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Iona Hart

Aware ex-ruler's watcher

0 · 420 views · located in Earth

a character in “Greed Among Gods 2.0”, as played by thisamazingpanda


âœŧ Ionaâœŧ Aka: Io âœŧ Godess of Torture âœŧ Aware ex-ruler's watcher âœŧ
âœŧ hetero âœŧ dalian dantalian no shoka âœŧ

Torturing. She loves the pain on people's faces because she's a sadistic loser like that.
She also loves chaos, hence why she's Viktoria's watcher. And she also loves being
chatty with the people she tortures.

She dislikes the idea of happiness. Too much of it and she's already bored. She also
dislikes bananas, and pretty much all fruit. She's also a hater of people who gain popularity.

Can only watch Viktoria while she's eating her favorite snack: pecans.
Or, honestly, any other nut. Has a weird obsession with animals. Also, another quirk
of hers is the ability to tell when someone is lying to her. Makes her torture easy for her.

D588BF âœŧ 88D5B0

Inflicting pain with precision. The ability to tear humans apart bit by painful bit. The ability to tell when someone's lying.

Daring âœŧ Fierce âœŧ Funny âœŧ Chatty âœŧ Easily angered

Sadistic. Won't stop at nothing to get what she wants. She's loyal, though, so once she's on your side, she's on your side for good. Also pretty funny, has a comedic sense of humor. Adorable on the surface, ruthless killer on the inside.

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello."


So begins...

Iona Hart's Story


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Viktoria ran a hand through her hair, thinking. Her--their--house was large, but too big for just two people. Fancy decorations decked the halls, and hot Florida heat seeped in through the windows.

It was a lovely evening, and the room was perfectly silent. Closing her eyes, Viktoria soaked in the silence for a moment, then sighed. Nervousness ate away at her composure. The tips of her hands trembled. Her breathing was hard to keep steady.

For so long, she longed for the part of her that was missing. The lost memories that left a hole in her mind. And now, the hole was filled, but in its place grew another. Viktoria would've done anything to see them again--the only people she understood, the only people who understood her. She remembered them so clearly, but whenever she reached out to touch them it was as if they disappeared.

How long had it been since she'd heard their voices?

Her stomach knotted. Today was the day.

"I'm going to my room," Viktoria told Iona, her "sister," who sat on the couch eating pecans.

"Okay," Iona replied. "Don't do anything stupid."

This is probably a really stupid idea, she thought as she left the living room. She walked into her room and locked the door, inhaling sharply. Iona, the Goddess of Torture, would have Viktoria's head if she found out anything sketchy was going on. Vi was walking on shattered glass with no shoes. Things were bound to go wrong, but she needed to try.

Taking a deep breath, she turned on the TV. It was set on a popular news channel, and a sturdy man with a stiff voice was relaying current events to everyone watching. Viktoria stared at the screen, then frowned.

She took a pocket knife she'd hidden in her pocket and stabbed it into the TV, causing the screen to shatter into pieces. Shards of glass cut through Viktoria's skin and she watched blood trickle down onto the floor. Her face was expressionless.

After a moment, she squeezed her fist, the glass cutting further into her hand. The news station she'd been watching erupted into chaos, and using the chaos she felt radiating from the connection she'd managed to make, she took hold. With a blink, she was in the newsman's body, directly facing the live camera.

"There have been reports of an incoming terrorist attack," she said in the man's deep voice. "All citizens are asked to find safety as fast as they possibly can."

She continued, effectively terrifying the nation.

Once she was done, she blinked and was suddenly back in her own body, which layed on the floor. She shuddered. The power of chaos coursed through her bones, at first refreshing.

Then, suddenly, a wave of power hit and she coughed. Her powers were rusty and her body weak. When she tried to stand, she only fell back to the ground, voice and strength having vanished.

Viktoria clenched her fists. I'm not done yet.

With a shaky and now blood-soaked hand, she reached out to the broken TV. She caressed what was left of the screen at first, then traced the edge. As if acting in reverse chaos, the pieces slowly floated back into place, making it look as though nothing ever happened.

Vi inhaled deeply, then collapsed completely. Holding her cut-up hand to her chest, she focused with all of her energy. Amidst the chaos now breaking out across the nation, she could sense them--two excruciatingly familiar souls. One in New York, and the other in Texas.

She made a motion as if she were reaching out, blinked, and then found herself in another body. This time, she was in the boy of a young man. This man was in an apartment building, his hair slicked back and a leather jacket thrown over his shoulder. Able to sense her old friend's presence, Viktoria nearly ran toward the specific apartment door.

Vi knocked. While she waited, she ran her hands through the mans' pockets and came out with a napkin and pen. She began writing down her phone number.

The door opened, and two people answered--a man and a woman.

Colby. Viktoria's heart raced. Seeing him again was surreal, but she couldn't bask. Not now. She had to focus.

"Is there something you want?" The girl asked politely. Viktoria knew her, but she couldn't place what she was the goddess of. Regardless, it was obvious this girl was the one in charge of watching Colby.

"Yes," Viktoria replied. She turned to Colby specifically. "I'm your neighbor and I wanted to talk to you two about something. I can't get into it right now because I'm awfully busy, but if you could call back, that'd be great."

Without waiting for a response, Vi handed the napkin with her phone number to Colby.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" The girl asked, frowning slightly.

Viktoria waved awkwardly. "Sorry, I don't have any time. Just call me, okay? Bye."

And with that, she walked around the corner of the apartment building and switched back to her own body. In her normal body, everything was excruciating. It was as if she was being condensed, the chaos being far too much power for her to handle in that moment. Attempting to quell her groaning, however, she closed her eyes again.

This time, she was a girl. Not a bad-looking one, either. She was outside a store, and inside was Harper. She couldn't help but smile a sad smile--again, seeing her friends after so many years was... well, it was indescribable. Taking a deep breath, she met Harper and a young man on their way out, smiling nervously.

"Hi," she said, only to Harper. "You're cute."

Harper smiled. "Thanks. You're cute too."

After a moment, she scratched the back of her head. "Do you want to go out for coffee sometime? I can give you my phone number."

"I would love to," Harper responded.

And so they exchanged phone numbers.


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"Viktoria?" Iona called, "what are you doing up there?"

Iona trudged up the stairs, her suspicions growing as Viktoria was silent. Iona reached the first flatstop, eyes falling on the door next to the staircase. All was silent....almost too silent.

"Activities!" came Viktoria's response in a shaky voice. Iona narrowed her eyes. She couldn't detect lies, but she knew Viktoria was deceiving her.

So she pushed open the door to Viktoria's room. Gasping, she stumbled back at the sight of Viktoria's bloody hand. She might be able to tell when someone was lying, but she, too could lie convincingly. All Iona had to do was avoid the tells of a liar.

"What the hell is wrong with your hand?" Iona demanded, crossing the room to Viktoria. She snatched her wrist, and examined the hand.

"It's bleeding, isn't that obvious?" Viktoria slipped the knife into her back pocket while Iona was distracted with her hand.

"How'd you cut it?" Iona asked, glancing around for a knife or any other telltale weapon she could use against her own hand. Good, pretend to be the worried sister. She put on her best 'worried sister' expression.

"Does it matter?" Viktoria replied, tugging her hand back.

Iona's suspicions were now growing bigger. What could she possibly be lying about? It irked Iona that she couldn't tell what Viktoria was lying about. She didn't know the truth, and that's what bothered her most.

"Of course it matters!" Iona replied, her voice shaking as she shouted, "I'm your older sister! I have the right to be worried!"

"I don't want to talk about it!" Viktoria hissed.

"We need to get you a therapist, and fast." Iona said, her voice teetering on the edge of hysteria.

"Oh please," Viktoria replied, pushing Iona out of her room, "you're overreacting."

Iona opened her mouth to protest, possibly by saying, I'm not overreacting, you're self harming and this is a serious matter, but Viktoria had already slammed her door shut. She thought about maybe kicking down the door and torturing the truth out of her, but she didn't want to blow her cover just yet.

Besides, the fun was just getting started.


"Aaaand just like that, it's done!" Colby whispered to himself, patting himself on the back for fixing his phone.

After receiving a phone number from their neighbor, Colby felt like he might actually have a new friend. A friend who he could relate to. A friend besides Eithna, who didn't follow him around everywhere.

Smiling to himself, he picked up the napkin the number was on, and texted it. Hey, it's Colby, your neighbor.

He was about to press send but had second thoughts. What if he got the number wrong? What if their neighbor was actually a terrorist, trying to recruit him to his terrorism? What if I die?

He'd heard on the news that there was an incoming terrorist attack. If he wasn't careful, he could either die, or become a terrorist. Eithna wouldn't approve much.

But what if I give him the benefit of the doubt? Colby mused. Maybe their neighbor was actually a good person, wanting to talk about something. Wanting to bridge the huge relational gap between them.

Sighing, he sent the text anyway. Despite all his fears, he hoped at least this would turn out to be something good.


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Is she off my case? Viktoria thought, leaning against the door and listening for retreating footsteps. It didn't matter what Iona thought was going on, so long as she didn't know the truth.

After a moment, she slid to the ground, body trembling. The room felt as though it were spinning and her eyes could never focus on one thing. Nausea welled in her stomach, and she moved to at least crawl into bed, but didn't have the strength. The chaos growing in the country was eating away at her well-being.

It was too much at once. She should've started smaller.

Viktoria was rusty. Her body was weak. Her godliness was still drained.

Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to relax. Even if it felt like her bones were going to burst out of her skin, that her eyes were going to pop out of her face, and her head was going to cave in on itself, she would persevere.

It was then that she heard her phone ping. Breath catching in her throat, she fumbled around in her pocket for her phone. She'd gotten a text from an unknown number, and the words lit up her day:

Hey, it's Colby, your neighbor.

She let out a pained laugh. It was hard to believe anything was even happening. With a bit of a struggle, she managed to type back: Hey. I think we've met before. My name's Viktoria.

After sending that, she paused.

Her next text was, does the name ring a bell?


Harper stuffed his hands into his pockets, somewhat exhausted.

Work had been tiring. Of course, it always was, but he'd worked double today. All he could think about was collapsing in bed and sleeping the days away.

His phone made a sound. Blinking, he took it out of his pocket and checked--it was the girl who'd just given him her number.

Hey, the text read. Just making sure I gave you the right number.

He smiled slightly, his fingers tapping on the keypad. This is the right number. What's your name? (So that I know what to label your contact.)

The girl's response took a moment. Viktoria. I think we've met before, does the name sound familiar?

He stopped, thinking. Though he liked the way it sounded, the name didn't ring a bell. He was about to text back, then he stopped again, suddenly nervous. Had he met her and simply not remembered?

Oh gosh. What if they'd had an entire conversation before and he just couldn't remember? His memory was very fickle, so it'd be no surprise. He searched his mind for the name 'Viktoria', and when he came up with nothing, looked over at Zardos.

"Hey," he started. "This girl is saying we've met before, but I don't remember her, and now I'm worried it's just my memory being weird. Does the name Viktoria sound familiar to you?"


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"Work was... well, exhausting," Harper admitted, scratching the back of his head. He slurped up a forkful of spaghetti, swallowed, then continued. "But that's not new. How was your day?"

Before Zardos could respond, Harp's phone made another sound. He checked his new text, then raised an eyebrow. Viktoria had texted him a phone number.

I think you'd like this guy. You two should talk, it said.

Harper stared. Deciding he wasn't sure how to respond yet, he tucked his phone away, then had another bite of spaghetti. It was delicious, as always. He was busy thinking about other things at first--school, work, his highscore on an online game--when thoughts of the girl came back to him again.

Did he know her? Absolutely nothing came to mind, but again, he was always forgetting something. Besides, he was curious.

He texted back, Sorry, I don't remember you from anywhere. Who does this number belong to?

The girl texted back almost immediately. We knew each other once. I'm sure of it. And the number belongs to a guy named Colby.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Harper texted the number she'd sent. The girl seemed a bit weird, sure, but maybe that was Harper just being irrational. Though, Zardos claimed he didn't know the name either, which was somewhat concerning. Harper told Zardos almost everything. He would've mentioned the girl.

Hey. A 'Viktoria' told me to text you? Harper sent the message to the new number.


"Goodnight," Eithna called to Colby, though somewhat distracted. She ran a nervous hand through her hair, then began pacing. Iona wasn't doing her job. Viktoria had contacted Colby, and through someone else's body no less. How aware was the goddess? Was she coming up with some sort of plan?

Calm down, she urged herself. Everything will be alright.

She had to handle the situation. Whatever was happening could be controlled, though Iona had to quit being incompetent for that to happen. Her eyes narrowed, did Iona even know Viktoria had gotten a hold of Colby?

Furthermore, what about Harper? Had she been able to contact him as well?

Eithna narrowed her eyes, dialing up Iona. This would be fixed.


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Her phone was ringing again. Iona looked at the caller.

Ugh, it's Eithna. Probably calling to see if I'm doing my job right again. Typical.

Immediately as Iona answered the phone, Eithna did exactly what Iona predicted. "Do you know what Viktoria is doing right now?"

"I walked in on her self harm, but that's about all I know. What's she doing?"

Iona watched the door of Viktoria's room. All was silent, too silent, unfortunately.

"Self-harm, huh? Do you mean chaos-harnessing?"

Iona gaped, although Eithna couldn't see her. And she was glad she couldn't, because then she'd just be on her case about how irresponsible she was for not knowing, and blah, blah, blah.

Instead of saying the responsible option though, she said, "Oh crap, is that what she's doing?"

"No, Iona. That's not at all how she walked up to our door in a different body and obtained both Colby's location and phone number." Came Eithna's snarky response.

She's such a bossy bitch, thought Iona. "I detect sarcasm...should I torture her?"

"Yes. No--maybe. Not yet. You need to find out how much she knows; perhaps she's not fully aware yet. But whatever you do, get this situation under control, and now."

Blah, blah, blah, Iona mocked in her head. "You must think I'm unable to handle this myself." She replied, then cringed at how mean she sounded.

However, Eithna, being the bitch she was, replied with, "You're right."

Get your nose out of my business and watch your own retarded....retard. Iona replied with in her head. But outloud she said, "You're wrong. I can handle this."

"Then handle it. And just to make sure you don't make even more of a mess, I want you to tell me your plan."

Iona tapped her foot impatiently. When did she sign up for this bossiness? Never, that's when. So, she responded with, "not happening."

"Why? Is it because you don't have a plan?"

It's because you're bossy, and not to mention NOSEY, about Viktoria. Mind your own ex-ruler! "I have a plan, don't worry. I would like it if you didn't nose around in my business, please."

"Your business is my business now. Your incompetence is threatening Colby's awareness, and we need to collaborate so that everything doesn't come tumbling down. Do you understand?"

Ugh, bossy. "Don't talk to me like I'm a child."

"Then prove to me you're above one."

Just as she'd said that, though, a window shattered from Viktoria's room, and her aura disappeared.


Hey. A 'Viktoria' told me to text you?

Colby had to admit, he admired the iron will of this 'Viktoria' dude. However, making a complete stranger text him was completely uncalled for.

Who is this? He texted back.

While Colby waited for a response, he glanced at the room adjacent to his--Eithna's. She was currently on the phone with someone.

Maybe if he listened in just a tad...

His phone chimed, signalling a text.

My name is Harper. You're supposed to be Viktoria's friend. Is this the wrong number?

Harper...why does that sound familiar? He wondered.

I'm afraid it isn't. You're name rings a bell, though. Have we met before? I'm Colby, if that helps any.

Sorry, I don't think I know the name. My memory isn't great though, so we may have met and I just don't remember.

Colby tapped his chin while he thought of a response. Then, well regardless, nice to meet you, Harper.


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Seeing as hiding in the closet required standing and walking to the closet, Viktoria currently hid under the bed, attempting to calm her breathing. She could only assume the person on the phone with Iona was one of the other god/desses, and judging by the conversation Vi was going to be in for a bad time if Iona ever got to her.

So, with the clenching of her fist, she caused the window to shatter into pieces--shards dropped down onto the sidewalk below. Simultaneously, Viktoria suppressed her aura so that it would blend in with the chaos all over the country.

As silently as she could, she waited for Iona's reaction, hoping to have thrown the goddess off.

Geez, she thought as she waited. Hiding under a bed. What have I been reduced to?


Another person who thinks they know me? Harper thought, looking down at his phone. Alright, something must be wrong with me. Or this is a prank.

He pursed his lips. Either way, it would be rude not to text back. So, tapping the keys on the keypad, he replied: You too, I guess. How are you?

As far as Harper knew, 'how are you?' was the most accepted and easiest conversation starter. He waited for a response from this 'Colby' character, but not without thinking more on the name. He racked his brain to see if he could remember running to any Colbys, but still, nothing came up.

Perhaps it would be best to ask Zardos again?

Sighing, he looked over at his roommate. "Alright, another name I can't remember. Do you remember any 'Colby'?"