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Vera Ashwood

Elvin outlaw

0 · 456 views · located in Arell a fantasy world

a character in “Grand Quest Alliance”, as played by KitKattt


ImageName: Vera Ashwood
Age: 19
Personality: Vera is mostly quiet and distant. She doesn't interact with many people. No one really knows how she acts because she's a lone wolf.
Appearance: She's 5'9 and weighs 134lbs. She has ash blonde hair which is usually braided and light brown/hazel eyes.
About: Vera is an Elvin outlaw from the Broken Kingdom (that's what she calls it...). She wanders around the forests with her bow and arrow to catch small rodents or fowl. Vera trades some of her catch for money or other goods.

So begins...

Vera Ashwood's Story

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Through the town walked a figure, residing in a black cloak as if it was a prison. No one approached, but as he walked by, many a man would turn to another and the rumors would start flowing. "I hear it is a ghost!" "I wonder what demon he had to make a deal with to see others' secrets!" "Mommy, he scares me!" All were common to Talin. Few humans understood why he was the way he was.

On his 1000th birth day, Talin aided in the attack on one of many castles in what is now the Kingdom of the Broken Heart. Being the dragon to strike down the queen of the castle, the resident mage, and secret lover, of the queen cursed Talin. "Only when the sun has hidden itself, and the sky is as dark as your scales, will you see your true form. When the sun is high in the sky, you will be trapped in a prison as black as your scales, forced to walk the lands to show your crimes!" Rang the curse that was laid upon the dragon.

2000 years. 2000 years he has been in this cloak prison during the day, only to experience the freedom of his true form at night. Talin was more than used to it now. At first he could hardly walk as a human, the way so different from walking as a dragon. And the prison did prevent him from eating, locking his head in the darkness of the hood so that it may only be seen when the transformation has taken place.

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Vera wandered through the forest. She looked around for anything she could shoot for trade. She spotted a rabbit in the distance. Carefully she stalked it, then she drew back her bow and Swoosh the arrow impaled the rabbit, staining it's fur with red. "This will get me at least 2 rubies!" The elf grinned and took the rabbit back to the Broken Market.

Vera entered the market. She found a certain booth and set down the dead rabbit. "I'll take rabbit for 1 ruby." One man said. "I have a family to feed! I'll give you two!" A woman came up to Vera. "5 rubies for the rabbit." A large man pushed through the crowd. "Deal." She gave him the rabbit and he gave her the rubies. "Haha.." Vera walked away from the market smirking. "I'm so lucky to have found that rabbit, especially at this time of year." She walked back through the forest to a little tree house she called home.

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The elf walked slowly through the forest. She enjoyed the musky smell, since she grew up with it. As Vera was walking, she thought she saw a sandy colored deer. She jumped behind a tree and pulled back her bow. It wasn't a deer though, it was a girl. 'Now what is a girl like her doing in the dangerous forest?!' Vera walked up to the sandy colored cat-girl. "Excuse me, but it's rather dangerous walking around the forest alone. Who knows what might lurk around here. You've at least should carry around a weapon with you." She looked at the cat-girl. It did seem like she had one, and it didn't look like she could fight either. Vera was judging her by here looks, so she could be wrong.