Adrien Bazol "Phoenix"

Italian model/fashion designer of the Phoenix line.

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a character in “Gossip Girl”, as played by Kenzi



Adrien is 6'6" and 28 years old. Because he used to be a male model, Adrien is ripped to the point of looking like a God (to put it bluntly). Every inch of his body is firm with muscle, toned and solid, with smooth golden tanned skin. He has thick wavy hair that hits just above his shoulders, a shade of brown so dark it looks black, and brilliantly clear blue eyes. He has a strong jaw line with surprisingly full lips that part to show a handsome and genuine smile with straight white teeth. He often sports a bit of scruff, making him look more rugged.

Adrien prefers to wear jeans and loose fitting t-shirts, enjoying the casual looks, but does not object to putting on a suit.


Adrien is a truly genuine human being. He is very friendly and chivalrous, always treating those around him (especially women), with the utmost respect. He is a romantic at heart and enjoys the little things in life. He isn't conceited about his appearance, but is aware of the effect that it has on people. He is well educated and determined to get the most out of his life. Adrien is also competitive when it comes to certain things in his life, knowing when to pick his battles and when to walk away. He is outgoing and often the center of attention without meaning to be.


Adrien grew up in a small town in Italy and got good grades in school. When he was in his final year of high school he was 'discovered' by an agent at the beach. After talking about it with his father, Adrien decided to sign with the modeling agency and the rest is history. Adrien quickly became the face of a number of ads and campaigns, walking the shows of all the finest designers for men. He modeled for years and years until he grew tired of posing for the camera and wearing other people's designs, so he decided to try his hand at designing. Luck had it that he was VERY talented and he was quickly named the one to look for in the future. Once he had finished designing his first line, he was approached and offered the opportunity to open Fashion Night out in New York. Of course, he was thrilled at the opportunity and quickly accepted.

So begins...

Adrien Bazol "Phoenix"'s Story