Adam Stryker

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a character in “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Chronicles”, as played by Delkura


Name: Adam Stryker

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140lb

Blood Type: AB

Appearance: Shaggy brown hair, green eyes, brown jacket w/ black T-shirt underneath, jeans with a tear on the right pantleg, brown shoes

Faction: Neutral

Occupation: He currently works with his father on trying to open a shipment business, but is secretly adopting a life of crime.

Personality: Adam is collected and usually thinks things through, but he is also unreliable at times and if it means having to ditch someone that he doesn't have to protect in a hopeless situation then he will do so.

Equipment: He carries a Five-seveN, MP5K, and an HK416 with him as his defense. He owns a PMP-600.

Backstory: Adam was born in Las Venturas but his family had moved to Liberty City when he was young. His father always had an idea of owning a large shipment franchise, but while Adam says he also shares his dream, he is lying. He has gotten stuck in a life of crime because one of his friends had owed the Lancaster's a large amount of money and he was caught within all of this. Currently he is trying to get out of this but current events won't let him.

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