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Xavier Clifton

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a character in “Gossip Girl: The City That Never Sleeps”, as played by Bandit




Xavier Clifton

☽ "And it’s hard to hate someone once you understand them." ☾

— Lucy Christopher, Stolen

Fᴀᴄᴇ ᴄʟᴀɪᴍ ✦ Reece King
Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #087dad
Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #000000


✦Fᴜʟʟ Nᴀᴍᴇ✦
Xavier Christopher Clifton


✦Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ & Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ✦
July 28 - ♌



✧Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ & Mᴀʀᴛɪᴀʟ Sᴛᴀᴛᴜs✧
Straight, Single


Black, curly


Due to being mixed, Zay falls on the lighter side skin-wise than his fully black peers.

✦Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ & Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ✦
5’11.5, 180 lbs

Both of his parents are American citizens, born and raised, but his mother’s roots are Black Carib, while his father is part Irish and part Portuguese.

✦In Depth✦
Describe character's appearance. Include character's fashion style, if you want.




Xavier is a low-maintenance and chill person. It doesn't take much to entertain him, and he's more independent than dependent. He likes to focus on himself and making sure that he's happy and taken care of before anyone else. Though understandable (and maybe even admirable), it can definitely be construed as selfish when he's constantly prioritizing himself over friends. Part of this trait probably comes from his natural personality, but because he's had to take care of himself within the last few years, this notion that if he doesn't take care of himself, no one else will, has become even more prominent in his life than ever before. Though he takes care of himself, it definitely isn't in the "balling out" way that it could be. The money that he makes through dealing drugs is definitely good money, there's no question about that. However, he has to pay his own rent, buy his own food, and provide for himself in every other sense of the word since he no longer relies on his parents, so he is definitely more responsible than many of his peers who have parents (and rich ones, at that) to depend on for all of that.

The fact that he attends St. Jude’s on an athletic scholarship should speak to his talent on the court in itself. If that’s not enough, though, it’s worth noting that Xavier is more than just a good basketball player. He’s more than just a kid who can run fast, jump high and dribble a ball. He’s motivated and well-disciplined. Even with the worst hangover, he can convince himself to get out of bed when his daily alarm goes off at six in the morning and go run a few miles. He spends hours and hours at the gym each week, and studies plays like it’s his day job. So yes, Xavier is an athlete, and an amazing one at that, but he’s not just your typical black kid who wants to be the next Michael Jordan. He’s more than that stereotype, and that’s one of the major reasons why he doesn’t actively promote the fact that he’s at St. Jude’s on a basketball scholarship. While it’s an honor in itself, and speaks to his level of skill, since they don’t hand out money to just anyone, he doesn’t need to give anyone any more of a reason to write him off as a stereotype. If someone had to guess what sport he played, they’d probably already guess basketball just because of his skin color, and he doesn’t need anyone labeling him as poor, or that his only chance of having a future is through professional sports, on top of that.

He's an average student in the classroom, but because of his line of work, has street smarts and isn't the type of person that you can play or outwit easily. He's well connected, and is a businessman above anything else, even if it's not in the traditional sense of the word. He doesn't take well to people attempting to swindle or scam him, and if he feels like he's even mildly being disrespected or spoken to in a condescending manner, his tempter tends to snap easily. His temper isn't something that many people are aware exists in such a short form because for the most part, Zay comes off as a chill, relaxed and humorous guy who just goes with the flow. That's true, and that's because he doesn't take a lot of people or things seriously. However, there are certain things that just cross that line with him, and the main thing that meets that criteria is when his wealthier peers think that they're superior to him solely for their money. It's one of those situations that will easily have him throwing punches even if it doesn't seem warranted by other people.



✧ Physical Activity ✧ ↣ He feels best when he's out running, at the gym, or playing basketball.
✧ Food ✧ ↣ Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, bagels, steaks, tacos.... you name it, and he's eating it. Admittedly, he will try to eat more healthy during basketball season, but even then, his metabolism works so quickly that junk food usually gives him the energy he needs without an extra pounds, so he isn't the type to truly watch what he eats.
✧ Autumn ✧ ↣ It's the nicest weather in New York. He wakes up an extra thirty minutes early most days in the fall to spend a little extra time running in the morning.
✧ Being well connected ✧ ↣ There are very few sixteen year olds, even ones with crazy amounts of money, who can get into any of the top night clubs in New York City. Zay has countless contacts in his phone that can get him into any party or event if he just says the word. It's something that makes him feel powerful and cool.
✧ Exploring ✧ ↣ New York is one of those cities that is constantly changing. There's always a museum or show you haven't seen, store you haven't been to, or activity that just came to town. Zay likes how it's impossible to be bored here.

◆ Hard drugs ✦ ↣ He'll sell them to you, but you won't catch him using them himself. The only thing he uses is marijuana, and even that is in limited quantities.
✦ Winter ✦ ↣ It's hard to walk around and be as active as he likes being when it's cold and snowy outside.
✦ Authority ✦ ↣ Him moving out of his mother's home is a good example of how he struggles with the concept of listening to authority.
✦ Disrespect ✦ ↣ Mind your business and don't bother him, and you're probably cool in Zay's book.
✦ Mushrooms ✦ ↣ Just one of those foods he'll never touch



Quirks & Habits
✦Has horrible penmanship
✧Always has chewing gum on him
✦Early riser

Talents | Strengths | Skills
✦Good basketball player
✧Financially smart
✦Independent for someone his age

Flaws | Weaknesses
✦Trusts very few people
✧Extremely competitive
✦Struggles to feign interest in things he doesn't care about
✧Doesn't have his driving permit

✧Working out
✦Video games

✦Being arrested
✧Losing his scholarship at St. Jude's
✦His mother getting hurt

✦It's not something that he purposely keeps a secret, but he would never go around telling anyone about his nontraditional relationship with his parents
✧While most of the kids he goes to school with knows how he makes his money, the fact that he sells drugs also isn't something he ever intends on broadcasting to the world✦

Goals | Dreams
✦In a perfect world, a goal of his would be to recreate the relationship he once had with his mother. This isn't that world, and Xavier is still somewhat emotionally immature and in a mindset where he has no fault in their falling out, so it isn't a goal that's at the top of his list, though it probably will be at some point.
✧Get a scholarship to a college with a Division I basketball team
✦Make a shit load of money✧


✧ Daniel Clifton ✧ ↣ Father ↣ Living
✦ Jacinta Dorsey-Monroe ✦ ↣ Mother ↣ Living
✧ Don Monroe ✧ ↣ Step-Father ↣ Living
✦ Anthony "Tony" Clifton ✦ ↣ Brother ↣ Living

Xavier’s upbringing might seem atypical compared to his classmates, who seemed to all have been fed out of a silver spoon throughout their youth, but to a typical American, it’s probably pretty average. He was born into a middle class family in Astoria, New York, a part of Queens just a subway ride away from Manhattan. His father worked for Hilton Hotels as a hotel manager at one of their locations in Manhattan, and his mother was a registered nurse who worked for a special education school in their neighborhood. He grew up with one older brother, Anthony, who is six years older than him. When Zay was seven years old, his parents divorced. It was pretty amicable, though when his father’s job relocated him to Miami, his ability to father diminished pretty quickly. From then on, though his father paid child support, his mother was basically a single mother in every other aspect of the word. She worked hard for her boys, and wanted them to have the very best. That was why when Xavier’s middle school basketball coach insisted that he saw real potential in him, she agreed to allow Xavier to meet with some of the coaches of the prestigious private academies in different boroughs of New York City. St. Jude’s offered him the most lucrative deal out of all of the schools: a full ride, in exchange for him playing for their team. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse, since it was the absolute only way that he could ever afford to attend a private school like it.

During his freshman year of high school, his mother remarried. Though she had been dating the man for a while, Xavier likes to say that it was something that came out of left field. That he was blindsided by it, and that his mother was wrong for not making sure her kids thought her future husband deserved her. Needless to say, Xavier didn’t have the most open of minds when the man moved into their house, and because the man had a strong personality himself, and as a former Marine, valued respect over almost anything else, it’s safe to say that their relationship was never going to be a good one. The breaking point came at the beginning of sophomore year, when Xavier came home on a school night around four in the morning, reeking of weed and alcohol. His stepfather was waiting for him in the living room with a couple half-consumed bottles of liquor and more than an excusable amount of individually packaged bags of marijuana that he must have discovered from Xavier’s room while he was gone. Maybe it was because Zay was pretty wasted (though he claims to this day that he would have reacted the same way sober), but something in him told him that the best reaction to some wanna-be dad invading his privacy was to swing on the man. A black eye later, and Xavier learned that that wasn’t the smartest move, but he would never have to think about trying it again, because that was the last night that he spent at his childhood house.

He began crashing at his brother’s apartment in Harlem after that, and earlier this summer when his brother and his girlfriend signed a lease on a new apartment in East Harlem that they would be sharing with three other people, Xavier insisted that they rent one of the spare rooms out to him. He had upped his sales ever since moving out of his mother’s house, and even if it would require some riskier sales, not having to sleep on a couch and having his own space again would be worth the extra work.


Character Sheet By : The Toxic Cereus
Inspired By : AmeliaIsGhostly
Filled Out By : Bandit

So begins...

Xavier Clifton's Story


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Date: Friday, August 18, 2017
Time: 1:45 PM

Leave it to New York to be one of the fewest places during the summer that you don't want to be at in August. Seriously, who the hell told the weather to just drop like that?

Hey, readers, Gossip Girl here and luckily for you, Manhattan's little darlings won't let some small drop in the weather ruin the rest of their summer fun and I'm pretty sure James Airth is going to be the leader of our little motley crew in the next four hours since he's throwing a yacht party. They're disembarking from the Hamptons, so you already know to be prepared for scantily clad minors running around with alcohol they probably stole from mommy and daddy's liquor cabinets. Then again, I'm pretty sure that a lot of it was purchased with mommy and daddy's credit cards, but who am I to judge? As you all already know, I will be one of the first to order one of those succulent apple martinis because love him or hate him, but Airth's bartenders usually make the best martinis. And what will our favorite little darlings be doing in the meantime?

Well, last I checked while Sydney and The New Girl's - and yes, I do know her name, it's just so much more fun to call her The New Girl for a bit longer - parents are still on their honeymoon until the school year starts, you actually haven't seen the two together yet. In fact, you haven't seen them anywhere near each other. I wonder if we should ask Airth about that since Alaina's been getting real chummy with her and he went bowling with those two the other day. And believe it or not, Katherine Arnault is back in town. I know, I know - she just dropped off of the face of the planet and without either of her besties, Alexis or Sydney, at that. Isn't she like, their little lapdog or something? Then again, sweetie's been caught in the worst divorce ever since neither of her girls are talking and isn't Alexis just coming back from vacay? Or are we still not ready to just call it what it probably was, which was rehab? Or damage control? I'm sure we can all find something we can agree upon when referring to our now crown-less diva. Nevertheless, while I myself am getting ready for this yacht party and the jacuzzi that you all know I'm gonna stay in, let's see what our little lovelies can get themselves in to in the meantime.



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#, as written by Bandit

Location: Leaving Penn Station
Dialogue Color: #087dad

Xavier normally hated carrying around large amounts of drugs. He normally had no problem carrying around a few pills, or enough weed that would only warrant a ticket if he was caught with it. Anything over that, especially if it was an amount that could catch him an "intent to sell" charge scared him. There weren't many things that Zay would admit to being scared of, but he would readily admit to that. Despite being just as white as he was black, when it came to his genetic makeup, he looked more black than white by the eye. Or at least, he looked black enough that he felt like he would be a more preferred target over a white kid to be picked on by a cop looking to make an arrest. The last thing that he needed was a charge like that on his record. Xavier knew that dealing drugs was illegal, but at the same time, he had to do what he had to do. He wasn't interested in picking up a normal job like most teenagers did, because his situation was different than most teenagers. He had to support himself when it came to rent, food, clothes, and anything else he needed, and making eleven dollars at CVS wasn't going to help him. Selling drugs was what worked for him. He worked his own hours, made good money, and filled a need that society had. He didn't sell things like heroin or meth, and he was able to ration to himself that the things he did sell: mainly marijuana, coke, and pills, weren't as bad. Even if they were, he wasn't holding a gun to anyone's head making them buy it. Their addictions were their own problems, not his.

Regardless of his fear of carrying large amounts of drugs, that was exactly what he was doing today as he sat on the Long Island Rail Road train, heading out to Southampton. Parties like Jameson's were perfect opportunities for Zay to make a ton of money in a short period of time, and because of that, it seemed worth it to risk carrying so much. Since he was leaving before the rush-hour rush, the train was on the emptier side, and he had done a good job at packaging everything in his backpack to minimize the smell or chance of anyone noticing. In addition to his backpack, he had a bag with a change of clothes and some toiletries. Though he hadn't been invited to sleep over anyone's Hampton house, since none of his close friends were that wealthy where they owned one, he knew that one of the rich kids would end up getting wasted on the boat and ask him to come back to their house so they could smoke his weed, and though the ingenuity of it would make him want to roll his eyes, it would give him a couch to crash on, and that was a good enough deal. He was planning on going to one of their house's beforehand anyway, since one of his basketball teammates, who he wasn't particularly close with, but friendly enough, had invited him over to pregame. It would be easy for him to leave his bag there and later in the night, when everyone was drunk, ration that he needed to go back to the guy's house to pick up his stuff, and then just end up staying. It wasn't like he was unliked to a point where anyone would say no if he asked to stay over; it just wasn't in Xavier's character to ask. He didn't like feeling like his fate was in someone else's hand. He didn't care that much.

The train ride was two hours, but given that that was how long it took to get to the Hamptons by car, and Xavier sure as hell didn't have $200 to blow on an Uber, he wasn't upset with the commute time. Instead he turned his music on and sent out a few texts to confirm that he was going to sell everything he had brought with him tonight. Of course, he had to send an unrelated one to Sydney too. Even if she didn't answer, he knew (or hoped) he could get her to make up for it later that night when it was dark and everyone had had one too many drinks.

To: Sydney
You gonna play the i don't know you game tonight or u gonna be real?


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Date: Friday, August 18, 2017
Time: 6:50 PM

Okay, so lovelies, the reason that I absolutely love yacht parties isn't even the opulence of the ships. It's not the margaritas, though I will tell you that these apple margaritas are literally to die for!! What I love so much is that there's literally no place to run. On land, you always have the option of leaving. You're upset? Someone stepped on your Jimmy Choos? You found out that Ashley has totally been making out with Jake behind your back even though she swore that she didn't because she knew you were just waiting on making your move on him? You get to leave. You get to about face and run all the way home to mommy and daddy, and cry into your Egyptian cotton and wait for the next day to pretend like nothing had ever happened. Your reputation remains pristine. With yacht parties, as fun as they are, the drama is even more fun because you have nowhere to go. Oh, you can go on another part of the ship. You can even hope and pray that one of the state rooms are still available so you can blow off some steam. But at the end of the day, more than likely, they're not available and like or not, the person you don't like is going to be in the same vicinity as you. And I am forever living for the insurmountable possibilities that situations like these can bring!

Nevertheless, it's been about an hour or so since the good charmer Jim Jam - come on, you all were thinking it too - had us all set sail and I don't know guys...the party's great and all, but don't things feel a bit...tense? Maybe because the good sis Alexis Leon surprised everyone by showing up tonight and looking mighty fine. One might even say she makes for a better blonde than Queen S...of course, one would say that if they weren't deathly afraid of getting their eyes scratched out. Then again, I'm pretty sure the host isn't having too good of a day either. I mean, I know it's not a big deal cuz she's new and not really as important because she hasn't really done anything - and I'm in serious need of the entertainment if she's gonna do something - but new girl definitely swerved him. That's the word, right? I'm not exactly hip to all this young people linguo. But anyway, that definitely happened and it might not seem like much, but not many girls - or any, to be quite honest - swerve the good charmer. And I'm sorry, but if I see a girl put her finger up at him of all guys so that he can't say a word, and then proceed to walk away without giving him the time of day. And go out on the dance floor and dance with - out of everyone - the player?? I'm of the right mind to speculate that something juicy's probably gonna pop off. Maybe she got tired of playing the other woman?? I'm also not so sure, but I honestly could've sworn I saw Alaina and Katherine coming out of a building in Manhattan together earlier today. Is the old queen's return the only thing the new queen's gotta worry about? Cuz I spy with my little eye a possible new bestie for baby Arnault. But I could be wrong...we'll just have to see.