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Cecily Simnel

The BEST at doing the LEAST!

0 · 181 views · located in Arell a fantasy world

a character in “Grand Quest Alliance”, as played by BlueElk_LazyGeek


Age: 20
Sex: Female
Race: Human/Elf
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130
Hair: Blonde, Long, usually wears it up
Eye: Dark Green, Changes colors

Personality: she's a very laid back person, who takes life as one big joke.
Emotions and feeling are things she can't deal with or express well to others, so instead she makes jokes.
If she ever felt sad, or wanted to cry she will act completely fine around others no one can see her mask.
she LOVES candy and will do anything for some, since they are rare to find.
she can be a bit of a sadist, and finds joy in others misfortunes and teases them with it.
she rather flee then fight any day running is her thing.
she has a very short fuse, everyday she tries to practice her water abilities.
failing after a hour, she gives up for the day.

History: Cecily's farther was human but her mother was a elf from Magistica.
she grew up with her farther but never saw or met her mother once since birth.
the only momentum she had was a small choker that was WAY too big for her tiny baby neck.
Actually, anytime she would bring her mother up to her farther he'd quickly change the subject to something else.
He taught...or at least tried to teach her how to fight with daggers. She never seemed interesting in anything other then sleep.
one day she was down by the lake, gathering water when it started to levitate.
she as any 5 year old would be shocked, and worried she quickly got her farther.
he fell silent and walked off, telling her to go home.
the next morning her farther was gone and the towns people ran her out of town.
Clearly it was time to move out, she didn't like being around crowds anyway it cramped her style. Somehow she managed, at the age of 14 Cecily started her career as a lintel broker, a very easy job as long as you don't get caught.

So begins...

Cecily Simnel's Story

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Soon enough,he calmed and walked out of the inn,fearful looks following from the barman.His feet quietly pounded on the wood as he ambled out.The cold air blasted his face with a short breeze,and he held his hood as he ran to the town gates,pushing past people. He soon exited,legs nervous and he walked out. The moon light hit him,and his plate lit. "Not now,not now." He muttered,running down the path,and ran into a forest,then he tripped over a rock. "SH-!" He yelled,his hood revealing him.

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Hyallaris got up,his right ankle feeling terrible.He was SURE he heard someone.He looked around,slowly and painfully walking on the path.Was he being watched?If so,he could attack them with his magic-But he mustn't be rash.And so,he just limped forwards on the path.A slight breeze pushed him backwards as he did,and though he ignored it,he couldn't help thinking; Something's happening...