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Eirian Sauveterre

Nine of Pentacles

0 · 378 views · located in Aurelius Academy

a character in “Greater Secrets”, as played by Birb



nineofpentaclesWORD  /  WORD  /  WORD

Just leave this particular section except for the tarot card title. I will update this with the correct information once your CS is accepted.

ImageImageACADEMICS.   ImageImage
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NOTORIETY.   ImageImage


Eirian might be moving onto his twelfth year but admittedly, as mature as he tries to act, he’s still very much a child. Try as he might to attempt to toe out of his zone of comfort, the boy has yet to learn that having a wet noodle for a spine is not going to get him anywhere. Sure, he’s a hardworking kid who does like to leave something unfinished, but that can only carry you so far when your first instinct to supposed “danger” is only flight rather than “fight or flight”.

He’s a sweet kid who doesn’t like hurting people but that doesn’t change the fact that he does hurt people unintentionally with his rabbit like personality. His habit of judging people far too quickly and rather unfairly is hurtful to those who care even if he doesn’t mean harm. Isolating himself with books might keep him safe, or so he thinks, but it leaves him ignorant of people and the world outside of his zone of comfort and safety.

And while the boy does try to be as polite and pleasant as possible when he does actually gather up his will to talk, he doesn’t always succeed with that intent. He often doesn’t realize that honesty can cut just as deep as a lie. Thankfully, many just pass it off as a child’s bluntness (which it is) but he’s slowly reaching the age where he cannot be excused. Hopefully, he’ll learn and grow into his new shoes because you need learn to venture out of your comfort zone in order to grow.


 O1. four years
 O2. undecided
 O3. cloak of invisibility

    KNOWLEDGE   ImageImage
    POWER....   ImageImage
    CONTROL..   ImageImage

Eirian can use his unique magic to make himself or other objects invisible through the use of mana. He describes it as being somewhat like weaving mana into a thin “warm” sheet that settles over his skin or other objects and turns them invisible. The coverage, time spent and how much the affected matter is moving, all determine how much mana is spent maintaining the sheet that grants invisibility status. He can only provide cover while touching whatever needs to be turned invisible.

Unfortunately, his ability with “Cloak of Invisibility” is still very immature. His young and small mana capacity doesn’t allow him to maintain large coverage for long. Nor does it let him move without tearing it when he’s maintaining a full-body cloak. It also doesn’t allow him to cloak his sound nor can it avoid detection from magic sensors without outside help from a rune or another’s unique magic. However, as immature and limited his unique magic is, he does currently find it useful for hiding away from persistent people in more obvious places by having it active for brief short moments so they would overlook his hiding place. ...Although the method had failed a few times due to sneezes, which are enough to break the fragile full-body covers.


Eirian is one of the few diluted blood children born to the house of Sauveterre. A noble family known for its members’ intelligence but also for their great hospitality management skills. Ironically, they weren’t all that hospitable to their diluted blood children. Oh, they were well-taken care of and they did live under the same households. But there was always a large and often cold distance between the few diluted members of the family and those who were pure. It’s not uncommon for those of diluted blood to be treated this way. However, some of the louder diluted members of the family have commented on the irony of the fact that the family famous for their hospitality also treat their diluted members this way.

Of course, being of diluted blood and as a member of the Sauveterre family, Eirian was no stranger to this treatment and learned to avoid the discomfort that comes with confronting the pure bloods of his family at a young age. And due to his naturally competitive mother always comparing him to the pure blood members of his family as much as she warned him against crossing them, Eirian learned to develop a sense of wariness for pure bloods. Actually, his wariness for people in general...which led him to develop a knack for finding places to hide from others. It didn’t help at all that he was naturally a soft-spoken and timid child.

However, his fear for pure bloods actually developed when his curious older pure blood sister, Carys, regularly chased him around the estate with frightening persistence when all the poor child wanted was to be left alone in peace. What was meant to be friendly interactions in Carys’ eyes were seen as acts of bullying in the much younger child’s eyes. Carys’ good-willed but overbearingly friendly nature was too much for the timid Eirian and was unintentionally perceived as malicious intent. It only cemented Eirian’s unreasonable nerves and fear around pure bloods. The days that Carys came back home from the academy were the days where Eirian made sure to use his best hiding places to find some safety and quiet for himself.

By his eighth birthday, Eirian could only feel a sense of relief when he realized that he wouldn’t have to go to the academy with Carys. ...Only to realize that he was going to a school full of people, some of which being pure bloods. And thus, Eirian’s wish and quest to find a quiet place for himself to find solace in was further complicated after all. His only comfort being that most people, even the frighteningly energetic ones, are polite enough to let him rest when he’s sinking himself into the safety of his studies of interest or his schoolwork.

Much to his chagrin, he seems to have an unfortunate penchant for stumbling upon “friendly” and...eccentric pure bloods. He’s been at the academy for four years and he has yet to find a place where he can feel completely at ease for long-term rather than the brief snippets he had managed over the years.

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_can talk to them

_doesn’t flee on sight

_flees on sight

So begins...

Eirian Sauveterre's Story

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Today's magical forecast had said sunny with cool breezes, but they failed to mention the tension that permeated every corner of Aurelius' school grounds. It wasn't hard to guess why; today was event day, and it was the first time each suit would get to size up the competition. Whether they were all ready or not.

The event's details had been revealed only a few minutes earlier, and students within each respective team were being divided into smaller groups who would go through the maze. Truthfully, not much thought was put into said groups; just whoever was closest at the time. That made for some very interesting teams, as seen when one group cleared the map and returned to the crowd, divided in half by a blood feud. It did have some purpose though. For many of those of the bottom percentile in their academics, this was a good chance to earn some brownie points with their professors.

Four different starting points for each suit were located in their own sections of the school, but the doors would always lead to a random room. Wands would begin in the school courtyard, using the admin building's entrance. Cups meanwhile had their starting point at the school observatory, on the northern most point of the campus. Swords would be using the gymnasium entrance, and finally, Pentacles with the door to the auditorium. A team is finished when their portal finally brings them to the main teleportation circle in the center of the school.

With tensions high and preparation next to nil, who will prove victorious in today's contest?





OOC | Since cups and pentacles were unable to submit their puzzles, we'll be reducing the number of interact-able rooms to two. Do continue to assume your characters go through more than two though! You can view information about each puzzle on the roleplay discord.

* Pentacles seems to be devoid of active roleplayers outside the GM's. If you're a member of Pentacles who wants their character to participate, please contact us and we'll talk.