A Drifter with crazed and well-weathered guns.

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a character in “Gravemakers & Gunslingers”, as played by Cypher


Name: Crowley Stephenson (Referred to as Crow)
Alias: The Madman
Age: 26
Sex: M
Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Bio: Crowley was born and raised in the wastelands. He never knew his parents, as his mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned his family at an early age. His older sister, who somehow remained a rose of beauty in the desolate wasteland, raised him and cared for him as though he was her own. His sister was a merchant, who travelled from town to town selling salvage from the wasteland, but she lacked a guard. However, noticing Crowley's keen eyes early on, she trained him in the art of gunslinging. Crowley had a natural proficiency with his guns, and soon became his sister's sole guard, easily doing the work that a squad of four or five lesser men.

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Gun(s): (company, product name, type(revolver, launcher, auto-pistol, hand cannon) (Ex. Hellfirearms Archangel PX-47 Revolver)
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