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Alphonse Rue

Ace of Cups

0 · 760 views · located in Aurelius Academy

a character in “Greater Secrets”, as played by maccotango



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Just leave this particular section except for the tarot card title. I will update this with the correct information once your CS is accepted.

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TEN (10)


One of Alphonse's most endearing yet irritating qualities is his naivety. Tell him that one of the academy's buildings is entirely made of cheese and he'll be inclined to believe you. Some may attribute it to his tender age, but most believe that's simply how he's built; lest something changed his entire perception of the world, he'll probably be the same five or even ten years from now.

Innocence, however, does not necessarily equate to good conduct, as Alphonse does quite an excellent job of ignoring societal niceties in speech. Should a subject interest him, he will launch himself into the conversation without preamble or introduction, regardless if the original speakers were friends or strangers. His innate curiosity and the guts to sate it with verbal questions leads people to believe he's a sociable child - that's not necessarily the case with the blond. While he's not one to spurn conversation, Alphonse would prefer to keep to his metal ingots if nothing interests him at that exact moment.

Like many children, Alphonse has yet to master the art of keeping his feelings to himself. Like an overfull cup, his emotions spill over to his face to be read by everyone who can see. Rare, however, are these sentiments negative; he's a cheerful boy who has some bite to keep him from being sickeningly sweet. He's intelligent enough to call obvious bluffs and cheeky enough to tease even his elders about it. Mature he is not, but that's what makes him easy to like.

 O1. two
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 O3. test your mettle
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Alphonse's personal magic is fairly straightforward - it can control the strength and malleability of metals. He can make a steel ingot as pliable as soft cookie dough. At the moment, he has enough control to make metals extremely soft, almost liquid, but struggles to reach a median where he can work with the material like clay, which is his true aim. However, his ability is limited in that he needs to be in direct contact with the material; he can't do it through a container or through gloves. His magic doesn't grant him immunity to the more harmful substances or gases present in some metals either. He enjoys playing with metal ingots he keeps in a small pouch on his person, practising his personal magic whenever the mood strikes.


When people think of diluted blood children, they think of tense familial relations, estranged parents and an overall unhappy home environment. The Rue household couldn't be more different; Alphonse is the only child of the family, as his adoptive parents proved unable to bear children of their own. While on paper Alphonse is listed as the sole heir, the young boy isn't at all related to his mother whilst his "father" is actually his Uncle. Shortly after he was born as a diluted child to his biological father, the man failed to meet the minimum requirements of being able to support his own family, much less an illegitimate child. Rather than give Alphonse to the state, he was adopted by the Saxon-Rue couple and treated as their own.

Alphonse is fully aware of the circumstances behind his birth, and is astute enough to understand that his experiences are different from the vast majority. That said, it's likely due to the openly affectionate environment that he became naive enough to believe in the good within everyone. And if he's been a little bit spoiled by his doting mother, it's definitely nothing beyond the usual one might have for their only child.

When the time for his card ritual came, Alphonse had clung to his mother's skirts in an attempt not to leave home. To leave the comforts of his home was a shock to a child of a tender age, but after a few months in Aurelius, he learnt to adapt... so long as he had regular visits to Wylian, his home country. Alphonse has proven fairly popular within his age group as a cheerful individual, if a bit eccentric in what he chooses to devote his attentions to.

Layout and coding are credited to @maccotango for the roleplay Greater Secrets. Usage of this outside said roleplay is not acceptable unless given express permission by its mod team. All resources used are credited to their respective original creators.

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So begins...

Alphonse Rue's Story

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Today's magical forecast had said sunny with cool breezes, but they failed to mention the tension that permeated every corner of Aurelius' school grounds. It wasn't hard to guess why; today was event day, and it was the first time each suit would get to size up the competition. Whether they were all ready or not.

The event's details had been revealed only a few minutes earlier, and students within each respective team were being divided into smaller groups who would go through the maze. Truthfully, not much thought was put into said groups; just whoever was closest at the time. That made for some very interesting teams, as seen when one group cleared the map and returned to the crowd, divided in half by a blood feud. It did have some purpose though. For many of those of the bottom percentile in their academics, this was a good chance to earn some brownie points with their professors.

Four different starting points for each suit were located in their own sections of the school, but the doors would always lead to a random room. Wands would begin in the school courtyard, using the admin building's entrance. Cups meanwhile had their starting point at the school observatory, on the northern most point of the campus. Swords would be using the gymnasium entrance, and finally, Pentacles with the door to the auditorium. A team is finished when their portal finally brings them to the main teleportation circle in the center of the school.

With tensions high and preparation next to nil, who will prove victorious in today's contest?





OOC | Since cups and pentacles were unable to submit their puzzles, we'll be reducing the number of interact-able rooms to two. Do continue to assume your characters go through more than two though! You can view information about each puzzle on the roleplay discord.

* Pentacles seems to be devoid of active roleplayers outside the GM's. If you're a member of Pentacles who wants their character to participate, please contact us and we'll talk.

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#, as written by Soleli
Aster was feeling very much like a Mother hen as he watched over his hoard of team members, most of which were younger than he was. Liliana, one of the sole exceptions didn't instill him with the utmost confidence of a mature voice, so Aster took it upon himself to lead them the best he could. He didn't mind the least, being the eldest child of the Polonius family has instilled him with some sense of commitment to taking care of others, namely his two siblings that were both antisocial for the most part. Aster's efforts mainly came down to trying to get Emilio to get out of the house and make some friends, and coaxing ophie to open up a little more to others.

He managed to get Emilio to attend at the least, after counts of threats and desperate cajoling. Part of him knows that Emilio was simply going for the victory that he will henceforth never stop gloating about, but all in all he was just relieved that his adopted brother even made an effort to show up at group events. Vincent could handle him, Aster was certain. The seven of wands was a passive existence that while Aster can't wrap his mind around admired for being so very composed. If anyone could put up with the presence of Emilio in their group, it was him. Right now all he had to do was concentrate on the task before him, and if there was anything he gave himself credit for it was knocking down obstacles in his path.

Not that he was any good at plotting, that was more Emilio's trait, shrewd and cunning with an eye for detail. As far as Aster cared life was like a series of walls, obstacles to be busted down with the sheer force of positivity and a little elbow grease. The room of levers they were in was no exception. Without even giving a second thought to the repercussions, Aster pulled one down and waited. Nothing. He pulled down another. Still nothing. The room was unresponsive, without much changing around them, and Aster counted 16 levers altogether. He cast a glance around at his other teammates occupying the puzzle room, giving them a one shoulder shrug. "I don't think this is rigged, at least?" He offered. "If it was pick the right lever something should have happened by now. UNLESS, of course picking the wrong lever doesn't do anything to you! Hmm." Aster blinked at the roomful of levers pondering for a second before almost instantaneously turning back with an excited grin. "Hey, wanna pull all of them?"

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Before arriving to the room of levers Lilina was unamused, to put it lightly. Aster - despite both himself and Lilina being the same age - took the unofficial leader position of the group while Lilina tailed behind. As much as she would like to tell Aster that she could take over however, Lilina admittedly knew it would only end in disaster. Under her charge the group would likely travel in circles, a result of her poor navigation skills. Thus she kept silent, allowing her group member temporarily lead the charge.

Entering their first room Lilina was already overwhelmed. Sixteen levers, all of them arranged in a neat row for the Cups to see. Each lever could have served their own separate purposes. One could represent a win, and one could go as far as to guarantee death. Narrowing her eyes at the levers she grew puzzled. There had to be a logical way to solve the puzzle, yet she couldn't see any clues. Lilina opened her mouth to ask if her fellow Cups had any ideas, yet just as her was about to produce a sound she heard a slide of a lever.

Lilina's head immediately shot to Aster. Pulling a random lever, Lilina expected something to happen, yet there was an eerie silence. "A-Aster..." she said in a barely audible, broken voice. Unless Aster had already solved the room - which she highly doubted - his act could have harmed them all.

Then another lever was pulled.

Lilina shut her eyes quickly, this time expecting a noticeable change or event to happen for sure, yet there was still silence. Slowly she opened her eyes again and Aster spoke.

"Hey, wanna pull all of them?" he suggested, to which Lilina loudly interrupted.

"NO!" she exclaimed, shaking her head furiously before calming. "One more random lever and it could've been the end of us..."

Lilina's voice trailed as she examined the wall of levers again. We've pulled on two levers but nothing's happened yet, but what does that mean... she thought. There was likely no meaning however. It could've been that it was a trial and error test and pulling on the right lever would lead them to victory. Though it could also be based on combinations; if there must be an order to which the levers were pulled in. Lilina didn't understand the puzzle, yet she understood that they shouldn't recklessly pull levers.

"Aster," she began in a scolding mom's tone, "We shouldn't pull random levers. There's obviously a pattern to all this - I'll show you. The solution is clearly....uhm..."

Lilina obviously didn't know the solution, and she was reminded of this again as the words came out of her mouth. She continued to stumble on her words, trying to find some sort of logical conclusion, or something to make herself sound intelligent - yet she had nothing. Instead, in a low mumble, she continued, "...we'll find it."

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Levers, why were there so many levers? Ophie looked toward her tower of a brother, he wouldn’t even be able to reach the ones on the ceiling. Ceiling levers. This nonsensical but otherwise unremarkable room was reminiscent of a nightmare.

It was all rather overwhelming. With no sense of what each one did the idea of using one was horrifying. Merely opening a door was an ordeal and now there was sixteen consecutive unknown outcomes. Of course Aster a couple with reckless abandon to no repercussion. Being in a group came with some comforts, mostly that she could slink into the shadows and try to coast along with them

Ophie nearly laughed to herself, like Aster would ever let her get away without participating. Can’t run to the shadows with a beam of light will chase you down. Using her brother as shield this room would be a piece of cake, she’d muster up some confidence and


Get a fright, scurrying behind her brother. It was just Lilina, who was apparently loud. And saying one more lever could end them. End them? Ophelia began to feel light headed, what did Lilina know that she didn’t?! Lilina sounded so confident and had enough bravado to match Aster in size.

Ophelia tugged her brothers shirt, begging him to lean down so he could hear her meager voice. β€œWhat happens if we pull the levers? Did it when you did hurt? Do we lose? If we lose do we get scolded? Will dad be upset? Will we get kicked out of school?”

She probably would have kept going and pulling worries thin despAIR, however this amount level of worry had physical effect. Ophie felt like she was gonna retch into her brothers face if she kept going. Shaking her head and whispering a nevermind, and walking a short distance away to pretend and examine a lever.

For a reason she couldn’t understand, she automatically started breathing deeply. Her very body trying to force her to calm down. It worked, even if vaguely, and with her nerves calming Ophelia checked what Watcher was up to. Staring directly at her with his horrifying unblinking eye, regular stuff.

Once she made eye contact he looked at the lever, then back at her, and so on. The constant looking back and forth reminded her of a funny commercial she saw a few years ago. Even if he was being amusing, feeling comfortable around the creepy eye that follows you all the time was hard.

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The novelty of BIAMC had yet to wear off for Alphonse, who'd excitedly greeted Aster when he'd come by his dorm room to pick the blond boy up. Unlike the others in the group who were obviously being dragged along his pace, Alphonse matched his excitement perfectly. The energy the two possessed did not, unfortunately, prove infectious, but it kept their group from being too gloomy.

As they entered the room, it became painfully clear that this was not going to be an easy puzzle. There were numerous levers in various corners of the room, two even on the ceiling, and there weren't any obvious clues as to what order to push them. As he was about to pull the lever nearest, Aster beat him to the punch. Alphonse was about to pull another in response to his question when Lilina's sudden outburst made him pull his hand away as if scalded by the object.

Alphonse looked to Aster for guidance, around the same time Ophelia looked to her brother for reassurance. The more words he heard come out of her mouth, the more frightened he became. "Aster... none of what she's saying is true right?" Blue gray eyes stared up at him, but then soon looked to Ophelia once again as she quietly stopped herself from saying anymore and walked away from the group. His worry was quickly replaced by curiosity when she began getting into a staring contest with the air after studying the lever.

Pulling away from Aster, the blonde approached Ophelia, unknowingly walking right through Walker.
"Ophelia?" He waved a hand in front her face, trying to detract her attention from whatever she'd been staring it. "What are you staring at?" An eyebrow rose in question, but he shrugged it off in favor of the currently more pressing matter. "Do you think we should pull this lever? You've been staring at it for a while now." The ten year old smiled, bringing his voice lower so the others wouldn't overhear. "I'll pull it, and if it's wrong, I'll say it's my fault." Without waiting for her response, he waved at everyone to look his way.

"Guys, I'm going to pull this lever. I have a good feeling about it!" Someone gasped in shock at his audacity, but Alphonse was simply too excited to get them rolling. The moment he brought it down, something did happen. All the other levers in the room reset, which was progress compared to earlier's nonreaction. "Huh, that did do something. Good job, Ophelia."