfather." His mother sighed as she raised a hand up to him. "Whoever. Just make sure people do not damage his yacht, okay?" His mother continued as he nodded his head and she exited his room so that he could finish getting ready.

A thought crossed his mind though. 'Iris is back?' He pulled his phone out of his pocket and read the latest Gossip Girl blog one more time. It seemed like it was official but he just had to find out things for himself.

To: Iris
Are you really back? Did not tell me anything? You must come to my yacht party tonight. Remember where the docks are?

Denzel sent the message then exited his own room as she walked down the stairs, which led into the kitchen as his mother looked at him. "Taking the limo. See you later." He mentioned towards her as he pressed the button for the elevator and stood there, waiting. Denzel was excited for the night, honestly. This was his first official party as King Bee so he hoped that he'd do a good job at hosting it. The elevator dinged and the doors rolled opened before him as he stepped right on the inside. Honestly, he was nervous about tonight as he rocked on the balls of his feet until the elevator stopped and the doors opened up before him again. Stepping out, he reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone to send her royal highness, Sienna, a text message along with Jeremy.

To: Sienna
Can you at least try, I do mean try, to be nice tonight?

To: Jem
You coming to party, right?

Denzel sent the texts and was really eager to see their replies. Denzel really wondered if Jem was coming to the party or not and if Sienna was going arrive with Cam, whom he needed for some banter right about now. He knew that it was sort of a mistake to do but he did it anyway. Once he exited through the revolving door, his family's driver, Thompson was already out there and waiting for him. "To the docks, Thompson." Denzel said as he got into the limo then pulled up Instagram again to record a video.

"Yo, yo, yo, peeps. This ya' boy, King Denny and I am heading to the docks to board the yacht. Will you be there waiting for me or will I be waiting on you? Let's see shall we?" He posted the video on the app and received multiple likes within an instant. Luckily for him, the docks were not too far from where he lived in the city so he arrived there within fifteen or so minutes. Some people were already there as he greeted them then stepped foot onto the yacht.

His eyes examined the food and drinks and even greeted the bartender, just to make sure everything was in order as more people started to arrive at the docks. Denzel pulled his phone out of his pocket to see if either Iris or Sienna responded to his message yet. He grabbed himself a glass of the champagne that was near then walked over to the side of the yacht and chugged the glass down. It was no doubt that he was nervous, which was a feeling he tried not to show but it was there and hope no one notices.

He checked to see what the time it was, which it was approaching about seven o'clock and the yacht was going to dock in a few minutes. Denzel removed himself from the railing that he was leaning on for the moment to take out his cell phone, wondering to himself if he should text Christian or not. Just a simple would be alright, wouldn't? Denzel sighed as he started to type those three little letters towards Christian anyway.

To: Chris


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_____ T H EXB A DXB O Y _____

Outfit: Link Here
Location: En Route
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Thought Color ✧ #730800

"Gentlemen," Ricardo called and a bit of the chatter that occupied the grand room died out as all eyes turned to him. Having just returned from getting dressed, Ricky stood - a joint filled with a berry white cannabis strain in one hand, and a glass of Balvenie 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the other. The hand with the whisky was raised towards his peers, dark eyes glittering beneath the overhead lights. "You've survived your first week back at the illustrious Spence and hopefully, managed to secure you parents' trust that you will be able to endure the rest of the school year," he said, this seeming ever-present sense of amusement tugging at one corner of his lips. There was a hum or two of agreement, and pleased with with the nods that followed, Ricky grinned darkly before adding, "Now, let's show them how misplaced that trust was." The resounding roars and cheers of excitement made Ricky guffaw before he tossed back what was left in his glass, his throat working to welcome the burn he called his oldest friend.

There were only one or two of the guys in his home that Ricky called a friend, but it wasn't out of character for him to have invited a number of them to a pre-gaming session with him whether in his home or at one of his favorite bars in the city. While Ricky could never care enough to hold a crown, he did act with respect to all of his connections and treated them all accordingly, allowing just a few a taste of his generosity and kinship in the form of sharing his weed and his liquor at the cost of loyalty and aid when the time came and he needed them. A good chunk of the guys he currently led down his family's private elevator were on the soccer team, much like Bash Belmonte, Ricky's typical crew. They were his teammates, sure, but they had also proven to be some of his most trust-worthy acquaintances. And Ricky learned from the best; you had to treat each and every ally right for them to treat you right. And after a first week of school and witnessing the climax of cataclysmic relationship destruction via social media, Ricky liked knowing what he had to look forward to and what he might need along.

Pulling out his iPhone X, Ricky decided to add to his Instagram story once more, grinning at the immersive screen as he exclaimed, "Hey, D! Thought we'd bring the party to you." A chorus of exclamations served as a greeting to both Denzell and to the world at large, and Ricky chuckled as he noted the amount of views he recieved damn near immediately. Shrugging at the camera in a blase fashion, an almost euphoric sort of glee from the cannabis strain he was currently indulging in, he added playfully, "Hope you're ready for us." Someone howled once they got in the lobby, but all the doorman did was glance up at them before going back to his computer screen. Ricky only smirked before sharing the addition to his story and exiting out so that he could sent a quick text to his favorite little queenie.

To: Queen S
dis mean mi fave 3lw r back?

From the dismissive nature Sienna had taken up after two months of Iris' disappearance - though Ricky was wondering if her dismissive antics was truly due to that or something else - and the fact that Iris herself had yet to post anything about her girls since her supposed return when she had once been the most active in doing so, Ricky was more than sure the girls weren't on speaking terms just yet. He just wanted to mess with her as was their relationship. He liked antagonizing her, liked knowing that out of so many people in their world, he was one of the ones he got under her skin the most. Sienna responded as only queens did and she never truly lashed out like other simpletons he fucked with just to fuck with, but it was still an entertaining experience. Shaking his head at his own musing, Ricky slid his phone back into his pocket and took a long hit from his joint, sour and sweet of the berry melting in their soothing heat on his tongue as the guys loaded up into his limo. Just before entering, though, Ricky spotted Bash and clapped him on the back. "Bash, my man," he greeted. "Don't tell me you're gonna be holdin' out tonight. What coach doesn't know won't hurt him."