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Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts

Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts


[Need people!] This game is based on radical constructivism. All posts have to contain visual elements, self made of course.

886 readers have visited Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts since Lerke created it.



You wake up on a planet that is not empty. You start with nothing but your clothes, a bag with things you need in order to take care of yourself.
What you discover is up to you. If you want me or anyone else to intervene you give us a sign (f.e. INTERVENTION REQUIRED (person)).

You are one of many souls that were trapped in another dimension. By accident you have returned into the material world. There has been a dangerous event, there is a background story that will be revealed throughout the game.

I will try to force interactions now and then through storytelling.

There will be a lot of mapping in the game, places will be discovered, designed and illustrated.

Please present your character using these settings: APPEARANCE, SKILL, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, MAIN GOAL.

This setting decides, whether you are a monster, berserk, fairy or freakin' plant.

Can you change people moods? Do you find things easily or know when people are lying? In the beginning you have one special skill.

Your character can become very complex, but in the beginning, what is the one word that describes his, her or it's personality? Clown, brain, looser, joker, teacher?

What were you trained for?

What is the most important goal of your character? Fame, happiness and fun are common rules. Try being creative.

Please use your own material. In the game you may partially refer to the real world, analogies can be fun.

A PROOF or evidence can be anything visual. A photo, poem, film, text, drawing etc.

LEVELING (suggestion)
With five posts you can get one level up. This may lead to a change of place or character.

Toggle Rules

I hope we can discuss rules as we go. Meanwhile, some nonsense:


Rule #1: Everybody follow the rules. No exceptions.
Rule #2: Everybody follow the rules or make their own rules. No exceptions.
Rule #3: Those who follow the rules, should think more outside the box.
Rule #4: Those who make their own rules, should think about their ego centrism.
Rule #5: Those who cite rule 3 and 4, are lazy cynics.
Rule #6: Everybody likes tofu.
Rule #7: No one likes burned tofu.
Rule #8: Everybody blame somebody else.
Rule #9: Everybody deliver.
Rule #10: Those who do not deliver, those characters will be eaten by the TRASH MONSTER within three months.
Rule #11: A PROOF is not sign, that you've actually done something
Rule #12: A PROOF is not a sign, that you've actually changed the world
Rule #13: A PROOF is not a sign.
Rule #14: A PROOF is not.
Rule #15: A PROOF is.
Rule #16: A PROOF.
Rule #17: A.
Rule #18: April is one of the best months in the year.
Rule #19: May is even better.
Rule #20: From Nothing comes Nothing.
Rule #21: From Nothing comes Nothing, but only if you embrace the Nothingness.
Rule #22: From Nothing sometimes comes something, but only if you're not scared.
Rule #23: The TRASH MONSTER is a pretty guy.
Rule #24: Next LEVEL: Try to be a better person.
Rule #25: If you want to MOVE, it's sometimes good to call a cab.
Rule #26: Everything's for free, even cabs.
Rule #27: Everything's for free, except money.
Rule #28: Dadaism was nice guy.
Rule #29: Nothing produced today? Send a screen cap you lazy neck beard.
Rule #30: The Password is: Shoes.
Rule #31: The Password is: Don't be so hard on yourself.
Rule #32: Always empty a bucket if find one.
Rule #33: Rules are actually useless.
Rule #32: Always think about consequences.
Rule #33: Thinking about consequences can make you crazy. Stop now.
Rule #34: If there's a beautiful character, someone will try to destroy it.
Rule #35: Always refuse destruction.
Rule #36: Complex characters are the GOAL
Rule #37: The GOAL is to survive.
Rule #38: The GOAL is describes you as a person.
Rule #39: The GOAL is to find as many buckets as you can.
Rule #40: The GAME is pretty awesome.
Rule #41: Always doubt the GAME.
Rule #42: There will be always more CRITICISM than ACTION
Rule #43: ACTION is the GAME's essence.
Rule #44: CRITICISM is the GAME's future.
Rule #45: If someone tells you to stop, you just go on.
Rule #46: If someone tells you, they like your stuff, they are just trying to bring you down.
Rule #47: There is never enough time.
Rule #48: There is no excuse for not delivering.
Rule #49: There is nothing to understand.
Rule #50: Always praise the LEVEL MASTER.
Rule #51: Always discuss the LEVEL MASTER.
Rule #52: Beta is the new alpha.
Rule #53: Apples are the new oranges.
Rule #54: Desert is the new sea.
Rule #55: At night, things can change completely.
Rule #56: The time in the game is stated by its players.
Rule #57: The time is 15:24 h (Europe).
Rule #58: Everybody can time travel.
Rule #59: Everybody can shape shift.
Rule #60: There's nothing to learn from this game.
Rule #61: If it exists, it will be found in the GAME.
Rule #62: If it does not exist, it will be found in the GAME. No exceptions.
Rule #63: Everybody is the GAME MASTER
Rule #64: To create a whole world with so many GAME MASTER's is impossible.
Rule #65: The GOAL is to imagine the impossible.
Rule #66: Always express your anger.
Rule #67: Always comment the other players actions.
Rule #68: If you're not delivering, you comments are useless.
Rule #69: There's always someone, that is better in what you are doing. Don't cry.
Rule #70: If there wasn't someone better than you, you just wouldn't have noticed yet.
Rule #71: VISIONS are the GAME talking to you.
Rule #72: Don't listen to the GAME. There's always something better to be done.
Rule #73: The GAME will always be here. You can start it, when you're 80.
Rule #74: Don't let yourself get caught by group dynamics.
Rule #75: Always stick to the GUILD's GOAL.
Rule #76: Always do the contrary from what you're told. No exceptions.
Rule #77: If someone offends you, draw an angel.
Rule #78: Your RANKING stats show, how social you are.
Rule #79: Your RANKING stats show, how needy of affection you are.
Rule #80: There a re never enough buckets for everyone.
Rule #81: If you need a lot of something, FARM it.
Rule #82: Monsters drop everything you need. Kill them.
Rule #83: Every time you kill a monster, a cute baby animal dies.
Rule #84: Always show your INVENTORY.
Rule #85: If you loose something from your INVENTORY, you will have to take and drop a QUEST to get it back.
Rule #86: Don't cheat.
Rule #87: Cheating is the AUTO ROUTE to CREATION.
Rule #88: Being an INSIDER will always make you an OUTSIDER somewhere else.
Rule #89: You will never be an INSIDER of the GAME.
Rule #90: Never talk about the GAME. Always talk IN the game.
Rule #91: Never explain anything to anybody.
Rule #92: If you find a chatter bot or any ...-creator in the nets, you must use it for the game. No exceptions.
Rule #93: Insects can be annoying. Don't be such an insect.
Rule #94: If you play the GAME you might feel like GOD. If you don't play it, you might feel like a HYBRID.
Rule #95: Luther has nothing to so with the number of rules.


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#, as written by Lerke
Please follow me to the desert Kainewa??sa

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#, as written by Lerke
Dear stranger, welcome to Graphis - your new home.

The setting changes from Solar System Mediaria to Desert Kainav??sa

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#, as written by Lerke

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Desert Kainav??sa

Desert Kainav??sa by RolePlayGateway

This desert will reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

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Character Portrait: Wribona

She changes the interaction between light and matter particles.

Character Portrait: Yourie Shoo
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'You must be new here ;)'


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Desert Kainav??sa

Desert Kainav??sa by RolePlayGateway

This desert will reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

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Re: Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts

ALRIGHT SO /reallyfckinbig
1. This is Brilliant
2. You are Awesome
3. Thanks for bringing me back to Role Playing!
4. Ifucking love the introduction
5. You seem like an amazing storyteller
6. I will be submitting a character as soon as I draw it.

Re: Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts

Pi is also a tasty meal, often filled with various meats or fruits.

Re: Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts

There are never enough buckets for everyone.


[need people!] Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts

ch-ch-check it out

"Graphis - World of Arts and Crafts"

I would like to invite you to a new kind of role play, where most of the storytelling is based on comics, photographs, sketches, whatever you'd like to produce. It wouldn't have to be perfect. As long as you can create something a little more complex than stick figures, it's going to be awesome.
To me it would be quite a fortunate start here, possibly meeting interesting people, since I don't speak perfect English and there isn't such a thing as 'role play gateway' for the German language. Not that I know of.

Anyway, I'm open for suggestions, questions and I hope we can build something beautiful together.