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Nasrin Behzadi

The Hierophant

0 · 624 views · located in Aurelius Academy

a character in “Greater Secrets”, as played by Lifecharacter




Following the bounds of tradition. What is tried and true is valued; it is not the time to stray off the beaten path. This card can also represent the pursuit of knowledge, or spiritual guide.

ImageImageACADEMICS.   ImageImage
COMBAT....   ImageImage
MAGIC.....   ImageImage
NOTORIETY.   ImageImage


Of the gods. That is the mantra of Nasrin’s family, and they say it enough to occasionally make it annoying. Despite that, she holds true to its meaning. Nasrin is devout and reverent, knowing life as it is due to the gods’ benevolence and mercy, and seeks to implement such things in her own life. Eventually this will mean joining the clergy, but in the meantime she strives to emulate divine virtues in her everyday behavior. While sometimes difficult when frustration and anger take hold, it’s ultimately not a difficult thing to try and be a pleasant and helpful person, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, though, she worries that some people may be taking advantage of her willingness to help and then immediately becomes anxious over if such a thought is selfish.

Other times, Nasrin’s frustration builds and begins to leak out of her attempted façade. There has been, after all, much to be frustrated about over her last nine years of life at Aurelius, and venting it from time to time brings a great amount of relief, even if she doesn’t look back on the moment with a great deal of pride. But some things need to be done. It is not pleasant or helpful to just abide wrongs being done or problems continuing without comment, and so she doesn’t.

Besides that, Nasrin is someone who values the act of creation, viewing it as a method of better understanding the world and the gods who’ve graced it. She has thrown herself into many different crafts to try and develop her skill for it. Sometimes she finds a new outlet for her greedy hands but other times she finds she has very little talent for what she’s attempting. Despite this, she considers the attempt valuable in its own right even if it does wind up in failure, though that does not always alleviate the sting as much as she would hope.

Nasrin resides in the uncomfortable crossing between a desperate desire for creativity and a dearth of inspiration. While she might call something she makes technically art, it is the hollow sort of thing that comes from rote motions. In her mind the only soul to her work comes from her magic, which may as well make her little more than a conduit for divine power that contributes little of her own to the creation. Few things she’s made have given her the satisfaction and the confidence of turning inspiration into reality, and they only make the time in-between that much more unbearable.

ImageImageImageImageImage nasrinmagic

 O1. nine
 O2. abjuration
 O3. gifts from gods

    KNOWLEDGE   ImageImage
    POWER....   ImageImage
    CONTROL..   ImageImage

Nasrin possesses the power to bring the power of heaven to Terrene, symbolically at least. She has the power to imbue physical objects with her magic to grant them an incredibly varied array of supernatural properties and uses. In its simplest form, Nasrin is able to turn almost anything into her own personal manastone. The complexity comes in in how the mana stored in these objects may be put to use, which is only limited by her available mana and her imagination.

Unlike the work of enchanting experts, Nasrin does not need to rely on runes or catalysts; it is a matter of touch and feel. She needs to merely hold the object, press her mana into it, and consider how she wants the object to work. As with manastones, the objects Nasrin has worked are capable of being recharged after she has finished creating it, with the power fading roughly at the same rate that a manastone would break. That said, unlike manastones, Nasrin is ultimately the one with the power over the objects she’s worked with. If she so desires, she may limit who is able to utilize the object’s newfound magic so that it could potentially be limited to a single person, though such cases are rare: her work is that of a priest, to be gifted to the faithful and are often limited accordingly.


Nasrin was born of pure blood. As were her parents, and their parents, and their parents. In Darsam, such is the way. But with pure blood also comes power and politics, and a connection to the royal family. Nasrin is currently twenty-third in line for the throne, but that amounts to little more than an arbitrary number to mention here and there for the most part. After all, she needs to succeed the Behzadi family first.

The Behzadi family is a warm one, close and traditional with an eye for raising a daughter who was happy and, ultimately, a good person. Nasrin was to respect and be respected by the servants; give and receive gifts; care for and be cared for. When she was seven, she was entrusted with taking care of the dog that she had had for years by this point. Servants would, of course, help her along, but she was to feed it and clean it and so on. After several months, she had been weaned off most of the servant’s help, and that was a mistake. The adults around her knew in the end that it was ultimately their mistake to put such weight into a child’s hands, and so they consoled her. Nasrin didn’t know this though. To her, it was her mistake and hers alone.

Though both she and her parents would have liked more time to manage the aftermath of what had happened, Nasrin soon turned eight and needed to partake in her Pilgrimage. This was important and could not be set aside. So Nasrin was distracted for a time, visiting foreign cities and palaces, and taking part in one of the most sacred rituals she knew of. She drew the card, and showed it to her parents. They were overjoyed at the result, and so was she. There was less joy in what came after.

It doesn’t matter how much you’re told about what is going to happen, it’s hard to really comprehend what it’ll be like until it happens. Taken from your parents; taken from your home. Interned in a foreign place in a foreign land and told to stay there for ten years. But this was the law. Embracing one’s parents was for those born in Edruria, everyone else needed to wait. Adjustment wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy, but it happened. Maybe one shouldn’t be forced to adjust, but that was the law.

As she grew, the foreign halls of Aurelius became not exactly home but a place that was, at the very least, no longer unknown and intimidating. Nasrin’s growth both academically and magically was great and expected; she was the Hierophant after all, one of only a few wielding such power. Along the way, she made friends, lots of them actually. General kindness, respect, and a dash of talent and incredible power seemed to go a long way in making her a name to know.

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So begins...

Nasrin Behzadi's Story

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  1. assume there are additional NPC characters within your group this makes sense to add right

    by maccotango

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It was four days since the announcement was made - not that it caught anyone off guard. The Biennial Intra-Academy Magical Competition, basking in the glory of its inconvenient name. Acronym didn’t improve it much either; BIAMC, what kind of nonsense is that? Petitions to give it a name that was even slightly marketable were made - alas the headmaster did not care enough to change it. Perhaps Mrs. North got some sick satisfaction of giving announcers scripts with those names.

Not that the name really mattered; it was the content that got the students excited. Or intimidated - ideally both. It was a competition between every student in the school, divided by the suit that housed their Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana were randomly assigned to groups, seemingly without the slightest care for keeping it even.

Students names were posted on the public announcement board; it wasn’t as if every student knew who shared their suit. Also the results for the last exam were there, such cruelty to post both at the same time did not go unnoticed. The Major were just tossed in with whatever group they were with. At least they were at the top so they didn’t have to scour each suit just to find themselves.

The postings for Major Arcana were as follows.

        Vincent Hamilton | Flavia Ultime | Arte Khiefel | Emilio Florentine | Leonexis Pier

        Eolande D'aramitz | Lilina Ainsworth | Ophelia Polonius | Aster Polonius

        Troy Pendleton | Charlotte Wynetta | Atticus Alethea | Liliane Vidal

        Aeris Foreman | Charles Rutherford | Nasrin Behzadi | Clause Acula

With half the week gone, there was only a few more days before the first major event of the month long festivities began. It had given the teams time to familiarize themselves. They then split into teams within teams. What the actual event would be was unknown, just that they would need numerous teams and be given spots to report to on the day.

As for this day, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and self study had just begun. While self study was usually given to students as time to improve personal magic, today it was largely to be used to meet with their teams. Well when I say given to students to improve magic that's the intent, not like anyone ever does unsupervised.


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A workshop tends to be rather warm. It’s almost become a rule that at least one person will have a furnace or torch going at all times. Even today the rule was still in effect. Not everyone threw their work to the side the second the regularly scheduled competition was announced, though there were certainly less people milling about. Unsurprising for a workshop found in a school for raising young mages, it was fairly well-equipped to handle most aspiring projects. Some honed their elementalism with craft, some worked on something to do with theories and rituals, and some worked on objects to be enchanted. Having such an intimate connection with the object was said to improve the magic, but whether it was actually so or simply the result of subconsciously putting more effort into it had yet to be fully determined. Regardless, it was nice to make something to use your magic on once in a while, rather than rely entirely on your phone.

It was here that Nasrin prayed. The press had been set up, hard iron standing waist high with a round bit of bronze caught in its jaws. The Hierophant swung her instrument of worship down upon it, and a metallic ring stung the ears of anyone still not wearing ear protection; it was a loud sermon today.

At the end of her swings and her prayers, Nasrin had her result: a smattering of bronze coins. Each bore a mostly centered Pentacle star to match the minor team she had found herself in. It wasn’t the most inspired design, but nothing else had come to mind in time. Picking up the latest victim of the press, she squinted at it questioning if this was really the best she could come up with. After a moment, she placed it in the small container with the others–an attempt was made to place her nagging thoughts in it as well–and set about cleaning her work area. A thick cardboard lid covered the small forgeries as she patted around her form to make sure she had everything important. Time went into making these things valuable to her, so it would be a shame to leave them lying somewhere. Ring was still there. Necklace was still there. Phone was still there. All her clothes were still there. And her tattoo hopefully hadn’t wandered off somewhere. With her last check finished, she left the workshop earlier than usual; her work today wasn’t overly complicated and there were likely other things she would need to do in this free period supposedly dedicated to meeting teammates.

This would be Nasrin’s ninth and last unnamable competition, so the excitement over another random assortment of nonsense was hard to sustain. She already had the grades to make the reward less desirable, there was little motivation to somehow prove herself something she’d already proven since arriving here as a child, and no matter how much the headmaster surely prided herself on being otherwise, it got old. The prospect of leaving were much more appealing and something much more worthy of her anticipation. Just a little bit more and you’re free. It was a mantra at this point.

Still, there were other students who may be excited and who may have some need of the rewards, so effort and helpfulness might still be needed, and she’d be there if they needed it. The time in the library was meant to be for meeting your team, but she was already fully aware of the two older members who would come if they felt the need to, leaving only the third she felt an active desire to reach out to. Glancing at the numbers surrounding her current seat, she wrote them down in a message and sent it to the young, doomed child.

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#, as written by Kestrel
Trivialities held such great importance at the academy and Chase felt his heart drop at the sights. The student body was divided and it was clear to see how, just by looking at the shoulders. The minor arcana had much riding on the tournament, whereas to the major arcana students like himself it was more of a formality. With just one draw of a card, of all things, Chase shook his head. It was plain difficult to him to face the contrast of atmosphere in the library.

“Hey, Nasrin,” Chase his frown turned upside down as he greeted the Hierophant. She had taken a seat by herself in the company of only her phone. “How are you doing this morning?” Chase asked, pulling his own chair back to sit next to the girl. Chase had some difficulty reading Nasrin, so he merely flickered eye-contact. The one thing he knew about her was that she was a very devout one, the other that she oft just looked very tense. Kind of like most minor arcana in the room, but not likely for the same reason. Chase wasn't sure what kind of topics would help her relax.

“Got a good feeling about the tournament?” He settled on, at the very least they had that in common. “I'm glad for one we have smaller teams instead of the full house. That makes it a lot easier to work together, don't you think?”

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Today's magical forecast had said sunny with cool breezes, but they failed to mention the tension that permeated every corner of Aurelius' school grounds. It wasn't hard to guess why; today was event day, and it was the first time each suit would get to size up the competition. Whether they were all ready or not.

The event's details had been revealed only a few minutes earlier, and students within each respective team were being divided into smaller groups who would go through the maze. Truthfully, not much thought was put into said groups; just whoever was closest at the time. That made for some very interesting teams, as seen when one group cleared the map and returned to the crowd, divided in half by a blood feud. It did have some purpose though. For many of those of the bottom percentile in their academics, this was a good chance to earn some brownie points with their professors.

Four different starting points for each suit were located in their own sections of the school, but the doors would always lead to a random room. Wands would begin in the school courtyard, using the admin building's entrance. Cups meanwhile had their starting point at the school observatory, on the northern most point of the campus. Swords would be using the gymnasium entrance, and finally, Pentacles with the door to the auditorium. A team is finished when their portal finally brings them to the main teleportation circle in the center of the school.

With tensions high and preparation next to nil, who will prove victorious in today's contest?





OOC | Since cups and pentacles were unable to submit their puzzles, we'll be reducing the number of interact-able rooms to two. Do continue to assume your characters go through more than two though! You can view information about each puzzle on the roleplay discord.

* Pentacles seems to be devoid of active roleplayers outside the GM's. If you're a member of Pentacles who wants their character to participate, please contact us and we'll talk.