Evelynne Faye Endora (Van Der Woodsen)

Serena's Redheaded Twin Sister

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Eve stands at 5'11" (barefooted) with long slim limbs and glowing creamy white skin. Eve has a small trim waist, curved womanly hips, a round perky bottom, and D cup breasts. Evelynne's hair is thick and the color of fire with natural highlights that shine brilliantly. Her hair falls in shining waves to her lower back, and is layered to frame her face despite it's exceptional length.

Eve has a oval face with high cheek bones, a slightly squared chin, full pink bowed lips, beautifully white straight teeth, a straight slightly upturned nose, and a beauty mark that rests to the right of her nose. Evelynne has finely arched brows and large almond shaped eyes that are surrounded by thick fanned lashes. Her eyes are the color of an emerald with fine flecks of gold around the iris.


Evelynne prefers to be called Eve, E, or even Evie. She is very flirtatious, outgoing, playful, sarcastic, independent, confident, stubborn, and spontaneous. She absolutely hates being told what to do and isn't afraid to voice how she feels (regardless of the subject or whom it is she is speaking to). While she enjoys the wealth of her family, she doesn't like the responsibilities or the certain ways you are expected to act when you are so high on the social ladder.. so she does whatever she feels like instead. She is quick to act with her gut, even if she isn't sure if it's the right thing to do. She has a knack for seeing both sides of a situation and isn't opposed to breaking the rules in order to succeed (which she does more often than not). Eve is an incredibly passionate person when it comes to a number of things in her life, but especially when it comes to music. She is a classically trained pianist, singer, and can play the alto saxophone and cello. Evelynne doesn't try very hard in school and gets average grades, though she is capable of doing much better, and only applies herself when it comes to music. Eve is like a great wild animal: Gorgeous and alluring, but untamed and unable to be caged.


She always carries her cellphone (a white Iphone 4), but that's the only thing that stays the same with her. Every day it's a new outfit complete with different accessories. She also has a black and gold Keilwerth Alto Saxophone.


Her name is Evelynne Van Der Woodsen and she is Serena's twin sister. When Eve and Serena were born Eric was still very young and so he doesn't remember that he had another sister. He only remembers a little girl with bright red hair, but Lilly just told him he was imagining things. In reality, William and Lilly divorced shortly after Serena and Eve's births and took Eve with him. William wanted nothing to do with Lilly, or her family, (She was cheating, and so was he) and had fallen in love with little Eve so he got guardianship over her in the divorce. Lilly loved Eve as well, but she was a far more demanding and temperamental child than the always happy and smiling baby Serena, and so she was guiltily happy that William had chosen her. Lilly wrongfully thought that it would be easier on the children to never discuss Eve, or her father, ever again and so she took all the photos of little Evie and locked them away in her bedroom.

Eve grew up in Europe under the surname Endora (William had changed his name to Van Der Woodsen in the marriage and had since taken his old name back), having no idea of her mother. She never asked, and never seemed to care. She lived between various homes in Pairs, Rome, Vienna, and England. She lived the longest, however, in a home in Paris. The home was absolutely stunning and was on a street with a number of other mansions, some summer homes and others year round homes.

One day, when she was 5, Evelynne was playing in the vast front yard of the mansion when a boy her own age strolled by with his father. The boy looked uncomfortable and sad, though eager to please the older man. That was the first time she saw Charles "Chuck" Bass.

The Bass family had a summer home in Paris and so she continued to see the boy every summer. She was 10 when she was first given the chance to say hello, as they boy was always with his father. The boy seemed to be quite taken back by her forward manner at first, but the two became fast friends. Eve was quite the tomboy and enjoyed the boy's company. The two spent days on end together every summer and often got into trouble, but they maintained their friendship. Evie had not changed much over the years and, by the age of 16, was still the rough and tumble girl of her childhood. A very pretty redheaded girl who was gangly and too outspoken to be polite.

The summer that the pair turned 17, however, Chuck would be surprised to find his best friend had turned into a woman. Sure, he had always known that Evie was a girl, but that wasn't what had changed... she had really BECOME a woman. Evelynne had grown into her tall frame with curved hips and a full bust, wearing dresses and chic clothing with her perfectly glossy red hair curling around her.

Chuck was instantly and undeniably smitten with her and Eve felt the same. Her feelings for him had been growing over the years, especially since he had started dating girls around Paris in the summer and spending less and less time with her. He gave her a gorgeous golden heart necklace, which she wore every day that summer. Chuck's father, however, was considerably disappointed by the situation. There was no way his only son was going to fall for the daughter of a doctor. Bart Bass never knew how William Endora had gotten so much money, he knew it wasn't just by being a doctor, but could care less. His son would do better than this outspoken redheaded girl, and he would make sure of it.

That was the last summer that the pair would spend together. It was a summer of love and adventure that ended far too soon, thanks to the narrow minded ways of Charles' father. Bart Bass informed Chuck that he could no longer see this Evelynne girl, and that if he did he would lose his inheritance. Chuck was torn, but ultimately decided to do as his father wished, as he had yet to learn the value of things in life.

Chuck was never given the chance to say goodbye, and left on a plane the night he was supposed to meet Eve at the Iffle Tower for an amazing evening. Evelynne tried to contact him numerous times, but Bart made sure the messages never got to Chuck and therefore leaving Chuck to believe that Eve never really cared about him anyway.

Evie moved on from the heartbreak, though it was very hard to do, and eventually broke into modeling. She walked the runways in Paris for some very famous swim suit and lingerie lines, as her womanly figure was too much for regular modeling. She also went to university in Paris and is currently studying music and english.

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